August 22, 2019
WOW! 100 Episodes! How exciting is it that we've reached 100 episodes. It has truly been a journey and I am so happy to be doing this with you. This podcast has become my favorite thing to do...why? Because I'm able to learn from some of the worlds top performers.  In this episode I decided to bring you my first solo episode and share with you the common things that all of my guests do in order to level up their life! I'm so incredibly excited to have reached the milestone, if you like what you've heard so far click the subscribe button, tell a friend and let's enjoy the next 100 episodes together.  In this episode, you will learn: The why behind the podcast Top 5 Common Things everyone does to level up How you can implement this in your life 
August 19, 2019
Stefanos Sifandos Social media accounts has posts daily that I find myself daily wanting to screen shot and forward to everyone I know.  He has such an advanced awareness of masculine and feminine powers and how to develop a relationship that MORE than thrives. But, HOW did Stefanos gain this insight and awareness? It was born out of PAIN. You see Stefanos, has a history of pain and abuse in his life starting as a young child. And after experiencing his OWN rage, his own “numbing out phases”, infidelity on his part and even depression and suicidal thoughts he DECIDED that things HAD TO CHANGE. ANd they did. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Stefanos LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from nothing. In this episode, you will learn: How to stop living a facade What is masculine and feminine How to break out of fear Why you need to be in service of others
August 15, 2019
James Patrick, ACG, ALB is an award-winning and internationally published commercial and editorial photographer based in Arizona specializing in sports, fitness, beauty and portraiture. He also works as an entrepreneur coach, podcast host, marketer, journalist and public speaker covering a variety of topics including photography, marketing and business development. What all this means is that James is a storyteller and as a storyteller, he has a bevy of mediums in which to craft and communicate his stories. With his diverse work background, James has spoken coast-to-coast in the United States and been interviewed for numerous TV, radio, magazine, newspaper and podcast segments on topics related to entrepreneurship, marketing, personal development, photography and more. James is the author of FIT BUSINESS GUIDE: The Workout Plan for Your Brand and is the weekly host of both the Beyond the Image Podcast and the FITposium podcast. BUT, this was not who James ALWAYS was. It was shifting into FOCUSSING and specializing that exploded James career, Join in today and learn EXACTLY how James Patrick Leveled up and created everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How niching down can level up your business Why you need to focus on specifics Why you need to be seen, heard, and read How to set up your day
August 12, 2019
Eli held a secret for YEARS. The details of his own abuse. What he knows now that he didn’t know those many years of keeping quiet? That vulnerability and emotional intelligence connects people. TODAY, he now empowers others to speak up. He helps them use their own voice, share THEIR stories, to become agents of change in their respective communities. Eli founded MicDrop, a public speaking training program that puts special emphasis on those who can’t even imagine speaking publicly. Join in today and not only hear how Eli coached ME on my passion and story, but learn EXACTLY HOW Eli Nash LEVELED UP and created everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: Why you need to tell your story How you can become a better storyteller How you can stop being afraid of public speaking Why public speaking is a great tool
August 8, 2019
Jeff Fenster has been recognized nationally for his business creations that have turned into HUGE successes.  In addition, Jeff was named a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 in America when he was just 30. Combining his two biggest passions – entrepreneurship and healthy living – Jeff created his most recent innovation, everbowl. He has built this explosive brand utilizing his personal philosophy of making friends and having fun and this has translated into a fun, vibrant culture at everbowl. This philosophy has allowed everbowl to be named one of America’s Top 40 Hottest Fast Casual Startup’s by QSR and a top 100 Mover and Shaker in the Nation by Fast Casual. But Jeff is not done yet! Infact. He is JUST getting started!  Jeff has continued to disrupt on a massive scale and has recently launched a Superfood infused coffee company –  Join in today and learn exactly how Jeff Fenster continually LEVELS UP and creates EVERYTHING from nothing. In this episode, you will learn: How to build strong relationships Why fun is the catalyst for success How you can combine your passions into success
