Steve’s album needs to be released
This podcast is crazy! They need to make a movie bout this! Steve’s music is off the chain
Binge worthy
This was one of my first true crime podcasts and it was the perfect gateway drug. I binged it and still think about it every now and then. A fascinating story that is well written and produced, A+ from me. Thanks!
Too many details
I like this podcast, however, I’ve felt that they provide too many random details and background stories that don’t really apply to this podcast. One episode focused on the detective’s career and the path he took to become the detective who handled this case. Another episode focused so much on the mine explorers and dog searches and trainers that I found myself wondering if I had somehow changed podcasts. Often I find myself skipping ahead over these parts as they do not seem relevant to the overall story. It seems as a time filler and lacking depth needed to tell the story.
Caesar's Mommy
I was obsessed with listening to this. A lot of details never heard before.
There are no words...
I don’t normally write reviews. And I don’t normally binge listen to podcasts. But this podcast was so informative, and well written and read, you can tell the amount of time and research that was put into this podcast! It shows in every sense that they truly cared about how to get this story done. And they took the time and put in the hours in the effort and the heartache to make sure that they put the best information out there! For the last two days it is all that has been playing in my house. And I just finished listening to it and I still have tears in my eyes. It was so gripping and it touched me so deeply on many levels. Being a survivor of domestic abuse. A survivor who was shot by her husband. I am one of the lucky ones. And your declaration will save another woman. Had my family said those things to me I would’ve never been shot I would’ve seen it earlier and I would’ve gotten away from it. Thank you so very much for the heart and soul that you put into this podcast!!!
No longer a victim
If anyone listens to this podcast I would like for you to hear the all the similarities that all these abusers use to lure their victims and keep them in this cycle they use. Don’t be afraid to walk away you don’t know how much better your life will be. Thank you Dave if people like you stood up and proclaimed to not hurt anyone in this way gives me a lot of hope. Please I beg people don’t live like this. Wonderful podcast I wish everyone can hear it and hear the clear message it’s sending. Abuse is an awful crime and it affects everyone.
A Must-Listen
Of every True Crime podcast I’ve listened to, this one stands out as the best, by far. The amount of research, production, and detective work that went in to this is truly amazing. After my first listen, I was impressed; after my second, I think it’s a masterpiece. Dave assembles and presents his incredibly detailed and in-depth information with true professionalism and respect for the victims of this horrifying case.
Needs editing
Way too long, and way too much irrelevant details. Would have benefited from some significant editing.
Binged listened to this Podcast for 3 days at work. I was so mesmerized by this tragedy and the narrator Dave. I highly recommend.
One of the Best report/investigation I’ve ever listened.
Detailed in depth and great journalism....
I stay out here in utah and remember seeing this story all over the news. This podcast had so many details and also had me emotionally in tuned since day 1. I been listening to it all day while at work. I’m glad there’s things like this to keep these loved ones in memory. Also to bring attention and awareness to domestic relationships.
So good.
This was a gripping podcast. For two weeks I put aside all my “usual” podcasts and listened to this every time I got in the car or went for a run. So good. So heartbreaking. So thorough. Loved it and highly recommend it.
TeddyBearX nailed it in their review!
George P Lee
Just read TeddyBearX's review, I agree 100% with them!
One of the most detailed crime podcast I’ve listened to. It’s very clear that the host has invested a lot of time and energy into Susan’s case. Chilling... once you start with the first episode it’s hard to turn it off.
This podcast dragged on and on. It focused on irrelevant details in a quiet monotone voice with awkward laughter, which doubled the episode time and thus wasted my time. We stayed until episode 16 begrudgingly hoping it would improve and give some sort of conclusion but it was to painful and we stopped.
Beyond addicting
Wonderfully narrated for such a heartbreaking story. 10/10 recommend.
Awesome and sad
Very well done story tell of a really sad story
Incredible work on this case. I binged this entire season. The passion and heart of all of the investigators comes through.
