Didn’t think you’d hook me but you did!
I passed this by when I heard the commercial the first time a month or so back. But now that we’re into summer and my gardening tasks keep happily expanding I needed something other than the talking books I’ve heard 100 times or the endless political blathering. Can’t wait to hear more!
Katrina Monique Russell
This podcast surprised me. I’m usually one to listen to true crime podcasts nonstop, having never found a audio fictional series that hooked me. Blackwood presents itself in a way similar to found-footage films, sometimes a little haphazard with its reporting and storyline, but rich in character development with true-to-life inside jokes, references, and reactions. The voice acting is excellent for the three teens, though slightly lacking for extras/minor characters. This show not only surprised me for the interesting story of the Blackwood Bugman, but also how I’ve ended up caring for these characters in a very small amount of time. Each episode is ~30 minutes long, allowing me to binge and be finished within less than half a day’s worth of work; but the longevity, or lack thereof, doesn’t take away from the story, though I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad that it was over so soon. I want more. Saying that, I also find it immensely appropriate that Blackwood does not continue, as I’m currently unaware if there will be more episodes/seasons. The ending feels fitting for this sort of story and format, allowing the listeners to draw their own conclusions about the characters’ storylines and the fate of Blackwood as a whole. Thank you so much for a fantastic listen!
Really good series
Infinite Mallet
This is an awesome podcast/audio drama with great writing and wonderful actors. I loved it and want to see more.
Great podcast!
It tells a pretty cool story about some young kids. I listen to madd mikes podcast which is real scary stories. It was a nice transition to listen to something with just one story that they focus on!
I needed a break from real murder podcasts and this one def gives me the creepies!!
Blair Witch??
Kind of a rip off of the Blair Witch movie but entertaining.
Jeeze you guys stink, where’s the Blackwood podcast gone to, did you get a real job flipping burgers? Another one start a podcast and never finish, how about you finish Blackwood/Lamewood before you start a new one, or go back to flipping burgers!!!!
And then what happened?
Christina Abdou
When is season two coming out? I’m now invested.
It reminds me of the Blair Witch Project but with better character development and plot progression. The voice acting is great as well, feels natural and conversational.
Totally awesome!!!
The voice acting is awesome and the script does suspense very well!!! Please do another season!!!!
Really like this show. Will there be another episode?
Why are you leaving us hanging
Awesome show I always was looking forward for the next episode but now there is nothing what happened why didn’t you do another about them going back to Blackwood please do more.
what’s his REAL name??!
Podcast kept my attention, great production BUT. Bothered me soooo badly that Molly kept calling Bryan Ryan. Hated that. Ending also rushed.
Super Spooky! Very Tense!
Amber Audra Valentine
I love a spooky good radio drama and this delivers! Most things these days I will save to binge until the season is over but I listened to the first episode of Blackwood and was HOOKED - Making sure to listen weekly the day it came out! I cannot wait for the second season! This is like if you took a bunch of local urban legends told to keep children up at night, the Blair Witch, some Steven King (Maybe It, but like without the weird sex stuff or the turtle, just like the kids trying to get to the bottom of mystery maybe?) and put it in a Magic Bullet with some protein powder. Put this in your favorite smoothie cup and GET HOOKED ON BLACKWOOD!!!!
Impossible to follow
Three host literally rambled on, and laughed at their own private jokes for the 30 minutes I attempted to tune in. I have no idea what idea they’re attempting to share here. For me this was unlistenable.
Holy smokes
Needs more. I NEEDS more.
Very well put together show.
Do meth
Great production quality. Was nice to binge on a long drive.
Amazing show!
It’s captivating and the actors are incredibly good. The story is incredibly well designed. We need season 2!
Season 2?
Listened to the whole at work and I am shooketh. I need closure. The cast is amazing and the acting is authentic
Left wanting more
Tony leshel
Despite the unnecessary explicit language this is a truly amazingly audio drama. Great job! I want season 2!!!
Love it!
Great series. Please start second season. You have something good here!
This has been the most captivating drama podcast I’ve listened to. Please bring back the show; the anticipation is killing me!!!
I Need More!
This is fantastic! I need to know more of what’s going on! Please make a season 2, this show is amazing!
