I love this podcast. It’s a great way to give attention to the cold cases and it actually feels like you are in the room with them, trying to figure anything out about the case.
Enough with the Lectures
I like Paul, and Billy is fine, but I’m over the lectures, fellas. Most of your listeners aren’t going to post anything online, so please stop stating the rules like you’re superior to other people, and they have to listen to you. The 1st amendment still exists. Your constant badgering is highly condescending, annoying, and really won’t stop the small minority of doxers from doxing. Are you new to the internet? You hound this every episode to the point I want to stop listening. Also, while you may have seen a lot......it’s highly probable that you have no clue about the killer you’re discussing. History has proven that profiling is far from absolute. How about a little less absolutes, and a little more speculation? If this continues, I’ll just stop listening all together.
Love Paul Holes!
I love both Paul and Billie. Both of their points of views are so interesting to hear as Paul was a criminologist and Billie is a crime reporter!
Amazing but not every cup of tea
Love this pod, but not for everyone. Listening to the delivery of such serious stories and facts by the hosts, can be kind of heavy. Jensen and Holes are professionals and that comes across. If you watch crime documentaries and like the seriousness, and aren’t just here for a few laughs you might also find this podcast right up ur alley.
Good logical and cop like approach. I dig it
This podcast is informative as well as heart warming in their mission. Two true detectives dedicated to helping those lost from the violence of murder. Also, google what these two look like... trust me, you won’t be disappointed. They fine.
Bat💩 for Billy!
Meat genius
Just the best. So informative, so smart, so intense. I could listen to Billy talk for hours. He should make a recording to fall asleep to that lady’s for the whole night so I could wake up to him as well.
Makes my Monday’s
I like the podcast. It makes my Monday’s better.
I love this podcast and every thing it stands for!
I love the fact that old crimes are being revisited and solved.
10/10 would die for Billy.
I mean the content of this podcast is awesome, but Billy can make me want to drink BUD LIGHT with his smooth sensitive ad voice. He could sell me anything. Also more Harry Potter talk! I love hearing Paul be confused and awkward about it while Billy fanboys like the true Ravenclaw he is. 💙💛
Could listen to Paul talk all day...
But seriously love this podcast. It became a fast favorite in my feed.
Love this podcast.
The Coon Rat
Other true crime podcasts are regular people that research stories and retell them. These guys where there and involved with these investigations! They have so much knowledge and share it so well. This podcast is brilliant!
I love Billy!
He’s such a nerd, I love it! I feel like he and I could be friends, he’s so relatable. And how could anyone not love Paul?
One of my new favorites
I can’t get enough of this show. The details, the time they put into the research of story telling. You can definitely see that that they take time and energy to put their script together so they don’t skip around because they forgot a detail or if they left out something that makes the story make sense. The fact that they choose stories that need help solving or identifying victims to give the families closure. And that they make sure to end every episode with rules so that their listeners don’t go off ruining lives or causing problems within the investigation. And the weekly distraction makes me happy. I can’t get enough of this show, I know I have said that already but I love them. Their voices are very soothing too. I have recommended this show to everyone.
Great listen, look forward to their insight on these cases that I’ve heard of and the cases i haven’t heard of!
Can’t stop listening
I’m picky when it comes to true time podcasts, and this one hits it out of the park. Billy Jensen and Paul Holes are very knowledgeable and I love how this is also interactive.
Looking forward to Monday.
I really love this podcast. Both Billy and Paul makes this podcast enjoyable. They are very knowledgeable and know what they are talking about. I like the way the presented all cases and that they send people out to try to solve the cases. Because I truly believe that should be the main goal. There’s so many missing people out there and families of victims need closure. Keep the good work guys!
I need more!!
I’m so happy I heard about this show. Can’t believe I’m all caught up with this one too! An insightful true crime podcast that I wish I could rate higher!
It’s about community.
If you’re looking to invest time and attention to one of the most heinous acts humans can do, and participate in helping people’s lives who have been affected by it, this podcast is for you. If you’re looking to be solely entertained, wooed by a story, and to listen to a “perfect” rendition of something that fascinates you, Murder, then go somewhere else. This is not about entertainment. (Although those of us who appreciate imbibing the wisdom of YEARS of experience in a professional career will be entertained by the sharing of such knowledge.) This is about listening, being present, and putting yourself aside so that you can help someone out there who has been a part of something unimaginable. I love this podcast. Thank you so much, Jensen and Holes, for your work and your expertise.
Paul Holes, need I say more?
Billy and Paul have found a way to make podcast listening meaningful and interactive. Their knowledge and expertise of criminal investigation are excellent and their call to action of the listener to aid in solving these cold cases is groundbreaking. This podcast is a must for true crime fans/murderinos!
Love it
This is the only podcast that I listen to where both of the speakers are male. I’m picky when it comes to too much banter or how voices sound. These two are a great pair. I could listen to Paul talk all day. They really grab your attention during each episode.
Great informative podcast
I have listened to several episodes and realized I’m truly enjoying the podcast. Although the topic can be tough to hear it pulls me in and makes me want to help. Jenson and Holes are doing a great job presenting the facts and explaining how to possibly help. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to try and identify these victims.
