Heartbreaking and captivating
I deeply am in love with this podcast. The production of it, the journalism, the delivery. This is a riveting story. It is well researched. Loved it.
Really good podcast
Once you start, you can’t stop listening to it.
Great great great
Loved the narration painting pictures great storytelling. Binged.
Skip- or just listen to first and last episode
B walks
Terrible sound quality-I couldn’t understand most of the people he interviewed. Repetitive and also felt exploitative of a family’s (families’) tragedy.
Very Entertaining
I started episode one walking the dog. I kept listening all night and finished it when I woke up the following day. It was ridiculous addicting and entertaining.
Shallow Serial Wannabe
This is over produced and somewhat exploitive. Trying to emulate Sarah Koenig ain’t gonna work, but nice try. Just don’t pull innocent people into your attempt to go viral...not fair to the victim.
Very unsettling even for a crimp podcast
This is my first review and I really felt it was necessary. It was drawn out by at least 4 episodes when it was very clear who was responsible. It just felt gross compared to others, plus these bonus episodes bring no information. Let both families grieve without creating a mystery for as sales when there is mystery. Sure there could be multiple suspects but they lengths they go to are unreal. I feel guilty for listening.
Listen to this!!! You must!
Raw, honest, I’m hooked! So well done...
What is up with the background sound
A great podcast, but the background sound effects and music are OVERKILL. They drive me bonkers. Just say the case.
I liked this podcast
I enjoyed the narration and the covering of ever track along the journey, without making it fictional or cheesy with effects that aren’t necessary in these types of podcasts. Just putting together strait facts. Looking forward to the next season.
Words can’t describe
This podcast is like a book you can’t put down there is always something new and crazy twist at the end
Wow I couldn’t stop listening!!
My boyfriend recommended this podcast not knowing anything what it was about. WOW!!! I couldn’t stop listening! There were twist and turns at every episode!! Definitely one to listen to!! Finished it in a day!
Compelling mystery very poorly told
The circumstances and story are interesting but Strauss made a very poor narrator of the events. He on-air persona has zero charisma and seemed to be in over his head which is ironic for a career journalist. His ‘interviews’ were painfully awkward as was his sudden attempts at faux-compassion or deeper insights to the human psyche. The mystery itself is intriguing. It is unfortunate the podcast seemed so amateurish and ham-fisted.
What a riveting and tragic story, but it’s the amazing storytelling that draws you in. What a great podcast!
Absolutely beautiful! Told with respect and full of information. Amazing season please do more seasons
All right
Good but slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Bittersweet story
Amazing podcast! Such great research and genuine care about the victim. Had me hooked from the start.
More Matthew Weaver episodes!
Very interesting
This story reminds me so much of another horrible tragedy-Disappearance of Susan Powell.
Neil and Alex Made an incredible series
Chris Jordan / S100
Could not stop listening. Binged over 3 days...dreamt about it and looked for longer routes while driving so I sound finish episodes. 5 Stars. Extremely well-done like all of Neil’s art.
I binged THE ENTIRE SHOW in less than 24 hours. So many fascinating twists and turns, and I liked that there was an amount of closure. Keeps you guessing, but also has a satisfying end.
Really,really good podcast! So many twists and turns. Do worry about the advertisements-it’s not that bad. Highly recommend.
Second favorite podcast ever
Second favorite podcast next to serial season 1. Similar type id say. I had to listen to the entire thing in one day. Hooked!
Tragic Story great podcast
Loved this podcast.Kept me guessing.The time put into this podcast is amazing.The details the real like investigation.Wonderful work.I want more!
Edge of your seat thriller
I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to every episode. The storytelling is great without making the listener feel like there is too much flare. I quite liked the docuseries feel with the actual phone conversations tied in. Cheers to the creators and everyone involved. 🤙🏽🤙🏽
Great storytelling here. I drove from Chicago to Vermont with this compelling story.
Hey Bro....
