I finally don’t dread listening to the news!
So thankful The Skimm is now available as a podcast! I benefited greatly from the daily emails but often skimmed them (ironic), leaving our crucial information, and many days I wouldn’t get around to reading it at all. This podcast is consistently brief, educational, and easy to digest on my commute. I love that it only focuses on 2-3 stories and ends on an interesting note. Have already found myself engaging in world events conversations better since listening!
Witty ,clear and concise!
For a New Yorker time is of the essence. You guys make things so clear easy to digest! Thank you.
Pronunciation Issues and Biased
I like getting a quick overview of the news but the narrator’s pronunciation of words like important, Britain, and eaten irk me a little bit. None of those words contain the letter D. I wish they weren’t so obviously left-leaning. Getting a snapshot of the news is great but I wish I would be moderate.
Great info, horrible delivery.
Love the skimmed version of the news, but cannot Stand how the girl delivers it. Her pauses in speech are so off, and it’s almost unbearable.
Off lately
The skim used to be one of my favorite places to get info. Lately they appear to be taking the biased route to reporting. Not sure if this is a Fox News influence or what.
My Daily News Dose
zoe deschanel
I listen every single day and I love it! Thanks for giving us a news outlet that gets to the point!
Favorite way to learn about the news/what’s going on in the world
Morning must have. I listen to the night before, every morning. Great information that is easy and interesting to listen to.
Daily Ritual.
Mackie P
I love this podcast, keeps me updated & informed. I like her voice, she isn’t boring to listen to & the people worried about her pronunciation are not picking. I’ve never noticed anything so it must be pretty subtle. Lol. People are picky.
Needs a different narrative voice
I love the skimm and the idea of this podcast. I listen to it in my commute to catch up on the latest news. However, the narrative voice really needs to change. Something about the one that current speaks is quite annoying and it actually makes me not want to listen any more. I feel like her voice is not crisp, clear, and doesn’t “flow”. I find myself trying really hard to concentrate on what she’s saying, which is terrible for the podcast.
Terrific way to stay informed
I love this podcast! It’s short enough for me to listen to daily on my commute, it’s so informative and also entertaining and I love the narrators voice. She makes the news sound like she’s just talking to you about it in a conversation.
Also not a fan of the narrator
I have a hard time focusing on the content of podcasts when the narrator or host sounds like a teenager or has a ditzy voice. (Sorry, but that’s true.) This podcast is one example of that. Other than that, I like the quick overview concept of this podcast.
Not a fan of narrator
ashley NSE
The concept of the podcast is great. I’d ideally listen every day, but I can’t listen to the narrator. I don’t like her voice. That’s definitely a personal preference so not everyone may feel the same way. However, as I’ve seen in other reviews, her mispronunciation bothers not just me. She pronounces Britain as bri-dan, as if it has a D. I’ve never heard anyone pronounce Britain in such a weird way. This annoys me so much that I unsubscribed and stopped listening. Many words with Ts, she pronounces as a D. Sorry to be harsh. Also, I’d prefer hearing this on my morning commute rather than afternoon commute. Perhaps the majority feels differently but just thought I’d share my two cents.
Needs to Make Changes
Rachel Jeldum's itunes
When this podcast first came out I told everyone how great it was! I told people that it takes a neutral stance on topics and there was nothing else like it. Fast forward to today - y’all aren’t keeping it neutral anymore. I love staying up to date though this podcast, but the more you take a clear stance on the issues, the less I want to listen. Please consider going back to the way y’all used to do it.
The Best!
I love this podacast! The topics are always on point and well thought out. Very balanced politically as well.
A must in my daily routine
Love this podcast! Listen to it daily on my way home from work. I love the way that Skimthis explains current news and “why it matters.” Keep up the great work!
Quick with Direct Explanations
I love this podcast. Listen to it daily on my daily commute. Just because women are sometimes too busy to keep up with today’s firehose amount of news doesn’t mean we don’t care. This podcast allows us to stay somewhat dialed in. Appreciate the quick daily dose, but sometimes I would like to hear a third major story, not just two - there is plenty of material out there to cover, and keeping it under 20 minutes feels reasonable for listeners. Thanks for putting this together, along with the daily email newsletter.
Good but late
I really enjoy the podcast but it should be posted before the morning commute.
Not bad
Joc 76775467
Not bad, but still strongly left-wing. Putting forth both Pelosi's and Schumer's opinion on a meeting in which they did not seem to agree is a bit lame. Also your narator's use of the word "storm" is left-driven.
Best way to start my day
Listen every morning before I do anything else!
