May 21, 2019
YTU EP2a - Practice, But Still Not Perfect
Join us this episode as we discuss: SoCal Arcade Beefs  Miami Dishwasher gets awarded $20M  Life Pro Tips Why the sport of boxing needs a unifying body like the NBA, NFL, MLB etc. Panga Boat dry-docks in HB (Huntington Beach) full of immigrants Writing lyrics  Committing crimes  and just all other general all-out nonsense!
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89 min
April 30, 2019
YTU EP2 - 1 Tequila.. 2 Tequila... 3 Tequila.....FLOOR!!
Join us this episode as we sit down with our lifelong homey-whom just so happens to also be the co-founder of LIBRE Tequila-and listen up as we discuss: life, risks, rewards, fossils, Uber, Coto de Caza, the homeless population of San Clemente, Tequila fundamentals and so so much more! This is an episode you truly won't want to miss, and since it's only the second one we've ever released, that just may be really hard to do.    *I mean-obviously we want you to listen to the whole show! But, if anything, then make sure to pay extra close attention around the 1:32:33 mark for your chance to win an especially rad prize!! We're gifting the first person to our FB page with the correct answer...simple. So, just post your reply to our wall (or wherever) and you'll be good to go. Until next time...ciao.
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98 min
April 6, 2019
YTU EP1 - Breaking the Ice
You Tell Us podcast, The Inaugural Edition... Join us as we get to know each other with a few fun little ice breakers such as our classic Urban Dictionary WOWs or Life Pro Tips. Then we can move onto more serious stuff like Big Gulps, bending the rules and blasting Orcas? Can't be as crazy as haunted brothels with ghosts of addiction though, can it?  So, thank you for joining us and if you've got something to say then please come say it! We welcome 9 out of 10 individuals. This has honestly been a long awaited moment in what is a pure passion project for us, so, while we do hope that enjoy the show I guess it's really no sweat off our backs if you don't, but we really hope you do. Regardless, we'll still be here doing the same ol' S every week (or other), with or without you. Until next time...
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121 min
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