Absolutely perfect! I love hearing stories like these. It’s crazy to know that the black dahlia crime happened close to home. I finished the series in a day and want more. Great job!
Timeless work
This is soooo good I am listening to it from the start AGAIN. I have never restarted a podcast immediately after the conclusion of its final credits. This work is so well-produced and edited. It’s like going to see that brilliant movie again in the same week. You already know the story, but it’s so rich in narrative, sound and visuals that you’ll watch it again and again. And despite being audio only, this podcast has all three of those qualities. My hat is off and thrown off the bridge.
Listened to the whole podcast in 1 day!!
I did a lot of cleaning house today listening to every episode! You can’t make this stuff up. This story is incredible as the survivors are the strongest people I’ve ever heard of. I am wondering about the other family, the Hodels in Asia. Has any one from this podcast tried to reach out? I think it would be very interesting to hear about George Hodel’s life over there and if there are any confirmed murders...
Just Amazing
This had me waiting to get off work just so I could continue listening on the way home. Very interesting and told in a way that keeps you dropping your jaw.
Cindy Clo
I really admire Steve Hodel for his tenacity investigating his father. I hope LAPD sees fit to test the DNA.Well done!
Love this true crime podcast!!!!
Shayne O'Lear
Steve Hodel with all his experience with the lapd brings stability to an otherwise insane case. His entire family are truly amazing people. Amazing, detailed, and wonderfully put together broadcast on The Black Dahlia and the Hodel family history. After reading and studying his book, and this broadcast, I truly believe that his father did do it. I wish there was more podcasts researched this well! Still think Mr Hodel would make a fantastic podcaster with everything he went thru with the lapd.
Almost perfect
Loved it. Til the last episode.
My first true crime podcast.
toppy wald
I am halfway through serial(Se1) and this is as good possibly better.
Best Podcast Of many I have listened to.
Many thanks to the members of this very brave and beautiful family for sharing their story. Giving hope to anyone who suffers from abusive parents and sexual assault.
Literally the best podcast I’ve ever listened too.
I would listen to it all a second time, it was so captivating!
One of my favorite
Root of Evil is definitely on my list of true crime podcasts.
One of the best criminal investigation podcasts ever.
Every episode left me with a whaaa
Seriously I think about this podcast daily. I cannot believe what happens behind closed doors sometimes.
Good podcast but...
A good podcast but if I had to listen to that guy “singing” again OMG!
Loved this podcast!
This podcast was so vivid and I recommend it to all my true crime friends!
One of the best!
This has been one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to. I binged it over three days and was sorry to come to the end. It was suspenseful and sad and horrible. What courage this family has. I wish them all the best.
My house has never been cleaner
I only cleaned my house because I could NOT stop listening. Not only a crazy story but so all the characters are so Inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story.
Did not want to pause. My stupid real life got in the way!
Temo F
I listen to a lot podcasts but this one is one of the most compelling I’ve heard in a long time. It’s superbly done!!!!
Amazing / I don’t think another podcast can top this
You couldn’t make this up. The family being part of the delivery of this story was so valuable and unique. Life changing story just for me listening to it, it opened my eyes to the fact that there are people suffering real pain from their lives events and families that shaped them. And that there are also some very sick people out there.
Interesting story
The story is interesting, and for the most part the podcast is produced well. However, they occasionally deviate from the story for lengthy periods of time and there is a major issue in terms of identifying who’s speaking.
Best podcast I’ve listened too. I recommend it to everyone. So intriguing and sad. Mighhhtt have ruined other podcasts for me.
I was drawn in the first episode and couldn’t stop. The storytelling is amazing.
A triumph over dysfunction
Not only is the story of the Black Dahlia hauntingly fascinating, I was more amazed at the raw endurance of human beings through trauma. The last episode discussing the journey each family member went through was inspiring. It’s fantastic to see people that decided not to be defined by the evil they didn’t choose to be associated with.
The. Best. So. Far.
I’m through Ep. 4 and this is, by far, the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. I keep finding myself thinking, this is going to ruin movies for me because of the detail and because of the story, and all the subplots. Holy sheet!
Greatest listen of the summer thus far
This family’s story is incredible, skeletons and the most inspiring story of a family pulling together to change their legacy, and move forward with love after tragedy. Sending energy & love to this family,
Wasn’t expecting to stay
But the first episode had me drawn in. As someone who was separated from family as a baby, there’s always been a need to know who I am and where I came from. Life truly is wild.
