M3gan Ann
Love LC but super boring and g-rated
former fan number 1000000
Sorry but I gave this a solid few times listening.. As an old fan, I am realising Lauren's image/self is not same. Kind of a skeleton of her former self and everything feels very forced and fake. Sorry. Not really thigh
Do you need some tips?
Does your social media need some help? Haha. Are you okay with us talking to you for 40 minutes as if we are so sure that you respect and look up to us? Like, everyone should pick their colors and their “aesthetic,” it’s like, really something that is smart to think about. *insert condescending tone that likely stems from insecurities for which you probably should be in therapy* I grew up in California, love LA, and went to school there. I’ve also been rooting for Lauren for quite a long time. Her child is adorable. She’s clearly a good mother. I grew up watching her and have consistently rooted for her and supported as a consumer as she has built her brand in the women’s lifestyle realm. Need some tips? Haha. We all know that there is no genuine concern about giving you tips. It’s all about themselves and building their “brand” and getting to speak in a manner as if they are so sure that they have something figured out that the rest of us haven’t thought about. The truth is that there isn’t much depth to many of the episodes. If you’re a listener like me in your 30s and self-sufficient like Lauren, you likely don’t seek tips, you just hope for relatable women and a calming voice to pass the time on your commute or when working out. Offering tips and offering solutions is a way that men often address problems. Women many times don’t seek “tips” or a solution, being told what to do. Lauren Conrad is sweet and an easy listen to take your mind off of other things on a weekday morning at the gym. But with certain guests, the podcast misses a golden opportunity to be genuinely relatable. Hannah E. of The Little Market is a gem; a clearly educated and well spoken treat. Kristin E. Is a well known name with a passion for hair who is super funny and loves what she does, be could have delved in deeper sharing her knowledge. The Home Edit Ladies were fun, and said things that I remember and took away with me as being relatable. Lauren’s social media ladies are annoying. They also could work on their branding and presentation because, honestly, I don’t remember their names or their company! I think that Lauren could do well if she moved on from them and embraced the whole wide world beyond blush pink. The end!
Definitely a Favorite
Chrissina Williams
I was so excited to hear Lauren was coming out with a podcast but nervous it wouldn’t keep my interest just hearing what the topics would be. Needless to say, I’m obsessed and love listening. Everything has been super helpful. Lauren and her guests have extremely helpful tips. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts
Could be so great!
I started off listening and really enjoyed the first episode but then like others are saying, it got to be a bit much with the focus shifting on helping the audience to personal stories dominating the content. Some of the topics are not relatable and seem a bit self-serving or geared toward the “influencer” type. I have a lot of respect for LC and where she’s gone from her LB days... I hope the podcast content and topics shift a bit to help others more consistently
Boy, do I love this!
Ok it’s true. Sometimes this doesn’t sound like Lauren. But I’m sure it’s her. I’ve always admired her, her morals, her ethics, and to see her open up this way is all I’ve ever wanted! So far I’ve listened to the first 10 episodes and everything hits home (things you ask a friend). I really have learned something new with each episode and compared to other podcasts I listen to, I really enjoy how this one flows. I love the conversations with her friends! From the “sneak peak” in the introduction to a word from the sponsors (not a long ad or a weird pause that changes the volume or tone), I have enjoyed this podcast more than others. I do feel like they’re a little longer than I want it to be but I wouldn’t change it!!! All those extra little comments, laughs, sarcasm, makes it more genuine and it reminds us of all the reasons we love LC! Thank you for giving us this. If we could requests topics on the site that would be great! I look forward to many more!
Love this!
Listened to the party planning podcast and I’m hooked. Please do part 2 for those of us who didn’t get enough.
Lovely podcast!
I’ve been a fan of LC since her Laguna Beach days because she’s always portrayed herself as smart, driven, and grounded, so I was really excited to learn she created a podcast! So far I’ve really enjoyed the episodes I’ve listened to because they’re informative and just have a calming presence in my opinion. Highly recommend!
