June 5, 2019
E180 #3: Range Can Be the Heart of Estimation
Andrew shares how range can be the heart of estimation so students can better develop their math reasoning. He used to be scared of building range with students. Learn how he overcame that fear by having students create braver lower and upper limits and by learning how to utilize a local and global range. Stay tuned at the end of the episode for a bonus tip and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Find more details and resources at the episode page: estimation180.com/episode3
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27 min
May 22, 2019
E180 #2: How Visuals can Help Students Develop Better Math Reasoning
Andrew shares how not using visuals in his math class prevented students access to math conversations. Visual math landscapes are an invitation for both students and teachers to enjoy learning math together. Hear the lesson he learned and two practical strategies that will get students to focus on critical elements in visual math landscapes to harness curiosity, build number sense, and develop math reasoning.
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28 min
April 27, 2019
E180 #1: Mirroring Questions and Curiosity Exchanges with Students
In the first episode of the Estimation 180 podcast, Andrew Stadel shares one of the biggest mistakes he ever made as a math teacher. Hear Andrew’s mistake, the lesson he learned, and strategies to help you avoid making the same mistake. You’ll also hear how that same mistake helped inspire Estimation 180, a site to help students build number sense. But wait, there’s more… Learn two practical strategies (mirroring and curiosity exchanges) that help students develop their math reasoning.
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19 min
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