Interesting and entertaining. I enjoy this very much
Mo Rocco can do no wrong!
Another wonderful production! Entertaining, well written and interesting. SO excited for this podcast. Thanks, Mo Rocca! (Bc you cant NOT use his full name.) When will we get more Mo?!?!?
Charming and so interesting
This is not what you think, that is if you’re thinking it’s going to be one guy’s retelling of an obit that he found in The NY Times. No, this is an interesting dive into the life story, natch, history, of some very interesting people and what formed them and some of the events in their lives. Mo weaves an interesting story in each episode, and manages to uncover some equally interesting facts & tidbits from each of the folks he interviews. I am impressed by Mo’s kindness during his interviews, especially with certain subjects (Harvey Updike) that others might find reprehensible, and his openness to accepting them and seeing their point of view. I also love Mo’s delivery in his story-telling...charming, informative, humble. I hope there is a season 2, 3, and more! Thanks Mo!
Mo’s Tree story is a touchdown win
This app stank!
I avoided the Death of a Tree episode because I just thought it was dumb to do an obit about a tree. I listened to 5 minutes and passed on it for 1 month. Later, with nothing else good to listen to, stuck in traffic, I resumed the story. After the first 5 minutes, I was engrossed in the story and smiling, laughing, upset, sad, then happy again all the way to the end. What a roller coaster of emotions this one puts you through. I think I want to be an Au-bama fan and go to a game just to people watch, after listening to this podcast. Thanks Mo!
Unique as Hell.
petaluma local
New, fresh take on the old. Love listening to the unique topics that Mo picks.
Need More Mo!
Loved Listening. Can’t wait for next season
Admirably researched, engaging
I have been recommending this podcast to friends who like well-researched, engaging stories. And Mo Rocca’s performance is enjoyable, as he prioritizes the subjects he discusses. (So many podcasts have hosts who try so hard to be interesting that it is grating.) I love this show. I can’t wait for Season 2!
This will keep you up all night!!
This is fraud!
Stories soooo goood you just want moooore Moooooo, !!!!!!
Just seems
incredibly self indulgent. That’s all
Give us more!!!
I love the way Mo makes a story come alive. Please give us more.
Great Storytelling
Derry P
I’ve only listened to the first episode, but man I’m hooked. Fantastic storytelling. Im sure I’ll have binged trough the rest of season 1 in the next 48 hours.
Educational and Witty
Ready for more Mo.
New season
Ditto, is there a season 2 coming soon? Great podcast!
New Hampshire Listener
Season 2???
I’ve listened to all of the episodes at least twice and loved them. When is season 2 coming out?
Great storytelling
Enjoy the historical stories so much I finished the season quickly
I love obscure history! Both funny and serious. Hope there will be more episodes.
Great Podcast
Mo Rocca for the win
kate bleck
This was a thoughtful, poignant and sometimes funny podcast dedicated to overlooked Americana and I loved it. If you like the obscure you’ll love this.
I’m waiting
Love your podcast! I am waiting on more, more, more!
Whats Up?
Moooooooooooo where have you beeeeeeeeeeeeeen, wating for more Mooooooooooo
Where are you!? We need more!Can’t wait for the next one!
Big Fan
Mike in the car
I was a fan of Mo’s on Wait Wait...Now I’m a Mo-bituary fan. Such a good interviewer and seemingly good fellow. Shows great respect and grace for his guests/interviewees.
I was initially intrigued by the idea of examining what caused a person to destroy the Auburn trees. While I feel that the punishment was excessive, I was very disappointed that Mo basically rationalized the hate that was at the root of this crime. There is too much hate n the world today. No hate crime or criminal should be acceptable.
E Thomason
A recent episode fell into a familiar storytelling cliché: introduce us to a criminal (in this case, a man who intentionally poisoned beautiful and historical oaks on the campus of Auburn University), and then slowly build a case for why the listener should feel sorry for him. It didn’t work. Also, he’s recycling the musical style of the inimitable podcast series “S-Town.” I’ve always been a casual fan of Mo Rocca, by way of “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” but I must say I’m underwhelmed by the level of originality in this podcast series.