Casual Listener
Danny Boy 02
I really enjoy this podcast because it feeds my weird interest in crime AND the hosts are experts in their fields!
Good stories but the hosts don’t have a ton of chemistry. Paul Holes has amazing experience and authority and I enjoy hearing his perspective, but Billy Jensen sounds like a bit of a show-off, drops names, etc.They tend to ignore their guests, too.
Love them!
These guys are great together and they know how to draw you in and make you want to help solve these cases. Great job, guys!
Thank you!
Great job everyone! It’s great to get the insight from the sleuth and the investigator. One of the few things I look forward to on a Monday.
Great True Crime Podcast!
What a wonderful podcast to add to my true crime group! Billy and Paul know their topics and do a fabulous job getting the info out to us!!
hayley gingers
This team has me looking forward to my Monday morning commute. I really like how they graciously take feedback and actually do (or say) something about it—like using the term “sex worker” instead of prostitute. I admire their drive and compassion and ability to rally up their listeners.
is he patronizing, is it just me ??
this billy jensen dude, in my opinion, is noticeably more condescending in tone than paul holes when speaking to the audience, even though he addresses that women make up a majority of those listening to the podcast. (also his voice is annoying but that's not his fault.) the word "assignment" in itself comes off as condescending. when it comes to closing rip my headphones out of my phone before i have to hear the Weekly distraction, and billy jensen telling me what he's "assigning" us this week. i had enough patronizing teachers in high school. anyway here's to hoping podcast reviews don't have their own comment sections cheers
I can't get enough
I so look forward to new episodes every day of the week until Monday finally comes. Love them so much. I'm hooked.
So good.
Love love love!
I adore Jensen and Holes. I love Monday’s because I know my favorite podcast is online! This podcast has so much great information from both sides! I absolutely love how passionate they both are about helping to solve cold case murders. You guys are making this world a better place.
Crowdsourcing to find killers and victims. Awesome.
DreadPirate Jenny
I've been listening to the podcast since the beginning. I think the idea is fantastic--getting the public to help find not only killers but the identity of victims in some of the cases. (I'm an early DNA sharer--I'm all about crowdsourcing to find people--and yes it's on GEDMatch and no, I'm not taking it down.) I also adore the weekly distractions. Billy and Paul are right around my age and I feel like I could hang out and have a great time with them. (Steven too!)
Exactly Right network has been killing it!
Great show, binge worthy! Love how the hosts bring attention to those taken advantage of by the monsters that live among us. I also appreciate how the hosts are constantly self reflecting. Give this show a listen to hear about relevant cold cases! I am #notpaid, just a fan #weetwoot
Wanted to like, but...
So I really wanted to like this... but.... it is so boring! I try listening every week and out of the ten or so episodes so far, I’ve only listened through to the end of one. Most true crime podcasts tell a story but this seems to be super unorganized or maybe more from the investigative mind. I really wish i liked it!
Murder Squad
I am loving this podcast. I always wanted to be a detective and now I am one
Jensen and Holes Are Awesome
This podcast is just great! You get Jensen and Holes together going over cases, very respectfully but vividly. It gives us a chance to hear about unsolved cases that with the “Murder Squad” they may be solved! Really a great podcast!
Billy’s Mix Tape
Loved today’s show, Billy needs to do some mix tapes!!
Honesty I want to like this podcast so much because individually Billy and Paul are amazing. My issues are 1. They don’t have a clear opener with a story. They need a 15 minute hook to detail what the serial killer they are talking about. 2. They read back and forth and it’s so monotone. I really wish they took Crime Junkie as a reference to tell a captivating story then convert that enthusiasm into the missing pieces of the case. I’ve tried to listen to 10 episodes and maybe made it through 1 or 2. Maybe I’ll come back after they’ve figure out the delivery.
Murder squad
Exactly right has some of the best pods ♥️
They are getting better
Panda FL
Love the concept and hosts but the first episodes were slow. I think they are catching on and it’s more interactive!
Unbelievably boring.
Only Sane Floridian
This is a god awful podcast. Guests are clueless and difficult to listen to. Hosts have monotone voices and meander all over the topics. Just terrible.
This is what true crime is about!
Soooo many want to be true crime investigation podcasters but none have the experience that these two have with this podcast. Love it!
Love it
Holes and Jensen are very engaging and insightful.
I really enjoyed the fact that they got Paul Holes from Golden State Killer fame to have a podcast. I really enjoyed the insights into these crimes and I hope that many of them will soon be solved.
This is gratuitous, jovial immersion
Texas ears
... into the details of real horror, without much psychological insight or great expressed feeling.
Billy Jensen and Paul Holes together in one place. It’s like a true crime fantasy. This podcast does not disappoint. Not only does it live up to the hype, but it surpasses even the highest of expectations. You won’t regret it.
I love listening to Paul holes identify details from the detective side whenever dopey Jensen get them wrong
Paul Holes!!
I love Billy and Paul and their insight into these cases. Before I listened, I read a lot of reviews stating that Billy is arrogant and doesn’t let Paul speak enough so I was hesitant to listen. I’m so glad I did, I find it very balanced and think Billy and Paul both equally contribute wonderful information and personal insight!
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