August 5, 2019
With a gun in his mouth and a bottle of booze to his sign Sean Whalen finally had hit rock bottom. You see Sean Whalen was very successful at a young age. Infact, he  was a self made multimillionaire in his early 20's . BUT he knew very little about business without having a father, mentor or coach around. So he made A LOT of mistakes. Mistakes that lead him to lose $12,500,000, bankruptcy and the loss of his marriage and family. Like many juggling a lot, Sean was always connected to the office, Disconnected at home, taking  calls 24/7and even arguing with his wife with the belief that his “hard work ethic” was GOOD for them.   When everything started to crumble for him? He says he made every bad decision you could make with  business and relationship. Trying to keep CONTROL, he worked HARDER and HARDER trying and save everything. The saddest part he was missing? He felt like he was NEVER working “hard enough” Eventually things got crazy out of control. He was forced into dropping EVERYTHING and surrendering.  In his darkest moment, a gun in his mouth and an empty bottle of alcohol to his side, he TRULY surrendered and asked for help. TODAY Sean is a Massively sought after Motivational speaker, founder of multiple companies including apparel and technology, but his role as founder and CEO of Lions Not Sheep is closest to his heart. He is also the founder of his newest “market disruption” the app : MEETRZ Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Sean Whalen LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING On this episode, you will learn: Why authenticity is all that matters How you can create true balance How to make life work for you Why working harder is not the answer
August 1, 2019
Dwayne Clark grew up POOR. So poor that his mom had to take potatoes from her employer to feed her children. Then he would have to negotiate as a child to ensure they would have utilities and running water. But Dwayne learned a powerful perspective shift about is life. He learned that he could view poverty as “POOR  HIM: or as “BEING THE GREATEST SCHOOL” He chose the later. Today, Dwayne is a serial entrepreneur and runs one of the nation’s premier assisted living communities with over 30 locations, 2000 staff members, and over 60,000 residents served. He's also an award-winning film producer, author and major philanthropist. As CEO of Aegis Living, one of the most sought-after assisted living facilities in the US. He's also the producer of the Award-winning film 'Big Sonia' and 'Full Court' - The Spencer Haywood Story, about the iconic NBA Hall of Famer.  In his latest book '30 Summers Left' he shares the “lessons from longevity” that he has amassed from the latest health and wellness research on living the best life possible. Join in TODAY and learn EXACTLY how Dwayne Clark LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING! In this episode, you will learn: How to find lessons in hardship Why adversity is your greatest teacher Why you should always being looking for the lesson How you can create longevity in business and life
July 29, 2019
We all have those skills we were born with, and those skills we were NOT. Bijan? He was NOT born to dance, let alone choreography for some of the biggest names in hollywood! So how did a young kid with no moves learn to achieve success in the creative space that most never even dream of?  Bijan is a creator to say the least, he has successfully over the last few years worked in every industry of the creative arts, including dance, choreography, acting, modeling, song writing, music production, artist development, photography, video directing, artist development, and artist management... he is a true Renaissance human!   Bijan is an amazing person and amazing talent, which is also why he continues to be so successful;  because he has triumphed over ego and now is solely focusing on building works of art and inspiring other people to do the same.   In 2019 Bijan diversified his portfolio once again, by also adding real estate investing and life coaching to his resume.  He is creating a weekly talk show in his new luxury mansion in the Hollywood hills where he has also created a film & photography studio as well as a music studio for Recording Artists, models, social media influencers, and etc. Listen in today and learn exactly how Bijan LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from nothing. In this episode, you will learn: The process of following your passion Why hard work DOES pay off How you can begin to create your own success Why you should diversify
July 25, 2019
