The Oath with Rosenberg
When is Season 2 coming out?
One of the Best
I listen to a bunch of podcasts, and this one is fantastic every single time.
Keeping me up at night, every night
julie Schap
Hi, Chuck, I’m a 73 year old, still working full time in a career I deeply love, financial services. Most nights I wake up around 2 or 3 or 4 am worried, angry, and confused about the current administration. It’s common place to hear that my friends also experience these feelings and disruptions to their sleep. Your podcast and guests mean the world to me. My husband and I discuss current events every day, even calling each other when either of us hears a breaking news item that we can’t wait to discuss. I feel like I’m being held hostage in an ER or ICU. I’m truly determined and committed to believe we will get through this dark time. Again you are an integral part of this thin thread of confidence and I thank you with all my heart. Please don’t ever stop.
Chuck Rosenberg
This is super interesting and so good. I would HIGHLY recommend. I listened to Preet and Jim Comey. Both were great!
Chuck, this is an exceptional podcast. I listen to many and truthfully, it’s the caliber of the guests that hooks me. I’ve recommended The Oath to all my friends. When they ask why they should listen, I say that Chuck engages his guests in a way that exposes their intelligence and humanity while educating the listener. Great job, man.
A refreshing look at true public servants in the Justice Department
It is refreshing to hear from intelligent, dedicated professionals who have worked in leadership positions within the Department of Justice. The comparision between the guests and the current Attorney General is startling. Honesty vs duplicity, competence vs pettiness, defenders of the Constitution vs a toady for the President. This show gives us a series of first person accounts of the work of the Department, and the ethical practices that the real DOJ professionals follow while working to keep America and Americans safe. Thank you!
The Oath
The Oath podcasts are filled with fascinating guests that provide experienced and educated insights into the world of federal law; whether it is Constitutional law, in the courtroom, or out in the field. I have always been interested in the law. And I am a huge fan of Chuck Rosenberg. When he is a guest on MSNBC, I make it a point to stop what I am doing and listen closely. He has a unique ability to explain very complicated issues in a methodical, intentional, and precise way that provides the listener the details they need to understand what is happening, why it matters, and the consequences of the actions that were taken (or not taken). It is evident that he clearly cares deeply and believes in what he is talking about. He is somehow able to convey the importance, and sometimes the severity, of a situation in such a calm, non-dramatic way, while still conveying genuine emotion. Chuck is a skilled interviewer. He invites experts on his podcast that have the same level of understanding of the complexities of what is happening and that are genuinely dedicated to the safety and well being of our country. He and his guests share their real life experiences, expertise, and insights. And it never ceases to amaze me how every person involved in these podcasts, including Chuck, are so modest and down to earth. They don't see themselves as exceptional, yet they really are. Their skills, talents, instincts, knowledge, and experience have served our country in remarkable ways. I greatly appreciate their willingness to share this with podcast listeners. I believe that Chuck is providing his listening audience the wonderful gift of knowledge and hope. I would love it if Chuck could have Neal Katyal as a guest on The Oath. And Joyce Vance is another person that I would really like to hear on his podcast.
Interesting and important
This podcast has been very informative and educational. I appreciate all the guests perspective and the oath and dedication they have all taken to serve this country. Thank you Chuck for all your wisdom and dedication to the rule of law!
Love this!
I absolutely adore Chuck Rosenberg! His podcasts are so thoughtful, intelligent, informative, and insightful. Furthermore, he is very comforting to listen to. His delivery is so pleasant and engaging. I feel reassured knowing that a person of his caliber has helped to protect this country. My mother, aunt, and cousin have enjoyed listening to these podcasts together- we love you Chuck ❤️
The Oath
Love The Oath! Great interviews by Chuck Rosenberg. It allows us to hear from people who have had the backs of the American People and have ultimate loyalty to our country and to the Oath they took. All are true hero’s and listening to each podcast makes my world normal again. I realize now Chuck’s guest are the ones who let us go to bed each night knowing we were protected and safe. Truly unsung heroes. Thank You Chuck for your expert skills in each interview to get the truth out in a very understandable way to the American people.