Good story, way too long
From the podcast, I know that there was a lot of material for the team to go through here, but I feel like a lot of it was added just because they had it. There was so much information I felt like they could of left out or cut down on. The podcast is just so drawn out it’s insane. I’ve listened to many Wondery podcasts, as well as true crime, so I was pretty disappointed by this one since I was familiar with the story. It just dragged on and on. Sometimes I found myself wondering why they were going over certain things, or why they were talking about it for so long. Really too bad since I was pretty excited to hear more about this story.
Hard-hitting investigative journalism
One of the most chilling podcasts I’ve listened to. Not only are the facts chilling, but the investigative prowess and incredible production compete only with classics like Serial.
Sucked me right in and I had to keep listening. Absolutely addicting. SO many details! (Great message at the end too)
Good Research, Ok Editing, Terrible Bias
I’m currently through episode one of this podcast miniseries. The editing and background music is ok (though falls short of some other true crime miniseries like “Man in the Window” or “The Clearing”), and it does go into depth regarding this case and its background with solid research and interviews. However, as a non-religious person living in Utah, the pro-LDS bias is the biggest issue here to me. Unsurprising given that this podcast was produced by KSL, a division of the mainstream Mormon Church, but it causes this episode to lose its objectivity and contrast from other true crime podcasts I’ve listened to. The narrator even goes so far as to deliberately say “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” in its entirety several times during the narration when you’d expect simply “LDS” or “Mormon” to be used instead. Without the bias and lack of objectivity, I’d probably rate this podcast 4 out of 5. But as it stands, I give it a 2.5 out of 5. if you’re here simply because you like true crime podcasts and prefer objective coverage, this might be one to avoid.
Best pod cast I’ve heard in long time!
Skittles mmz
One of my now favorites
Top Ranked
Personally I listen to several crime podcasts and I believe this one of the top ranked in terms of background checks and full disclosure of findings.
so good!
this podcast is amazing. love all the details and things i never knew about this case. so messed up. the way information is delivered is perfect. a must listen for any true crime fans
1st 2 episodes slow, but just keep listening!
Nike Noodle
I’m so glad I have it more time! The first two episodes are well composed, but slow. And the whole story purpose has yet to come to light of the plot. If it weren’t for the good structured story line, I’d have no clue who was who. But thankfully I know that as it plays. And it’s not the hosts fault that the true voice & recording of the guy (that I guess is the main character) is just so bland & annoying. So with the bland annoying true recordings & just a history type story told..without any suspense, makes it even slower to get to the point. So yeah now I just wanna know what this story is about. UPDATE: I’m glad I had no idea about this case! It was better! Great job! So much work went into this podcast!
This would be great without the narrator.
Completely put off by the narrators condescension. It is clear that he lacks respect for the people who’s story he’s telling and the seriousness of domestic violence.
Amazing narration and journalism
Incredible investigative journalism combined with an amazing narrator who provides great sources is my ideal podcast. He definitely does this story justice and discusses really important topics, this is a very depressing podcast at times due to the nature of the subject but still absolutely exceptional.
First review on a pod cast, even though I’ve been listening to podcast for well over a year. This is by far, hands down there best pod cast I have listened to!
Sound effects are annoying
I couldn’t get past the first episode with all the sound effects trying to set the mood.
Good story, terribly LOUD ads!
The only reason I didn’t 5 star was because of the paid advertisements. The podcast makes them soooo LOUD. I’m constantly having to adjust the volume every time they play. It’s so annoying and painful to my ears. I hate it when ads do this.
Doesn’t live up to the wonder of Wondery
Wondery is behind the best podcasts that I’ve listened to, Dr. Death, The Shrink Next Door, Gladiator and Star Wars. All 5-star. This however, just doesn’t seem like it belongs. Perhaps it’s the pro-LDS bias of the narrator or his voice (no offense, not everyone has a radio voice) or the fact that he’s simply not a great story teller but this tale could never quite get its hooks in and keep me interested.
