Stay strong my brother!!
People neglected Jesus so don’t be disheartened because of the few that simply have no desire to move forward. Keep doing the good work my friend!!!
Thank you
The best; true to fact explanation of what is happening to us. I appreciate every episode.
On Point
TD Camp 415
The Breakdown provides a short and to the point update on important news topics and things to be aware of. I really appreciate the way Shaun King details the relevance and affects of the issues discussed, and provides specific action items to move forward with. The over all production and music is even on point (nice cuts and beats). Listening to the podcast daily provides the perfect addition to my exercise workouts. In the end I feel physically and mentally healthy and aware. Thank you Shaun King and the rest of the team. Keep pushing folks!
Keep us informed
Sirmichael mom
Your doing an outstanding job keep it up
Thank you
bonita para siempre
I’ve had my iPhone for about 8 yrs and I’ve NEVER subscribed to any podcast (I even erased the podcast app)but you Shaun King changed that all! I’m so riveted and so compelled to listen to you “unpack” things going on in the world that others don’t or won’t talk about!!! Very often you and I have the same perspective and see that very well hidden and subtle underline message that I for so long was oblivious to. Thank you for putting yourself and family in the spotlight to create change!!! Thank you!!God bless always!
Clear, concise, compelling with specific action steps.
This is an excellent pod cast for people who care about equality in all areas.
Keep up the great work
The Break Down has opened my eyes I’m so many ways and I want to thank you guys for doing such a awesome job for keeping people like me In tune with the things that’s going on around us and by showing us how we can make a stand and make a difference
Daily Hope
I cannot express how much I need this podcast in my life on a daily basis. This podcast is the hope amidst all the heartbreak and devastation in everyday America. Thank you, Shaun King and the Breakdown team.
Absolutely love this podcast!
It’s just that simple. Listen and you will to!
The Real Breakdown
Beginners Spades
You have laser sharp focus. Your passion and contempt for the status quo reminds me of a famous quote-“By Any Means Necessary “. Keep it coming and be reminded there are no vacations in a revolution.
Actions Steps
Love love love...
Empowering, knowledgeable, awakening!
This podcast is what everyone needs to listen to in order to get the most relevant, outspoken, and raw news of today’s society. Shaun King is a purpose driven man who is passionate about human equality and change in this world. Very inspiring and eye opening! This is a must listen!
My First Podcast
The first podcast I’ve ever listened to, and has set the bar extremely high. Can’t recommend it to people enough. Love it.
Hard hitting information and “actions steps” we can do to make real change. The first pod cast that makes me feel empowered!
Concise, informative, instructional. Subscribe!
Wellington Echegaray
Keep pushing the truth and providing us sensible and much needed action items.
I support you!
Great podcast, very informative and i love the actionable advise!
Critical work and words
Always look forward hearing Shaun’s words on The Breakdown and appreciate the content he provides our community. Each podcast is informative while making sure listeners can take actions to be involved. Truly a thought provoking and much need media outlet for our society.
Thank you for all you share.
Insightful and empowering
An honest source of analysis of public events. Speaks truth to power with an open bias: working to address systemic injustices in our country and the world.
Shuan King for President
Great podcast if you like to be up to date with racial injustice. Shaun King does a great job breaking down cases and situation that are current happening in our cities. @ShaunKing @FlipTheSenate #NewYork
Speaking truth to power
This podcast is incredibly informative and very much needed in today’s society. Shaun delves into topics that are overlooked by the MSM and his calls to action (aka Action Steps) are timely, easy to complete and spark real change. Keep up the fantastic work!
Great Podcast
Very insightful. I love everything that Shaun does on instagram and everything his fights for. I admire you so much. Thank you for doing this, I know it's not easy.
powerful, insightful, inspirational
i love every podcast for the information it brings forth and continues to. keep up the great work!
Brief but Brilliant
I enjoy this podcast for the briefs of the highlights in the news, analysis of racial justice issues and the larger implications of seemingly one-off actions. This is my go-to podcast for learning the details of major moments in racial justice.
Great Job
Love your podcast Bro. I listen to them with my children who are teens. I want them to have a better balanced view of the country they live in. Shaun you and your team are doing an excellent job. Keep up the good work
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you because we’re not passed it‼️✊🏾
Favorite Podcast!
An important podcast you don’t want to sleep on very powerful and Shaun speaks truths! Listen for yourself.
How we flip the senate!!!!!!!
@howweflipthesenate !!!! Truly so grateful for this podcast. I’m so much more aware of what’s going on in American policy I’ve thanks to Shaun King
The real deal!
This podcast is 🔥🔥🔥 I appreciate you using your voice, action, leadership and educating us all.
Insightful show
KY Renfro
This is a great podcast. Informative, insightful, smart, interesting.
