Very one sided liberal crap very anti police but criminals are angels
Running from cops is great!
I’ve listened to all the seasons of this show and the new one is a must listen — it’s got important info about what happens behind the scenes of a widely watched and criminalizing show that has spent decades exploiting working class folks. It’s not anti-police.
Not a cop and I know 7/7/16
I live in Dallas and I remember the day well. It was a shift for me like it was for many cops. I knew their job was hard but holy hell, to be ambushed as they protected people who were protesting them? Many acts of heroism by cops that day. This pod is good. It bashes the tv show more than actual cops and the children playing cops and acting out what they see on tv was a big moment for this pod. I enjoyed the series and felt it was fair is not balanced. I have often wondered some of the things brought up by his pod “why would they sign a release” etc. overall, very happy with this product and enjoyed the time I listened. It even made me think a lot about the system. Never been a “cops” fan but I do support my local Leos. Thanks for a good show. But hey- lots of us remember 7/7/16. #DallasStrong
Illuminating and infuriating
joe rockhead
This show doesn’t bash cops. It bashes Cops! The show does a great and entertaining job of revealing the history, tactics, and impact of the show on all stakeholders involved. I have always wondered about people arrested on these shows and this podcast helps us understand people who have had the worst night of their lives recorded. And the releases?... What I really appreciate is the critique of how these shows ultimately show a one dimensional portrayal of policing that is actually out of wack with reality. The show could have been a complex tour through a complex profession and service. Unfortunately the creators and producers were more interested in sensation for ratings and not substance. Very interesting podcast.
Great show very eye opening
Love the look behind the curtain. This a very interesting and well done show. I’m one episode in and hooked
Really well done show. Entertaining and informative. Excited for the next project!
no apologist
MEDIA: where everyone gets tried and convicted in the public domain. Let them eat cake!!
Awesome show. Must listen.
And don’t read any of those so called anti cop crap reviews.
Excellent and important. Listen to this.
Excellent and important. Everyone in the USA should hear this.
Important piece of the criminal justice puzzle
I had no idea a show like Cops existed because I haven’t watched network TV for at least 50 years. I have become interested in criminal justice reform through several podcasts and recent documentaries. I think Taberski has hit on a subtle but important piece to the CJ reform puzzle. His stories, especially in the 6th episode, and his conclusions (that the TV show is actually influencing people to become cops and also influences how law enforcement plays out in the US) is compelling. I’m glad Dan has turned his talent to this important issue. His previous podcasts have been fun and well told, but Running From Cops is socially relevant and a critical piece in understanding our broken justice system and what’s needed to fix it.
Anti Police Podcast
This is an anti police and policing podcast under the guise of exposing a tv show they find racially biased. It’s well produced, therefore most who listen will find the material credible. The smug narrator leaves no stone unturned to present his political views in this unsuccessful podcast. Make no doubt this podcast was only made to show the police in a negative viewpoint no matter the truth or what was discovered
Most important podcast in years
friendly woods
I never watched cops. I always thought it was repulsive, so this podcast was kind of a slog in places. However this is a brilliant podcast about the explotation of poor people by the entertainment industry. It is very depressing, but very important.
This is a great investigative podcast. I could never stomach watching Cops and this kind of explains why.
Good, but previews of next episode annoy
Good coverage of the subject, but it spends too much time selling itself with teasers of next on 'running from cops'
I can’t watch cops anymore!
I feel awful for ever enjoying the show COPS. This podcast is so eye opening. Thank you for exposing the truth!
Cruel Tools
As a mental health researcher and a person with teenagers, I cringe at the humiliation and degenerative effects reality tv policing is cultivating. It seems as logical as separating religion from law, separating policing from hyped entertainment. It seems weird that police recruitment would be buoyed by the possibility of fame and authoritative adoration. Yuck. And a mom of daughters with mental health issues I’m always worried about a stop by police and them being irreversibly damaged by police who are not sensitive to emotional disorders. It’s also strange that we never see the stops where cops rape , coercively get information from minors, or arrest the wrong people. Even after release the subconscious interprets those experiences and incorporates those experiences into the heightened states of stress- which could and often do present in ptsd, anxiety, depression and on and on. I would be interested in the suicide attempts and completions after being publicly displayed, bullied, humiliated on television cop shows. Compassionate decency and feeling safe is the catapult for cooperation and true help with those battling addiction. That said, the police officers I have encountered who have shown the most respect for the authority given to them, have not seemed to want to find a crime- they simply try to provide exceptional care for the vulnerable. Columbus used dogs to rip us to pieces, Cops are still allowed to use these cruel tools to pull an addict out of the bushes?Sad. Pathetic. Thank You for using your skill as a journalist and resources to make this show, it’s important.
