We both loved it!
My husband and I were completely sucked in by Murder Book. I have to know. Will you update us after August 23rd???
Murder Book - Season 1
Too many phone and court transcripts that you couldn’t hear.
So detailed
I was an alternate juror on this trial and was surprised at some of the things that went on while we were sent back to the jury room. The details that this podcast revealed are a complete surprise to me. I too am shocked as to how long the trial was delayed and now even more shocked as to how long the sentencing has taken. Will be following this until sentencing is reached.
Loving this podcast!
Michael Connelly proves he is a master storyteller no matter the medium. Narration interspersed with insight, interviews and trial recordings, I have been riveted! Highly recommended.
Murder Book
old lady book lover
Wow, this story was as good if not better than any murder mystery fiction story that I ever read. Connelly did a great job telling the story. Can’t wait to hear the update.
What a treat!
claire's on it
I’ve been looking for another podcast to fill the void after the riveting Death in Ice Valley. Murder Book is such a treat. Bonus from the guy who brought us my beloved Harry Bosch. Connelly does a great job narrating and the organization of the story draws you into the case. Some of the audio recordings are unclear, but that might be an issue with the original recording. I welcome the ads—-discovered some great books I should be reading—and they pay for the podcast! Amazing this wonderful content is free!!!!!
Binged the whole season in one day, bring on seasons 2!
Repetitively drones on and on
This was a great story told by a not so great story teller. I was shocked at how many times the same thing was said over and over in different ways. Additionally, the narrator’s voice is not meant for podcasts. It’s painfully obvious that he’s reading a script. It sounds like he’d rather be getting root canal than reading the script. It completely ruins what could have been a great podcast.
Love Michael McConnelly A+++
His excellent narrative in his writing is all part of this podcast. I am only saddened there is only this single podcast. Top shelf podcast
Love everything Michael does!
This was thrilling to listen to, yet heart wrenching at the same time. What a frustrating story! I feel so sad for Jade’s mother and his friend Clifford. This just never ends for them. I loved the interviews with the detectives involved, as well as the many others who played roles in this case. I just hope it finally comes to an end in August.
Great series!
Rslph R
It’s captivating. Listened on a drive from San Diego to Tucson and back.
Lee and Rose
Addictive podcast narrated by one my my most favorite authors. Well worth the time, and contains some great author recommendations in the breaks. Try it, you’ll enjoy it!
Very good coverage of the case
The Real Zen Boy
The podcast started out great. It was interesting and the narrator’s voice was gravelly enough to add some nice ambiance. His voice and the period music really made a nice noire atmosphere. The issues started when they went to trial. At first I thought they had some really bad court tapes. But then I realized they recorded this themselves, which just boggles the mind on how poorly it was recorded. Get the right equipment and then get someone who knows what they are doing with it. There are these insane noises and reverbs that drive you crazy and make it inaudible. But worse than the amateurish recording is the decision to use something that is unlistenable, and for ridiculously long periods of time. Why would anyone think people would want to hear recordings that cannot be deciphered, with crazy annoying noises, and long pregnant pauses instead of having the insanely long testimony summarized or read by actors is beyond me. Even if the recordings were pristine, they used about 10 times as much court material than would be appropriate, much less compelling. It’s sad to see such a promising podcast ruined by atrocious producing decisions.
What I’ve enjoyed so much about the Murder Book podcast series is the organization of the material, the actual interviews with those involved, the audio of the trial, and overall thoughtful attention to the victims, their families, and the jaw dropping story.
Only problem with this podcast is that the narrator does not pronounce the “h” in human.
Entertaining bur MC should’ve gotten a good narrator
I don’t like Michael Connelly as the narrator - his voice just isn’t good for podcasting (at least for me). Also the cheesy 1950s PI music was a bit much. Aside from that it is an interesting case.
So drawn out. Ads far too long and often. I stopped after 2 ep
The story grabbed me
This podcast grab me and couldn't shake lose. Very compelling courtroom real life drama.
Favorite podcast!
I loved this podcast so much I binged the episodes when I found it. It’s totally captivating and has left me wanting more!!
Murder Book
Very entertaining! It kept me engaged and offered some interesting insights into the challenges faced when cases go cold. Thank you! I look forward to more from you.
Murder Book
This is excellent, in depth, just the facts ma’am style investigative reporting. The wait for the hearing is killing me. I really don’t like the “true crime” soap operas juicing up the psycho-gore. I love this because we observe the chaos of criminal behavior through the orderly mind of detectives. Terrific show.
Hope this is the beginning of a series!
Fluffy Otterlady
I love MC’s books and this podcast is just as enjoyable. It’s interesting to hear the police’s and attorney’s thoughts as well as the court proceeding. I hated to have to wait a week in between episodes! I hope this is the beginning of a series!
Murder Book
I enjoyed the podcast and I look forward to more stories like this. I have read all of the Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer books and it is interesting to hear true case stories and the comments from real detectives that have and are working these type of cases. I enjoy reading believable fiction.
For Bosch Fans
Not only is it a great podcast on its own, you get a real sense of the real characters that went into making the Harry Bosch books. The case is fascinating, and like the books you get a great insight into how homicide investigations and trials actually work.
Great podcast!
