July 5, 2019
Sneak peak into The Mastermind. Key teaching moments include: How to energetically align with raising your prices. How to cast vision to make decisions in your business. Designing your business around your future-self’s desires. Using all your money? It’s time to generate more money. Apply for The Mastermind: https://teamaf1.typeform.com/to/mpwGl5
June 29, 2019
How to Always Make the Right Decision. Your dreams were given to you by God to walk out on this planet. Your desires are showing you your calling. While It’s often scary to follow your heart, it gets much easier once you release the fear that you could make one mistake a F the whole thing up. Remember: It’s safe to live your life, try things out and take risks when it comes to your desires.
June 23, 2019
Getting paid is supposed to be natural and easy. Amanda sat down with Andrea Crowder to create a training for you around Amanda’s classic affirmation, “People love to pay me.” They discuss why good people with good services aren’t always the most profitable and how to change that. Check out Sell From Your Soul with Amanda + get bonuses from Andrea: www.spirituallyintimate.com/sfys   LET'S GET SOCIAL www.amandafrances.com www.instagram.com/xoamandafrances  GUEST: ANDREA CROWDER www.instagram.com/love_andreacrowder www.spirituallyintimate.com/podcast 
June 15, 2019
Amanda and Gabby come together for the fourth year in a row to riff on miracles, God, and designing a spiritual business that supports your life and dreams by supporting others. If you feel a call on you life + a desire to do more, don’t miss this episode!
 This episode is sponsored by FabFitFun. Check out http://www.FABFITFUN.com. Use the code RISE for $10 off your first box. #fabfitfunpartner
June 8, 2019
Have you ever had a man (or anything else) throw you for a loop? When we are freaking out, frantic or a panicked, identifying the fear + the limiting belief underneath is key to be able to clear it and shift the energy. Listen to Amanda’s real life lesson learned from a (really) hot man with abs. This episode is sponsored by FabFitFun. Check out www.FABFITFUN.com. Use the code RISE for $10 off your first box. #fabfitfunpartner
May 31, 2019
It’s time to release the pressure of dating + know you will end up with the partner of your dreams. Once you KNOW that you get to have your ultimate desire of being with the right person for you, then you’ll worry a lot less if someone texts you back. Allow yourself to enjoy your dating life now, knowing that it is your destiny to have the partner that is meant for you. This episode is sponsored by FabFitFun. Check out www.FABFITFUN.com. Use the code RISE for $10 off your first box. #fabfitfunpartn
May 24, 2019
“I never made the intentional decision to start a ‘spiritual’ business. I am just someone who deeply values spirituality running a business.” Amanda explains how her spirituality has helped her fill in gaps, exceed expectations, and do the unheard of on repeat. She explains how the grace of God and her love of God fits in to her life, world and business. This is a must listen. This episode is sponsored by FabFitFun. Check out www.FABFITFUN.com. Use the code RISE for $10 off your first box. #fabfitfu
May 18, 2019
Most people don’t understand this when it comes to manifesting: The thoughts you think, feelings you feel and energy you hold when becoming a vibrational match for what you want, are the feelings that will be present within you when the desire materializes. Manic, frantic manifesting is always an option, but is not necessarily for your highest good. Receiving with grace, ease, and flow is another option. I call this relaxed receptivity. More details https://amandafrances.com/energy-and-frequency-of-mone
May 10, 2019
Debt only means what you make it mean. Amanda shares her controversial point of view on debt. If you are focusing on paying off your debt, you put a lot of pressure, energy and focus on debt which will likely increase your debt. Instead focus on overflow and debt will natural be eliminated. This was taken from video three of the Energy and Frequency of Money. Enroll here: https://amandafrances.com/energy-and-frequency-of-money/
May 3, 2019
It’s not about discipline, it’s about devotion and desire. There is a made up idea that discipline and consistency are the main determiners of success. When truly the idea that you have perform in some certain kind of way in order to succeed is nonsense. In this podcast, Amanda encourages us to embrace who we truly are and use all of our personalities, flaws and habits to do big things in this world — hot mess and all.
