April 5, 2019
Sean Doolittle, MLB Relief Pitcher, Washington Nationals
Recorded 3/18/19: I sit down with Washington Nationals closer Sean Doolittle to discuss, among other things, his early days as a Babe Ruth style 2-way player, misconceptions about minor league life, and how baseball's labor issues are part of the bigger labor landscape in America.
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82 min
March 29, 2019
Alex Bregman, 3rd Baseman, Houston Astros
Recorded 3/12/19: I sit down with Houston Astros 3rd baseman Alex Bregman to discuss, among other things, His chess fame, What it feels like to go 0-17 to start your big league career, and how dating works in the big leagues
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68 min
February 26, 2019
Jeff Passan, ESPN Baseball Journalist & Best Selling Author
Recorded 2/18/19: I sit down with ESPN Baseball insider and NY Times best selling author, Jeff Passan. We discuss, among other things, the state of the game, how arbitration actually works, and Jeff's deepest darkest secret.
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74 min
February 16, 2019
Rob Friedman, aka @PitchingNinja
Recorded 1/17/19: I sit down with baseball's highlight sensei, Rob Friedman. His Twitter account, @PitchingNinja, highlights the nastiest pitches thrown each day in MLB. We discuss, among other things, bad little league coaches, his Twitter beef with the league, and who has the best strikeout strut.
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56 min
February 2, 2019
Gerrit Cole, MLB Pitcher, Houston Astros
Recorded 08/24/18: I sit down with Houston Astros starting pitcher Gerrit Cole, to discuss, among other things, pitchers' homerun trots, the anatomy of being traded, and an inside look into Big League bus rides
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53 min
January 24, 2019
Jason Castro, MLB Catcher, Minnesota Twins
Recorded 4/9/18: I sit down with Minnesota Twins starting catcher Jason Castro to discuss, among other things, baseball in the snow, going back to school and gun regulation
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42 min
January 16, 2019
Charlie Morton, MLB Pitcher, Tampa Bay Rays
Recorded 3/22/18: I sit down with MLB pitcher Charlie Morton to discuss, among other things, karaoke, the art of woodworking and The Civil War
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67 min
December 29, 2018
Lance McCullers, MLB Pitcher, Houston Astros
I sit down with Lance McCullers to discuss, among other things, coffee, fashion and the heroes and villains of baseball.
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52 min
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