A Master Klaas of the Macabre.
D Is For Democracy
It's never easy to peel back the curtain and confront the most insidious and vulgar parts of our world. Stories that show throughout human history, there's always a stalin, a hitler, a trump, and a general butt naked. Somehow the idiots committing the world's worst atrocities always make the most laughable cartoonish villains. And they manage to cunningly convince hoards of eager followers that they and only they can solve impossible world problems. We may be powerless as average citizens to confront the endless cycles of corruption, cruelty, war, & profit-driven media disinformation. Yet each week, Brian Klaas gives us engaging, educational, and eloquent podcasts that have inspired deep introspective thoughts and conversations about my own role in trying to make the world a better place. Napoleon Beazley chose to use his final words to attempt to save others. Shouldn't that give us all strength to continue the struggle for a more equitable world? And the courage to rethink our opinions and biases? Such a great podcast. Sometimes the hardest truths to hear are the most life-changing.
Great podcast! The stories are interesting and well executed. I look forward to more!
Excellent Historical Case Studies with Nuances to Today
Dr. Klaas is an excellent and pragmatic storyteller with a range of thematic analyses that span decades. A bit biased, as I attended LSE while Dr. Klaas was a professor, but nonetheless a worthwhile listen that will draw you in to wanting to know “what happens next?”
Not Really What I Was Expecting
With so much corruption in the world and so many great investigative reporters doing heroic, dangerous work, I was hoping this podcast would help shine some light on global corruption occuring in the present day. Unfortunately, the host seems to concentrate on grand themes such as "Assassinations", "Global Arms Trade" and general topics. There is so much corruption in the world today that citizens need to be informed about, concentrate on specific modern day reporting
Learn something new with each episode
I absolutely love this podcast. I learn something new with each episode. The pace is just right, and I appreciate the host’s thoughtful analysis and research.
Fascinating and well-researched podcast
Katie G. N.
Fascinating podcast that combines deeply researched topics of global election rigging, power and political influence with entertaining commentary from experts and sources. Highly recommended.
Politically bias
Good presentation but definitely bias which may skew facts a bit.
Power Corrupts - Excellent
Brian’s podcast are truly one of a kind. First off the way these podcast are designed and Incorporated based on the theme of the episode are exhilarating. Many of the topics from his episodes are ideas that people just don’t think about much on a daily basis. Then once he mentions a topic and explains it, you become so engrossed with it that you want to do even further research. This is when you know Brian is doing a great job. Cannot wait for future episodes of POWER CORRUPTS!!
My favourite podcast by a mile
This podcast is insightful, informative, and just incredibly interesting. Absolutely love it!
The absolute best
Immediately captivating, well researched- of the dozens of political and historical pods I’ve tried, this is by far my favorite
All news, no clickbait
Thoughtfully written for listeners who want to be better informed. Excellent.
Girl Listening
Excellent podcast! Fact based and very credible! Thank you!
I can’t say enough about this podcast. It’s extremely interesting, relevant, and thoroughly researched. This is by far one of the best podcasts I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. I’m so happy I found this!!! 6 stars, man!
This podcast was referred to me by a fellow parent of a Hopkins MN high school alumni. The host of this podcast is a Hopkins High School alumni. Go Royals!! At first I was leery about listening to this podcast. Because I am trying to manage how much negative content I listen to. I took the plunge and sampled this podcast anyway. Because I trust the person who referred me to it. I am pleased with my choice. The host looks at his topics from several perspectives. It is not an echo chamber. I dislike echo chambers. I like to make up my own mind about what I hear or see. The host gives me room to do that. Give it a try. See what you think.
Powerful stuff.
This is a powerful series that should serve to remind us all just how fragile democracy really is.
Every topic goes back to Trump somehow
I really like this podcast, but why does every single topic have to revolve back to Trump? If I wanted to listen to an anti-Trump podcast, I would turn on the usual suspects on local cable TV. Please stick to the topic and not your biased political views. I would hate to know that you spent this many years doing research to water down the material with this garbage.
A must listen podcast
This podcast is informative, interesting and thought provoking. My kids even enjoy listening with me. It has ignited a few interesting discussions between us. The format is very thoughtful and explained well enough for them to follow.
Great podcast
Engaging, very interesting, and well produced show for people who like interesting sides of different political and cultural themes.
Great podcast!
Great podcast! Thoughtful, accurate and very engaging.
This is really tasty!
Well written, well researched, and tells a story. One of the best podcasts out there. Let’s have more, please?
So interesting!
Great topics, well researched, fascinating commentaries and thoughtful presentations. I have learned something new with each one and have enjoyed listening.
This is trash. I thought this podcast was about actual conspiracy theories but it’s just another liberal bashing the president.
