Purely Wonderful
Beach chik
Concise & informative, heart warming and heart breaking. A wonderful daily experience. Thank you for your thoughtful approach. And tell Travis DeShong he definitely should go for narrating audiobooks.
Words matter. Thanks for the work you do.
Really love this podcast and look forward to listening to it everyday. Can you please put music credits in your podcast notes? I frequently hear music I really like and have no way to track it down. Thanks. Also, PLEASE, PLEASE stop using manifesto related to coverage of these ongoing horrors of mass killings in our society. During this last spate of shootings some wise person (can’t recall now who) in coverage immediately following pointed out that the word MANIFESTO elevates these shooters to undeserved status. I agree. The word manifesto is more appropriately used with a person of note, status etc. particularly a political or other organization’s aims. Unfortunately, I keep hearing that word over and over during ongoing news coverage and it can only elevate them undeservedly. Along with eliminating the shooter(s)’ name(s), use of words like diatribe, message, note, or screed would lower the shooter’s words rather than elevate them. Anything large or small we can do to disincline use of their words going forward can only help. These are not people to elevate in any way. Words really do matter.
Audio quality
I love Post Reports but your story on Fred Trump Jr was almost unbearable because of the obnoxious clacking of the reporters MacBook Pro (the key sound of the butterfly keyboard is unmistakable). I’m surprised Trump stayed on the line because I could barely listen with that terrible background noise. I am a huge fan but this keyboard has reached super villain status
Love it
I really appreciate this podcast. It goes more in depth on a few topics daily without the sensationalism so common these days. Information without added stress is easy to listen to.
MO traveler
Everyone is wondering whether Epstein was murdered. Does this podcast even attempt to address this suspicion? NO The cover up is unbelievable. It appears that Whitey Bulger and now Epstein were murdered with the full cooperation of high ranking people within the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Why isn’t the news at least pointing out the obvious and asking basic questions? Instead they want everyone to believe that it was simply incompetence. I subscribed to the post hoping that they would do some basic journalism. So disappointed.
Solid journalism. The presentation of current political and social issues is engaging. Give it a week, you’ll have a relationship you look forward to the next. Martine Powers is enough reason to listen.
Mass shootings
I know you guys have to report it but please please don’t say the shooter(s) name especially don’t say over and over again the shooter name!! Mention the fallen names, mention the first responders, mention any heroic acts.
Post Reports
Buck eye guy
A day without Martine is like a day without sunshine. Thanks for bringing light into my life.
My Favorite podcast!
I listen every day and sometimes twice a day if I replay it for a friend or family member. The wide range of subjects from then and now is one of the best things about the podcast. Thank you for some excellent reporting!
my favorite podcast
this has become one of my favorite podcasts. Martine has several topics everyday, and other wp writers on to talk in detail about their current stories. it feels fresh. she’s funny and inquisitive
Informative and always interesting podcast
Post Reports is not only informative, but host Martine Powers’ engaging tone and her questions with guest reporters make this podcast a great listen. I learn a lot!
China's long game podcast
I liked the format and the easy-going nonetheless the gumption to take on a challenging and very contemporary subject. However, the **treatment** lacked depth: minimal, if any data references; topically, it appeared that contemporary headlines have been summarized with a few sentences deemed sufficient enough. In summary, a light touch. Neither is it desirable nor is it feasible to be *wonkish* ... but VOICE is a powerful medium to convey near / mid / long term impacts. The participants need to do more homework on WHAT they are wanting to convey and WHY? WHY? WHY? is the fact being mentioned important and how does it fill out the big picture. I have been dealing with China first hand for 20 years and the podcast missed very many core points. Too-lite. With China, there is an elephant in the room and the media has not called it out.
Must listen
KiKee Di
This podcast is well written and fair. It is a necessary part of an educated breakfast.
Great Daily News Podcast
I listen to Post Reports most weekday afternoons on my drive home. I really like that they go fairly deep on a few topics. It's available most weekdays which is nice in that I don't feel the need to "catch up" if I miss an episode. It's usually about 20 minutes which makes it perfect for my commute.
Post Reports
The show is great! I look forward to spending time every day listening to interesting, in depth reports on important issues delivered by folks who really know what they are talking about. And keep up the occasional stories that aren’t in the daily news cycle but are really interesting!!
Informative and balanced daily news podcast
Post Reports stays up to date with its news and Martine Powers is balanced and fair in talking to the guests. Keep up the wonderful work!
Wow, the piece on outdoor concerts was insulting
This piece was a great example of judgment
Great Information
Carlie RoxAnn
You have the only podcast that had decent music. Thanks for that.
I look forward to hearing this podcast everyday.
Why so many male reporters?
I listened to a solid half dozen episodes in a row. Certainly Martine Powers, who is a woman, is the moderator. But virtually all of the people who are being framed as experts, and being interviewed are male. Conspicuously so. It’s really offensive. And unnecessary. There actually are many female experts, reporters, commentators, etc. This podcast just doesn’t seem to think it’s important to give them more than the slimmest and most infrequent role.
Washington Post
bevegracia@ gmail.com
Good information, Thanks
Afternoon Treat
Interesting, intelligent, and diverse... in the afternoon!