April 26, 2019
You get to have ANYTHING that you want because you want it and that includes a hot body. Whether for you this means losing or gaining weight, toning up or growing a booty... you get to have the body that you decide you can have. Listen to Amanda shift her own limiting beliefs around manifesting her dream body live during an All the Things membership training. This is major.
April 23, 2019
The Power of Setting Your Intention. Pulled from an IG story riff last year, Amanda shares the steps to set your intention early in the morning and how to get into the vibration of expecting inspiration to show up. In her words: “When you don’t know what to do, do everything that you know to do”, learn what this means when it comes to taking inspiration action on your daily life.
April 12, 2019
Listen in to this conversation between Amanda Frances and Kelly Roach on how to grow your audience + online presence. They riff on creating connection and taking intentional action to make a splash online. Amanda shares how she has grown her Instagram rapidly. Kelly shares on unapologetically using paid traffic online. Learn how to use livestreams, challenges, and other strategies to grow right now. >> Created in conjunction with Kelly Roach for Unstoppable Success Radio and the And She Rises Podcast
April 10, 2019
Do you have something to say or do you not? Fear will have you thinking of every worst case scenario imaginable. Amanda shares how to tap into something even more powerful than are fear. It’s time we commit to our desires, disregard fear, and show the eff up. Show up afraid. Show up no matter what. You ready? -- Are you loving this podcast? Show your love and leave Amanda a review. XO
March 30, 2019
No more discovery calls. No more overcoming objections. No more people saying they can’t afford you. Getting paid gets to be a natural + easy extension of being alive. Amanda shares that all paradigms + versions of reality are available all the time. Best quote: “I regularly have six figure launches barely even trying. And when I did try, I had a seven figure launch. You want in on how I do the things.” Sell from Your Soul is closing for enrollment: http://amandafrances.com/sell-from-your-soul
March 29, 2019
Since ‘saving money’ is not the most expansive vibration that you can play in, Amanda describes what it’s like to choose overflow as a way to ‘stack the cash’? She shares how she moved from the energy of earning money to energy of having money and more than enough of it. She also explains on what lack of motivation + procrastination really means. Listen until the end for other spiritual business tips such as why “converting” people into clients is not necessary Sell From Your Soul: http://ama
March 22, 2019
This is the kick in the butt that you might be needing today. When you WANT to do something, when you desire something with all your soul it is literally your job to do whatever it takes. Not in a frantic or manipulative way but DECIDING that you get to be/do/have it no matter what.  To join Amanda in her newest course SELL FROM YOUR SOUL, see details + success stories + enroll here: http://amandafrances.com/sell-from-your-soul You don’t want to miss this. ♥️
March 15, 2019
It was one year ago. I was stepping into a church for the first time in a decade. Via IG story, I recorded a little rant about not of blindly following doctrine (as I had done in the past) but trusting yourself/the God in you instead. While it is safe to learn from outside resources, your primary guidance comes from within. As ACIM says, “His Will and your true will are one & the same.” Looking back, attending this church for a time was a beautiful + healing experience. As always, I was being gui
March 6, 2019
Due to her authentic personality, unique branding and massive heart, Amanda Frances has proven to have staying power. Over the years, she has fine tuned what it means to tap into your core truth and create a unique brand that stands out online without borrowing from others. Listen today to understand more deeply how to create a beautiful online brand that will stand the test of time. The Best of Amanda Frances: amandafrances.com/amanda-frances-features-podcasts-interviews
February 27, 2019
As a high level business mentor, Amanda regularly helps private clients and mastermind learn to support hundreds of thousands of humans daily, without feeling drained. Amanda digs into how to set boundaries with those online while deeply serving the masses on social media. Release the the feelings of guilt and obligation. Learn how to act from generosity, passion and desire exclusively as your grow your massive audience of incredible humans.
