Well done!
I recommend this podcast to everyone!
I am completely speechless at the level of manipulation this company continually perpetrated as a means to continue their delusion .
Thank you for bringing this story to light.
Great podcast
Very easy to follow and very interesting! Not often that you hear about a woman that flourishes on such power.
Wisconsin DR fan
So well told and reported. Shocking they duped people for that long. I’d read about Elizabeth and Theranos at their height but had no idea they existed for so long without any actual working technology or product to sell. Also shocking they actually allowed people to try on their tests, total disregard for well being of others.
Must Listen tho this story!
I completely got sucked in after the first episode. Not being too familiar with this story my jaw continued to drop over and over, how did it get so far? I’ll be waiting for this trial.
Great podcast
Elizabeth Holmes’ tactics sound like she’s the David Miscavige of healthcare. Very well done podcast. I’m definitely going to suggest to others.
Really good!
Henry Sarah/Bryan
One of the best podcasts I have listened to. Thank you!
Finger Likkin Bad
Excellent. Well written, produced, fascinating.
Love the personal experiences
I have read the book, watched documentary and was very familiar with the story: a friend recommended this podcast and at first I thought it would be totally duplicative. This podcast includes a lot of interviews and facts about the people involved and how it impacted them. It provides some insight into some things that were not resolved at the end of the book (because they had not happened when the book was written). Highly recommend.
One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to.
Extremely well done podcast
I love the title you chose for this podcast! I hope this so-called genius that dropped out of college at 19 to defraud mankind gets what she deserves. Thanks for an unbiased fact based story.
The Drop Out
Such a well-done and intriguing story! I’m telling all of my friends about this podcast!
FIX YOUR SOUNDTRACK FIX YOUR SOUNDTRACK FIX YOUR SOUNDTRACK PLEASE FIX YOUR SOUNDTRACK There is no reason that I have to regularly change the volume of this podcast by sometimes 6 volume levels to hear the interviews, and turn it all the way back down to not have my ear drums blown by the narration. It is a great story but man it seems like it was produced by an amateur who doesn’t have sound editing software.
The Cost of Pride
Mindblown 🤯
I loved this podcast
This might have been one of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard. Can’t recommend it enough, or to enough people. 10/10 would listen 1,000 more times.
The drop out
Really enjoyed the podcast. I was wondering what happened to this new technology. Read and seen her on TV. Now I know. I hope she gets what she deserve. The poor patients that relied on this texting.
Greatly done
magnolia Ar
Fascinating and incredible story!
Very engaging
I hope they continue with more episodes during or after the trial!
This was poorly executed
Love the story. The reporting is pretty good too. They got interviews with a lot of interesting people and went at this story from all angles. But, whoever put this together made a big mistake by fast forwarding some of the interviews and narrative so much that it 1) is hard to follow, 2) ruins story at times, and 3) makes me want to scream. It is hard to even process what is going on because the narration is so fast it sounds like a VHS rewinding. Great story but they have got to get it together on the presentation.
Excellent listen
CJ Hoffa
This was a very good timeline narration of the entire story from start to current.
Poorly produced
I highly recommend listening to Bad Blood on Audible before you listen to this podcast. There's a huge difference between the two and there's a reason why Bad Blood was chosen as the best non-fiction audiobook of 2018. This podcast is essentially just a Sparknotes version of that book and it was poorly structured, most noteably with how much they repeated basic details. A lot of important details got left out but there'd of been enough time to include more details if they hadn't wasted so much time by reviewing what was already said in previous episodes.
Love this podcast
So well done!! Very well produced!!
Well done
Fascinating story
Compelling story but fizzles out
Although there wasn’t much analysis into motives and a lot of sound bites were recycled, the story itself is fascinating and the interviews they get really showcase the downfall. The last two episodes lacked much focus or theme and I don’t think that’s just because the prosecution hadn’t occurred yet.
I went through a a spectrum of emotions while listening to the entire podcast: hope, anger, indignation, and sympathy. Excellent story telling of an incredible story that left me feeling like I didn’t want this podcast to end!
This is a masterpiece.
Something really greate
Amazing podcast, horrifying story, endless details, thanks a lot.
I couldn’t stop listening!! Very well narrated!! Highly recommended.
Great podcast
This podcast was well narrated and had good supporting documentaries from key individuals involved.