It started strong... but it’s going downhill
I was super excited about this podcast! I absolutely loved the first episode, shared it with my sister, told people this was the best. The second episode was also pretty good and interesting. The third meh. I lasted down to the 8th episode, when I abandoned it halfway through and asked myself why was I even listening to it. I honestly tried to like it. I think it went from Lauren inviting friends for informative interviews to Lauren inviting friends to discuss the things they’ve done for her (her house, her brands, her wedding, you get it) and share inside jokes. It got to the point where it just isn’t interesting anymore. It’s like overhearing two friends reminiscing at the grocery store’s line. It’s just boring and I wasn’t getting anything from it. Do yourself a favor: Listen to the first two episodes and skip the rest.
Wanted to like...
I really wanted to like this podcast. I had hoped it would be refreshing and informative. Unfortunately, the topics are not very relatable. After I listen, I couldn’t tell you what I gained from the podcast. It seems like Lauren is bringing on expert guests, but she controls the conversation and somehow always brings it back to herself. Let the expert speak and inform the audience! Isn’t that why you asked them to be on? Additionally, Lauren’s tone comes across as very fake and her discussions don’t seem to be very planned out in advance.
Vapid talk
I’ll pass
I wanted to love this podcast and I’m still going to give it a chance
I don’t write reviews on podcasts, I haven’t before the only reason I’m writing this is so that maybe they can make some changes to the podcast. The reality of that is super slim I get it, but maybe if the majority of Lauren’s fans have similar reviews they might make the second season even better. I like Lauren Conrad I think she’s great, she’s awesome and she has a great head on her shoulders. I trust her and want to hear what she has to say about interesting topics but this podcast so far (I’ve listen to every podcast as of July 2nd) seems like a personal conversation between friends that would be better left between those friends, the conversation tends to be less informative and more of rabbit trails that go on for so long you question why you still are listening. It becomes boring to listen to don’t get me wrong, It is really cool that she’s letting us hear from some of her friends, co workers and co founders of her brands, but I’d personally rather hear questions from her audience for the majority of the podcast, that is at the end and by then I’ve lost interest. That’s all really, more questions and answers less talking about old memories for so long. There’s just so much walking down memory lane too much to hold my attention. I think maybe it would be a better podcast if she wasn’t as close to the people she’s talking to. Just a thought. Side note the ads in the middle 🤦🏼‍♀️ the perfume ad... no I’ve never purchased expensive perfume and regretted it later. Am I the only one who finds that rhetorical question idiotic!?
Like.... like
Like like like like like like like... literally, like like like like like. I’m not gonna lie, like like like like like. It’s so like, like like like like like. Not like a like like like like like like like. It’s like cool. It’s like like so exciting. Like like like. But, seriously, like like, not like.
From a young listener
I don’t normally do reviews, but I wanted to offer some constructive criticism in the hopes that it might make a positive impact. I’m in my early twenties, and though I’ve listened to every episode so far, I keep being disappointed. After every episode, I look back on what I learned and honestly, it’s not much. I can tell you about Lauren’s difficult hair color or crafting closet, but I can’t tell you much about styling tips or organizing. Most of the time I feel like I’m intruding on a coffee break between friends or a post-meeting chit chat between business partners. It feels like it’s a lot more Lauren Conrad and a lot less asking for a friend. She continually brings the conversation back to herself and asks simple questions, making her seem unknowledgeable and like she doesn’t have a firm hand in her business (which I know is totally untrue! She always has amazing projects that are so inspiring!) I think what’s trying to come off as simple, probing questions that some listeners might have actually looks like Lauren doesn’t in fact do her own hair, clean her house or do social media (also I know is untrue, she does all of these things!) I wish Lauren would instead contribute and offer her own ideas and thoughts to the subject at hand. She is an incredible businesswoman, but this podcast feels out of touch for the average day just starting out woman. Right now I just feel like I’m listening to all of the people Lauren hires to set herself apart from the average woman. And because The Hills was before my time, there’s nothing compelling that I’ve found minus a wonderful aesthetic and great kohl’s decor. I was hoping this podcast would let me feel a deeper connection to an influencer and inspire me, but after every episode all I wonder is how I am going to be able to do it all myself.