Mobituaries are worth the time
My first experience with podcasts. I have enjoyed each of these episodes in Season 1 Mo....when will Season 2 start? A little quirky...but enjoyed every minute of every one
More Mo!!!
Hopefully you’re not giving up on this pod. Great combination of humor and humanity.
Just discovered this piscast
These are awesome and a little old!!! Please don’t end these podcasts.
Audrey, love
The mobituary of Audrey Hepburn caught my eye and delivered!! This was such a tribute to her, thank you!!!
If my pop culture self had a spirit animal, it would be Mo Rocca. Love this podcast.
Glad I gave a listen.
Podmaster 1
I’ve enjoyed Mo in all matter of media. When I saw he had a podcast, I was intrigued and the title got me. I listened to the Sammy Davis Jr. episode and I’m now subscribing. That episode hit pretty close to home for me (as a kid with dreams and only one eye).
Well done.
I adore Mo Rocca, and this series is so well done. Thoroughly enjoy it. I hope we get more episodes.
Ms. French
I love Mo’s curiosity. His voice draws me in , no matter the topic . I binge-heard his Pod cast. I can’t wait for more “Mobituary”!!
Minority opinion, I guess
Not a rocca fan. Softball interviewer, yawn-inducing gee whiz style not my cup of caffeinated beverage. Thought this might be interesting...wrong.
Mo Rocca does a fabulous job of bringing little known information to these podcasts. I love listening to him and look forward to more episodes!
Insightful, irreverent, delightful...it’s exactly how I like my history and pop-culture lessons delivered!
This podcast makes me happy
I mean...who doesn’t love Mo Rocca? I am sooo glad this podcast exists and can’t wait for more episodes. Take a listen, you won’t regret it.
This show has everything history & pop culture consumers ♥️
Mo is immensely endearing, I was first introduced to his whimsical humor as a frequent listener of NPR. This show is wonderful, and an amusing listen with history, pop culture and again Mo’s pleasing voice and fun interview makes this a fun listen. 👍🏾
Creatively presented. A wonderful remembrance of a special person to the world through show biz.
i wish
Mo, remember that middle school assignment we all got: write your own obit? i wish mine was a fraction as deep as any of your Mobits. I laugh . i cry. i love Mobituaries.
Wanting more episodes!
Elizabeth Gaines
Love this podcast and Mo! Hoping it returns with more episodes soon.
(New review) Changed my 5 star rating to a 1. I’m angry. It was a personal relationship to me. Myself and Mobituaries. But it just hung around long enough to hook me and reel me in. Mo, a well known guy that has been around for a long time with lots of good references comes along so I open my heart, make the time and listen promptly. Then I was l, without warning ghosted. What a player. Not falling for it again. (Old review) Not enough of Mobituaries -need more! Come on don’t make us wait so long! I could listen to Mo Racca read the phone book but I really love the way he tells a story. More please!
Definitely a podcast anyone can get into
Mo Rocca does a great job with these human interest stories he tells.. The one about the Alabama super fan almost made me tear up.... Really great podcast.
I miss you!
When are you coming back to me? I have listened to all of your podcasts and now I need another fix! Each of the podcast has been so well written and so interesting that I don’t even need to be driving somewhere do you want to listen to them. Please come back to me!
Saved By Your Podcasts
I had a five hour drive today and your podcasts saved me! I love historical documentaries and I listened to four of your podcasts today. Excellent!! I learned so much today! Keep up the good work!
Great dedication to quality!
Each one episode is more interesting than the last. The Death of SitCom characters had me laughing out loud. The episode on Von Meader- very touching. Good job, Mo!!
Mobituaries: Outstanding!
Lee Krähenbühl
Mo Rocca is not only one of the best broadcasters of our time; he is also a master of the historical documentary, especially with regard to popular culture. “Mobituaries” is his masterwork to date. I can only hope for many more seasons.
Lost momentum
Stanley Rider
Good stuff, but where did you go Mo? Nothing since March 8? Losing momentum I’m afraid. Stan Where are you Mo? You got CBS Sunday Morning to hype it then you traveled to the dark side of the moon😒
How this guy has a broadcasting career with this voice is BEYOND ME!
Great stuff
jeidid ebwk
I fully enjoyed them all!!!
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