Interesting story but it is very disorganized, unclear, and there are too many people to keep track of. And the theme song is terrible
Wanted to thank you for sharing your story. Know it’s hard to uncover the past and hope your family can work on healing.
Great listen
The story is captivating and dark. I listened to the whole series in a few days. Only complaint is that trying to find another podcast as interesting after has been difficult!
Weak drawn out
This story could have been done in 1 podcast...no one cares about your family. Way too drawn out on not the case. No thanks.
Well worth a listen
Hesitant to listen to at first. However pleasantly surprised to learn about the power of love and those who brave through childhood trauma and vow to break cycles of tragedy.
crazy story
wonderfully done. truly crazy story. goes a lot deeper than what people know on the surface.
A must listen
The story of the Hodel family, there is more to it than just “The Black Dahlia”. It is an important story of how the cycle of abuse repeats itself with a murder twist.
Horrifying even after all these years
Suman Vellanki
Hodel with the same MO as Cosby
Lynmarie S
Loved it! I was sad when it ended. Great hosts, excellent writing and the most interesting true story I have listened to.
Crazy stuff! Very good listen!
A once divided family coming together learn a disturbing history and agree to tell their stories. That’s what you’ll hear in this podcast. Painful details are shared by family members as they learn about each other. Still learning and trying to understand the dynamic that haunts them. Very interesting new facts about the unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short unfold and offer a very compelling theory is Shocking and Unbelievable pieces of history make perfect sense by the end of this podcast. Well done.
All the stars
I got the chills from some of the old audio played. Very raw, finished in two days.
Gripping story told by an amazing family of not just survivors but thrivers! So blown away by the courage and love that comes through loud and clear every episode. I started listening because the Black Dahlia story has always interested me- and there’s amazing stuff here- but what kept me listening for hours was the family saga- and my admiration for these people who lived through hell as children and are living good lives in spite of what they endured
Interesting- spoilers
Very interesting. However if George Hodel’s son has George’s DNA, why didn't Fauna get a DNA test to see if George was her dad before she died? I was very confused on that part.
This is a great podcast, the story is heartfelt and easy to follow through. Each episode leaves you hooked wanting to listen and understand the Hodel family. Very touching revelations about the Hodel family and their connection to Black Dahlia ⚠️*triggers* of child abuse/molestations. ⚠️
Easy One
1 hour into this podcast and wondering if they’ll ever get into something interesting or just meander around their family history the whole time. I’m not sticking around to find out
I was not ready
This was recommended to me by another podcast. This became my running podcast since it was so engrossing. I was not ready for the sheer waterfall of feelings that this podcast covers. It was so well done and I have told so many people to listen to it (with a warning re: content since, again, I was not prepared).
I was absolutely entranced by this story. I would recommend listening to Hollywood and Crime first , however, listening to it after Root of Evil would be a great follow up. Also, there is an interesting article o. Next tribe.com that is a good companion to Root of Evil. Radha and Yvette did an outstanding job of investigating and reporting this story of their family. Great-uncle Steve’s investigations and dedication to trying to find the truth are commendable. Fauna - wow...she is an absolute role model for overcoming a strange and sad childhood. FaunaElizabeth - the girls are right - you are stronger and braver than you know. Peace, Joy and Love - you are amazing. Peace, Joy and Love to you all.
I was easily sucked in, such a fascinating story. The lack of follow up about facts and details makes me think they’re out to pimp their uncle’s book, but even if so, I’m hooked. I want all of this story.
Holy Moly
This tale just goes to show how nothing fiction can be outdone by real life. I’m glad that the horrible events that happened in this family have not continued to be passed down. I hope their honesty helps others.❤️
Y’all are amazing!
D. Bordeaux
From your Uncle and on down to each one of you, you have persevered in spite of the family you were born into. Thank you for sharing your stories.
Great Binge Listen
I couldn’t get enough of this story! One of the most shocking and interesting podcast stories I’ve ever heard!
Sorry every other podcast in the universe....
....you just can’t compete with a story like this. And human survivors like this. Every single episode my jaw dropped lower. What these people have endured, witnessed and taken into their consciousness is mostly unspeakable but wow what incredible people they seem to be. I really couldn’t stop listening. I listen to a LOT of podcasts but this is possibly the best one I’ve heard yet. I feel so grateful they shared their incredible stories. Its really all about love in the end 💜
Great podcast
Podcast is really good, but still wondering about the unanswered questions. If George Hodel is suspected of 50 murders, where was this information in the podcast? Is anyone looking into these cold cases? Additionally, there is no closure on the DNA Q.
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