Opening eyes
I’m blown away by this podcast. A friends recommendation has turned into something that is expanding my mind and really understanding things about myself by listening to Conan talk to his friends. These drives to work have been Therapy sessions with celebs. Howard Sterns episode was amazing. Tell him I said that! We all have that voice in our head and we’re all so capable of greatness. Even me
Thank you so much Conan, you inspired me
The Logles of the 808
Thank you Conan O’Brien, you are an angel. Your podcast is amazing. I started my own podcast (Fnbpodcast) because your podcast inspired me. I’ll be the first to say I have no idea what I am doing with podcasting but all I know is that I am working hard everyday. I am working hard to make a better life for my family, my daughter, and everyone in this crazy world. Thank you Conan O’Brien. Also, Dana Carvey is the funniest human being alive.
I need to stop listening to this while putting on make up
Because I start laughing so hard I smear eyeliner everywhere and the lipstick just misses my mouth and I end up looking like a clown. So if you meant to do that, Conan, mission accomplished.
Please have jack white
Love the show, please have jack white as a guest when he’s not busy touring and whatnot
A case study.
The documentation of declining mental health is extensive...I must admit that I haven’t read any of it. Yet I know in me bones that this podcast will be revered in the future for its help in the breakthrough of a cure for mental atrophy. I thank you...my family thanks you...humanity thanks you...my family disowned me, so forget that middle part. P.S. Sona must be protected at all costs. . . . . . Or at no cost...preferably no cost, too many kids are dying from hunger for us to spend money on protecting Sona.
Simply the best
This podcast brings me so much joy, I can’t even begin to say what it means to me
Laughed out loud!
I love listening to Conan’s conversations! Fascinating and hilarious.
The greatest thing to ever happen. Every Sunday I am constantly refreshing my podcasts to listen to the newest episode. Brilliant all around.
If you’re driving next to me on the freeways in LA and see me laughing hysterically out loud, I must be listening to the Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend podcast. This is simply the best interview/comedy podcast available today. The only thing that makes me sad is the thought of having to wait for the next season to be available. Well done team Coco, well done.
C O’B, has found friends
I am writing this review, because I love the podcast. I am mostly writing this review to tell Conan, he needs another Podcast, with Dana Carvey. This is a Lecture of, improve and Comradery. Any fan of Conan, is missing out.
This is a podcast where I consistently laugh out loud. Edit: Matt, the sound effects for the Dana Carvey specials are way too loud. Please stop.
This podcast kills me everyday and has me laughing out loud. I find myself re-listening to the bits with Conan, Sona, and Matt more than any with the guests. This is maybe Conan’s best work (and yes, I’m including the Simpsons in there).
I really love Matt Gourley’s new show!
Matt Gourley (my favorite podcast personality!) is back with this amazing show!! From Superego to Pistol Shrimps, Gourley has become a staple in the podcasting landscape, and this superbly funny podcast is no exception. His new sidekick Sona is a great comedy pairing, like Lucy and Desi or Moore and Asner, Sona and Matt bring podcasting to new heights. All hail the king of podcasting, Matt Gourley! It has somebody named Conan who is also pretty good at podcasts too.
Love it
Davey MR
This format suits Conan well. But then I guess every format does...
Easy listening and very entertaining
It’s fun listening to Conan interact with his friends
This is a Perfect Podcast
Conan really is the funniest late night host around. It’s not even close. He always makes me laugh and he has great guests on. My favorites are Bill Burr, Will Ferrell, and Nick Offerman and his wife. You should really listen to this podcast, you absolutely won’t regret it.
Love Conan!
Look forward to this podcast!! Dana Carvey miniseries has been an extra special treat. Why can’t we just rename this “Conan Found a Friend” and let Conan and Dana make us laugh for an hour every week.
Best comedy/interview podcast out right now
Conan is a wonderful interviewer, but the dynamic between Conan, his wonderful assistant Sona, and podcast producer Matt Gorely makes the show one of the bests! So funny and entertaining!
Love it!
I love the podcast! I’m loving the Dana Carvey episodes, but the sound effects of applause are very distracting. At first I thought I had another window open playing a video.
Pretty Good
Didn’t realize Conan was this funny, he should probably try be funny on his talk show too
My First Ever Podcast And I Loved It
Conan is my Guy! I recently threw my radio out the window as soon as I got put on Podcast. I'm a truck driver and I highly enjoy listening to talk shows, interviews, debates, news etc. I loved the skit that Conan did at "Jersey Tractor Trailer Training" which also was the SAME school i went to achieve my CDL. Love that giant tall handsome giraffe 🤘🏽
Big fan here
The show with Bob Newhart was a treasure! I laughed so much. Love this podcast!
Great podcast
This podcast is a fun distraction from my drive to work. Keep the coming.
Conan is my hero!!
Long time fan of Conan and so grateful to have recently found this podcast! I’ve been laughing all day at work while listening to it. Also, Conan if you see this, I’d like you to know that I used to have an orange and white cat that I named after you. She was cute, crazy, funny and looked just like you! Love ya Conan. You’re my fav. ❤️
Never have liked him
It’s all about Konan, guests are secondary. I guess that’s his schtick but Ive never cared for that.
Best new podcast of 2019
Let’s just say this: you know a podcast is good when even the ad reads are entertaining. Conan knows how to interview and lets the guest be the star. I never watched Conan on television, now I’m sad because I feel I’ve missed out on 25 years of awesome. I’ll be watching (and listening) from now on...
Coooooling Gel
Bethany from Austin
Can’t get enough of Sona’s sass and Matt’s stifled laughter during Conan’s dramatic readings for sponsor ads. Conan’s cool, too. Cooler than coooooling gel.