Election rigging
Pastry Queen
Love the podcast on election rigging. Tried to subscribe. The subscribe button won’t work. 😳
Uncomfortable Truths
My Reviewing Nickname
This is not a feel-good podcast. This is a podcast that will make you feel anger, shock, fear, confusion, and discomfort. That is the point. A lot of the negative reviews of this series are the result of people rejecting those legitimate emotions. A lot of people don’t want the facts presented in this podcast to be true. We need to embrace these uncomfortable truths. We need to be aware of how power has corrupted, is corrupting, and may corrupt. The future of our world depends on how we respond to this corruption.
Great podcast!
Really enjoyable and informative - hope you keep on making these.
A+ Podcast
Super interesting, well mixed story telling.
Complete Garbage
Don’t waste your time. Complete liberal garbage.
Excellent show
Most of the negative comments here embody the white-male mindset of mainstream "conspiracy thinking." This podcast is an excellent dive into genuine conspiracy and injustice, often reported and narrated by women and people of color. Sorry to all the dudes in the feed complaining about it being political, sorry you brushed up against diverse and nuanced reality, and things that are definitely true and definitely scary and angering. Wishing you more strength, your righteousness could be better applied. Highly recommend this podcast.
I clicked onto the next one because, I wanted too
Brian does a great job with this podcast. It is very informative and relevant with today’s policial landscape. For those who gave this podcast a negative review because they found it, “anti-trump” or “trump bashing”, I can honestly say I’m not sure where that perspective is coming from. Trump is discussed (periodically) if current events tie into the narrative of the episode. That being said, Brian uses highly reputable sources and broaches Trump topics is a very non-partisan way. To me, this podcast is about democracy, how’s its being undermined, and what might be done to strengthen it. Isn’t this what being an American is all about? Top notch journalism if you ask me.
Well-researched, easy to digest
The first few episodes really flew by. They were engaging, well-organized, and well-researched. Looking forward to more.
Love it
Also, don’t stop bashing the potus. 🤷‍♀️
Love it!!
I love this podcast. In depth and easy to listen to.
Looked promising until....
The POTUS bashing started in the second episode. I am not a fan of the last two POTUS. I have moved on. Hoping some better candidates will emerge in 2020. You are the problem with current journalism personified. Bash Trump, bash Trump and then bash Trump. Pretty lazy man. Loved all of your topics, until the confirmation bias driven POTUS bashing kicked in. May want to check out ae911truth.com and educate yourself. Unsubscribing.
Trump one. Erry 1 still "debating" that fact?
Progressive Mike
It's a traitorous and fundamentally hateful thing, to undermine the credibility of our political system. This is the road to conflict and tragedy.
Thought it was news...just another anti-Trump podcast
Gorby Rules
I thought this sounded interesting, but each episode is filled with irrelevant slams in Trump. I already hate Trump, I don’t need podcasts that mask themselves as something else to tell me over and over how bad Trump is. Worse, the frequent references usually were non-sequiturs to the topic — they had to reach to work in most of the slams. Too bad, because the concept of this podcast was really promising — it would be much better if they dispensed with the propaganda.
Very One sided with views
Ewok slayer
He’s very closed off to any other ideas except his own and talks as if he pities those who’ve lost there way. Shame he his to push a political agenda rather than open conversation
It’s a perfect mix of interesting, educational and easy to listen to. Excited for more.
Episode one was amazing, episode two lost me
I loved the history and education episode one offered. Then episode two brought on Trump Derangement Syndrome and he spent time blaming Trump for conspiracy theories. If you keep it informative and educational and keep your opinions out of it, you might do well.
Keep them coming!
Just a few in but soooo fascinating! Crazy that this kind of stuff is real!
Good pacing, good storytelling
I’ve really enjoyed this podcast so far, and I like it for a few reasons. The audio is top quality, the show theme music is super catchy, and the content is interesting to say the least! Power Corrupts also hits the balance between something I can listen to attentively on my drive, and something I can nap to as well.
So insightful!
Fantastic in-depth analysis, Brian!
Good bit bias pollutes
Each episode was great, except for the every-10-minute political jab. Brian does a great job with the narrating, a very easy listen.
Deep state propaganda
Al Kircher
The episode "Conspiracy Theories" is just more propaganda to push the "Russiagate" conspiracy theory, which isn’t a theory at all but a fraud. I would hate to suggest Mr. Klaas is complicit in a fraud, so he must be an unfortunate true believer.
Living for this!
So far, so incredible. I’m really enjoying the humorous undertones while still maintaining a grave and utterly horrifying essence.
Important content for changing times
Dr. Klaas analyzes a wide variety of topics of political interest that have profound effects on global politics and, in effect, our lives. He distilled what can be complex topics into digestible and thought provoking episodes through analysis, interviews, and discussion. Highly recommend.
Fact based
If you read the Wall Street Journal and enjoy some of the longer articles, these podcasts are of that caliber. These podcasts should appeal across the political spectrum.
Complicated Topic Delivered Simply
Informative, Important with Touches of Humor
I’m unsubscribing
Seems like this podcast has a political agenda...thought this was about facts not about your feelings...no thanks
Seems interesting
Am looking forward to how this podcast delivers!!
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