May 16, 2019
Rachel Maddow, War with Iran, The Borg of Foreign Policy, Chuck D and Pina Coladas.
MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow (@Maddow) joins Angry Americans and Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) for a fascinating and intimate conversation like you’ve never heard. Maddow talks candidly with her old friend Rieckhoff about America’s possible war with Iran, what it’s like interviewing the 2020 candidates, her unusual first car, her expertise in mixology, and whether or not she’ll ever run for elected office. She takes us inside her early days of radio at Air America, through her time as an AIDS activist and shares what really makes her happy. It’s a timely, candid and extended interview with one of the most important and most fascinating people in America. Rieckhoff breaks down rising tensions with Iran, John Bolton’s agenda in the Middle East, and all the places in the world America is fighting wars that you might not know about. It’s the latest episode of the groundbreaking new political podcast that was recently featured in Variety Magazine and is making waves nationwide. Listen now and step inside an innovative and entertaining show that takes you behind the media and politics at the highest levels.This episode of Angry Americans is sponsored by TalkSpace. We all need someone to talk to — a person who can support us through rough patches or even the everyday ups and downs of life. That’s where Talkspace comes in. Talkspace has more than 4,000 licensed therapists who are experienced in addressing the challenges we all face. To match with your perfect therapist for a fraction of the price of traditional therapy, go to Talkspace.com, Make sure to use the code ANGRY to get your first week free and show your support for this show.And for the Angry Americans merch worn by Rachel Maddow and Paul Rieckhoff, behind-the-scenes videos from the show and more exclusive content, check out AngryAmericans.us. If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. Join the movement now. Angry Americans is connecting, uniting and empowering Americans nationwide. And is powered by Righteous Media.
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104 min
May 9, 2019
Ai-jen Poo, The Pro-Measles People, A New Deal for Women and The Shocking Death Rate Facing American Mothers On Mother’s Day
This compelling episode of Angry Americans zeroes in the most urgent issues impacting women in America with one of the nation’s most important leaders for women. The show explores the rise of activists and activism worldwide in the age of Trump. And host Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) takes aim on a new issue that’s got him angry, and will have you angry too: the people intentionally spreading the measles. Rieckhoff breaks it down and goes inside the world of political organizing with his friend, fellow activist and world-renowned organizer, Ai-jen Poo (@AiJenPoo). Poo is the Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and the Co-Director of Caring Across Generations. She was named to the TIME 100: The Most Influential People in the world list and is defining the future of America. Ai-jen is a MacArthur “genius” Fellow, a leading voice in the #MeToo movement and recently walked the red carpet at the Oscars with Meryl Streep. She is author of The Age of Dignity: Preparing for the Elder Boom in a Changing America and a founder of a new powerhouse political organization: Supermajority. Supermajority is a new home for women's activism, training and mobilizing a multiracial, intergenerational community fighting for gender equity together and plans to train 2 million women. Wise, insightful and inspirational, Poo is one of the single most powerful, most important voices in America. And you’ll hear from her in a way you only can on this podcast. It’s a dynamic and important conversation--especially for Mother’s Day.Angry Americans shares a situation report on actions from recent episodes focused on supporting 9/11 First Responder heroes. And for Mother’s Day, Rieckhoff explores the stunning rise in the deaths of mothers during childbirth in America. As the number of women who die giving birth in America each year has nearly doubled in the last two decades, Rieckhoff breaks down the issues, shares his own wife’s recent childbirth crisis story and offers ways to get involved. It’s a riveting episode of the new podcast that was recently featured in Variety Magazine and is making waves nationwide. It’s about much more than just being angry. So hit that download button now and step inside an innovative show that really matters. This episode of Angry Americans is sponsored by ZipRecruiter. Hiring is challenging. But there’s one place you can go where hiring is simple, fast and smart. A place where growing businesses connect to qualified candidates. That place is ZipRecruiter.com/AngryAmericans. And right now, Angry Americans listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free at www.ZipRecruiter.com/AngryAmericans. ZipRecruiter. The smartest way to hire.And for brand new American-made Angry Americans merch, behind-the-scenes videos from the show with Ai-jen Poo, inside the last episode with Sarah Jessica Parker, Peter Berg breaking down the NFL, Willie Geist at the Polish Embassy and more: AngryAmericans.us. Join the movement now. Angry Americans is connecting, uniting and empowering Americans nationwide. And it’s powered by Righteous Media.