Miki Agrawal is a true social entrepreneur in every sense of the phrase! Raised by parents who never complained and always found solutions to any and every problem, Miki learned early on that there is always  solutions. She is the founder of the acclaimed farm-to-table, alternative pizza concept called WILD (www.eatdrinkwild.com) with 3 locations in New York City, one in Guatemala and more on the way. She co-founded THINX (www.shethinx.com), a high-tech, period-proof underwear brand and led the company as CEO to a valuation of over $150 Million and to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2017, all while helping tens of millions of women period better. She also co-founded Icon, a high-tech pee-proof underwear brand that helps women manage light bladder leakage. She most recently founded TUSHY (www.hellotushy.com), a company that is revolutionizing the American toilet category with a modern, affordable, designer bidet attachment that both upgrades human health & hygiene as well as the environment from wasteful toilet paper consumption. She and her team are also helping fight the global sanitation crisis by bringing clean latrines to underserved communities in India through their partnership with Samagra. From nothing she created SO MUCH. Join in today and learn exactly how Miki Agrawal leveled up time and time and agina nd created everything form nothing! On this episode, you will learn: How you're able to find solutions to all problems Why complaining serves no purpose How you can create a social following for your brand How you're able to create a movement 
July 22, 2019
Years ago, Lisa Nichols was a struggling single mom on public assistance and she describes the day to me that she realized she couldn’t even afford a box of pampers for her son and had to wrap him in a towel. It was in the rock bottom that Lisa decided that she had been more committed to her familiar discomfort then to unfamiliar new possibilities. TODAY, Lisa Nichols  is one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, as well as a media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people.  As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Motivating the Masses, Inc Lisa has helped develop workshops and programs that have transformed the lives many! Lisa’s extraordinary story of transforming her own life from public assistance for her family to leading a multi-million dollar enterprise is the inspiration behind her bold mission to teach others that it is possible to do the same. A noted media personality who has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, The Dr. Phil Show, The Steve Harvey Show, and Extra – just to name a few, is also celebrated for the impact she has on the lives of teens. Through Lisa’s non-profit foundation Motivating the Teen Spirit, she has touched the lives of over 270,000 teens, prevented over 3,800 teen suicides, supported 2,500 dropouts in returning to school, and has helped thousands reunite with families. Join in TODAY and learn exactly how Lisa Nichols LEVELS UP and created everything from nothing In this episode, you will learn: Anyone can "do-it" Why your past does not dictate your future Why you need to get uncomfortable with new possibilities Why you need to stop focusing on where you are
July 18, 2019
Kathrin Zenkina obtained a Bachelor's degree in Biology when she decided to forgo Medical School, picked up the book "The Secret" and reentered herself into the world of Law of Attraction. Before creating Manifestation Babe in 2016, Kathrin was $25,000 in debt and making less than $1600/month in income with her failing online business. Since starting on Instagram as @ManifestationBabe, her business has generated over $1.3M in the last 6 months, she has built a coaching empire, become an acclaimed Amazon author of "Unleash Your Inner Money Babe", created the Rich Babe Academy, built an online community of 100,000+ followers, and has been featured in podcasts and well-known online magazines. You can learn more about Kathrin Zenkina and the Manifestation Babe community at the links below: http://www.manifestationbabe.com https://www.instagram.com/manifestationbabe/ In this episode, you will learn: How to manifest your day dreams How to REALLY use the law of attraction Why you can switch from failure to massive success quickly About the power of surrounding yourself with the right people
July 15, 2019
A teenage pregnancy in 1966, diagnosed with a fatal kidney disease soon after, a marriage that crumbled from a bipolar diagnosis… How do you bounce back from massive set back when even your reputation is at risk? How do you SURRENDER and what does that mean?  Today on leveling up meet the incredible Mary Morrissey. Today she is widely considered the world’s foremost expert on “dream-building,” which is the art and science of transforming your dreams into results.  She is the author of two bestselling books, No Less Than Greatness and Building Your Field of Dreams, which became a PBS special.She has addressed the United Nations three times, was invited to co-convene three different week-long meetings with The Dalai Lama, and met with President Nelson Mandela in South Africa to address some of the most significant issues that our world faces. Through her books, live events and programs, Mary has helped empower millions of people worldwide to achieve new heights of meaning, purpose, aliveness and authentic success. What you don’t know about Mary YET is the incredible journey she has been on. The set backs and failures she has faced and overcome are incredible. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Mary Morrissey Leveled Up time and time again and created EVERYTHING from Nothing. On this episode, you will learn: How to feel empowered no matter what others say How to transform your dream into reality Why failure is necessary for success