Less Politic Stuff
Interesting to some extent but they seem to start with a preconceived notion and then slant everything to prove that. It’s a shame because it could have been so much better
Cops, in a nutshell, was the first and is the longest running “reality” show and seems to have played a significant role in adding fuel to the War on Drugs, among other very negative social consequences directly affecting people today. If you can’t relate personally to the plight of, nor empathize with the “suspects”, you should watch this as a concerned citizen. After listening, I’m reminded that the Fox Network has been working to influence our society and culture in negative and detrimental ways for 30+ years. Cops and Fox “News” (which is registered as entertainment, not news, btw 🤔 hmmm, I wonder why? So Hannity and other pundits can pontificate and soapbox in the context of news while not having any accountability because, y’know, they’re not really journalists) have been subtle but powerful methods for impacting our society and culture in extremely detrimental ways. Elizabeth Warren was right and brave to refuse to lend Fox any dignity by appearing on this sham of a network. This is what must be done by those with any ethics, integrity and concern for fellow citizens caught up as collateral damage in Fox’s war on American society. They’re called “suspects” for a reason: because they haven’t been tried and convicted. Another example of extrajudicial “justice” on the streets. An essential question asked by the podcast is about the ethics, or lack of, when asking a suspect to sign a release while they’re under the duress of being in handcuffs or in one guy’s case, having ingested two grams of heroin and two of meth four hours earlier. They went to his hospital bed. Supposed to wait at least six. The whole show is especially interesting because the “War on Drugs” that started in the Reagan administration and continued through Bush.1 was a huge push for 25 years and led to the mass incarceration of many people for relatively minor offenses involving small amounts of drugs. Research and analysis by the podcast producers reflect a significant portion of the arrests on Cops were for drugs. There is a lot to this podcast that is well worth the time. Please listen and reflect. Whether you act or not is up to you but you owe it to yourself and to our community as a country. Excellent production values. Thank you to all involved. It’s a public service.
I learned a lot. And it is maddening.
Host is too opinionated
Wish the podcast was more of an unbiased investigation rather than an opinion piece where the hosts is already set to convince the audience of one conclusion. Pot calling the kettle black.
Better than Richard Simmons
Irritable and hungry
Amazing story, powerful narrative. We needed to hear this story.
Anti-cop bias and yellow journalism
This slick, high production value pod was sickening to listen to as it attempted to find some scandal to help them condemn the police. There was none. Criminals lie and Hollywood sensationalizes. Really? What a shock. I hope these Disgusting propagandists never need help from a cop.
Very Good Presentation
In all fairness, I have to say I've never liked the show Cops. It has a bad smell for me. The same sort of reek I get from Judge shows, daytime chat shows, and reality television in general. That admitted, if the thesis statement in this podcast praised Cops I doubt I would've liked it very much. But the podcast is interesting and entertaining and tells a compelling story in a clear and concise way. Another reviewer complained at the white upper class faux innocence of the presenter. Having listen to his other podcasts I know enough to know that's how it sounds and it's genuinely him. I think it is the tone of the presentation that makes the reality he and covers all the more jarring. And the truth behind Cops reflects a larger narrative in this country of distorted reality for profit. That police use this propaganda tool is chilling. That this propaganda tool has changed to policing is even worse. Do please listen. And think.
Capitalistic Society
WOW!!! Talk about a capitalistic society... where in order to make a buck COPS, goes ahead and take advantage of your worst day in order to get ratings. The police wonder why the black communities have a hard time helping them with any type of investigations due to these reality which COPS have pretrade the “suspects” aka the victims.
Jaron A Mo
Holy freakin’ moly!
Episode 6
Ep 6: How long did Jordan stay in jail and why? If the case was dismissed at the end? Did he plead guilty? Or just could not make bail? I listened several times, still could not figure that out. And even more importantly: WHY is it so UNCLEAR in this podcast, which overall is very well done, seems to be so thought through?... Why such sloppiness all of a sudden? After all, Jordan's story is your Rosetta Stone!..