More episodes!
This is a superb podcast. Chuck Rosenberg is a great interviewer, and brings out unexpected and interesting info about the guests. Please, more! And thank you for all the great commentaries and opinions on MSNBC. Go Chuck!!
Thank you for some outstanding podcast interviews. Some days, when I’m not doing patient care, I barricade myself in my office, plug in my single earbud (I affectionately refer to as my “secret service ear bud”) and listen to something. I loved season one of your podcast and hope for another season. And a point of note: I love when you get into the personal stories with your guests. The childhood story of Jim Comey was fascinating. I never knew about that and it helped me to understand who he is and where he comes from. One person I love to listen to is Jerry Spence ... and now I have another favorite. Thanks Chuck...you’re the bomb!! 👍🏼
I hope there are more than 10 episodes. Maybe Chuck is on a well deserved vacation. Excellent interviews!
Amy McGrath
Have her on this show.
Here are the words of the people in the trenches. No interpretation or editorialized sound bites. Keep it up Chuck, you give me hope....and a realistic view of current affairs.
SRs Mom
Thank you Chuck Rosenberg & Jim Comey. This hour was well worth the time. Respect & gratitude to you both for so clearly describing why lying is so dangerous to the rule of law. Tremendously worthwhile discussion.
Another view
Norman & Co.
Thank you for bringing this podcast forward. Having listened to each of your first season episodes and enjoying most. May I propose a few guests to invite to take it to the next level next season? I’d love to hear from Jeffrey Holder, Condolezza Rice, Susan Rice, etc. Your program lacks diversity Sir.
Who knew Chuck has such great interview skills. I hope this Podcast has many more episodes to follow. Love it Chuck!
Stellar interviews
I stumbled upon this unique podcast as I was recovering from surgery. Mr. Rosenberg has an outstanding ability to coax amazing stories from exceptional people. I can’t overstate how proud and fortunate I feel about these individuals who choose to serve our country and citizens. Please keep the interviews coming. Clearly Bob Mueller is an impressive man who has influenced many people to do good. Thanks!
So thankful for these patriots
Absolutely love this podcast!! I truly hope theirs more people still working in our federal government because our country needs it so very badly!! These people make me proud to be an American....
Superior program
I’ve mostly seen Chuck Rosenberg appearing as an expert on Nicole Wallace’s Deadline White House, and always learn so much from him. What a stellar podcast he produces. I’m grateful!
Dignified, insightful, compelling
Without a doubt, the best political podcast I’ve found. Chuck Rosenberg’s serene presence, wealth of knowledge and depth of experience as well as the great panel of guests make this a must listen for anyone interested in today’s political climate. His straightforward interviews shared through fascinating storytelling by well known front line, “in the trenches” people make you feel like you just gotten a glimpse into who those folks really are and why their stories matter.
Appreciating the Oath
I have been catching up with the episodes while vacationing. I find myself so grateful for the intimate glimpses these interviews provide. I’m gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for these details of government workings as well as deeper respect for and admiration for the folks being interviewed. I love the central organizing theme of the oath to protect the constitution, and the reverence with which the rule of law is delineated. It gives me such pride as an American, and I’m grateful for this even more during these times wherein so much going on now in the White House leaves me grieving. Thanks so much, Mr. Rosenberg for these wonderful, inspirational podcasts.
Inspires gratitude for amazing work!
I’m very grateful for the work these public servants do for all of us and inspired by their diligence and humility. Masterful interviews of fascinating people.
Compelling and insightful
My only exposure to federal prosecutors or investigators has been through fictional TV shows and movies, so getting the chance to listen to the real life experiences of those who have dedicated their lives to protecting and preserving “The Oath” is fascinating. Thanks to Chuck for bringing their stories to us all. Can’t wait for next season.
