June 12, 2019
Dealing with Your Partner's Sexual Past
Everybody has a past but what happens when two people enter into a relationship where one or both partners past includes sexual immorality? Preston and Jackie both have sexual pasts that are less than holy. Bringing their experiences into the conversation, listen to how they've been able to trust each other despite their untrustworthy pasts.    www.withtheperrys.com www.prestonnperry.com www.jackiehillperry.com 
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31 min
June 5, 2019
Toxic Friendships
So the term "toxic friendship" is a thing apparently. It's become a common theme behind social media memes and Instagram captions. It's often referenced as the reason certain friendships must end or why other friendships are considered exhausting. Preston and Jackie take on the idea of toxic friendships by trying to examine if it's biblical at all while fleshing out what it might look like to love our difficult or should we say "toxic" friends.
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34 min
April 17, 2019
Pornography & Marriage: Part Two
Finding out that your Spouse has been watching porn can feel like betrayal. That's definitely how it felt for Jackie when she discovered Preston had been secretly struggling with pornography. On this episode, Preston and Jackie will finish up their conversation on pornography and marriage by discussing how mercy informs love, how humility helps trust and how God can help us fight to love Him above all things.
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32 min
April 2, 2019
Pornography & Marriage: Part One
Discovering that your Spouse has been watching pornography can be a devastating blow to any marriage. In this episode, the Perry's discuss their prior histories with sex, how that impacted their marriage, and how porn tries to replace the true intimacy that God intended for a man and wife to enjoy together.   ----  www.prestonnperry.com www.jackiehillperry.com  
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25 min
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