May 24, 2019
The Strangest Thing
James gets the transcript of Bill's testimony and things don't look right based on his testimony today. James confronts Bill about this discrepancy. James also looks to local friends to offer a true perspective based on Bill's response and comparing their personal experiences. James shares who the co-worker Nancy used to car pool with, and dives in on the strange behavior once Nancy went missing.
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37 min
May 10, 2019
The Supplier
James gets a tip from a local and finds out that a local drug dealer could have known Nancy, personally. Could this be the person supplying Nancy with drugs, or is it just another small town coincidence. James also locates a specific individual he's been trying to locate since the beginning of his investigation.
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43 min
April 25, 2019
Dry Bones
James is able to track down Aaron Johns and discuss why he left the country. This is something Detective Elkins and private investigator Fred Doughty have been unable to do. James also looks into a former Tenino police officer who is considered a person of interest. Things are starting to shake up and James now looks to Tenino PD and Thurston County Sheriffs Department for answers.
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68 min
April 17, 2019
Q.&.A Session One
James takes questions from the listeners. This is our first Q.&.A session of the season. We will have more sessions in the near future. If you have a question you'd like James to address in the next Q.&.A session, please call (509) 440-3132. Also, be sure to check out the discussion board we recently started. This is for listeners to discuss/share your thought's and/or theories about Nancy's case (Link Below.) https://hideandseekpodcast.wixsite.com/james
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13 min
April 11, 2019
James gets his first break in the case and finds new information detectives were unaware about. Unfortunately, all parties involved have different testimonies about this break. There’s no way around it, James speaks with Nancy’s family about this.
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31 min
April 9, 2019
Season Update
Hide and Seek team brings you a few updates for the season including a phone line to ask questions in regards to Nancy's case.
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1 min
April 4, 2019
The Wayward Heart
James continues his investigation and discovers Nancy had another romantic relationship at the Department of Ecology. However this new potential suspect has a different perspective on their relationship. James also gets a break with Nancy's family and this individual is willing to talk. They provide information that could lead to a big break in the case.
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49 min
March 21, 2019
The Ruse
James looks into a gruesome homicide that takes place in Tenino, shortly after Nancy disappears. Evidence shows this man did interact with Nancy, just before she disappeared. Is this man responsible for Nancy’s disappearance? James seeks guidance from a specialist who is willing to assist with Nancy’s case.
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50 min
March 12, 2019
Odd Duck
Detective Haller gets his first break in the case as he notices a specific male has called Nancy's house 4 times Friday night. More details of Nancy's weekend and private life emerge.
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41 min
March 6, 2019
The Hardest Case
James dives into the mysterious case of Nancy Moyer. A 10 year old cold case that has little evidence but multiple suspects. James looks for guidance from the Detective that was once assigned to the case.
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28 min
February 27, 2019
Release Date Announcement
We are excited to announce that episode one of Hide and Seek is coming to you March 6th. This day marks the 10 year anniversary of Nancy Moyer's disappearance.
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February 9, 2019
Hide and Seek Trailer
Hide and Seek Season 1 is focused on the disappearance of a young mother of two in Tenino WA. Nancy Moyer disappeared in 2009 from this small town. just south of Seattle WA. Follow along with host, James Baysinger as he tackles this unsolved missing person case.
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