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78 min
May 2, 2019
Sarah Jessica Parker, America’s Scooter Invasion, The White House Correspondents Dinner, Syria’s Hostage Austin Tice
This captivating episode of Angry Americans explores the intersection of celebrity and politics, and features an intimate interview with one of the most beloved Americans of all time. Someone who is shaping the future of entertainment and culture worldwide. And offers listeners a rare peek behind the curtain at elections past--and the upcoming 2020 race for President. Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) sits down with American icon and global superstar, Sarah Jessica Parker, for an expansive, no holds barred interview. Rooted in a friendship that spans over a decade, this uninterrupted and candid interview was recorded with the legendary star of Sex and the City from her living room floor in New York City. From humble upbringings in Ohio, to her first car, to parenting in the Trump era, to hosting Barack Obama in her home, to whether or not she’ll run for political office and who she’s endorsing for President, this is a fascinating, personal side of Sarah Jessica Parker few have heard until now. The episode also takes aim on an issue that has Paul Rieckhoff and countless other Americans angry nationwide: electric scooters. If you live in or have visited one of the 125 cities in this country with scooters, you’re not gonna wanna miss this. One word: Gremlins. Finally, Angry Americans explores the urgent story of Austin Tice, an American journalist and Marine veteran who has been held captive in Syria for over 6 years. This episode is a defining installment of the new podcast that was recently featured in Variety Magazine and is making waves nationwide. It’s about much more than just being angry. So hit that download button now, and step inside an innovative show that really matters. It’s a show that will take you behind the scenes of American politics and empower you with information for your next conversation at work, on Facebook, or at your dinner table. A show that will give you hope--and leave you inspired. This episode of Angry Americans is sponsored by SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe is home security that knows it feels good to fear less. This is award-winning 24/7 protection that protects your home through it all. Through blizzards. Blackouts. And burglars. SimpliSafe has won awards from all the tech experts that count. Go to www.SimpliSafe.com/AngryAmericans now for a free 60-day trial--uniquely for Angry Americans listeners.And for behind-the-scenes videos from the show, photos of the Sarah Jessica Parker interview, Peter Berg crashing a race car driving simulator, Willie Geist eating Peeps and drinking whiskey and more: AngryAmericans.us and #AngryAmericans. Join the movement now. Angry Americans is connecting, uniting and empowering Americans nationwide. And it’s powered by Righteous Media.
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104 min
April 25, 2019
Director Peter Berg, Marijuana's National Holiday, Telemarketers, Trump vs the Media, Pancakes vs Waffles, Tim Riggins for President
This freight-train episode dives into the most important (and overlooked) issues impacting Americans nationwide--spanning movies, sports and music. Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) leverages his unique military, political and media experience to dissect the underreported national security and leadership elements of the Mueller Report, the attacks in Sri Lanka, Trump’s war with the media, the opioid crisis and more. It’s a unique look at the social and political elements of the NHL and NBA Playoffs, the “Camouflage Wave” of veterans running for elected office, and the history of 420 (the unofficial holiday of marijuana).Rieckhoff welcomes a new important, iconic, inspiring guest that shaped America and is shaping our future. We go inside the exclusive and super cool Classic Car Club Manhattan for a fascinating and freewheeling conversation with mega Director, Actor and Producer Peter Berg. Berg (@pberg44 on Instagram) is one of the most powerful directors in Hollywood and the creative mastermind behind projects that have defined American culture and touch sports, music, war and the most important news events of our times. Berg is also working on a documentary with and about Rhianna, and talks about his first car, how he created movie and television phenomenons like Friday Night Lights, Entourage, Deep Water Horizon, Patriots Day, Lone Survivor and the Leftovers. He breaks down the NFL, patriotism in America and what color Peeps superstar boxer Canello Alverez likes. Hear about his preparation for a dinner with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and go behind-the-scenes of the legendary NFL 100 Super Bowl commercial featuring the greatest football legends of all time-from Tom Brady to Deion Sanders to Jim Brown to Odell Beckham. Learn how the massive commercial was shot, how it forced the delay of halftime at the biggest game on the planet, and what it’s like to throw a pass to legendary Steeler RB, Franco Harris. And learn why Friday Night Lights and Tim Riggins are so damn popular in Hong Kong. Like every AA guest, Berg will tell you what’s got him angry. And what makes him happy. He’s a storyteller for America’s heroes and working people from Navy SEALs, to Boston Cops, to oil rig workers. In this no-holds-barred interview, it’s Peter Berg uncensored.You’ll also get the updated inside political scoop on the critical fight in Washington for support for 9/11 First Responder heroes and Paul Rieckhoff offers a way to make a positive impact on an issue will matter to you and your community.If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. This show is for anyone who cares about your country--and wants to learn where it might be headed. It’s a fun and inspiring episode of the new podcast that was featured in Variety Magazine and is making waves nationwide. It will bring you Integrity, Information, Impact, Inspiration. So turn off the cable news nonsense or that blowout playoff game, hit that download button and hear a show that really matters. One that will empower you with information for your next conversation at the bar, on Twitter or at your dinner table.For behind-the-scenes videos of Berg in a race car driving simulator vs Rieckhoff, Ron Perlman blasting billionaires, Willie Geist’s favorite whiskey and empowering information and resources check AngryAmericans.us and #AngryAmericans. Join the movement now. Angry Americans is connecting, uniting and empowering Americans nationwide. And powered by Righteous Media.