February 12, 2019
Amanda shares life changing concepts around why we accidentally block money + how to attract with more ease. Move into understanding the basis of what is a vibration and how to use it to attract money, how do handle thoughts and feelings that don’t support abundance, and how to develop belief system that supports wealth Plus a story about a MMM student receiving money unexpectedly after raising her vibration (per usual). Sponsored by the Money Mentality Makeover. http://amandafrances.com/money for detail
February 4, 2019
“In order to attract what you want you have to be an energetic match for your desires!” Amanda dives into the power of deciding what you choose to have in terms manifesting money, growing a company and attracting all of your desires. She shares how she gets herself into the energy of already having the desired outcome and how you can align your energy to your heart’s desires as well. >> Shared with permission from The Badass Manifester Podcast by Ashley Gordon
January 22, 2019
Many coaches are faced each day with inappropriate DMs asking for free coaching. Amanda share with us her standard about free coaching and her unavailability for it. There is a big difference in giving content away for free from a place of love and service and giving free coaching from a place of guilt. Learn how to guard your energy and say no in a loving - non bitchy way.
January 13, 2019
If everything was truly unlimited and you could have anything in your life? What would you want to do? If you knew for sure that you are guided and that you could never fuck it up, what would you call into your life? Listen to Amanda riff on how her core desires are her guidance and the important truth that you don’t have to pick just one thing. You can have it all!
January 6, 2019
Have you ever asked yourself, “What if this never happens again for me?” Amanda talks about how to reframe the feelings of “it was just luck” and how to change your focus from each individual sale and client to believing in who you are and what you are meant to do. When you promote from a place of fulfilling your destiny the pressure releases and everything changes.
December 30, 2018
Make your purpose and your calling bigger than your fear. How Amanda became comfortable being seen online. Asking for guidance, knowing that the answer will always be made clear. Eliminating need for signs. Last chance for Holiday Bundle: amandafrances.com/the-bosslady-business-holiday-bundle. This was taken from the Famous Burger in Bed Training. To get the full one hour training: http://amandafrances.com/the-time-i-made-45k-while-eating-a-burger-in-bed
December 13, 2018
Many people feel overwhelmed by the idea of hiring a support team. Or feel guilty about hiring someone when they don’t know how many hours they can give them. Amanda riffs on how she has manifested her team members + how to let each team member grow in their roles within the company overtime. You get to have aligned people supporting you. This gets to flow in and work out for you easily. Because you being supported is of high service. And because it does.
December 12, 2018
The intentions change. The numbers change. The desired outcome may change. The goals change but the process is the same. Every single goal seems incomprehensible and impossible at one point you continue to strive and continue to choose that it is possible for you and that you get to have it. Amanda shares how she now plays with numbers to more than double AFI’s revenue every year since she started her company.
November 27, 2018
Believing in yourself is harder in the beginning of your business, but everyone starts at the beginning. Amanda explains that all the moments you chose to believe in yourself and your work will add up and overflow into your reality. Deciding and believing — against all odds — gets easier. She digs into how to believe in your ability to hit your goals (especially at the end of the year). Sponsored by the Boss Lady Holiday Bundle. http://amandafrances.com/the-bosslady-business-holiday-bundle for details.
November 22, 2018
The most important part of manifestation: FAITH. When it doesn’t look like it’s happening and you believe anyway, your faith has been activated. Incredible things can now happen. Sit in a confident still knowing against all odds. It’s not that you must force or manipulate or control. You just have to know. Amanda shares the above plus explains with “surrender” is a form of self abandonment. Must listen. Recorded August of 2016. Sponsored by the Boss Lady Holiday Bundle. http://amandafrances.com f
November 22, 2018
Marinate in the words and energy of this meditation. “You are enough. You were sent to this planet on purpose. The things that you want to talk about need to be talked about. The world needs your gifts and needs your gifts now. What you long to do is what you are called to do.” What a powerful meditation! We encourage you to carve out time today to sit, close your eyes, and breathe. Recorded in December of 2016. Sponsored by the Boss Lady Holiday Bundle. http://amandafrances.com for details.