I couldn’t stop listening to this podcast! Fantastic
Interesting story, frustrating TV-style reporting
Maybe because I haven’t watched television news in a million years, I found the reporter’s emphasis on sensationalism, and her disinterest in detail, frustrating and infantilizing. She’s clearly done a lot of research on the story and has informants with really high-level knowledge. So why is she jumping into their responses with inane characterizations, like “you wanted to change the world!” It’s embarrassing to listen to her interviewees try to accommodate her politely, and then have to push past her to get a much more interesting, complex thought into the conversation. The story is interesting, I’m glad I listened to it, and I wish this reporter didn’t feel like she had to talk down to her audience. Podcasting as a whole is better than this, and television agencies should get into it rather than bringing television’s chewing-gum standards into podcasting.
Excellent Reporting
Great job bringing this story to light in an easily-consumable format. Listening to this podcast was a great way to understand the fall of Theranos and the involvement of key players aside Holmes. Couldn’t recommend this enough for those who want a quick dive into the world of Theranos.
Elizabeth is not smart
I hate how they keep describing Elizabeth as a smart individual, yet she didn't even take courses that would back her words up. She's a good liar, not smart. Also, the narrator keeps describing people by their hair color, which I think is pretty bizarre... other than that, I thought the podcast was very informative. I liked how they mentioned the names of the investors in her company, which include people who were/are under Trump's "squad" lol wow... kinda made me more concerned about the wellfare of the country tbh.
Sweetheart Sammie 11
Great podcast!
Insane in a good way
This podcast is awesome! And not just because I got my degree in healthcare administration. The best part, is the balance between someone being a dreamer, a fraud, how far you can get with white privilege, and the ability to convince someone that you are On the right track to something big. I believe if there was just a little bit more time maybe things could be different. NonethelessThis podcast is informative and done incredibly well. Loved every moment of it!
Wow, Now I’m Interested in Elizabeth Holmes
If you’re looking for a limited series podcast that is fascinating and well-researched, look no further than The Dropout. I knew only the wide strokes of Holmes’s life beforehand, and now I feel like I understand her and what happened with Thernos. We should have more limited podcast series like The Dropout. This is good journalism, guys!
I listen to a ton and wasn’t sure what this would be like and this was such a great and interesting podcast. Felt it was a really well informed and great perspective with a balanced view (as much as could be possible) about what could drive someone to get to the place Elizabeth Holmes ultimately has arrived. In an world of fake news and pyramid schemes this was a different tale of fraud that was beyond fascinating.
Great podcast!
First time trying podcast and this made me can’t stop listening until the last episode!
Just listen to this podcast
I think the title of this comment says it all. Don’t look too far into the comments or other articles surrounding Elizabeth Holmes if you don’t know too much about this story to begin with. Listen to the podcast. Everything will be explained, and you will be able to make your own conclusions by the end of the podcast. It’s a great listen and also very refreshing to hear a woman’s voice as the host; Rebecca does an incredible job showcasing the information (while sometimes slightly, but justifiably, biased) and keeps you paying attention until the very end. Listen away!
Lost in Space
Stanley Rider
So where did this story go? Stan
Nearly unbelievable
Sela J
Excellent story though could have been neatly edited to four episodes.
Omg. I'm hooked
Wow. I NEVER thought I'd be into series podcasts. I clicked on this not knowing what to expect and was going to change it after about 5 minutes. However I am so hooked. Never thought I'd be so invested in a podcast. Highly recommend.
Amazing true crime
I knew of Elizabeth and her company, but I didn’t know the depths of her deception. It’s shocking that it took so long to uncover her lies, and I hope she gets the maximum penalties for her wrongdoing. She should never be allowed to own or head another company. I look forward to a follow up that covers the trial and outfall of the decision. Great reporting!
Great find!
I listen to a few podcasts and this one blew away all the rest! I’ve new heard of Elizabeth or Theranos but wow great delivery of story. Now I can’t wait to see how real life drama ends.
I had never heard of her...awesome reporting, great story.
Emperor’s New Clothes in reverse !
What an eye opening podcast. Question everything ! Never stop questioning and seek the truth at all cost. This is the conclusion. She is a bully and a psycho control freak. Definitely shocking to believe that this scheme went on for years!
What a story!
This was absolutely fascinating! I saw the piece on 20/20, but the podcast goes into so much more detail. I just don’t understand how these stories happen when there were so many warnings. I commend all of the people who did everything they could to come forward and expose this sham. All that money!! She should definitely go to jail.
Possible Side Effects
Slippy McGee
This podcast has a very interesting premise, but is full of anecdotes and personal opinions that consistently underwhelmed. There is a good story here, but poor editing and puff journalism leave this podcast bloated and lackluster
I am in the laboratory and point of care industry. If this technology would have come to fruition it would change healthcare as we know it. What she did was not only wrong but conniving. I hope she gets what she deserves.
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