Bella shout out
My girlfriend got me into The Bella’s, she loves you guys please do a shout out for her Meralda Sandyval
How does artem feel after this latest one?
This latest one made me kind of sad. I wonder how Nikki would feel if Artem flirted with someone on dwts, calling them sexy in such a public manner. Some weeks I love hearing Nikki talk about Artem and sounds soo genuine!! Some other weeks I can hear her get into her head so much and try to convince everyone she’s not serious that it just makes me sad to hear him talked about like a toy to play with.
Love the Bellas!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the bellas! Bella brains is beyond hilarious! I have been following them for the last several years, and they are doing amazing things with all of their companies!
Favorite podcast!
I wait for this podcast every week and it never disappoints! I almost wish they were biweekly... The Bellas keep it fun and fresh and I’m always interested in what’s going on with them. Even my fiancé loves listening with me and I’ll have to keep it to myself that I listened without this this week 🤭 Just like fine wine (as we know they love) the Bellas just get better with time and so does their podcast!!! Bella Army for life! 💗
Love it
I look forward every week to your podcast. Keep us laughing 😘
Bella Brains
This part is usually my favorite. I actually get to learn, or remember things I forgot I even knew. (I try playing along to answer the questions before Bryan tells it.) And it’s hilarious with some of the answers that the Bellas give. But it’s even funnier when you hear them give the exact same answers as the Bella before. You can definitely tell they are twins !! ♥️♥️♥️
Keep it up!
Love the podcast! So funny and real! I think it would be so fun if you guys played a game like a newly wed game or some kind of who knows you better game where you compete to see who knows Brie better between Nikki and Bryan! Keep up the amazing work! ✊✊✊
Always looking forward to Bella Wednesday
I just love every part of your podcast!!! Bella brains has me laughing and evenmore because i would answer the same thing you girls do!!! I just wish you would have to episodes a week!!
Great for post WWE!
I love the Bellas and this is such a great way for us to still keep up with our favorite twins! I look forward to this podcast every week.
Love love love
This is the BEST! The Bella twins are hilarious and Bella Brains with Daniel Bryan is great! I love this! Bella Brains always has me laughing, people at work are always looking at me crazy bc I’m laughing so hard. Lol This podcast is GREAT! Keep it up girls!
Love Love Love
Love these women! Great content! Relatable, funny and entertaining! Loving the Bella twins & co. 😁
Love it!
Bella brains always has me laughing! Really enjoy hearing your thoughts on the different topics you guys talk about in your segments!
The Best
Legend 899
Legendary 😍😍
Love !!
Princess Morg 27
I have followed the Bellas since episode 1 of Total Divas and have been in love with them since. They keep me laughing throughout each and every podcast! Love them ♥️
I look forward to this every week! Love love love! So much fun!!
Bella brains, Bella brains, Bella brains!!
This podcast cracks me up Bella brains game is the funnies sh*t ever I love that they can laugh at theirselves
I used to like the show, but now Nicole is too whinny, desperate for the attention and it’s really annoying how she talks over her sister thinking what she has to say is more important. I don’t see how Brie isn’t annoyed with her LOL
Favorite Podcast
Hands down my favorite podcast! They are hilarious and really bring a new light to their lives off of television. Bella Brains is by far the funniest game I’ve listened too and look forward to it each week. Wish these podcasts were DOUBLE the time they are 😭
Love the Bellas but I have a piece of advice
Instead of buying an expensive bottle of champagne to whoever wins Bella Brains, you should donate it to each of your charities of choice!
Bella Brains
Emily A M
Always so funny listening to Bella Brains, the twins really do think alike. Where has “Kill a Rumor” been the past couple weeks?
Absolutely love this podcast
This is such a great podcast! So fun, entertaining and never a dull moment. Bella brains is my favorite part of the podcast! Keep up the great work, I look forward to a new episode every week.
Cracking up to the Disney challenge
CJ from Mass
Listening to the both of you trying to answer the Disney questions was hilarious. I listen to you while working & I was cracking up so bad my coworkers wanted to know what I was listening too. Too funny!!
Love the Bella Twins.. so smart, creative and just beautiful soul sisters!
Love this podcast!!
Seriously one of the best podcasts I listen to! Love these girls!! Their so funny and entertaining to listen to. I crack up every week listening to Bella Brains!
Wednesday’s are now another favorite day of the week!
I look forward to the middle of the week now, all thanks to this podcast! I have been a fan for years now! I listen to the podcast every week while working. And i always find myself laughing out loud while everyone else is wondering what I’m listening too. FYI they’ve become fans of the podcast too! #teambellatwins
Cher John
Seriously love listening to you ladies.💙💛💚🧡🖤❤️ it makes driving through traffic totally bearable. I’m totally team Brie all the way.💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 #briemode
Podcast makes my Wednesday!