An enjoyable binge!
Over the past 2 days, I have binge-listened to your podcasts. I began because whenever you are on Rachel Maddow’s show, you seem to know exactly what she (and we) need to know, and you make the issue(s) understandable without making me feel like I’m stupid for needing to be answered in non-jargon. Thank you. I’ve enjoyed my first 9 episodes, even though they weren’t exactly what I expected (you know, laced with the whats and why-fors of how justice is sought and handed down...). Instead, I found it a down-home, earthy way to meet people I’ve seen and read about, and get to know a little about who they are and why they have done what you admire them for. That’s kind of a convoluted way of saying I’m enjoying your podcasts very much and look forward to the next one. Thank you, Suzi Nassen Stefl Veteran, US Navy
Excellent is not a strong enough word
I cannot recommend this podcast series enough. Chuck Rosenberg speaks with public figures of great interest, like Jim Comey, Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe and others, not about current events so much as their lives, backgrounds, and careers, getting it what makes each person so very interesting and inspiring. Chuck’s astute interviewing bring out the very human character of each guest, allowing you to feel you’ve gotten to know them personally in some way. I found it an inspiring and compelling series.
Highly recommended
If you want to know the “back story” of the DOJ and the inner workings of justice, don’t miss this podcast. Chuck Rosenberg can explain the most obscure legalize with great clarity and his voice and delivery are exquisitely elegant and soothing. You will learn something new and surprising every time you listen. He is uncannily adept and bringing out the humanity in public figures and you imagine sitting down all together as you listen.
I thought he was good on TV
Listening to Chuck on MSNBC is always informative, enlightening and enjoyable, this podcast is even better. He is sincere, fact driven, speaks from a vast depth of knowledge and knows all the right people. Thank you Chuck!
Fascinating interviews! Top notch podcast!
Thank you for producing this podcast in this incredibly frightening time in U.S. government. After almost 7 decades of life, I’ve never been as scared or worried about the future of our country. Thank you for keeping it real and giving us hope that this, too, shall pass. I particularly related to the interview with Sally Yates, as Janet Reno first hired me as prosecutor while I was a 3rd year law student in Miami. Her “thank you letter” to me is framed and on my wall. I treasure those memories and early experiences.
I love Chuck!!
The way u explain legal or political matters is really easy to understand. U do it w humor, dry humor, but that’s even better!! I see u on MSNBC all the time and am always happy when your on a show. This is the first podcast I’ve tried. I started w the McCabe interview. The end was very personal to me. I’m from Ma and as u heard, Patriots Day is a HUGE day here. I remember seeing that attack live. It took days. Seeing Boston w no people, no cars, was haunting. It was unreal. But to hear Acting Director McCabe describe it gave me chills. I love them, keep it up!!! 😉 ✌🏼💙🐶 Still loving the podcast. Actually starting it again. Just wondering when you’ll b starting the next season? I know u just finished, but honestly, it’s the only 1 I listen to. 🤷🏻‍♀️ ☺️
The best of the genre
It's hard to top the quality of the conversation on this podcast. Chuck Rosenberg is a first rate interviewer -- the conversation is always directed toward learning more from his guests. Thankfully, in the age of me-first, he is not all about himself. His questions and conversational understanding of their work bring out the energy and enthusiasm of his guests. I found the guests to be uplifting, optimistic about the future of our country, and profoundly dedicated to doing good. Highly recommend to anyone trying to understand our legal system, its challenges, and opportunities for serving the public interest.
Thoughtful, insightful and needed at this time...
At this time of chaos in government and electoral politics, we need a voice like Chuck Rosenberg... thoughtful and insightful. I hope he continues this podcast which is clarifying and calming at the same time. A huge fan!!!