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97 min
April 19, 2019
Ron Perlman, America’s Public Bathroom Problem and Trump’s Transban at Stonewall
In this wild, important and rapid-fire episode, Paul Rieckhoff breaks down Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s controversial 9/11 comments, Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s outrageous attack on 9/11 FDNY Hero Rob Serra, Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s rapid rise, the Pentagon’s refusal to talk to the media, and how to properly celebrate 4/20. Rieckhoff recounts his 2010 confrontation with Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange and rips into an American infrastructure failing that makes everybody angry. We welcome to the show a famously angry American: iconic actor, Ron Perlman. The legendary Golden Globe winner, star of Beauty and the Beast, Sons of Anarchy and Hellboy, Ron has plenty to say about Donald Trump. He pulls no punches and sounds off on the troubling state of affairs in America, meeting his Jamaican wife 43 years ago, his very first car and whether or not he’s still running for President. It’s a raucous, raw and endearing ride through Hollywood with a true American original you won’t soon forget. Rieckhoff then takes us to The Stonewall Inn, the historic birthplace of the gay rights movement, to talk to Angry Americans about Trump banning transgender people from the military, the Muller Report and the frustrations of public transportation. We get an update on the fight in Washington for 9/11 First Responders support and learn about new ways to connect and make a positive difference. If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. It’s another impactful, informative and irreverent episode of the new podcast that was recently featured in Variety Magazine and is making waves nationwide. And for cool behind-the-scenes videos with guests, the faces from the On The Streets segments and lots of empowering information, check out AngryAmericans.us. 
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92 min
April 11, 2019
9/11 Hero Rob Serra, Howard Schultz’s Big Problem and the Statue of Liberty vs Trump’s Wall.
In a groundbreaking episode, Rieckhoff recaps a wild week of urgent news below the headlines that should make all Americans angry. He dissects what’s wrong with Howard Schultz’s independent candidacy and talks exclusively to 9/11 Hero First-Responder, New York City Firefighter and all-around badass, Rob Serra about the ridiculous fight in Washington he’s leading alongside Jon Stewart and others to provide support for America’s heroes. Rieckhoff also again take it to the streets. He goes out to the Statue of Liberty to talk people from all over the world about Trump’s border wall, foreign affairs and Wrestlemania. And we learn about how you can take Angry Action to support our cops, firefighters and other brave First-Responders. It’s an urgent, fast-faced and enlightening episode every concerned American should check out.For extra behind the scenes videos, action items and more empowering information, check out AngryAmericans.us.
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57 min
April 4, 2019
Trump’s Wall vs the Marines, Willie Geist on Puerto Rico and Batman in Times Square
In this dynamic inaugural episode, Rieckhoff explains the origin and urgency of this innovative new show. He breaks down how Trump’s Wall could jeopardize America’s national security priorities—and how it has now thrust the President into battle with a very unlikely opponent: the Marine Corps. And given the state of affairs in America, even nice guy Willie Geist is angry about something. The beloved host of Morning Joe and NBC Sunday TODAY sits down exclusively with old friend Rieckhoff for an engaging talk about an issue that’s for him seriously outraged. He also shares anecdotes from his life, including meeting Snoop Dogg, impersonating LL Cool J, battling Bravo’s Andy Cohen, Joe Scarborough running for President, and his amazing first car. Rieckhoff takes Angry Americans out into the weird streets of Times Square for a hilarious segment that pulls out the political opinions of people of all backgrounds—including The Hulk and Batman. And the rapid-fire show ends with an inspiring Angry Action focused on recognizing and supporting National Vietnam War Veterans Day. It’s a compelling and fun first episode that sets the tone for what Angry Americans is all about—and you don’t wanna miss it. And for exclusive behind-the-pod video content with Willie Geist, outtakes from the interviews in Times Square and links to action items about the issues in this episode, check out AngryAmericans.us.
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64 min
March 27, 2019
Introducing Angry Americans, hosted by Paul Rieckhoff, coming April 4th
If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. The state of affairs in our country has made us all Angry Americans. But it’s righteous, justifiable, vigilant anger. An anger that drives positive change. The anger that started the American Revolution and drove the Civil Rights movement. In times of national distress, it’s our anger that can unite and inspire us all. Your host is Paul Rieckhoff. He’s a fighter, a patriot, and an independent political and media force to be reckoned with. After serving as a soldier in Iraq in 2004, Rieckhoff emerged as one of the most dynamic political and social leaders in America. In every episode, he breaks down the most important issues facing our country. And he interviews the most influential and compelling people. He’s taking on Republicans, Democrats—and everyone in between. If you’re in the angry middle, Angry Americans reminds you that you’re not alone. We’re all in this together. Join the Angry Americans movement starting April 4th. Produced by Righteous Media.
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2 min
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