May 28, 2019
Bonus Episode: Himalayan Salt Boy
One last story that shows how even the most innocuous police interactions, the ones COPS and Live PD air to get laughs, aren’t funny at all if you’re the one on TV.
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16 min
May 21, 2019
6: That’s The Story
We get our hands on raw, unedited footage of COPS and finally answer the question we've been asking throughout our 18-month investigation: How real is COPS?
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38 min
May 14, 2019
5: The Worst Day Of Your Life
How does it feel to be hunted for months by police officers and camera crews, both of whom seem hellbent on putting you on TV?
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40 min
May 7, 2019
4: Mind Blown
An ex-cop breaks down some of the most shocking arrests we’ve watched on COPS and tries to imagine why police departments would want that footage out in the world. Plus, the next generation of COPS is LivePD — six hours a week of policing aired live. What could possibly go wrong?
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42 min
April 30, 2019
3: Nothing Is Voluntary When You Have Handcuffs On
COPS producers claim every suspect on the show agrees in writing to appear on TV. Why would anyone sign that piece of paper? Plus: Who has final control over what airs on COPS, the producers or the police?
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45 min
April 23, 2019
2: Shooting Fish In A Barrel
What is it like to watch yourself on COPS when you can’t remember getting arrested?
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35 min
April 23, 2019
1: The One-Celled Amoeba
How real is the longest running reality show in TV history? We begin our investigation of COPS.
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36 min
April 22, 2019
Coming Soon: Running From COPS
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0 min
April 2, 2019
Introducing: Running From COPS
After 30 years on television, COPS has evolved into a constant messaging machine about policing in America. Running from COPS is the result of an 18-month investigation and delves deep into how the show actually gets made, how much control police departments really have over the final product, and the harrowing stories of the people who have ended up on camera. Subscribe for free and start listening April 23.
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2 min
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