Good Podcast
Fun New Games
Season 1? I keep looking for more. This should be a regular series. Good job Mr Rosenberg
A Treasure
I appreciate your sober, insightful treatment of topics as a commentator on the news. I'm happy that you've brought your style to a long form platform like podcasting. I'm an institutionalist who treasures those who work in and/or run our institutions. I appreciate your ability to add nuance to our understanding that we typically wouldn't get from our daily media diet. I would be interested in hearing more about the DEA or perhaps from Michael Lewis regarding his book "The Fifth Risk" covering our institutions in the Trump era. Please keep up the great work, and make more podcasts.
Need More Than Just 10
I hope that Chuck will continue to do podcasts as the 10 that he did were wonderful. Having worked in criminal law on both sides for 20 yrs, I Love seeing Chuck on msnbc as he explains all legalese pertaining to this administration with veracity. Looking forward to more podcasts. Susan Gulkin
Very engaging show. I really enjoyed the Nicole Wallace episode. I would be really curious to hear a show/debate about: 1. The influence the DOJ has had on the Presidential process. ie: Comey to Muller to Barr to Sessions. 2. How can a DOJ policy be treated as a law (ie: a sitting president can’t be indicted). 3. A honest debate if the President is above the law. 4. Is Mr. Mueller really a stand up guy that puts the constitution and the rule of law first. 5. Do you still see the DOJ as being a neutral party that is unabashedly in pursuit of the law and truth that will hold crooks accountable. Please keep the POD casts coming.
Excellence personified. Mr. Rosenberg, your honor is beyond reproach, as are your guests. Your approach, demeanor, and and outstanding interview skills have been excellent and meaningful moments for me personally. Keep up the great work and Please convince your friend Mr.Mueller to speak for several hours!
Where are the other pods
Ron ll
I am disappointed that there are only 10 pods. These where not only informative but enjoyable to listen to. I hope they will return. Thank you Respectfully Maj. Ronald Flood Ret. U.S. Army
Excellent podcast
Listening to the men and women on this podcast has renewed my faith in humanity. Excellent choice of guests who are willing to speak honestly about their experiences the good and the bad. I'm have listened and seen to too much fear and negativity generated by current place holder of the office of the President of the United States, aka trump. I pray we find our way through this muck he has caused. I pray also that good people with morals and values and integrity stand up for the good of this nation. Thank you so much for a most thoughtful and relevant podcast.
Mb fla
mb fl
Excellent one of the most informative shows on
The Oath
Excellent podcast. Love the interface that Chuck & his guests share with us. Thanks!I am very glad that you & your guests are willing to share such amazing stories.
Anxiously waiting for a new episode
Kindle addict 123
I throughly enjoy this informative and entertaining pod cast. It has given me some insight into how our judicial system works and an admiration for the people who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of justice. Until recently, I haven’t truly realized how valuable the co-equal three systems of the US Government is and how we need the Fourth Estate for our Democracy to flourish. This podcast has given me a greater understanding of how our government works and how we each have a responsibility to safe guard our Constitution. I’m anxiously waiting for the new season to start
gail nurse robin
In this era of chaos and uncertainty I trust Mr. Rosenberg
The Oath. The whole season
The best. I can’t wait for season 2. Thank you for the thoughtful questions and fantastic information. I could go on and on.
Wonderful insights
Chuck Rosenberg is an outstanding interviewer and has chosen a most interesting set of guests. We hope to Robert Mueller some day!
Excellent in every way
The Record Maven
Chuck Rosenberg interviews interesting and topical guests, all of whom have taken an oath of office in their careers. His style is interactive and he draws out important anecdotes from these individuals careers. I have listened to some podcasts episodically but this is the first I have subscribed to one. Kudos!
Very enjoyable
Patience has never been a strong element in my daily life. I am writing to learn why there has been a delay in the dropping of this podcast and hopefully nudge the next episode!
These podcasts are a wonderful way to know more about the people we watch each day. It’s a reminder of how hard they have worked for our country. Thank you and looking forward to hearing more.
When are you coming back?
I miss your podcast.
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