The words we get to hear those women speak are powerful. Incredible reporting. Great job.
Amazing. Chilling. Captivating.
MK McDonald
It is terrifying to hear the LAYERS of this case. We all know the story from the news— but this podcast exposed that Larry Nassar was not a stone cold villain— he was a very smart and calculated abuser which makes this case much more twisted. My heart goes out to all of the survivors. They paved the way for other women to speak up and tell their stories. ❤️ #metoo
Believed R
my word up
It is time for more stories of this nature to become public and out of the closet. For many generations this kind of thing was swept under the rug. Just like in your story many girls, women even grandmas need to learn they were not alone. I need to understand they Should not feel shame. They are not to be blamed. All The shame, all the blame, Should be placed on the person doing the abuse. Not the person That was abused.
Thank you
Well told
It’s Their Story Now
This is so powerful. He is no longer controlling the narrative - hearing the stories of these girls and young women was horrifying, but chillingly important. Thank you for providing such respectful reporting on this story to bring light to darkness.
Beautifully told. The courage of these women is amazing. Watched the documentary on HBO after and was NOTHING compared to the emotion and effort this podcast proved to give.
Survival Story
This is so incredibly important. Thank you.
I’m astounded by the bravery and candidness of the women. As a mother, it is a stern reminder to always believe my children no matter what.
I was obsessed with this case when it was breaking, as a former gymnast and now coach. While listening I wondered why I tortured myself listening to these details over and over again. And then I got to the finale, it’s because as awful as it is that it happened these women were strong and I remembered the empowerment I felt as these women stepped forward and claimed their lives and their stories.
Always believe
“This is what it looks like.” Words that should wake us all.
Eye opening and saddening!
I think a great follow up series would be the SafeSport movement and the multiple amateur sports who are more worried about false accusations then protecting the children in the sports. USA Today has had multiple articles on the equestrian sport specifically and US Volleyball. Offenders are banned but then there are no consequences if they ignore the bands.
Hard but needed.
Ants Momma
This was one podcast that was very hard to hear but very necessary. I found myself sitting in my car crying, shaking my head and mouth dropping. So proud of these young women who were so brave to share their story to educate the next generation of what is NOT OK! God bless them all.
Every parent and doctor should listen to this
Thank you for this well reported story. Makes me rethink how to talk to kids about touch and how to be alert as parents.
I couldn’t stop listening.. Cautionary tale
I love Boomie
Well produced and presented..I didn’t know the whole story. This is a very important story for parents to remain vigilant of people around their children... and to listen to their children. I’m in awe of all the women who came forward. I pray you are able to heal.
Fantastic podcast
This tragic and heartbreaking true story is presented in a phenomenal format that draws the listener in and brings you face to face with a horrific story that hundreds of women and girls lived through, and how that secret was finally forced into the open and justice was found. Beautiful narration and dogged journalism results in an amazing listen from start to finish.
Not only was this podcast so well done, but it also connects with the listeners. Although the testimonies of the women were terrifying and disturbing, I couldn’t stop listening. I felt like, just like the victims, I needed closure. Bravo.
Heart wrenching
Such a well done story. A good reminder to everyone that we have to do better. The resilience and strength these girls have is amazing.
Fantastic podcast.
Amazing, informative, touching, effective, and tear-jerking.
Flawless execution
The hosts for this podcast could not be better. They seem to have an expert understanding of the content and the most appropriate way to tackle it, which can't be easy. Finding the right balance to have a healthy conversation about sexual abuse and how our society allows it to happen. All while keeping politics out of it and keeping the focus right where it needs to be. Fantastic work!
Fred Layne Bell
Really liked the hosts of this podcast. It is hard to hear these girls’ stories, but also interesting to get an idea of how he did what he did. Worth the listen!
Thank you
esther jean delphine
Thank you
Soooo worth it
It was hard to listen to, but I looked forward to each episode. Sooo glad you dove deep into what was going on, how it was enabled, the nuances of how each survivor felt and coped with the trauma, and thankfully how justice was (somewhat) served.
Well Done
This is why we love podcasts. Sometimes they exceed any other medium by focusing the listener on amazing stories without distractions.
This is one of the most important podcasts you could listen to.
I hope everyone listens to this podcast and learns.
Outstanding report summarizing the awful Larry Nassau case from the victims viewpoint.
Believe girls
The story was riveting, deeply disturbing at the most elemental levels, and fascinating. It was also inspiring. For every parent and advocate for truth, integrity, and young women it’s a must-listen. You will be broken and you will rise. To the creators, thank you for telling this story. It was difficult to listen to so I cannot imagine how difficult it must’ve been to make the series. You have done something very important. To the survivors, I am grateful to you for telling your stories. (And fully respect those who did not come forward, too.) You are saving lives. To the adults who failed but learned to listen, you humble us and your speaking up helps us learn. May we all be better. To all involved, you are teaching all of us to believe girls. Thank you.