November 10, 2018
Part 3. The first steps of starting a business. What it’s like to watch your dreams come true. The attitude that will carry you through. Recorded when Amanda Frances Inc was earning $40k a month. Two and half years later, AFI is generating over $250k a month with the same methods. Grow your audience. Provide free content. Offer paid content. Amanda shares details of one of her signature programs. Enroll in Become a Money Making Coach Course: https://amandafrances.com/life-coach-course
November 10, 2018
Part 2. Build a loyal, loving community of humans who love to buy from you. Grow your audience consistently. What people to need to know to be able to decide to enroll in your offers/pay to work with you. Get the soul mate clients into your social media outlets. While this was recorded this was recored 2.5 years ago, the concepts + techniques remain true. Must listen. Recorded in 2015. Watch the videos free at: https://amandafrances.com/get-paid-to-change-the-world
November 10, 2018
Part 1. Desire to earn money by helping others? Want meaning and money in your life? Make your own schedule + work from anywhere? Perfect. Amanda keeps it real and shares generously about what has gone right and wrong in growing her online biz and personal development brand. I believe by taking in these concepts you can save yourself months, even years, of misdirected and confused action in your business. Recorded in 2015. Watch the videos free at: https://amandafrances.com/get-paid-to-change-the-world
November 3, 2018
Why we create struggle in our lives (and releasing the need for it, completely). Amanda shares how to release the meaning we have placed on the events in our life, how to get clear on your soul aligned future desires and how to move more quickly into becoming the woman who you were always meant to be. We can use struggle for good, but what if we didn't need it at all? This episode is infused with the energy of rising up, disregarding nonsense, moving forward unapologetically and taking your place as queen.
October 27, 2018
Inside look into Amanda’s Business. During this Live TV Interview, Amanda discussed with co-hosts, Stephen Lovegrove and Suzanne Quast, how to become an energetic match for success. She shares her mindset and process for making more and money (all of the time, no matter what). She explained how to know “God’s will” in business as well as what could be blocking you from allowing money into your life.
October 24, 2018
Heaven and earth rejoices when you choose to go big. In a brand-new, never-before heard podcast, Amanda riffs on what occurred 4 years ago that enabled her to begin to earn five figures each month. And how she utilized these principals to grow a multi-million dollar brand that earns multiple six figures a month in the time sense. She encourages you to answer the call, drop the guilt, energetically elevate into your next level and know you are worthy of it all.
October 20, 2018
Do you fully want the thing you’re trying to manifest? Amanda riffs on what is actually going on when it looks like our goals and desires are not manifesting into our lives. She breaks down the energetics of why we manifesting the opposite of what we want sometimes. Plus she reveals a very personal experience on a manifesting mishap related to love. She goes over the three things that will sabotage your manifestation every time. Remember: It’s all adding up for your good and in your favor. You’ve got
October 10, 2018
Say it with me: I am loved, appreciated and supported by money. Recorded in December of 2015, Amanda riffs on anchoring into a pure intentions behind your financial desires and reminds us that money is a neutral resource to be used for the good of all. When we have a pure intention behind your desire to earn, we are unstoppable. Breathe deeply, open your heart center, and be ready to receive abundance.
October 10, 2018
Things are often harder before they are easier. Don’t give up on your dreams. This podcast was recorded in February of 2017, immediately after Amanda Frances Inc had their first six figure cash month. Since then, AFI has had 21 consecutive six figures a month, currently grossing $250k a month. Amanda riffs on taking inspired action and trusting herself when it comes to big business decisions. And shares with us what to do when it appears that things aren’t working. From $3k a month to $271k a month.
October 10, 2018
Give up on old dreams to make room for a new one. Recorded in May of 2014, shortly after Amanda Frances quit her PhD program, she had been life coaching for three years part time and on the side, and felt ready to go big with her business. Sometimes we have to let go of an old dream to make room for a new dream. Sometimes, we realize what we thought we wanted isn’t what we actually wanted. Sometimes we have to reassess, weigh the perceived costs against the supposed benefits, and make a change.
October 10, 2018
Putting your heart, passion and purpose ahead of the practical, logical, and realistic. Recorded in December 2017, Amanda shares examples from her own business of how to she monetized a small audience from the beginning. It didn’t look possible, but that made it fun. She shares that the money she makes is not dependent on number of followers alone, but on connecting to and serving the following you have. Amanda riffs on the power of energetic decision when it comes to getting what you want.
October 10, 2018
Seven and a half years ago — at the age of 25 — I had an idea for a business. I felt crazy as hell (who am I to do this?), but followed my heart anyway. Entrepreneurship is the type of journey that will require you to Rise the F*ck Up over and over again. In this episode I share about the beginnings of starting a small business that is now a multimillion dollar international brand that serves tens of thousands of students worldwide. I am so happy you are here.
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