Gosh! Listening to this on a quiet evening and BOOM, these loud hyped-up ads kick in... requiring the volume to be turned down so low the show cannot be heard when the ads are over. Why can’t some podcasters understand that the experience isn’t and shouldn’t be the same as television? I killed my television a decade ago for the ads.
Unbelievably Good
Tt sizzles
If you are a true crime fan, this podcast is a must listen. In fact, everyone should listen to this podcast. The people who worked to put this series together really deserve a lot of credit. I hope they cover another case in the future. If I could rate higher than 5 stars I would.
Susan Powell DV
no nicjklnamr
It’s a typical cycle of violence and unfortunately law enforcement first of all did not arrest him and play him against his father to see if any deal would be drawn one or other to confess while Steve was in prison Juvenile judges usually goes against what social workers recommend. That psychologist should had enforced a visitation in a neutral setting. I hope the Law passes about releasing children to suspected parents. It was a very detailed podcast and I congratulate the podcasters. In summary lot of holes that hopefully all learned from this disaster and tragedy.
Binged in 5 days!
This podcast held me captive for 5 days! It was all I thought about and still do. Thank you all, your hard work on this case and Dave, for telling it. The last episode great!
This was the best podcast I’ve listened to so far. If you haven’t listened to it you should! GREAT JOB!!!!
Fantastic podcast!
Jessie Kendall
It’s really well put together and easy to follow! Extremely interesting, I could NOT stop listening!!
I loved it! Disappointed that it’s over!!
You Either Have It, Or You Don't
The best material isn't worth anything if the narrator isn't any good, and this narrator has it! That's what determine whether or not I'm going to listen to all the episodes. The material is A+ and the narration keeps me coming back. I had heard of the Susan Powell case and what followed: the anguish, the death and destruction. There's nothing worse than a family annihilator. A person (usually a male) who feels no one else can raise a family as well as they can so their lives must end. I'm sure no one will know if that's what he felt or if he just felt the law was closing in. I hope one day they will find her so her parents can put her to rest.
This might be the most professional, interesting, and moving podcast I’ve ever heard! Thank you so much to the KSL team for this enormous effort. Truly a gift to listeners.
Setting the Bar High
This Podcast is exceptionally well done.. it makes you realize how much you don’t know when you hear about a tragedy such as this one. I hope there are many more podcasts to come!!
Way too long!!!
While this is a twisted and very interesting story, I think it could have been told in half the episodes. There were too many small details and took way too long to get to the point. Each episode in itself was too long too. I understand there’s a lot of content, but in order to keep the listener interested, you need to take out some of those details and get to the action. I also felt there was a lot of jumping around and the story was not told in succession.
Susan’s voice
Sorry but the voice of Susan made me hate her. It was whiny and exasperated.
This podcast had me spellbound
Enthralling and well researched, this podcast was perhaps the best I have listened to all year. Thank you Dave! Looking forward to your next effort!
I enjoyed this!
Great review of a complicated subject. The interviews were really necessary! I could tell you did a lot of research and legwork to get this thing done. I completely agree with your supposition at the end. We all need to help raise quality men, and hold each other accountable when we see the red flags especially at an early age. Any time you have a kid killing animals for sport.. it needs to be taken very seriously. Thanks for the intriguing listen, I really hope they find her body one day.
I hope one day we find her. Very good podcast!
New perspective on this case.
Wonderful podcast
This podcast is so well done. The write/caster did a great job keeping the listener engaged and covered all bases in discussing the case. Great job!
What great reporting
Zak. T.
This podcast is one of the most in-depth investigations done by an independent that I’ve ever come across. The insightful look into not only the case, but also into Josh Powell’s background and family added a layer of complexity and intrigue. While I understand the desire to incorporate as much detail as possible there were moments in the podcast that I felt as though were unnecessary. An example of this was the story of Andrew in episode 16. His story was lack luster and could have been told in a fraction of the time. However, the investigations acute attention to detail had me contemplative and incentivized for the next episode.
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