SOOO good
This is the most useful and interesting podcast out there!! The format is awesome, the pacing is great and the topics are so relevant. Thanks NPR!
Deeper take on the history behind today
This podcast has a lot of the deeper historical perspective on current events that got me listening to NPR in the first place, but that NPR doesn't do as much with their on air shows anymore. I especially appreciate that they're drawing on the expertise of historians about historical topics. They're exploring history in a highly engaging and interesting way, making it relevant to today. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that on occasion they'll drop in an episode from a different NPR podcast. Their explanations of why are pretty basic (along the lines of "we liked this"). It comes off as advertising these other podcasts and I'm not a fan of it. Otherwise, really enjoying this podcast.
Back to school
This how history should be taught in school. Love knowing context and origins of thing.
So good, except the guest episodes
I love the format and your abilities to tell a convincing narrative. I listen for you, and not for these guest episodes.
This podcast is so awesome and so needed for society to understand this news is more complicated that tweets and headlines! Thank you NPR!
Knack for finding fascinating stories
Every episode is so interesting, even if the topic seems random at first! From Iran to the politician profiles, every episode is fascinating. The hosts are smart, sharp and relatable. Please unearth more real life conspiracy theories soon!
Past, present, future
Knowing the past helps understand the present and shape your future Throughline helps with thAt!’ What an amazing show
Love Throughline: but fix it!
Holden "the Holden" Hopkins
I love this podcast, but for some reason it keeps disappearing from my library and getting replaced with the Pop Culture Happy Hour. NPR, you gotta fix this!!!! I do not want Pop Culture Happy Hour! And yet every time I add it back it gets messed up again!
Entertaining but definitely Biased
LOL very predictable praise of Pelosi but trashing Mitch. All these lifetime politicians are really the same and should be treated as such
Predictably biased but still entertaining
I enjoy listening to this podcast despite the somewhat predictable bias (Nancy Pelosi’s maneuverings and transactional politics are celebrated but Mitch McConnell’s pandering to his base is apparently some kind of moral failing), thanks to the pleasant banter between the hosts and the interesting topics.
Love it
Great Podcast!
Educational and engaging
I look forward to each new episode of this podcast. The topics are relevant, researched thoroughly, and connected for context. The presenters’ passion for each topic comes through clearly. The whole team brings much clarity to these pivotal topics.
Mediocre Podcast
Really I blame PBS and Reading Rainbow for the nerd generation thinking that we all absorb information better in punctuated chunks. Too bad though. The premise for this podcast is great. Please re-record the juvenile introduction of the contributor’s name.
Thoroughly Conceived and Well-Written
Clint Leastgood
This is my favorite new history podcast of 2019. The topics they are cover are so well-timed and explored, thoughtfully and without much bias. Their episode on Evangelical Christianity in America was particularly inspired. I would recommend this podcast to anyone, especially history fans.
Super interesting
Really topical and interesting, told in a way that is engaging and easy to follow
Awesome piece you guys! And you have brought so much eye opening observations and history to my life I cannot thank you enough. I look forward to every single one. Keep up the great work, you help answer a lot of my questions.
Fascinating Deep Dives
Maerchen Freunde
This is a great podcast. Origin stories are fascinating and unexpected. Worth the listen. Love it.
Must listen
I love the concept of this podcast and the episodes are always well-crafted and thoughtful. Bravo!
Ginagina Smith
Wow: you blew my mind; I had no idea.
Too much info
I like the topics but your shows last too long. Try to keep them at less than 40 minutes. I don’t need info from 200 years ago.
Interesting but clearly biased
Very informative and interesting, but I’d like to see a more objective perspective on historical events. Their narrative is clearly biased by leftist politics.
Great info, interesting topics
Recommended it to all my friends!
Too much bass in background.
Annoyingly bias. Based on opinion more than facts. The bass kills my ears every time. Can barely hear anything else. The music is completely unnecessary.
Exactly What We Need
I love this podcast. I’ve been thinking for a while that I wish I had more understanding of the historical context that shapes our current events. Without understanding the past, you can’t really understand the present or how to shape the future. If you feel similarly, listen to this!!
Love this hate this
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Problems with podcasts
Your podcast still having the same problem where TED is taking over
Pretty much obsessed
Long run for Jules
I recently discovered this podcast and binge listened to all the episodes in 5 days. I tell anyone who will listen they should subscribe. Love the bridge between history and current events of today. And the hosts are very personable... like I’m talking with my good friends around the dinner table.