I wonder if the producers earn money each time Bro Man Dude Gets used throughout the podcast.
I have not binged a podcast like this since season 1 of serial and up and vanished. Such a compelling story, well researched, and produced wonderfully!
Absolutely loved it and binged in 2 days. Excellent podcast.
Kat S 81
Very interesting podcast & well told. Had me hooked immediately.
There’s something genuine and authentic missing here. Just didn’t care. Wanted to, but seemed kinda fake.
Soooo Good
Fauth K
Only on episode 4 and I’m obsessed!
This podcast left me guessing the whole way through up until the final episode. I was always jumping between a “he did it” and “he didn’t do it” multiple times throughout the podcast I got chills!! Amazing and worth the listen.
Better than Adnan Syed
Dare I say better than Serial season 1!? Haven’t been able to find a better podcast than this one
jayand sam
My first time me and my girlfriend listened to a podcast and stumbled across this and Fell in love with the twists and turns the possibilities as were driving from Hesperian down the 15 fwy quiet chilling we were heart broken and just puzzled. And for me wanting to binge listen ! I’ll 5/5 star this one. Stories do need to be shed for more insight.
I just binged this through the weekend. It is a great podcast and a incredibly compelling story. But at the heart of it is this incredibly sad story of this woman who is murdered. I hope her family gets some peace and I hope his does as well
There are so many twists and turns in this real and tragic story. As new details emerge, everything you have previously believed is changed. This is so compelling, I couldn’t stop. Praying for justice.
Gave it all away too soon
While tragic, the simplicity of the whodunit didn’t warrant 10+ episodes.
Great investigative reporting!
This podcast is great and anyone who judges it is crazy! They’re 10 times more thorough than the LAPD. Great work Neil and Jaden!
Compelling podcast
I think this was a really, really good podcast. Compelling story that was wrapped up neatly in the end. I did think at times the host was more interested in “the story” than the people but it’s still well done.
Dangerous journalism at times
Vic Vinegar
This isn’t really journalism. The podcasters lets accusations go unchecked, potentially hurting people’s lives. Adea’s dad is said to be an Armenian mob boss multiple times. One guy is called the Armenian Shug Knight. Spotz’s dad is speculated to be an accomplice or carried out the murder. Strauss assumes guilt from the beginning. Chris’ mother is somehow stonewalling them early, which was cleared up in the end as just the mother wanted the investigator to come back the next day. The uncle is said to be a gangster. Those were the main accusations that went unchecked by a podcast listened to by millions of people. I think these guys would be lucky if they’re not sued.
So good! Not a boring moment. Moves at a breakneck pace, but without overlooking a single detail.
Another flawed whodunnit podcast
One of the first glaring omissions in this podcast is the host saying no one saw Adea when she disappeared. It’s a mystery why she’s gone. If you internet search her name a Newsweek article states there was security camera footage from her apt of her and Chris Spotz leaving near the time of her last sighting. I couldn’t listen past the 2nd episode with so many other missed pieces of evidence and fact ie: “she had a secret boyfriend” but then her best friend knew about the relationship and texts the guy?!?!
I couldn’t stop listening!
Must Subscribe. This story gave me chills. Neil Strauss is a gifted story teller. Live and Die in LA proves real life is better than fiction! Must Subscribe.
Don’t want to be negative...
But I’ve never felt more gross listening to a podcast. I can tell that the host feels empathy for all parties involved, but I wish he would just leave these folks alone. Giving it two stars because it’s well produced, but I didn’t feel right listening to this.
A bit plodding
Enjoyed it at first then in the later episode it just drags along. I don’t think I will finished the last two bonus update episodes even.
Captivating Investigation
Loved how the story was told. Could definitely tell that Payne Lindsey played a role from the style of the podcast. Excited to see what’s next
At every turn
So good
This was one of the best podcasts
Worth your precious time.
Great construction and pace! Hope to hear more from your channel. Keep it up! 👏🏼
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