Still So Insightful!!
Lewis brings his extraordinary insightfulness from his books to this podcast. Brilliantly takes you full circle in each episode. Only problem is that this latest endeavor is taking him away from further writing.
Everyone wants to be a victim
All of the new mortgage disclosures prescribed by CFPB and Dodd Frank in 2009... guess what, borrowers don’t read them. Just like they didn’t read them 10 years ago before the Mortgage crisis. People need to take responsibility for themselves and stop playing the victim card. Listening to Elizabeth Warren make me feel like I’m going to throw up in my mouth.
Wah...I don’t want to be a victim
Can’t believe this dribble. It’s one thing to look at something “in a new way”. It’s another thing to skirt your responsibility has a grown adult. Join Credit Karma or something, Mike. Take some responsibility for your own finances and credit identity. You are a victim, wah, even if you don’t want to be. And it’s because you weren’t responsible. Not because someone didn’t “ref” the situation correctly. Take care of yourselves people!!! We do not need government to be are referees.
guy who likes podcasts
Michael Lewis is a master storyteller. He finds storie that are so interesting, and important-in this case about the erosion of fairness in this country, because of the devolution of the referee in American society at all levels.
Show number 2
I had my ssn stolen, same thing happened to me...I had to do all the leg work myself to prove who I was
Michael pushes you to think of things in a new way and to question your old beliefs. We don’t always agree, but he’s compelling, entertaining and warm in a way that I didn’t expect.
Profound and witty
The first season of this episode is both fun to listen to and profound. Lewis has put his finger on a disturbing trend in society that was hard to put together before this show. It will make you laugh and smile, and then will stay with you for quite a while.
Just Misses the Mark
This podcast just misses mark. It has great info and exposes a lot of issues with the fairness of our lives. It misses the mark, however, when the host sometimes holds such strong reverence in his point of view he is unwilling to consider alternate views to the point of arrogance. It happens rarely enough that it still makes for a great show.
Michael Lewis books come to life
One of the best aspects of the podcast is when the characters from Michael Lewis' books (e.g. Ronin and Mike from Flash Boys) are interviewed on the show. I also like the overall theme about compromised referees. Now that I think about it, Michael has been our referee-of-referees for a long time. Keep up the good work!
Great info
This isn’t only with Navient. I have Great Lakes as well and deal with the quick over the phone forbearance from the reps. Makes me sad society has come to this. Cannot trust anything now a days.
Excellent Must Listen
Great, compelling listen, showing us what we pretty much already know. If you listen to just one, you will instantly want to listen to the rest. I can’t wait to hear next season.
Is a huge fan of Michael Lewis’s literature, and a big podcast listener, this was a no brainer. Every episode is fabulous. My chief issue is that there aren’t more. Michael, wherever you are, thank you so much, keep them coming
Thought provoking, entertaining and memorable. A must listen.
oh, it's not just me who sees a pattern...
Lewis presents evidence that it's a rigged game. We are the losers
Absolutely Brilliant!
So well crafted that each episode is like reading a chapter in a great nonfiction book. Of course, being a great nonfiction writer helps. But I find Mr Lewis has a marvelous spoken style & voice as well. Against The Rules brings to light a very important topic: why we need referees, not just in sports, but in many parts of a well functioning society. And why it is ok, even necessary, for there to be tension and friction around what they are doing.
Thought Provoking
Thought provoking and often infuriating, this show has it all. Well told, well produced, and tied back to things that matter. Huge huge fan!
The tremendous and revelatory content I’ve come to expect from Michael Lewis!
Jacob Bigham
Lewis brings together some great stories that reveal the extent to which umpires, judges, and referees (social, economic, and sports ones!) have lost credibility—and the overlooked impact this has on our society. At its worst, the podcast is richly entertaining. At its best, the podcast is a challenge to much of modern American life and discourse. It’s been a pleasure to listen!
Thank You!
I’ve worked in the financial industry over 17 years, and it has changed immensely and not for the better! Thank you for pulling back the curtain and giving the public a glimpse to the corruption that corporations, banks, government and the 1% have not only created but so blatantly profited from. I love this podcast as it discusses topics that have made my blood boil, but ML discusses them beautifully. My only ask would be that you offer any kind of solutions that everyday Americans could exercise to battle the unfairness... who is our ref? Thank you again for such a well done podcast and such insightful storytelling!
Seven minute rule
jay pidcast
If every adult American listened to the above episode, Elizabeth Warren will be elected in a landslide. I have heard two episodes so far, listening to the one on consumer finance while driving home as my blood boiled . Beautifully and simply told. In a fair world, this should be mandatory listening before voting, but if this was a fair world, the problem wouldn’t exist
great podcast
very mind opening.
Amazing Podcast
Bruce II
It’s a great podcast that makes you realize how much the consumer is unprotected.
Wish there were more episodes!
Such a timely topic. Michael Lewis brings new talents to the realm of the podcast. He's a great storyteller in any format. These episodes sparked numerous conversations - he comes at the concept of fairness and 'referees' in such an interesting and entertaining manner. Great perspective for today's political and social environment. Please release Season 2 soon!
Well done & thought provoking.
Great Storyteller
BPD partner
Must listen! Lewis tells stories that need to be heard and does it in a compelling must listen way
Just discovered this!
Great podcast! Anything Malcolm might recommend I would give a listen. This was a great one. I especially liked Micheal Lewis’ wise beyond his years son and his perspective on life and basketball. Look forward to binging tomorrow on our long ride to Bozeman!
Stories of irresponsible people looking for someone to blame and to pay for their mistakes.
Daniel Casey Hopkins
This podcast will make you say, “Those son of a b***hes...”
