February 19, 2019
Chapter nine: A Q&A
Listen to Pulitzer Prize winner Leonora LaPeter Anton talk about what didn’t make it into this series, what’s happening with the Tommy Zeigler case and thoughts about his guilt or innocence.
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56 min
February 12, 2019
Chapter eight: Finality versus fairness
Florida’s judicial system is designed to support a jury’s verdict, whether it was right or wrong.
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35 min
February 5, 2019
Chapter seven: On the row
Tommy Zeigler has spent more than four decades living in a 6-foot by 9-foot cell and trying not to get angry.
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33 min
January 29, 2019
Chapter six: Poking holes in the case
Tommy Zeigler's supporters have spent years chasing clues and re-investigating the murders. Listen to what they've uncovered.
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34 min
January 22, 2019
Chapter five: DNA denied
The advent of modern forensic science gives Tommy Zeigler hope, but prosecutors and judges keep rejecting his requests for DNA testing.
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31 min
January 15, 2019
Chapter four: A split jury
One juror struggles to make a decision and feels badgered by others who think the evidence is clear in Tommy Zeigler's case.
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20 min
January 8, 2019
Chapter three: Trial and errors
Prosecutors present the case against Tommy Zeigler, as his defense team scrambles to vet witnesses and get evidence tested.
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29 min
January 1, 2019
Chapter two: Murder near the Magic Kingdom
Winter Garden, Fla., a rural town in central Florida, is rattled by the slayings at a furniture store, and the police investigation zeros in on Tommy Zeigler.
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21 min
December 25, 2018
Chapter one: Could he be innocent?
A man who has spent 42 years on Florida's death row says DNA testing can prove that he's innocent. The state refuses to allow it.
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30 min
December 18, 2018
Coming soon: Blood and Truth
This is the trailer for the podcast Blood and Truth.
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