Derek’s Laugh
Unsubscribing because of Derek’s laugh. it’s obnoxious, distracting, and way too loud. Hey dude back off the mic
Bailey Storf
My fav show !
Theo looks like...
Ravishing Rick Rudes step son...who went on a run of his own in the underground -VFW hall-amateur -wrestling circuit. Now he’s addicted to pain killers and pees sitting down. -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Much Love
Shaub looks like Mario if he was a transitioning woman in the UFC! Theo looks like every kid behind Seven Eleven smoking cigarettes and bragging about sexual encounters he never had! Gang Gang Buzz Buzzed A.F!
Very funny but too many ads
For real, this latest episode has a commercial every 5 minutes. Brendan needs to pay for that Ferrari somehow.
Ride those coat tails B
5 star rating? Schlob must have blocked all the other reviews. He’s so soft and unfunny. Theo is hilarious and saves the show just like Callen on TFATK.
Gang gang Buzz buzz
Kells #1 fan
A lot of fun. Makes me laugh out loud.
That Brown Hitter
Enunciated Piffle
The best roast battle got nothing on Theo and Brendan busting each other’s balls. Really funny. Almost better than This Past Weekend. Almost.
Gang gang buzz buzz
Theo looks like a guy who shows up at the dog park to wrestle with the dogs but doesnt own one. Brendan looks like a pizza delivery driver who shows up with multiple slices missing
Best Podcast
🐀👑 🐝
Theo and Brendan are hilarious, one of the best podcasts out there
Brendan’s not funny
Theo makes this podcast Brendan says the same joke EVERY EPISODE “you look like a transgender” “you look like you tried to transition and ran out of money” get a new joke bro Theo 10 stars Brendan 1 I took the average
Theo is sneaky sexy
Gang Gang! Buzz Buzz!
Love this show always entertaining. I watch & listen after I watch it’s that funny.
Gang Gang
Sometimes I feel like I may be losing brain cells but honestly don’t care. This is a great podcast. Hilarious.
Theo looks like
a motorcycle mechanic with a foot fetish
Brandon looks like ....
guitar crazy fool
He was molested by Zach Morris at a Saved By The Bell fan fest in his personal trailer.
Please remove schab
SS eCritic
Anyone else please. Theo is way to talented for this wannabe... he got a 3/10 on his stand up special...that’s not a punchline even tho he may want to steal it anyway... remove him from this. We shouldn’t glorify a moron... I’m serious this kid is a complete idiot. Head to toe
Love Theo but this guy is moronic and ridiculous...had to pass on this one after 15 minutes
At the office
Do not listen to this while you’re sitting at your cubicle at the office. Two people have stopped by to “check” on me because I’m crying this show is so funny. Hilarious.
Gang gang buzz buzz
Love my boys
Listening vs Watching
I seriously haven’t watched this show besides clips on IG mainly cus I listen to podcasts during work and this one has become a regular listen I love to try and picture everything and the chemistry with everyone including Derick or however he spells it haha
This is literally better than TV . These two have amazing chemistry. Love it man, God bless.. Gang gang Buzz Buzz
A lot of what they do you need to see. Rip my drip. Flaunt my aunt. I know you can watch it on YouTube but I’m sure most people listen to it. Lot of jokes don’t hit because of that.
“We are so urban “
Funniest I have ever seen .... y’all are at the beginning of something great !!!
King it or Sting it
There is absolutely nothing better than when you have a bad day and you hear these two! Thankful for you both! Thanks for all the laughs. 🤪
Gang Buzz
Love this podcast! Always laughing out loud while listening to it, people around me must think I’m crazy laughing hysterically.
Horses in the front! Horses in the back!
Theo Von is 5 stars no matter what. Brendan is about 2 (no disrespect) but has his moments. They have great chemistry and Brendan is a great host even when he isn’t being funny. If they keep this up I think Brendan really comes into his own and becomes Theo’s bottom B.
Best Podcast
This show has me grabbing my stomach laughing when I listen. Keep it up GANG GANG BUZZ BUZZ
Brendan stops the funny
Nathan a perry
Brendan is friends with funny people , that’s about it
Best podcast ever!!
Easily the best podcast in the world. I can't wait for Thursday's every week to watch the lesbian finger painter and the professional thumb wrestler go at it and roast the world!
“You idiot”
Amazing podcast, my new favorite! Love it when Theo calls Brendon an idiot! 😂😂😂
A couple of soundpussies...
What are you?? A couple of soundpussies!?? 😂
Bang Bang Guzz Guzz
If you like mma fighters with cte and 2nd grade word pronunciation skills and transgender women with mullets; Brandon swan and Cleo Don are your guys
Shank Shank, Butt Stuff
Love These Guys
Funniest podcast there is. These guys are amazing
Greg with one g
Theo is better with a road dog, but, Schaubb just isn’t on the same level. It’s a funny show, Theo is just next level.
Theo is awesome, Schaub is not.
It’s fun to listen to Theo roast Schaub but everything Brendan does is forced and/or an attempt to copy other comedians. I listen only for Theo.
The Best
Funniest Podcast out, hands down.
Episode 24
Bruh had a Crip blue family reunion shirt that said Cripp”In ain’t easy ..#fanly
Not a draw
Brendan repeatedly mimics other comedians and if he can’t think of something (comeback), he parrots Theo. Theo with virtually anyone else would be a better show.
Don’t touch me bro, but touch me bro 😂😂.
The fans who submit vids/pics are not funny... and it distracts from the magic ✨ this podcast could be! Too much bickering when u talk about fans.... rather watch u two having more fun
browns maybe
Theo, run from Brandon. He will bring you down.
Today’s Beavis and Butthead...I love it!
Gang gang
This pod is the Lords work so subscribe for many blessings. Amen
Funniest podcast
buck necked wonder
I love this show, the only thing I hate about it is having to wait all week for the next one! They should do at least 3 a week, I could listen to them everyday.
The show is hilarious
This is too funny. Love it!!
Decent (Bubble's Voice)
I do love this podcast a lot. It is totally different from both the rat king and the sting other podcast. Sometimes I do feel like the podcast is all over the place. I feel like Schaub is trying to keep up with Theo's comedy and quick come backs which isn't possible. I think it would be better with a guest more often. I'd give it a 3 star if I didn't like Theo & Schaub so much and I'd give it a 5 star if I didn't feel like some of it was so "fake" or "pushed".
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