June 7, 2019
Battinson, Godzilla Reviews, Top 5 GoT Deaths, Don’t Sleep on Kong
:40 Every detail we know about Matt Reeves' 'The Batman' 13:35 What GRRM said about Bran, The Last Watch recap, Top 5 Game of Thrones deaths 34:03 Dune movie 38:21 Keanu Reeves eyed for The Eternals 40:40 Django / Zorro crossover film 42:25 Ford v Ferrari trailer 46:40 Godzilla: King of the Monsters reviews 1:15:50 Godzilla Fan Qs Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @notamoviepod
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95 min
May 31, 2019
Batman, GRRM Has No Clue How To End ASOIAF, Deadpool Rumors, John Wick 3 Reviews
:46 Robert Pattinson is the front-runner to play Batman 7:20 Christopher Nolan's new film 'Tenet' 13:30 GoT Update: Why the Dothraki didn't follow Jon, and GRRM comments on the finale 19:22 Star Wars KOTOR movie update, Rise of Skywalker news 34:10 Deadpool MCU rumors 34:98 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood trailer #2 43:15 Westworld trailer 45:17 Terminator: Dark Fate trailer 50: John Wick 3 reviews Follow our Twitter/Instagram @notamoviepod
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64 min
May 25, 2019
GoT S8 E6 — Bran the Con Artist, Unsullied vs. Butterflies, Arya = Christopher Columbus
Ross, Luke, and Zach discuss the 'Game of Thrones' finale, including why Drogon didn't burn Jon Snow, why the North was allowed to secede from the Seven Kingdoms, the Unsullied walking into a deathtrap at Naath, Jon's ending, and much more. Twitter / IG @notamoviepod
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117 min
May 20, 2019
MCU Multiverse, Disney is Stacked Until 2027, the Unsullied and Dothraki Armies Make No Sense
Ross, Luke, and Zach cover a variety of topics including GoT, MCU, Disney's stacked schedule, James Bond, John Wick, Watchmen, IT trailer, and a review of the Ted Bundy movie :30 GoT petition, Unsullied and Dothraki armies (explicit), Conleth Hill throws shade at D&D 21:55 MCU 36:24 Disney slate through 2027 48:49 Jon Wick and Godzilla 57: James Bond 1:06 IT trailer 1:11 Watchmen 1:17 Netflix's Ted Bundy movie review Twitter: @notamoviepod
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96 min
May 15, 2019
GoT S8 E5 — CLEGANEBOWL, Cersei Got Off Easy, Qyburn = YEET
Ross, Luke, and Zach discuss 'Game of Thrones' S8 E5 'The Bells,' going in-depth on what lead to Daenerys' fall and if we were okay with it, the history of sacks on King's Landing, Aerys Targaryen before he became the Mad King, if Jon was brought back by the Lord of Light to kill Daenerys, what the white horse Arya rode symbolized, theories on how it will end, fan questions, GRRM shutting down book rumors, and more. Follow our Twitter accounts: @notamoviepod, @ThronesFacts, @CultureCrave
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71 min
May 10, 2019
GoT S8 E4 — Ghost Deserves All the Pets, Daenerys is About to Fry Everyone, The Season is Short and Full of Terrors
Luke, Ross, and Zach talk GRRM announcing three 'Game of Thrones' prequels are still in the works before discussing S8 E4 'The Last of the Starks' including what the director said on Ghost being neglected, Daenerys 'forgetting about the Iron Fleet' according to D&D, Euron not connecting that Tyrion mentioned the baby, Daenerys' character arc, theories for the rest of the season, and more.
