June 12, 2019
Biblical Advice on Parenting
As new parents ourselves, we are constantly seeking wisdom and advice from those who have been discipling and parenting their children much longer than us. It just so happens that our church is in the middle of a series on relationships, and this past week was all about parents and children! We utilized our sermon notes from the message preached by Pastor Brad Powell, because we thought what he said was too good not to share. Whether you’re a new parent like us, been a parent for a long time, or are even in a position of authority and influence over younger people, this message is for you. We also encourage you to listen to Brad’s entire message because he does such a great job communicating the truth of the Bible as it applies to parenting. Here’s the link to the full message:  http://northridgechurch.com/experience/talks/parenting-101/317/
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62 min
June 5, 2019
A Discussion on Evolution and Creation
We asked and you answered... In this week’s episode, we take a look at some of the science and evidence supporting the case for Creation and the Genesis account. For the most part, society seems to accept the notion of macro-evolution because that is what the scientific community at large is promoting. Is there an agenda to all this? Is the evidence really there to support kinds changing into other kinds? Our youth today are naturally skeptical and tend to question everything. I mean, can you blame them? We live in a world of “fake news” and Face Tune; Photoshop and Instagram filters. It is GOOD to question what you’re taught and never just simply take someone’s word for it (Acts 17:11).Also, back by popular demand is our dear friend and mentor, Darry Nagel. Tune in as we take somewhat of a cursory tour of some of the questions evolution can not answer—such as, “How does something come from nothing?” and “How does life come from non-life (abiogenesis)?” These cannot be explained by natural means—but the Bible has provided answers to these questions and more (that are backed up and confirmed by science) all along.
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72 min
May 29, 2019
Our First Date
***CRINGE WARNING*** Our first date story was nothing short of awkward with a little fun and silliness mixed in, so pretty much exactly what you'd expect.  Even though it's been nearly 7 years, we both remember the day like it was yesterday.  It's crazy how vivid memories can be when a significant life event happens.  If you're dating or actively seeking a potential mate, we hope this episode encourages you that there are still people out there who are committed to serving the Lord while in a dating relationship.  Don't settle or compromise your God-honoring convictions for any human relationship!  Examine the Faith, Family, and Physical Appearance (least important but still valid) of the other person and see how it aligns with what you seek in a God-fearing spouse.
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44 min
May 15, 2019
How to Be a Bold Christian
If you're like every other follower of Jesus, you've felt unqualified to share the gospel with your friends, family, or even strangers at some point in your life.  We hope this episode serves to give you some insight and practical tools to equip you to be bold in sharing the truth of Jesus Christ.  Whether you are a new Christian or have been walking with Jesus for decades, the Bible calls us to preach the good news to all the world and to do so with boldness.  Your personality type and head-knowledge have nothing to do with being obedient to what God has called you to do.  Trust Him when he prompts you to be bold in your witness.
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May 8, 2019
Avoiding The Trap Of Social Media
This week’s episode hits home with us for several reasons. Being that so much of our livelihood and work comes from social media, it is hard at times to know where that happy medium of healthy social media consumption lies. Perhaps you’ve felt the toxic effects of social media in your life—whether deliberately or subconsciously. Maybe you’ve seen the great potential and purposes it can serve as an encouragement in your life or others. Still, maybe you’ve experienced a combination of good and bad. Regardless of your interaction with social media, there is no doubt it has influenced each of us in one way or another. We hope you find our discussion on this episode sobering and thought-provoking as you figure out how to make the best use of your time with social media.
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40 min
April 24, 2019
Q&A Sesh
We had so much fun reading and answering your questions!  We plan on doing these sporadically from time-to-time, so let us know what you want us to answer next time.  This episode, we talk about a variety of things from awkward dating moments to how we make time for each other as we adjust to life as new parents.  Our goal with doing Q's and A's is to always be transparent and honest with you all, and make Jesus known through our lives.  Enjoy!
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39 min
April 17, 2019
Why We Don't Celebrate Easter
This might come as a surprise to you, but Easter is actually not all about bunnies and chocolate. In reality, Easter is the celebration of the greatest event in the history of the world—Jesus’ resurrection. In this special edition episode, we are joined by our friend and mentor, Darry Nagel, who has taught us not only what the Bible says, but how to study it for ourselves. Darry shares the true story of Easter from a Biblical perspective, and as always, brings it full-circle back to the Gospel. This Easter, we pray you discover the true meaning of the holiday, and enter into relationship with the God who conquered death on the cross 2,000 years ago.
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64 min
April 10, 2019
How to Study the Bible
Do you have a desire to know God better through His Word, but don't know how to do it or where to start?  In this episode, we want to give you some practical tips that we use when it comes to getting the most out of your time studying scripture.  We pray you will be encouraged by this episode to fall more in love with the God who loves you and made you fearfully and wonderfully.
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41 min
April 3, 2019
God's Will For You: Where Purpose and Passion Collide
We've all heard the cliche saying, "God has a wonderful plan for your life," but if we're honest, most of the day-to-day, mundane tasks of life don't seem all that "wonderful."  In this episode, it's our hope to effectively share what it means to truly understand God's will for each and every one of us, so that you can walk in the joy of the Lord regardless of what you do.  While society puts money, power, and fame on the highest pedestals of success, the Christian worldview seeks to make relationship with Christ foundational, "so that in everything he might be preeminent."
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48 min
March 27, 2019
His Side: Saving Yourself Until Marriage
By popular request, Jordan shares his experience from a guy's perspective about waiting until marriage.  Of course it isn't the popular opinion (especially among the male population) but it's what God knows is best for a successful and thriving happily ever after.  If you are a girl looking for encouragement for your boyfriend or fiancé; or if you are a guy wondering if you're alone in your choice to wait until marriage to become sexually active, this episode is for you.
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51 min
March 20, 2019
Pre-Marriage Expectations: Lessons We Learned
Tune is as we share some stories about our background and upbringing, and how those experiences affected what expectations we brought to our marriage.  We gained a wealth of insight from going through a pre-marriage class at our church a few months before we got married, and we strongly recommend anyone listening and soon to be married to do the same!  In particular, we get into the details about how we handle household roles and responsibilities, parenting, finances, personal time with each other, and time with the Lord.  By no means do we have everything figured out, but God is continuing to work on us each day.  Enjoy! M&J
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54 min
March 12, 2019
We are beyond thrilled to begin this journey with the Lord and all our listeners!  In this first episode, we share out motivation for what got us to start this podcast and what we pray God does with it.  Stay tuned for future episodes every Wednesday!  We will be discussing faith, marriage, parenting, family, finances, work, school, and more.  God bless!
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48 min
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