Great for binging
Diverse stories told well. If you’re tired of a constant influx of political stories, this podcast has a good balance for you.
Surprisingly engaging
I was skeptical when I subscribed that I would be a regular listener, but I found the stories to be truly engaging and supportive of the stories I read on the WaPo news reader app. I unreservedly recommend.
Thank you.
Daily listener. Informative, surprising, I always learn something new.
Kp4 ghost
Excellent! The most informative newscast-listen to it daily
Gen Zer, and this is way too partisan to be news
Great daily news digest
Thanks for including story links in the Pod description-saves me steps if I want to read more! Post Reports is an essential part of my daily news playlist. It focuses on the stories rather than the reporters, as The Other Daily podcast does. Martine is an excellent host, and the segments are just the right length. Recommended!
New subscriber
I have enjoyed listening to the podcast and learning so much that I decided to get a digital subscription, so I could access the entire publication. You’re doing a great job, thank you!
Today's show
Happy depositor
Loved your podcast!
pretty good
i like this podcast a lot, though some segments i find sort of uninteresting so i skip them. there are a lot of really interesting stories that they tell that i haven’t heard on other podcasts, which i love! some segments i wish went longer and a bit more in depth, like the one about the baby on board stickers. i was excited to hear more about them but the show abruptly ended. overall definitely worth listening to.
great podcast. love to listen and provides thorough explanations.
First ever review
I’ve been listening to podcasts since 2012. I have not faithfully and consistently listened to any like I do this podcast. It’s a great way to get depth, particularly in this day of sensationalism in the news media. Good stuff.
Good way to get in deeper but only a bit
Such a great, quick way to start your day and get a deeper understanding of just one or two subjects day. ❤️👏
The post is the most accurate newspaper left.
The Triangle Needs to Be Voted Out of Office
As far as content goes, this is a great podcast. However, the triangle sound, announcing the beginning of the podcast, is jarring, irritating, and eminently unnecessary. In fact, my wife and children agree, as do my dogs. Especially my dogs, who have been known to bark, run, and be jarred out of a sound sleep whenever by this three-second cacaphony. Please get rid of this one flaw in what is otherwise a flawless jewel.
Enjoyable but erratic
Podcast is off to a bit of a rocky start; hope it finds its feet. Some stories are excellent, then you have the host and guest doing an entire segment pronouncing the name of the cathedral is Paris “Noter” Dame. Cringeworthy!
Just remember, Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post
One among many
This means that the Washington Post will never truly say something that he disagrees with or support any causes that threaten him, Amazon or whatever other ventures he may have. Take with salt, distributed unevenly.
Enormous fan of Post Reports
Excellent coverage, I like the format of three stories each day. Theme music is wonderful
Such a big fan
I am listener and I want to say powerful posts
Obama”fentanyl crisis”
The only thing President Obama missed regarding fentanyl is that white people would suddenly care about addiction when it happened to white people. The crack epidemic effected mostly people of color and white people had no problem sending them to jail. Black addiction resulted in criminalization of addiction. White addiction resulted in medicalizing of addiction. Whites go to the hospital and treated. Blacks are carted off to jail to suffer withdrawal and rot. The “problem” was in not realizing that white people - and The Washington Post - would start caring once the problem affected white people. Truly recognizing the fentanyl problem means realizing that all addictions are public health issues.
The Post
Loved the Movie Thank you 4 All the info
Good format
The format of 3 separate stories is very good. Martine is a hero of news and I listen each morning. I feel like she is a pal, and I love to hear the in depth reporting on not just new news.
Brain Candy
I look forward to listen to this podcast everyday. This is brain candy, plain and simple.
Flawed II
For Martine Powers to wag her head in agreement with Ann Guerin’s absurd, fairytale version of U.S. involvement in Latin America and especially Trump’s coupe in Venezuela is absolutely ignorant and intolerable.
WashingPost podcast is Good!
Glad 2 b a Dad
I've listened to several of these and I like that they get right to the message and implications without a lot of drama and not dry delivery. Good job!
Look Foward everyday
I look forward everyday to listening to this podcast. Your voice hooks you right in.
2019 and still Anti-Bernie
2019 Bernie podcast went like this - 27 minutes stating the case against Sanders, and 3 minutes stating the obvious advantages he has, and all saved for the very end. Bravo. I figured you were just married to Clinton’s campaign in 2016, but now that Bernie’s back, it seems you just genuinely hate that he’s not a member of your stupid party, despite pioneering every single one of the most popular democratic platform policies. You could stand to tone down the Bernie hate, or at least call him on something people are thinking about, like the fact that he’s a white dude. That’s way more important to voters than his party loyalty.
Post Reports
Chrissy Faye
I have been listening to Post Reports for a while now. It is a great podcast!! I like the fact it has a number of stories on varied subjects. That makes it a refreshing break from the constant political crisis of the moment. Thank you!
Wanted to like this pod more than I do (particularly since I live in the DMV), but I tend to think the subjects and stories selected/curated by the producers are less interesting than the ones selected by news/public affairs pods like The Daily, Up First, and Start Here...
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