This podcast tells this story very well
Di McC
I watched the HBO show about this. After listening to this podcast I realize there was a lot more to the story then what was shown on HBO. Great job.
concha ann
The most perfect way to present such a sad truth.
Beautifully told
What a tremendously heartbreaking story, but so beautifully told.
Required Listening
Was so impressed with the storytelling, the analysis of these horrific events, and with the strength of the victims. This podcast should be required listening for all police, school and sports administrators, parents- Anyone who is in a position to listen and find the truth when someone comes to them asking for help.
Well presented, clear information.
I really appreciate the clear and detailed reporting. A horrific story presented methodically, with respect towards the victims and their stories. The information about the investigation and prosecution is compelling.
Informative and heartbreaking
Extremely well done, excellent reporting and compelling. The abuse from victims is upsetting and heartbreaking; how all these people failed the girls.
Such great info and research! Amazing stories finally told!
Very well written
Ale Wit
Grossly sad story magnificently told.
One of the Best Podcasts
Kudos to the producers. This podcast, while so painful at times because of its subject matter, was “easy” to listen to. The people who speak are incredible in explaining things and bringing the listener along. It was smart, thoughtful, clear. The way it tells the story is respectful and does not exploit the subject at all. Overall the podcast raised so many issues for me: about how molestation happens to such a degree, about our criminal and legal systems, about the incredible destruction of abuse, about the need to believe victims.
Beautifully done and heart breaking
Everyone should listen, especially parents. The women who testified, filed complaints against Nassar and spoke at the sentencing are, without any hyperbole, amazing. Their strength and grace are awe inspiring. I thank them for their bravery.
Podcast Important for All
I binged this podcast within a day, it’s truly sad and empowering at the same time. I know I’m late to it and didn’t know much about the case besides the little bit I heard on the news. This is a very important podcast to listen for all. For survivors, for young women, and for parents. The podcast communicates the importance of these cases and how messy and systematically ingrained sexual assault is in many systems.
Congratulations to everyone involved in making this podcast. The team who made this program took on a difficult subject with clarity, compassion, and care. I am impressed by the survivors who used their powerful voices to testify about the importance of believing people who have been abused.
Blown away
Outstanding coverage of a deeply disturbing account of a monster and the myriad ways he was allowed to continue to abuse and destroy the lives of so many innocent girls. I’m incredibly impressed by the courage of these young women, especially the court testimony of Kyle Stephens who brilliantly translates her experience into an unforgettable and piercing message to her abuser and his accomplices. After digesting this story, I feel like a more capable and vigilant parent and human being.
Michigan Radio’s reporting is fantastic
LoveFossil's Scientist
I never cease to be impressed by Kate Wells and Lindsey Smith’s investigative reporting.
Everyone needs to listen
As hard as this podcast was to listen to I am appreciative that these stories were told.
Breath taking! A well told story that I didn’t realize I knew so little of. I wished I could hug them all! Thank you for this.
Thank you, for delving into this terrible event and incredibly difficult topic with such tact and well-rounded reporting. It’s riveting, emotional and difficult to hear sometimes, but so worth it for the truth to be told. Beautiful. And such a triumph when victims in this scenario are so often not believed.
Excellent journaling
I couldn’t stop listening. Very cathartic and inspiring. Thank you for telling this story and to all of the women and families who shared their stories.
Not easy--but worth it
Really well done. This is important work.
Couldn’t stop listening. Thank you for telling their story. Keep doing the work you do with the deft skill evident here.
Absolutely brilliant podcast — and culturally important
I am a huge fan of true crime podcasts, and it took a bit of time for me to get to this one. But I am incredibly pleased that I listened — in fact I binge-listened one Saturday. In short this podcast is fantastic, and on top of that it is a culturally important podcast (which is an achievement very few podcasts attain). Larry Nassar is (or seems to be) a basic sociopath. The classic signs are there — he grotesquely gaslighted and *used* family and friends as well as his patients. And of course he always thinks that HE is the victim. Also the girls “asked for it” in the sense that they were too dumb to understand the “medical merit” of the sexual abuse AND he claimed they must have been sexually abused by someone else and so they were taking their anger out on him. ALSO sometimes he “just got erections” while treating patients. It is so appalling! His playing of colleagues and manipulation of the police is just one glaring example of his sociopathy — his rambling interviews with the police are very typical snowjobs — overfilled with obviously fake empathy, insincere flattery (and the female detective initially seems to eat it right up), playing the victim, telling everyone else that they are well...too stupid to understand, etc.
I’m speechless. I put off listening to this for a while because I knew it would be hard to listen to. So glad I listened - incredibly well produced. Recommending to everyone I know.
Words to my voice
I'm a survivor of seven years of abuse by a family friend. How this podcast weaves the narrative of how a predator grooms the victim and the family for the ability to abuse for years could not be done better. They show how the abused love and care for their abuser and have trouble disconnecting those feelings. I am proud to be able to speak of my abuse now, over twenty years later, and am working on the shame that comes with it but should not be there. Thank you for this report. Thank you for caring. Everyone should listen to this podcast.
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