Dear Mr. Garner; Good hard work results in good content. Thank you for doin the work. The convos w/ your son are great. Thank you.
Love everything from Pushkin! (sic?)
What a great podcast
Extends many of the ideas from The Fifth Risk to be more broadly about fairness and the impact of it on all of us. Can’t recommend this enough.
A fantastically done podcast on a topic you might not find that interesting. Thirty seconds into each episode, you are hooked.
Thought provoking and brilliant
DJ Lance Jer
ML once again lives up to his billing.
Michael Lewis at his best, Excellent
Hooked on SWF
Insightful exploration of the world around us is what Michael Lewis does so well in his books, and his podcast is much the same. First podcast that I’ve ever gotten hooked on, eagerly awaited the next episode each week. Hope the second season arrives soon.
Love this Podcast
Amber Harvest
I always wondered why Michael didn’t narrate his own audible books his voice is natural and perfect for his storytelling style. I hope to see many more episodes because the wait between books is enough to kill me! His voice is a necessary truth in this world!
Highly recommended
This podcast takes an interesting twist on several topics of our society.
Student Loans
Although I thought this was well done in so far as it went, I believe that it leaves a lot of questions open. What is the individual’s responsibility for student loans? How much responsibility do schools have to explain the details? Where are the grown ups here? Referees are of little use if the players are clueless about how to play?
Love the topic - but what about impact of player mindfulness on the refs?
Oakey San
See GSW’s Draymond Green’s multiple articles of May 19th. He’s become more mindful of his approach to referees, decreasing his technical fouls and increasing his and team’s all-around game. Big results for your son’s team’s “emotional engine” esp. with Durant out. This matters because modern media, esp. tech + social media, constantly demands attention - alerts, likes, clicks, all measured. Mindfulness and the refs have suffered as people and players get more focused only on what they want and get reinforced (and paid, if sponsored) via Twitter/IG etc. Green’s statements are topical and show an important reason why referees and decency have suffered.
Please make more seasons 🙏🏼
I love how Lewis approaches topics and how he threads topics together. Binged all 7 episodes in less than a day! Fantastic!
Thought-provoking, on topics I wouldn't have thought to call essential
Each of these podcasts has been riveting, and each has shed light on some unknown or misunderstood aspect of why so many things are so screwed up. Like The Fifth Risk, subtly devastating.
Whiny pants liberal
Sorry but this podcast is not balanced. Fails to depict the other side of the argument. What ever happened to buyer beware? Capitalism is based on rational decision making, not hand-outs. Read the fine print. Otherwise, hand your life over to big government.
Bonus Episode and all
Meg Greer
Dear Michael, I have loved every single episode of Against the Rules! More! Encore! I subscribe to 20+ podcasts, and this is one of my new favorites. However, you made an error in your discussion at the 92nd St Y with Malcolm Gladwell. You said that a "collateralized debt obligation" could only be described in print (your book, The Big Short), and would be impossible to communicate by podcast. I beg to differ! That financial instrument was very capably described in the podcast, "The Great Pool of Money", produced by the then-nascent Planet Money team for NPR, and broadcast on the greatest of all radio and podcast story tellers, This American Life, May 9, 2008: An audio production for the ages! I was working as a registered financial advisor at the time, and TGPOM explained it better than anyone at my firm at the time.
Seven Minute Rule
(1) Surprised ML had never heard of Experian, given his extensive knowledge of economics and finance. (2) Should have mentioned (a) setting up on/off credit freeze with three bureaus and (a) low cost credit monitoring/alerting services. Perhaps was left out because this requires personal action rather than reliance on gov't. (3) While I totally agree with the dangers of consumer finance, I think the CFPB is a classic example of why government regulation can't protect you. In the real world, there are always politics and loopholes. It's your job to become an informed consumer. If you won't take the time to become informed--read consumer reports, etc--you are either lazy and deserve to get screwed, or are not capable of handling the product or service responsibly. The best antidote to ripoffs is not referees but information, class action lawsuits and, most effective of all, bad publicity. Our problem today is a decline in personal responsibility.
Michael Lewis for the win!
How did I not know who this guy is? I’ve seen Moneyball. I knew it was based on a book based on real life and I liked it. But now that I’ve heard him and ‘feel like’ I have an insight to how he works I’m going to devour anything and everything that I can find with his name even remotely attached. I can’t wait for his next installment of episodes. No pressure
very interesting and entertaining podcast
just like his books very interesting and entertaining stories. Really enjoyed this podcast, can’t wait for next “season”. The amount of advertising was too excessive, that’s why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5
Educationally captivating.
Michael Lewis. 'Nuff said.
Instantly a podcast worth subscribing to. Fun takes on the idea of a referee. I hope there are many more seasons of whatever Lewis wants to report on.
If all of life is a stage or a stadium, and the competitive edge can be bought or threatened to break the rules for profit, then recognizing the need for honest Refs is crucial for society to grow as a whole. Thanks, Michael Lewis for bring it to life in every episode! Nicole Public School P.E. Teacher
Scary and well done!
Doug's mother
Do your friends ever send you those heart rending videos of polar bears swimming and you know they're never going to find an iceberg? This is that only with people swimming around looking for recourse when cheated, where to get news that's been double checked for accuracy, how to assess the value of a thing and finding that the ethical systems that did that work are melting and that the swimming may never end. It is only not completely hopeless because it is being talked about and Michael Lewis does a very good job of doing that here. Not to metaphor you to death but he's Horton giving a megaphone to the whos.
It’s hard to beat Michael Lewis
Either as a writer or a podcaster
octavio o
Of course Michael lewis is friends w Malcolm gladwell. From his voice to what they say this podcast will please you and make u think . It will teach you a lot of very important things relevant to issues going on in America today . Fantastic . Great . I love it
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