Incredibly Boring
I have tried multiple episodes yet keep realizing I’m falling asleep. I can’t. So boring
Absolutely Awesome!
Forever LoLa
Is so refreshing for me to listen to LC’s voice like my youngest times in Laguna Beach, The Hills and The City! I honestly love the topics she is presenting and each of the have helped me very much. Once I start listening I get glue to the podcast until the end. Good Job LC and to all those guys who assist you in this awesome project! Blessings!
Keep being you
I love how you chose not to be in the new season of the hills, even though you my favorite one on the show. I’m really loving your podcasts!
Wanted to live this podcast so much as I am a huge LC fan. A lot of the time the intros/ads sound so unnatural and feel like she’s reading a book report. I prefer a podcast that sounds a little more natural and flows. Seems way too rehearsed for me and the guests/convos are so PC.
Love it!!
Sav Moose
Such a great podcast! Lauren is so sweet and classy! She has great guests on who give lots of advice as well as tell stories about themselves and their success. Such a refreshing, different podcast! Love it!
It’s okay
I do love LC and I was really excited for this but I feel like I’m not really learning anything from this podcast. It’s just girls talking back and forth about their opinions and jumping around their opinions without concrete instructions or how to’s to the overall theme of the show. I also feel like topic of hair, for example mainly pertains to white people. I am Hispanic and no I cannot relate to the use of dry shampoo resolving my hair issues. Still love LC though, she’s iconic and a great host just haven’t loved the guests. Feels very scatter brain.
who is this?
This is not Lauren Conrads voice!
I absolutely love listening to you on my way to and from work! I’ve watched you since Laguna and Ive always been a huge fan of you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love love love your clothing line too! 😘😘😘 thank you for being a good role model as I grew up with you!
Thanks for asking for this friend!
Love this podcast! It always makes me want to get my life little more in order. I’ve used all the tips and tricks to make my life a little bit better. Thank you!
Everything You Love About LC
A fun, conversational, and honest insight into the tips and tricks Lauren has utilized to cultivate her beautiful life and expansive business. She balances peeks into her life with truly useful tips for things like business, styling, and beauty in a very approachable way. I can really relate to how she always wants to learn from her expert guests and work to improve her world around her. Love.
Love Lauren - Maybe it will get better
I have loved Lauren since her first days on Laguna Beach. I wish she would talk about her reality days more and what it was like growing up in front of the cameras
Boring and not relatable.
New favorite Podcast!
Lauren Conrad is such an amazing role model for woman! I am loving all the guests and even have been re-listening so I don’t miss anything! Her podcast will put you in a great mood and give you inspiration for your day!
Getting Better Each Time
Brittany Holtz
I agree with some of the other reviews that some of the episodes are very surface level, however I think (hope) she’s just getting into the groove of podcasting as the most recent episodes (Sophia Rossi and Home Edit) were much better and offered more actionable advice. I enjoy the conversational style.
Takes too long to get to the point
I love Lauren and her work and how friendly she is! I do feel like each podcasts spends too much time on introduction and her interactions with the people she is interviewing. I have heard several podcasts where they talk about what has been done for her and we can’t see or relate to what is being said. Sticking more to the topic would be helpful.
I love LC but this podcast is boring and really not relatable for the average woman. I’d venture to say the majority of listeners can’t afford their own personal stylist, hairdresser, interior decorator, etc. I would love to hear more about motherhood and things that I can actually go “hey I totally feel the same”.
Motherhood Podcast
I recently found out that I’m going to be a mom for the very first time this Jan 2020. When I listened to this podcast it revealed to me so many new perspectives about motherhood and what I have to look forward to. I liked it so much I shared it with my friend. I really can’t wait to get Leslie Bruce’s book. I definitely will continue to listen to this podcast. Thanks for the insight.
An easy listen & so informational!
Love this podcast! Lauren is so easy to listen to, not annoying at all. Every topic she’s picked so far has been interesting. The experts she brings on the show always teach me something new. Can’t wait for future episodes!