Very biased stories
KD 83
The concept of this podcast is great—Getting a brief on important stories would be awesome if they gave you the whole story. Instead, this podcast presents complex issues in a way that manipulates uneducated people and tries to push an agenda. I guess they figure if people are listening to condensed news they won’t bother doing any research to understand the issues fully. I just listened to a story about how transgender people are being denied access to homeless shelters, including assertions that “women” are being forced to share facilities with men. They did not even acknowledge that there are people who are concerned that allowing a biological man into a woman’s shelter on the basis that he identifies as a woman opens up the potential for abuse of the women in those shelters, or at the very least is psychologically difficult for women who have suffered abuse and need a place where they can feel safe. That’s just one example of how this program does not fully explore the issues, but rather tries to promote an agenda. I don’t care what you think about the issue, but at least present the full story.
This podcast is easier to listen to this week than in weeks before, as the new reader pronounces words correctly. The reader from previous weeks sounded childish and repeatedly mispronounced so many words such as didn’t, shouldn’t wouldn’t and couldn’t ...almost Valley girlish.. I head this from numerous people that I encouraged to listen, as the content is so good. The reader that began this week sounds much more knowledgeable and credible, purely due to use of correct pronunciation....Thanks for fixing this...it was giving many of us reason to tune out...Please don’t go back !!Will continue to listen every day now!
Love Skimm This!
The best way for me to get my news! With a quick podcast every night on my way home I can be informed, but there is still follow up info/links when I want to dive in further to the news stories. The news is explained in a better way than some of the daily news articles out (plus I can listen to this in the car and still stay informed!)
Perfect Daily Recap for Busy Women
I love this so much bc I can get a quick & efficient daily news snapshot. I’ve been listening in my car on my way home from work and I’m obsessed. You guys always know what us busy ladies need!
Left me asking why...
I love everything except I found myself wondering why to often. For example, you say Trump doesn’t like the Iran deal but don’t say why. What are his reasons? Also the trade wars, why did trump start them? Surely he has reasons. Thanks for making this podcast. I hope to learn more.
Love the new podcast!
It’s great to get this podcast while traveling or on our Amazon “daily news” brief! Thanks for making it easier to get news in so many ways!
I read The Skimm every day and genuinely look forward to the email in my inbox. The podcast is just as great if not even better. So easy to understand and extremely interesting!
College girl vs. working girl
I became a fan of the Skimm back in college—it was the best way to start my day. However, now being a working gal and facing a much earlier wake up than what my college days offered, I don’t get to whip out my phone to read The Skimm daily newsletter as open as I would like. But having Skimm This has been the ultimate carpool companion after I get off work. Still getting my news and still getting my Skimm fix!
Perfect evening catch-up
I love that this podcast breaks down everything that happened that day. I read theSkimm every morning but then I miss things that happen during the day. This is the perfect listen on my commute home. Even if it’s expanding on what’s been going on throughout the week, they do a great job of condensing while retaining pertinent information and clarification.
Entertaining Format, Odd Release Time
Skimm This is an entertaining daily breakdown of relevant headlines. The succinct, plain-speak delivery is easy to digest, and makes it a great way to come up to speed on the news. The only downside is the episodes drop later in the day. Unfortunately, this means those headlines are relevant, but a little less current by the time you get “the skimm.”
Stop playing background music
Love the summaries, hate the background noise. Makes it too hard to hear the good Skimm parts. Please stop!
Skimm This
Dr.Julie JG
Thank you for addressing women’s maternal health issues. Women will never be empowered until research related to and the health issues concerning women are taken seriously. The lives of a nation are at risk when the lives of women are endangered.
Helpful tool for busy professionals
I’m on the go pretty much non-stop and I don’t always have the time to pour over the articles and reports needed to understand important US and global news. The Skimm as a whole has been very helpful to me in keeping up with important events and it’s much appreciated!
Well produced quick hits
I listen to Skimm This on the way home from work each day. They do such a great job of explaining what is going on around the world in just a few minutes. Highly recommend!
Wrong narrator, doesn’t match the smart snark I come to Skimm for. Can’t pronounce words correctly. Also, why is Holocaust Rememberence buried in an outside link and at the end of the podcast?!? This deserved better and deeper coverage, especially amidst the rise of anti-semitism in US millennials. I imagine a good number of HQers are grandchildren or great grandchildren of survivors. This is your story to tell! Use your platform to educate your peers, not to bury the hard stuff. You can do better.