Listening Everyday
Aahme 75
I’m working hard to be anti-racist as a white woman who benefits from white privilege and racist systems. Listening to Shaun King on these podcasts helps me keep my anti-racism work at the forefront of my mind everyday and continue to make efforts to dismantle racism.
Many Thanks
Ben Regenerating
This is so so necessary. Much love and many thanks for all the effort put into this podcast, the North Star, and How We Flip the Senate. Like the Statue of Liberty, these efforts are a beacon in the dark.
Opposite of racist is anti-racist ✊🏾
Great episode. This statement about the opposite of being a racist is anti-racist is fascinating and important. It pokes at the heart of intention vs. impact. Your work must reflect your thoughts and statements. Thanks for the action step to be self reflective on the question “are you racist”? Great podcast that provides the issue and action steps to address it.
Get Woke!
This podcast is both heartbreaking and mind blowing to what’s going on in America right now or rather Amerikkka. This 2019 and it feels like we’re living in the 1920s. It’s incredible. Thank you Shaun King for these reports on what’s really going on politically and getting Americans woke with the truth and ways to create change.
This podcast has become my lifeline
Shaun King is out there making a difference. He is thoughtful, insightful, passionate, persuasive and relentless. He pushes me every day to get past empathy and DO something to help make this a more perfect union. When I listen to this podcast - I actually feel hopeful, and that is saying something.
Are you a racist
Great episode, Sean! Please pursue the book club idea. We’re here for that!
The Breakdown is Powerful
I’m so grateful for the much needed history lessons I’ve received from this super informative Podcast! And the hard work of the North Star and it’s courageous pioneers!
Essential to our future
Juicy Jillian
I look forward to the episodes each weekday! Shaun King is an intelligent, passionate man who researches all of the info on his podcast with purpose. I learn something new every listen. I hope to follow up on more action steps and get more involved. This podcast is a must listen if you want to be informed on social justice, get real deal on politics in our nation, and actually learn how to create change.
The best!
I love listening to your podcast! Keeps me informed and motivated for change. When he said “We’re not just here to change the news, we’re here to change the world”, I felt that.
Pure Knowledge
Mister CnC
I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my Instagram feed and saw Grant Gustin, from “The Flash”, in a recorded message looking very serious and genuine. He talked about Shaun King his work as a true activist. He spoke about how we cannot sit back and just allow things that we are seeing continue to happen. He began urging people to check out Shaun King and his Podcasts. I was intrigued to say the less. I decided later that night to check out one of your podcasts. #mindblown I was so impressed that for the next three hours, I ripped through past podcasts and needless to say, I have subscribed, and I cannot wait for the next show. Such thought provoking topics . I am always proud to see when someone with my same values speak up and out on the atrocities of this great country. We as a nation are going through pure unadulterated evil. I said all of this just to say I absolutely love your show, and keep up the great work. I plan to contribute and promote your show and movements. Blessings to you.
Hope for the future
Shaun King’s commitment to dismantling systems of oppression gives me hope in what often feels like a hopeless world
This Podcast is not only informative and motivating but does exactly what is needed....provide action steps to take in order to promote change and justice. Empathizing and understanding is NOT enough, we must act, now! Sometimes we may not know “the what” to do....this Podcast often answers and delivers just that....Thank You! Tuned in and acting.
I’m so appreciative for this podcast. I look at things in new ways all the time - considering other perspectives and reevaluating my assumptions. Not changing every opinion, but being encouraged to think, take a stand and clarify my position. Thanks for the thoughtful podcast.
Thank you, Shaun
You are inspiring. This podcast is great.
I listen every morning. This podcast not only keeps me informed but it gives me hope and inspires me that my voice matters. Thank you the Break Down crew
Amazing. Inspiring. The truth.
stacy pt
I’ve never been a political person but with the current situation these days- you have to stay awake. This helps me stay awake and inspires me to MOVE and take ACTION. Grateful that God has put this on Shaun’s heart and in his spirit. He is making true change and inspires me to do so as well. I’m a scientific person and the research he backs up with his work- is undeniably the truth. I’m a supporter for life.
Good Stuff
I can’t believe I only just now found this podcast. It’s excellent. Shaun presents civil rights struggles from a humble and open minded perspective.
Most needed forum right now
I can honestly say "this is the only pod cast I've ever wanted to listen to!" Shaun King, please keep doing what you're doing-its necessary! You are a Hero & a Leader! I encourage my students and anyone I meet or know to listen and support you always! I pray for you and your family because this country and people of color need you fighting for us always! Thank you!
Listen to this show!
Molly Girl
Shaun is passionate, knowledgeable and a born teacher and organizer. His passion is contagious. I always get a “thank you” from my friends to whom I have recommended this show. Listen to this show and recommend to your friends too!
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