Great stories, well-researches
Love this podcast - the young hosts are fun and enjoyable guides through fascinating stories, that I’m often surprised not to have known much about. Well done!
Great info and interesting topics
This show is very interesting in their deep dive in to things through history. I especially loved the Iranian and North Korean episodes. The hosts are alright but the content makes up for it.
Love it, but please do a few episodes on socialism
People desperately need a refresher on where socialism leads. Please cover the paths of a few countries/ individuals that have tried socialism and ended up destroying economies, widely violating human rights, and sometimes dissolving the nation. Thanks!
Smart, factual, and attentive
I love this podcast! It is incredibly informational and follows the histories of the world. It makes many of the world’s current issues clearer. I was worried that it might be cancelled because it doesn’t cater to the sensationalism that is currently ripe in journalism. Hats off to the creators and I can’t wait for more!
Great podcast!
Love you guys keep up the good work!
Not as advertised
Broad strokes and superlatives abound. Hosts describe just about everything as “unbelievable” and “amazing” when really it’s just a matter of situating events in historical context. Severely lacking in maturity and substance.
Great podcast
The recent Savarkar's India podcast was a great primer and incredibly informative. This and other episodes' unbiased and detail-rich reporting do a great job of tying the past to the present.
Interesting and informative
Dr. Van Sickle
This is such a great podcast. The topics are extremely relevant to what is happening today and it is incredibly interesting to learn about how historical events have shaped policies and developments of today’s world. Ramtin and Rund are interesting, honest and have a knack for educating listeners on sensitive and relevant topics in an captivating way. The music is also really good. I highly recommend this podcast!
I hated the background music. Turn it off
Good podcast, bad server
Fix your server, I had to unsubscribe because it keeps putting already played(and deleted multiple times) episodes back on my phone.
Wonderful Podcast
Super informative podcast on the history behind today's headlines. I am a real history buff, but I learn something I didn't know from every episode. So glad to have found it.
More episodes
Wonderful podcast. Wish new episodes would come sooner.
Terrific listen
Wonderful job you all! Sooo interesting and well produced.
Love this!
I love this podcast! This is exactly what I’ve been searching for! So interesting and easy to listen to.
Savarkar’s India
Terrible bias, horrible report. Example- you mention the mosque destruction but ignore the temple that was there before. You mention cow vigilante groups- black markets are illegal!!!! BJP is against corruption , also Congress didn’t lead India to independence- Thhere were so many factors- Bharat Singh, Bose & the Air Force, economics, etc. Nehru took over as Congress president from his dad as did his daughter. Do you have ANY clue what Mughal invaders did in India? Lastly- India has 170 million Muslims, 1.3 billion people- The overwhelming of whom are peaceful. Terrible terrible report. Very sad to see.
Well researched
Magic Wanda
Good topics, not just the current administration which of course is everywhere else. The history is global and pertinent to our republic. The discussions are pretty real. Thanks!
One of my favorite podcast
I’ve enjoyed this incredibly thought out podcast. The hosts, I feel are engaging and personable. The content is informative, I like the attention to detail when it comes to historical facts and how it’s relevant to the current subject matter. Keep up the great work!
Awesome Idea makes for a great podcast
I love getting a bit of history background for each of the major issues that face the world- it makes everything more tangible and is a necessary context. This podcast does a great job of summarizing major points and presenting it in a digestible way.
Annoying production
I'm glad NPR has added a history podcast on interesting subject matter. However, the interjections by the cohost as what appears to be a proxy for the audience is contrived and unnecessary. This type of production is what prevents me from listening to Radiolab.
Way too scripted
It’s great to have history podcasts on the rise, and the stories told here are really interesting. Unfortunately, the two-hosts game is pretty poor, the dialogues between the hosts all feel fake and way too scripted, and that really impacts the overall quality of the project.
A new favorite
The hosts present fascinating topics: the roots of US-Iran distrust (both ways), the origins of modern China and Sen Yat-Sen (I did not know of him, and certainly not his important role. Also liked the look at being faced with monumental changes.
High school
I like the topics, but it sounds like two high schoolers trying to be taken seriously. Who’s is president Cli’n? Articulate. I quit listening. T’s are impor’en!!!!
Great Perspective of History
Ramtin and Rund have good chemistry and do an excellent job explaining world history to us dumb Americans
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