More Please
Please bring back more episodes
Loved this
I finally listened to all of the episodes of this podcast. I so hope we have a second season. It’s one of my favorites not.
So good!!!
I really enjoyed this podcast- I want more! 😊 great acting, and excellent story.
Unfortunately short
I love audio dramas and this is probably the best I’ve heard. Story is well written and interesting. Voice acting is phenomenal. Worth the subscription
We need a second season!
Season one was great! I would love a season two. It seems like all the best podcasts never get finished yet we have trash podcasts like Alice isn’t dead that drag in forever with nothing to offer.
This is amazing! Please tell me there will be a second season!!!!
Amazing Series
This was a great story series I hope there will be more episodes.
Great story!
Blackwood is a great story, hope there will be more to come!
Really cool buildup!
Hello there I’m from WV where cryptids have long been a part of the history and culture. This show reminds me of those stories and it’s well produced. Can’t wait to see what’s next. This would make a great mini-series.
Are you supposed to wait 6 months in the middle of the story
Me money 67644
No new content in a long while.
Flex slaughter
The characters are compelling as is the the story line. Need more in 2019!!!! Best I’ve heard in awhile.
I need a second season PLEASE
The Performances
and the Dialogue ... are the Horror on this Podcast. Corney, tries WAY too hard making it a -10 Meh. Rushed out, unpolished and un-fini
Leaves a lot to be desired
Ms. Nikkie
Interesting premise but there was no resolution at all, only suggestion of things and not in a clever way. I believe they tried to do too much in too small of a time frame. It would’ve been way better if they could’ve went into depth about the mysteries. Sound quality and idea is great but that’s about it. I’d skip this one unless a second season would come out.
Loved it
This podcast was super interesting. I hope they do a season 2!
This is a great podcast!
This podcast is super great, I went into it expecting a good creepy story and I got so much more! It has an amazing storyline and the characters are amazing. It’s really well put together and the atmosphere surrounding it is super suspenseful. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who wants to hear an amazing story.
Great show
Blackwood is great. It gives me limetown and S-town vibes. The characters are relatable and tastefully done. The story is interesting and suspenseful.
Interesting premise, interesting plot, but it doesn’t really go anywhere and gets overly complicated, leaving way too many unanswered questions.
Loved this form of story telling. I was surprised at the different approach, but it works! The only thing I disliked was some of the transition music, at times it seemed like it didn’t quite fit the mood or storyline, but the majority of it was really good.
Please tell me that the story ends this way. There’s going to be another season...right? I’m giving it 5 Stars because it’s good, but if it ends this way...
Amazing show!
This is one of the few shows I found myself unable to stop listening to- I get easily bored from some podcasts, but every episode of this one left me wanting more! I can’t wait to hear more from this studio, they really did a great job on this show and I have no idea how it’s not more popular!
So fun!
I honestly think one of the best serialized fiction dramas
Another corny scripted horror podcast. Why.
First of all, I kind of love that one of the characters who is established as either dead or missing (in the first minute of the first episode) reads all the ads. Instead of the narrator. That’s...that’s an interesting choice. The people who wrote these scripts and directed these voice actors assume the audience is fully incapable of understanding subtlety in any form - except for the nearly identical voices of the two male leads. The editing is also terrible - it’s always obvious when a voice actor was recorded separately, because the rhythm of their dialogue makes no sense. Anyway, yeah, this is not good, and I don’t know how or why some of these shows get made.
It was ok
Erika E SoCal
Acting was good. Liked some of the characters. The sound effects were good. I like the cover art. It was a creative premise. What I didn’t like was the constant ads in the middle which I felt took away from the story. I don’t feel like it answered anything for me and felt like there was a lot of point less extra story.
Needed a bit more time
I did enjoy the series although it felt like everything was fast paced like they were just trying to get to the next part point and clue after They uncover the last one. You never really got to know the characters or anything going on it was just get the story out as fast as possible I will be returning for the second season but I hope they fix the pacing problem
Audio level
The audio level (volume) for anyone other than the main actors is very low. Aside from that the story is fine and entertaining...if you can hear enough to keep up.
So Good!
Has me eagerly waiting for the next!
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