I have listened to every episode since this podcast came out and have not been disappointed. I love how real the Bellas are with their fans. Also, Bella brains is the funniest part of the episodes! Honestly wish they did 2 episodes a week instead of just one.
brainard wedding
I absolutely love this podcast! I love you ladies so much! You guys are so entertaining! Love, love, love!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Love Love Love 💕
I’ve been a huge fan of the Bella twins since they first went on WWE and I have to say I love this podcast. It’s so funny and fun! I highly recommend listening to this especially when drinking some wine 🍷 😉🍾
Bella Brains Bella Brains Bella Brains
Love you both and the pod! Sometimes I don’t love the history questions asked during Bella Brains. Maybe you can have more entertainment/pop culture Trivia?
the Bellas Podcast seriously makes my Wednesday’s! I look forward to them every week, they are hilarious, real, honest and have the best topics 😃 i even replay some shows because i love them so much, it seriously makes my one hour car ride home feel like 10 minutes...love you Bella’s!
Walk and Talk
Lacy Jay S
I recently decided to go on a walk for my lunch break at work. I watched Total Divas and Total Bella’s. Even have my Brie Mode tank for the gym 💪🏼 I LOVE listening to the podcast while I walk (even sometimes at the gym in stead of music). It makes me laugh SO HARD! Clears my head and refreshes me for the rest of the day. Thank you for opening up your lives for us. BrieMode MomMode WifeMode you expire me in so many ways. Fearless Nikki ♥️ love for you too!
I have not listened to one episode where I didn’t laugh! Love!
Makes me LOL
Kitten Paige
I love these girls! From wrestling, to wine (my business), these are girls after my own heart. I feel like we’d be friends in real life. Love listening to them, their honesty and how they don’t take themselves too seriously. I find myself laughing out loud along with them and recommending this podcast to all my friends!
new favorite!
love this podcast! bella brains cracks me up. sometimes I catch myself yelling the answers at my phone like I’m the one being asked haha! such great family energy and love, as well as lots of funny moments. just started a day ago and am already almost caught up with the current episodes. thanks guys! keep it up! 💕
Love this!!
This podcast is the best. So fun and entertaining!! Keep up the great work!
Love This Podcast
So funny and easy listen.
Love the Entertainment
I love listening to Brie and Nikki... They often say what I’m thinking but wouldn’t say out loud! I have so many laugh out loud moments while listening and the 45 minutes seem to go by too quickly! Also, love hearing Bryan every week for Bella Brains!
Love this podcast. I have a glass of wine and listen every week. You girls always keep me laughing and seem like such down to earth, fun girls!
Love listening to Bella brains
New favorite podcast!
Me and my mom are both fans of the Bella sisters from wrestling and reality TV. Love listening to a funny podcast on take my mind off things for awhile. Bella brains is the best! Bree though, stop doing the countdown thing and telling Nicki how many more guesses she has when you went first! I haven’t noticed her doing that to you and I don’t think it’s fair. Maybe there should be a set amount of guesses per question and per person in the future. Birdie and Vivian are so cute! I have noticed the thing you both say the most is “just kidding” so let’s drink to that!
Bella Wednesday’s-best day of the week!
bridgette cherwaty
Look forward to every episode of the podcast and hearing the twins, my favorite is and probably always will be Bella brains lol!! Keep up the great work!!
Bella Awesome!
I love how real and raw the Bella twins are. The insight and honesty into their lives is refreshing and love seeing this unfiltered side from them. The special guests have been fantastic and love me some Bella brains!
Empowering women
Brie & Nikki I have watched y’all for years!! From early WWE years to this point in yalls lives!! I think y’all are so amazing & beautiful & smart & your podcast is killing it!!! Bella brains couldn’t be more hilarious & this week you could tell Artem had a sweet spot for Nikki as the host lol don’t worry Brie next time!!! Love y’all empowering women
Amazingly Bella Podcast Review
I love the Bellas, I can’t never decide who is my favorite because you both are great. I love the podcast, everything is interesting fun exciting and up to date. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week now! 💕💕💕
Bella Brains
I actually laugh out loud during Bella brains. Don’t ever get rid of it.
Bree's Tunes
I look forward to Wednesday every week to get my Bellas fix!!! I’ve been a fan of them for years and their podcast is perfect!!!
Makes my day
I don’t miss a Wed! If I’m behind I make sure to binge listen so I can catch up, they r hilarious and Brian’s laugh during Bella Brains whole Brie and Nikki answer makes me laugh even harder, you all inspire me on the mommy side and single side, love you all! Edwina from Goldsboro NC
Omg I love this podcast its literally one of my favorite podcasts. I catch myself laughing out loud with them and having Brian come in and make fun of them is my absolute favorite and even with him making fun of you guys take it so well and don’t take it personal and I absolutely love it! You girls are so funny and sweet and genuine thank you for doing this podcast
Love it.
Thank you Bella’s for your continued authenticity week by week. I started late and now I’m all caught up which makes me sad cause it’s what I listen to at work. Bella brains is so funny and honestly I’m right there with you on not knowing some of these things. Is Bryan really THAT knowledgeable? I’m sure he is. I can’t wait to get to total wines and try Bella Radici(sp?). I vote every week on insta for the match up of the week even before I started listening. Keep producing and no one would be mad if it were 2x/ week instead of one 😁. Much love from sunny south Florida. -Alison
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