April 18, 2019
Homecoming, Homegoing, & Hard Choices
Demetria muses on being homesick for the DMV, Nipsey Hussle's memorial service, Wendy Williams' divorce, Nortre Dame in flames (Paris is Burning!) , Marjorie Harvey: a Mood, a Moment, a Movement, and the electrifying epicness of Beyonce's Netflix doc.
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32 min
April 17, 2019
BONUS: Introducing Purple Panties by Zane
Here’s a new podcast for you: Purple Panties is an erotic fiction story created by New York Times best-selling author Zane. On the outside Maddox, Loren and Stephanie go against the grain when it comes to sex. But as relationships shift and physical needs change, can they keep up with the facade? Follow them on their journey as they navigate their professional and personal lives. The sun isn’t the only thing hot in Atlanta… Listen to Purple Panties now: purplepantiespodcast.com
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5 min
April 11, 2019
To Live and Die in LA (and Other Topics)
Demetria muses on her move to LA, visiting the Marathon Store and South Central LA, the curious theories of Dr. Sebi, Joe Biden's handsy behavior, weaponizing #MeToo, Kodak Black shooting his shot at Lauren London, and finally, what's going on with Black women's weight? Demetria asks food an cultural expert Dr. Psyche Williams Forson to, well, weigh in.
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56 min
April 1, 2019
The Person You Become When You Get to Grow Up
Demetria shares her thoughts on Nipsey Hussle's murder, noosing between Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut, the long overdue rock-doc about the best selling gospel album of all-time, the womp-womp of the Mueller Report, Jordan Peele refusing to center white men, Chris Rock dragging Jussie Smollett, Lizzo being fat and proud and sexy on the cover of Playboy and keeping Wendy Williams in our prayers.
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42 min
March 21, 2019
"I'm Tired of This Church"
Demetria chats with "Best friend in her head" The Unfit Christian about praying grandmothers, the Book of Luke, Bedside Baptist, John Gray and Jamal Bryant, Manifest Destiny, Re-imagining God, witchy Christians, "good" women, missing church and the "right way" to Luh God. Let the "blasphemy" begin!
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43 min
March 17, 2019
Love, Lies & Leading Women (Defined)
Demetria's back! This week she's recapping her getaway at Leading Women Defined and catching up on (almost) everything she missed: , J.Lo + A.Rod's engagement, Cory Booker and his "boo" Rosario Dawson, R. Kelly's morning meltdown with Gayle King, that Michael Jackson documentary, Khloe Kardashian holding a child accountable for the wayward penis of her child's father and the mediocre white folks at the center of the college cheating scandal.
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49 min
February 28, 2019
White Supremacy Is An Equal Opportunity Employer
Demetria chats with Black Masculinity expert Dr. Jason Nichols about  fragile men, pick-me princesses, Billy Porter, weaponizing the Bible, Barack Obama, Fox News, the responsibility of black men to fix each other and SOOOOO MUCH MORE.
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41 min
February 26, 2019
"To More Light Skinned Kids!" (and Other Problematic Ish)
Demetria has a blackity black-black discussion with Rutgers Professor Melissa Valle in a meandering conversation about Blackness that includes black-fishing in pop culture (that means you Ariana Grande),the Frankenstein-ing of of black beauty and toasts to light-skin kids.
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35 min
February 20, 2019
The Curious Un-Blackness of Kamala Harris
Demetria muses on how initial Jussie Smollett supporters should handle the fallout of his alleged hate crime hoax, examines the questionable Blackness of Kamala Harris (with the help of an an expert on race, Christina Douyon), fawns over Showtime's documentary on Teddy Pendergrass, clowns Floyd Mayweather for shopping at Gucci and dissects Steve Harvey's integrity in that ill-fated interview with Mo'Nique.
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49 min
February 13, 2019
Privilege, Power & Prada
Demetria interviews a "Friend-in-Her Head" multimedia artist and cultural expert Kenya (Robinson) about the creation of privilege (including Demetria's inner Susan), embracing fear, why Blackface won't go away, rituals/symbols of White Power, and whitewashing Motown at the Grammys.
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47 min
February 7, 2019
A Sh*t Show Named Virginia
Demetria is inspired to dig deeper after reading "Well-Read Black Girl", examines the complete sh--t show of Virginia politics (as of 02.04.18), wonders why adult bed-wetting (non-medical or trauma related) isn't the dealbreaker it should be and reviews Netflix's Abducted in the Plain Sight, ie, the most alarming documentary everrrrrrrrrrr.
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43 min
January 31, 2019
"I'll be the B Holding the Bible"
Demetria is distraught about Jussie Smollet's attack, ticked off at B. Smith's discretion-less husband, curious about the new (and damning) Michael Jackson documentary at Sundance, and tired of all the water about Kamala Harris.
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50 min
January 24, 2019
You're **** ing Cancelled!
Demetria unleashes about the Black 53%, the sexism of Cancel Culture, the supreme fuccboi-ness of Future, and along with a special guest (a pole dance instructor!) explains why City Girls and Cardi B's "Twerk" video is empowering and more respectable than ratchet (hear me out).
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46 min
January 17, 2019
Democrats, Dildos and Divorce! Oh My!
Demetria shares an internal conflict over Kamala Harris's alleged run for the Oval, muses on the best and worst of pop culture and politics, including the outcry from sensitive men over a harmless Gillette commercial, more (scandalous and NSFW) details from an R. Kelly survivor, and the ratchet divorce (and affair) of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos aka the wealthiest man in the world.
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38 min
January 11, 2019
A Book Review: Becoming by Michelle Obama
Demetria reviews the best selling book of 2018, "Becoming" by former First Lady Michelle Obama. Highlights include her (healthy) obsession with "Mom", a short soliloquy on why Barry Obama should never have been the poster boy for "potential", and the lessons about overcoming being an Angry Black Woman, asking for what you want, and becoming all the people who you are meant to be.
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47 min
January 9, 2019
Allow Me to Re (Introduce) Myself
Author, life coach and cultural critic Demetria L. Lucas (finally) muses on pop culture, dating and relationships and her often hilarious misadventures in her much-awaited podcast, Ratchet & Respectable.
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4 min
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