Conan OBrien needs a friend
Ahhhhhhhhh, this podcast- I’ve taken a break from the utterly dismal news to start listening to this podcast, and my state of mind is now 1000 times better – such a tremendous breath of fresh air - thank you so much Conan, Sona, and Matt for the absolutely delightful listening!!!!!!!!!! You guys make this cold harsh world a better place, and I am truly grateful.
Learning about Conan
This is an excellent podcast to learn more about Conan... The Howard Stern episode was extremely eye opening.
So good!!
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. It’s absolutely hilarious while also being informative and entertaining!! Can’t wait for season 2.
So much fun!
little laura 4'9"
I’m a sales rep and spend a lot of time in my car. This podcast has been a dream! I laugh out loud and time flies by. Conan, Sonia and Matt have great chemistry and all add to the show! (Long live Conan!)
From a Fellow Irish ginger
Awesome podcast! Conan is so funny and I love that he doesn’t have to resort to constant profanity to be hilarious, love watching your videos on YouTube (Mary Kay consultant, civil war re-enactment, etc.) and now I can listen to you in the car :) keep up the good work! P.S. If you or Sona actually read this please come with my dad and I to Ireland. We need a 3rd person.
Conan Rules The Day
sille 32
As Usual
Enough about Conan!
WillLee and Friends
Funny guy, but let your guest talk a little. I tried listening to the Julia Louis-Dreyfus epieosde, but eventually turned it off because we never heard her stories and her thoughts on her experiences.
Only problem here is that you can’t listen to the podcast while doing anything else because every word is worth catching. Sona’s irrepressible laughter always kills me. Love.
Not only is the podcast funny and wildly entertaining, but also educational. I love listening to the way Conan speaks, it’s so intelligent yet not at all boring or try-hard. 5/5!!!!!
I wanna join team coco
Coco Hopeful
Oh what I would give to work as Sona’s and Matt’s assistant or just in any way that’s connected to Team Coco and the macabre witty and hilarious banter that goes on with Conan. Love the podcast, love the show! - just listened to the last episode with Julia Louis Dryfus and noticed this was mentioned and while you know nothing of me, all you need to know is I am forever validated 😂 Sona, without a problem I will follow you around until you buy your house. I simply require housing and sustenance but nothing ostentatious. I also will gladly quit my current job now that you have read my comment and I can keep it as back up for whenever someone asks me if I have any experience in comedy.
I don’t rate things
I’m making an exception to my rule because I both want to provide praise for a very entertaining product, but also provide a cautionary tale. I’ll skip the praise except to say, good job, and jump to the cautionary tale. I listen to Podcasts as many do on public transportation. While riding my regular bus route I’ve had several fits of uncontrollable laughter while listening to Conan Needs a Friend (specifically Martin Short and Nicole Byer). I believe my fellow riders now view me as some kind of deranged psycho path. So, don’t listen to this Podcast if you’re afraid of being view as a psycho or if you are a psycho and are avoiding being outed.
Love that Gourley!
I’m so glad Matt Gourley has a new podcast, he’s always a great entertainer. His co-hosts are great too.
It’s okay
I adore you Conan. And Kristen Bell. But some introspection might reveal to you that your Catholic upbringing has ALOT to do with your kind natures and charitable spirits. I understand the tendency to shy away from the scandals, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Catholic charities are credited with providing HALF of all social services in this country. Mostly to the indigent and immigrants. It’s okay to acknowledge the good aspects and how they shaped you.
A gift
Every episode makes me laugh. What a gift that is. And — because I am of the same generation as Conan and come from a family of six kids, I really love hearing his take on where he is in his life, how his childhood affected his education, career, and life path. I like how he processes and reflects.
Let the guest talk more!
Colin gets great guests for this podcast, but he does most of the talking and it tends to be more about himself then the guest. In particular I was so disappointed with the Julia Louis-Dreyfus interview, in which he could’ve asked her so many interesting questions and he ended up talking about himself more than her.
Can’t get enough
The Funniest One
How funny is Conan? I don't fast forward the ads. The only podcast in which I don't. That funny. Give Gourley a raise.
My giggle cup overfloweth
Guests cool enough to get you interested. Conversations weird enough to keep you listening.
Bill Hader! Dana Carvey
Miz G
I love all the conversations on this podcast but the Bill Hader one had me in stitches. Dana Carvey - good lord he’s as funny as ever. Nearly coughed up a lung from laughing so hard.
H. H. Gruber
Can I add a sixth star?
Conan O’Brien Needs A Fart
This podcast is the creaky, flickering old timey lamp aboard the rickety boat of my life as I navigate the dark waters of modern times. Matt can buy this lamp for four small payments of $5. Thanks for all the laughs, and also in this segment of Shana Chartier needs to pay off her daycare provider, here’s one last ditch attempt to get Conan to do a reading of the beloved picture book Hooray, I Farted! I’m sure no one else could do it justice. Conan, if you’re game, you know where to find me. Well, no you don’t, but Google can help you. Sorry for the shameless plug but you know how it is being an artist with only moderate access to food. I also wouldn’t mind a beach house paid for by a book about farts. Ah, to dream. Ok bye!
Conan is gorgeous
Always makes me laugh!
I hope you all realize how special this podcast is. Conan is the brilliant self deprecating host (I actually think he and I have the same brain sometimes... except he’s actually spontaneously funny) Sona is the strong willed woman, and Matt is the wise soul that keeps it together. I am like many others. I would love to work with any of you because you all seem like awesome folks... and I have the fulfilling career and family. Thanks for making life even more wonderful. Congrats on the success. Catherine Brisland
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