Love love love !
I get so excited when I see “new episode available” pop up on my notifications ! I have always loved Lauren Conrad & I’m so happy to be able to catch up on her life by listening to her podcast !
I want more
I love Lauren. Read all her books, buy her clothes, seen every episode of her shows. And I’ve loved a couple of the episodes so far and thought a couple were vague, shallow and left me wanting a deeper insight from her. My favorite part so far is how much she talked about The Hills in the most recent episode. It gave us more of an idea of her back then verses her now. I want more of her OPINION more of HER personality to shine through. So far it’s too safe. SPICE IT UP GIRL! Get deeper into topics. Get spicier and stop playing safe and boring. Still love her though.
Un-interesting, flat out BORING
Omg cancel this and revamp !!!!! This is quite possibly the worst podcast ever. I suggest #makespeidifamousagain Lauren, come on. 🙄😴
Not really interested in what she’s asking for a friend.
Snooze fest is right! Lauren is so boring to listen to and the topics are something I could google in 2 seconds. I thought maybe we’d learn more about Lauren and actually see her personality come through but she clearly has none or is too scared to talk about anything substantial
I love this podcast easy to listen to No drama Real substantial topics Brings me peace
Thank you!!!
I feel like I have a friend some where out in this world who knows how I feel!
Not Like The Others
I have to say that I wait for this podcast to come out every week! I think it is light and refreshing and the topics are something that all women deal with or are curious about. It’s nice to have something easy to listen to when there is so much in the world that is not. I can honestly say that I have learned something from every episode even the motherhood one and am not a mom or soon to be mom anytime in the near future. Keep up the good work LC! I cannot wait for next week!
Best podcast ever
Absolutely love this podcast. Great conversations and tips for every day consumers. Plus the products discussed are affordable and eco friendly!
Love her. Don’t love the Podcast...
As a lot of the people on here...i loved LC from the Laguna Beach days, i love her clothing line, I’ve always followed what she’s doing. I was so excited to hear that she was doing a podcast especially with the title “asking for a friend”...i thought it would be about honest, real, embarrassing, raw topics whether it was about motherhood, pregnancy, marriage, dating, etc...but after the first episode i was so disappointed. Very bland, boring, i bought myself daydreaming in the middle of the episode and didn’t know what they were talking about. It has potential but she should read some of these comments and listen to her fan base.
Fun, easy to listen to, interesting
Lauren is killing the podcast game! I learn something new every episode and enjoy listening. Some of the topics don’t seem like they will appeal to me but the episodes are great. Can’t wait to hear more!
Comfort food- podcast style
I look forward to Wednesdays to listen to LC’s soothing voice! I love the topics so far, easy listening for my commute to work and makes me feel inspired to change things up, whether it’s my hair, my daily look or my house!
Love me some LC
I’ve been liking it so far! There’s only been a handful of episode but I’ve loved that each one has its own “theme”. If you’ve loved and followed Lauren’s career, you’ll enjoy. My only criticism is that I wish she’d be alittle more raw and less censored. A lot of the topics and questions have been so contrived and PG.
Ehhh 😴 No real tips Surface Boring
I was disappointed with this podcast I would have hoped she used her platform for topics that actually help people, not shallow topics specific only those privileged enough to afford her lifestyle
Love it but get rid of the bland guests
I really enjoy this podcast. I like the topics, Lauren’s energy and personality here because it is refreshing. Her guests on the other hand (all except Kristen Ess) have been so incredibly bland, no energy, no personality and so vague, that it is quite frustrating to follow. Would def recommend to do a second season, but to improve 1000% the guests or at least guide them and demand energy. Would also recommend to go much more in detail on the topics being discussed (or make the podcast longer).
Great podcast
Love Lauren Conrad and so excited that she came out with a podcast- the topics are relevant and very informative! Can’t wait till Wednesday’s when new episodes are released!
The Lamest Podcast Ever!
I wanted to love this podcast so much! I love LC when she was on The Hills but this podcast is extremely boring. Maybe she should pick deeper topics and stop trying to be so “perfect”.
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