One of my top criteria for a great podcast is the narrators voice. Michael Connelly has the perfect voice for this topic. Combine this with his 40+ years experience covering LA/Hollywood creates a one-of-a-kind podcast. (Rick Jackson sounds just like Ron Darling-MLB). This is an extremely professional and talented production. Connelly does a great job taking time to explain things like what the Murder Book actually is. And, I really loved the Q & A. Great job! Can’t wait for the next one!
Fabulous !!!
Completely engrossed the entire time, exciting and filled with interesting twists and turns. The best podcast I’ve ever listened to!!
If you liked Serial, you’ll like this.
Michael Connelly is one of my favorite authors, so I checked out his podcast. I binge listened. Not only was the case interesting, but Connelly’s calm, fair, and complete coverage was refreshing. I’m still thinking about the lives effected by this case. The victims’ and the subjects’ alike.
Murder book
One of the absolute best podcasts I’ve heard! Wow - what a thoroughly researched and told story !!
It’s been said before
Jewish lord
It’s all been said before..hard to hear recordings at times, his voice is a little rough at times and the case is definitely long & frustrating at times..can’t wait to see what happens!
Excellent Podcast
Darrrlin' Nikki
Michael Connelly and the Harry Bosch series is one of my favorite murder mystery writers. Love his books so when I found out about this podcast I had to try. I am new to listening to podcast but this one had me at attention with the same intent as when I ready a Connelly novel. I appreciate the story line and all the explanation...Excellent. Can’t wait till the next one!
No nonsense crime reporting
I really enjoy this podcast. It seems like there are so many sensationalized true crime podcasts out there these days and Murderbook is certainly not one of them. Yes, it’s dramatic but it’s only because the recounting of the story is dramatic and suspenseful, not because of sound effects and music. I also love the hosts voice, it reminds me of an old timey detective show.
Like everything Michael Connelly does: pitch perfect
metaphysical quilter
I love this series. It brings to life the job of bringing justice for those who wait. The focus on a inner city car jacking was well chosen. Everyone of us can relate to being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Love Michael Connelly....hate his narration.
As I said above....the podcast would be great without Connelly’s gravelly monotone voice. Show would be outstanding with a real narrator!
Great Story
I found the story riveting and had a hard time putting off an episode for another day. It was hard to hear the court case recordings. And i found my self rewinding a few times to understand as it was hard to hear. Great story. I hope to hear more and see more seasons.
Huge Connelly fan...Good first podcast attempt.
Tony in Tampa
I’ve read and listened to , and loved every one of the Bosch, Haller and Ballard books. I enjoyed the podcast and look forward to the next one. The detail and research that went into it made for a fascinating look at the real justice system compared to the fictional treatments. I’m looking forward to June 9 for the resolution of the case. My recommendations for improvement for the next podcast: Choose a case that doesn’t leave the listener hanging at the end. Also, I’m in the camp that would ask for better court room recordings. I had to listen, relisten and sometimes..RE-relisten to get the court room audio, which plays a significant role in the listening experience. Current technology should allow for this. Overall, I’m glad I spent the time with Mr. Connelly’s Murder Book and look forward to the next podcast.....AND, I’m chomping at the bit for the next Connelly book....thanks.
Great podcast!!
I stumbled across this podcast 4 days ago and could not stop listening. Every chance I got to play even 5 more minutes I hit play. I can’t wait to see what the next case is going to be!!
Not up to Connelly's high standard
I LOVE Connelly's books, and the Amazon show Bosch. This podcast was disappointing. The audio is terrible and it just drags on for too many episodes. If Connelly wants a stellar podcast series, he needs to up his game.
Addicted to Bosch
I love Michael Connelly’s books and Bosch series so naturally I tuned into this podcast. I couldn’t stop listening and I appreciate how thorough the interviews, case updates and trial were.
Excellent crime procedural
Connelly’s attention to detail and thorough research really shine in this podcast. Am an even bigger fan now after listening. Fantastic - you feel like you’re there as it is happening.
Mostly Good
Very compelling and interesting. The only thing I didn’t like was how often people chewing or eating.
A Must Listen
If you love Bosch, you’ll love this podcast!
Gets long in the tooth
I thought it was really interesting, but became stretched. Could of been done with fewer episodes.
Great podcast but...
Jeez...please don’t interview more people while you’re at dinner. In the second episode the sounds of the utensils clanking the plates and the chewing is extremely irritating.
Police Culture
Great examples of police culture and the desire to make things right.
Loved it
Katie Leiux
Love reading Michael Connelly’s books and was so excited about his new podcast. Glad to say it did not disappoint. I liked the chronological presentation, the actual trial recordings, the explanations of the legal aspects and how he interviews those involved in the case. Another interesting point is how Connelly talks about the license he takes in his books but explains how that would not work in the real worlD. Here’s hoping for a season 2. Also, Grace Kelly has a new fan. Her jazz sax is amazing.
Murder Book Best Podcast!!!
#1 Best way to explain the experience of a trial and case. Pretty please pick a new one and do it again. Your voice is perfect and stop apologizing for the poor recording. It was clear and concise. Thank you for the enjoyment and education, my favorite kind of learning.
Gruff and gritty- just like the books
I love Connelly’s voice on this podcast! You can tell where the inspiration of the character Bosch comes from. Great story telling! Marathoned this in one weekend! I cannot wait for more!
Great podcast
I really enjoyed season 1 of this podcast but felt that it was slightly biased towards the prosecution.
My wife & I listened to this on a two day long drive. Almost wanted to keep driving so we could listen to more. Great look into the criminal justice system.
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