Interesting; Presenter seems sheltered
The presenter says he was a fan of cops before working on this show, but I find that really hard to believe. He comes off as naive in that upper class white guy sort of way. It is irritating. Other than him, the content is very interesting so that’s why I continue to listen. Full disclosure, I was never a fan of cops because it seemed liked exploitation of poor people.
I never watched COPS and I don't think I'll ever will. This brings to light a lot of the injustices that occur behind the scenes.
This was a fantastic show. It asks us to question how people and their situations are present to us and how these narratives can impact us, public policy and most importantly, those who lose their voice. Enjoyed this critical approach
I had no idea
It seems obvious now but I had no idea what a problem these TV shows were causing for the individuals and communities they were portraying. I doubt I’ll be able to watch these shows on TV again without remembering what I learned listening to this podcast. Well produced, great host.
One of the best podcasts I’ve heard in a long time
Seriously. Listen to it. I couldn’t stop!
Great Stuff
I always hated the show cops, now I hate it even more.
We obviously know that reality tv isn’t real but this was kind of mind blowing. It put COPS and Live PD into a new perspective. I’ll probably never watch one of these shows again because of this podcast
I’ve always wondered how “real” Live PD was and I’m glad a talented team has looked into the BOTH sides of the story. “Running from Cops” is a riveting podcast which exposes the propaganda Cops and Live PD feeds to millions of Americans.
A Fair, Fascinating Look at Reality TV
This is a podcast I didn’t know I needed. It explores, in fascinating detail, the truth behind the reality TV show COPS. Execellent sound design, with clips from the show and interviewees from both sides of the COPS coin: law enforcement officers who’ve been featured on the show, defense attorneys whose clients were arrested on camera, the creators and producers of the show, and more. It also asks hard questions about monetizing other peoples’ suffering, and the artifice of “reality” television. The show is very fair, which is refreshing.
Fair and compelling
Reviewer 297
I have loved all seasons of Headlong and this one is no exception. I have seen maybe one episode of Cops ever but the podcast was a fascinating and sometimes disturbing look at the “reality” of “reality” TV. Can’t wait to see what Headlong tackles next!
This podcast is incredibly informative. Upsetting but informative.
Best Headlong series yet.
I’ve listened to all three seasons of Headlong so far. I had a lot of issues with Finding Richard Simmons and generally liked Surviving Y2K though it was kind of all over the place and I don’t feel any closer to knowing if the hysteria was warranted or not, but this season is easily the best. It’s an interesting subject whether you watch Cops and Live PD or not (I don’t and the show constantly asserts that pretty much nobody listening would, which may or may not be true but can also come across as a little classist), it has a clear point of view, and touches on important topics. If I had to nitpick, I would say that sometimes the episodes can feel a little too similar and make the same points and I wish they would balance Taberski’s narration with other voices a bit more. But overall this is a great podcast and I highly recommend it.
You will never look at Cops the same way.
Fascinating podcast. Does an excellent job of breaking the show down and explaining the perverse incentives that embedding cameras with law enforcement creates. Serve and protect, not so much. Very illuminating.
If only the morons who watch COPS could hear it.
If you know any, encourage them to listen. And stop the Drug War.
Don’t waste your time!
How I wish I could get back the time I wasted on checking out this podcast!
Best view on Cops
A great take on a show I’ve been obsessed with since boyhood.
I love the in-depth research done to present very interesting, though not surprising, facts about Cops and the justice system. Can’t wait for more episodes
Great series!
Well done! A well produced compelling series. With all the podcast content out there this one is a gem. Download it and listen, you won’t be disappointed.
Soooo good!
The final episode will blow your mind no matter who you are! As the son of a cop from a family of cops I can say this one gets it right. Fair. Balanced. Exceptional work.
A necessary counter narrative
Anyone who thinks this is old news is denying history. We must get proximate to police misconduct and racism in the police force, including police officers of color! It is a culture of deceit, silence, and it harms the society we live in. Are we happy to live in a fascist state?
Lol All These One Star Reviews
Listen, if you've never been victimized by the cops before, this podcast is probably not for you. But if listening to anything about police corruption and brutality makes YOU feel like a victim, please look inward at your privilege and outside your narrow point of view. Or ya know, go back to your safe space and racism.
Running From Cops
Excellent Expose and support for real coos
grave bodybag
This guy is a Michael Moore wannabe liberal snowflake BLM shill
COPS is the best show on TV
Really biased podcast that tries to excuse black crime as “racism” rather than face the reality that almost all violent crime is committed by that group.
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