Awesome News
I absolutely love this podcast. I’ve been a skimmer for a few years now and this addition makes it even easier to get an update on news, especially while driving. It’s not too long and love that they recap and give context to each story. It’s absolutely necessary. I wish the Skimm emails were recorded as well so I could listen to those. The girls voice is a bit annoying, but I think it’s a Skimm thing; the voices on Skimmed from the couch are also pretty awful and have kept me from finishing some pretty awesome interviews. Luckily the content keeps me coming back. Overall this podcast is amazing! Thanks Skimm!
I’m in shock to read the other reviews that are being critical of the narrator. I think she’s perfect, and I’ve never noticed anything wrong with her pronunciation. I’d actually even argue that her voice is quite pleasant sounding, and I especially love her great attitude & charisma. So tell the other reviewers to go KICK ROCKS! ...P.S. Love the content, Love the format.
Great concept
I like the “here’s what you need to know” about the story. Would like the reader to be coached on pronouncing her T’s. For example, Britain not Bridden.
Love it!
It’s short, sweet, and has a good balance between US and world news. Highly relevant and never a drag!
I like the concept and most topics-you are getting skewed though, but the way it’s recorded the first few words of each sentence gets cut off. I can’t listen when I only hear half the content!
Quick, Informative, Cool
Mikey Jo Fun
I’ve been a Skimmer for almost 6 years and this 10 minute news review at the end of my day is a great way to know what’s been happening during the day on my way home. It’s quick and to-the-point. The fun facts and listener call-ins are perfect. The Skimm has done it again!
Content is ok, narrator... not so much
I like the content. Enjoy the newsletter and it’s similar. However, the woman that narrates it is very difficult to listen to. There’s a slight ‘valley girl’ quality to her tone. At the end of nearly every sentence, she trails off in a throaty voice. Also, her T’s are more like D’s. Example, imporTant turns into imporDant. Kind of annoying. May seem trivial but proper grammar and speech for a news program is somewhat important, for me.
I was so excited for this podcast! I have tried to give it time, but I really don't like the format. I don't need a thesis statement of what you're going to tell me. Just dive in to the news. Surprise me. My kids love KidNuz and that format is awesome (obviously wouldn't need the quiz at the end ☺️).
I love The Skimm but I had to unsubscribe due to the narrator. I can’t help but focus more on the pronunciation of certain words and vocal fry versus the actual content. There is no ‘d’ in important. It makes me insane.
Perfect for the drive home
Florida wine family member
Thank you for this podcast! It is short and packs in plenty of info, bringing me up to speed on the day’s events quickly. I like the tone and demeanor of the speaker—this is news without sensationalism and I am thankful for that. I like the speaker’s voice very much, I think it helps deliver the news like I was talking to a friend and not listening to a “talking head” on the radio or TV. Keep it up!!
Love the skimm and skimm this, despite my right leanings. And unlike other reviewers I enjoy a faster pace narration (I end up speeding it up anyway). But as yet another reviewer mentioned, there is not a ‘d’ in the word “important.” I notice the same lazy tongue problem with other ‘t’ words as well, but ‘important’ is used frequently enough to warrant some practice. Do the editors not hear it? Let’s practice, please!
I like however listening to the voice is challenging
not a millennial...
I like the podcast and realize it has to be delivered with a fast pace. Thankfully you’ve slowed down some from the beginning. I teach presentation skills and projection, pause, pace and pitch are crucial for enjoyable listening.The vocal fry is annoying however. I agree with some other comments, always left leaning. I still listen on occasion ‘cause I like the way you promote female empowerment and overall I like you Skimm.
Great news source
I have been hoping for a Skimm podcast for a long time, and I’m so glad it has finally arrived. This podcast is a great way to get a quick download of key news stories while driving to/from work. I love the format and narrator - and this podcast has now become part of my daily weekday routine!
Good news, a bit skewed - annoying voice
Bellajewel Nina
Love the news and the background provided for stories. It is a bit skewed to the left. That’s my personal leaning, too, but I still prefer news to be as neutral as possible. And some days, I don’t listen because I really don’t want to hear the voice. I love that the narrator is female, but there are many female speakers out there with good, strong, mellifluous, evenly toned, trained speaking voices. This narrator sounds strident, and the constant vocal fry is annoying to me. That’s just my taste; I’m sure others will disagree. I will still listen, most of the time. Good news podcast overall!
Love it!
I really appreciate how this podcasts includes background information on the news of the day! I also really like that they are only around 10mins long
Report both sides
I love theSkimm. I read it every morning and listen to this podcast daily. But lately it seems you’re not reporting just the facts and are leaning left.
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