June 24, 2019
Our new show True Crime Chronicles is now live!
From the studio that brought you Bomber, a new true crime podcast that spotlights a new case every week.
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April 29, 2019
Bonus Episode: After the Final Blast
After the final blast, we delve into some lingering questions and topics surrounding the Austin bombings with host Jason Puckett and KVUE News Director Tim Ryan.
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29 min
April 17, 2019
The Final Blast
Police are closing in on a suspect as the final chapter of the hunt for the Austin bomber comes to a dramatic conclusion.
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34 min
April 10, 2019
A Close Call
The day after a tripwire device explodes and injures two young men, Austin police are called out to another explosion at a FedEx facility southwest of Austin. Investigators are frantically working on leads to put an end to the bombings, but just as a major break comes in, more bad news could derail the manhunt.
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30 min
April 3, 2019
On March 18, 2018, after an eerie week of quiet – in a flash – the next bomb explodes in a Southwest Austin neighborhood. But this bomb is different and leaves investigators back at square one.
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23 min
March 27, 2019
Austin on Edge
Austin residents are living in fear as police continue to hunt for a killer.  Investigators are compiling a growing database of evidence and potential suspects, but the bomber goes quiet again. How can they track down a serial bomber in a city of millions?  Will they find the clue they need to break the case open?  Can they do it before the bomber strikes again?
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25 min
March 20, 2019
Ten days after the first bomb exploded on March 2, 2018, another package bomb explodes on the East Side of Austin in a fatal attack taking the life of a promising 17-year-old classical musician. Four hours later, a third explosion. Austin is struck by the sickening realization that a serial bomber is on the loose.
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28 min
March 15, 2019
A Loud Boom
On the premiere episode of Bomber, we'll take you back to March 2018 when a bomb exploded on a front porch in Austin, Texas. Anthony Stephan House, a husband and father, was killed opening the package while helping his daughter get ready for school. Our reporters were on the scene that day as investigators carefully went through the evidence and gathered bomb fragments.  We talked to neighbors and police and eventually learned that the cause of the explosion was a package bomb.  The bomb was determined to be an isolated incident in coming days. But as we came to learn, the attacks were only just beginning and Austin was in store for 19 days that residents will never forget.
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26 min
March 5, 2019
Bomber: Manhunt in Austin Trailer
Introducing Bomber, a new podcast that takes listeners inside the true story of the frantic race to stop a serial bomber in Austin, Texas. Premieres March 15, 2019.
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