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66 min
May 6, 2019
Avengers: Endgame, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Game of Thrones
Ross, Luke, and Zach discuss some 'Game of Thrones' and 'Sonic the Hedgehog' before diving deep into the MCU and 'Avengers: Endgame' :30 'GoT' news 10:46 'Sonic the Hedgehog' update and trailer 13:28 'Endgame' reviews 15:07 Ross' take on time travel 20:50 MCU news, man watches 'Captain Marvel' 116 times, Pornhub drops most searched Avengers, soldier goes AWOL to watch 'Endgame,' 'Far From Home' update, Namor & Captain Britain easter eggs 33:30 'Avengers: Endgame' fan questions
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70 min
May 1, 2019
GoT S8 E3 — A GOAT is Arya Stark of Winterfell
Ross, Luke, and Zach breakdown 'Game of Thrones' S8 E3, 'The Long Night' including the Dothraki attack, Arya killing the Night King, what Bran was doing while warging, Theon's death, why dragonfire didn't kill the Night King, people complaining about the episode being too dark, and much more. Follow us on Twitter / IG: @notamoviepod GoT news page on Twitter: @ThronesFacts
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72 min
April 24, 2019
GoT S8 E2 — Pod the Rod Will Save Winterfell, Headless Ned is Coming Back in the Crypts, Shipping #Jaimund
Ross, Luke, and Zach discuss if the Night King can raise dead Starks in the crypts, if Daenerys is the real Thrones baddie, top 5 characters dying in the Battle of Winterfell, & more 4:20 White Walker symbol news 7:02 Fan Q's 34:00 Jon tells Daenerys he's Targ 38:00 Post-Battle of Winterfell Theories & who is dying 50:10 Arya's weapon & scene w Gendry 55:50 Ghost's appearance 1:00:30 Jenny of Oldstones meaning 1:03 Preview E3 Twitter @notamoviepod @ThronesFacts @CultureCrave IG: notamoviepod
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71 min
April 18, 2019
Game of Thrones is Finally Back — Full S8E1 Discussion
'Game of Thrones' season returns one last time. Ross, Luke, and Zach do a deep-dive into the S8 Premiere including a complete breakdown of the new intro, all the parallels to previous episodes, a discussion on who deserves the throne more: Jon or Daenerys? A breakdown on Arya's new dragonglass weapon, Sansa roasting Tyrion, fan questions, a breakdown of the E2 teaser, and much more.
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91 min
April 13, 2019
Top 5 GoT Fighters Finalized, The Real Littlefinger May Be Chillin In Essos, NBA Players Don't Want To Be In LeBron's 'Space Jam' Sequel, Sandra Bullock Has a Disgusting Facial Remedy To Look Young
Luke, Ross, and Zach discuss their top 5 'Game of Thrones' fighters, Littlefinger fan theory, GoT ending hidden in cryptic Spotify playlist. MCU spinoff shows on Disney+, discussion on the new 'Endgame' TV spot, will 'Endgame' beat 'Avatar'? New’ Lion King’ trailer breakdown including Scar’s updated look. LeBron's 'Space Jam' sequel discussion. Iain Glen being cast as Bruce Wayne in 'Titans', talk on 'Hellboy' early reviews. We go over Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchet's phallic facial from Korea
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117 min
April 9, 2019
Is Brienne of Tarth a Top 5 All-Time GoT Swordsmen? Gotham’s Joker looks like Gollum with Freezer Burn. Chris Evans Joins Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo’s Spoiler Gang
E2 Breakdown: New 'Joker' trailer and Batman talk, latest S8 GoT trailer and poster, where will Bronn go in S8? Best swordsmen in Westeros, how will GoT end and how leaks suck. Avengers Endgame talk; theories, Chris Evan spoilers, trailer, and Stan Lee's final MCU cameo. Secret Wars in the MCU, Eternals, James Gunn controversy, GotG Vol. 3, roots of Marvel comic book movies. 'Gotham' Joker reveal, Shazam non-spoiler talk. Avatar the Last Airbender's shelved 4th season and M. Night Shyamalan's adaptation
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107 min
March 29, 2019
Will Ant-Man Boldly Brave a Tunnel No Ant Dare Explore to Defeat Thanos? Arya Is the Goat Stark Sister. Breaking down Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’
E1 Breakdown: GoT: Emilia Clarke news, why the Night King and Bran are connected, one Stark sister has to die, do you pick Arya or Sansa? MCU: Will Avengers travel back in time or will Ant-Man travel up Thanos’ ass and expand? How to integrate the X-Men into the MCU. Ms. Marvel tease Trailers: John Wick 3, Lucy in the Sky, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Toy Story 4, Pet Semetary Stranger Things: Trailer breakdown and theories Us: Spoiler discussion breaking down 'Us' and our theories on it
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109 min
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