June 14, 2019
Page 7: Mark Schultz
Mark Schultz had always felt a drive to succeed. As the only adopted child in his family, it seemed to be a way to guarantee his adoptive parents would know they had picked the right kid. If he was the starting quarterback, the pitcher on the state championship team, the singer and songwriter who got standing ovations – that surely meant he was special. It wasn’t until Mark held his own adopted daughter that he finally had a revelation about God’s love for him.
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29 min
June 7, 2019
Page 6: Kevin and Jamie Crosier
If your goal in life is to be happy, what do you do when your marriage makes you unhappy? For Jaime Crosier, the answer was to move on. When Kevin and Jaime met, their life of partying together was nonstop fun. But after marriage, a child and an affair- happiness was long gone. It would take a movie and miraculous intervention to change their path toward divorce.
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48 min
May 31, 2019
Page 5: Kathy Garrison
Kathy Garrison’s dream of a safe and simple life radically changed when God broke her heart for orphans. She thought adopting a child would be their family's big leap of faith. It turned out only to be the beginning.
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28 min
May 24, 2019
Page 4: Clay Harrington
For Clay Harrington, being a stutterer meant a childhood of teasing and humiliation every time he spoke in front of the class. That experience made him certain of one thing - he would never be a public speaker, and certainly not the preacher that his mother said he would become.
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29 min
May 17, 2019
Page 3: Tina Zimmerman
Long after Tina Zimmerman gave up on her father, her mother continued to pray that one day he would be saved. There was no earthly reason to believe it would happen. He was too far gone. But then God did something stunning.
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26 min
May 10, 2019
Page 2: Steven Curtis Chapman
From a very early age, Steven Curtis Chapman felt compelled to fix what was broken- to keep the peace, avoid conflict and make people happy. So what do you do when your family’s heartache is so deep, it can’t be fixed this side of heaven?
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30 min
April 24, 2019
Page 1: Joe Buchanan
What if you grew up believing you were unlovable? What kind of person would you become? Many people believed Joe Buchanan would end up in prison, on drugs or dead. It would take a supernatural act of love to change his path.
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42 min
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