July 11, 2019
Adam Schaeuble, aka The PHD (previously heavy dude), Was 320 lbs, $40,000 in credit card debt, depressed, and hopeless. When a FRIEND gave him a copy of the DVD “the Secret” everything started to shift… Everything changed for Adam and from his own transformation journey he created a bootcamp program that produced over 35,000 lbs of results in his home town of Bloomington, IN. TODAY, Adam  is the host of the top ranked fitness podcast The Million Pound Mission. Now Adam has set his sights on inspiring over one million pounds of healthy results through his podcast, coaching programs, and the Million Pound Mission Bootcamp. Join in today and learn exactly how Adam leveled up and created EVERYTHING from Nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How you're able to set goals and deadlines to live your best life Why your mindset is the most important part What is 'The Secret' How deep you have to go on you 'Why'
July 8, 2019
Immigrating to Vancouver from Hong Kong at 14 with a thick accent and his single mother, Dan quickly became the invisible kid. Dropping out of college to make money to support his family, he started “chasing shiny dimes” in business which led him to near bankruptcy.  Too busy “making money the hard way”, Dan missed the opportunity to see his father one last time before he died. After 13 failed online businesses, enough was enough. Today, Dan Lok is one of the biggest legends in the online education space with more than 15 million downloads a month of his content… 100M predicted by Dec 2019. He has become one of the most visible people in business mentoring online and now in TV, radio, and live events. A true showman, Dan can be seen on every social media channel and on major TV networks by breaking all the “influencer rules”. Speaker, author, real estate investor, global educator and international celebrity are just a few of the names Dan is called every day. Join in TODAY and learn EXACTLY how Dan Lok Leveled up and created EVERYTHING from Nothing. In this episode, you will learn: How to win by breaking the rules How to grow your content Why being bold is always the answer
July 4, 2019
As a child, Jason was abused terribly by his adoptive dad. He lived in fear of his father's abuse to him and his mother. He learned early not to trust others, that he was not safe and that  only HE himself would lookout for his life. Years later, Jason has healed through changing his perspective on what happened TO him and looks at it now as incidents that happened FOR him. Today, Jason Sisneros AKA the “bald avenger” is a public speaker, comedian, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. His life has taken him around the world speaking on over 3000 stages, consulting with hundreds of business owners, and supporting charities across the globe. He is passionate about feeding the hungry, helping survivors of domestic violence and recovering girls from Sex Trafficing. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Jason LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING. In this episode, you will learn: How shifting your perspective changes you on a cellular level Why taking back your power has nothing to do with others Why you need to serve yourself first
July 1, 2019
Vivian Glyck is not just a success story, she is an EMPOWERED, CHANGE MAKING LEADER. Her work, her mission, her cause changes the lives of MANY daily. You see, growing up with alcholism, sexual abuse and Domestic violance, Vivian was one of the fortunate girls. She lived in the US and had access to mentors, education, support and more. But after the birth of her son, Zak. Through the experience of a mother’s love for her child, Vivian woke up to realize the TRUE value of every human life.  After learning about the horrific numbers of children dying from malaria and orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Africa, Vivian was moved to make a difference. She founded the Just Like My Child Foundation in 2006. Join in TODAY and learn EXACTLY HOW Vivian Glyck turned PAIN into purpose and continually levels up to create EVERYTHING from NOTHING. In this episode, you will learn: Why you should expand your impact The art of "doing the next right thing" How you can turn your pain into purpose How you can empower yourself
June 27, 2019
Marcus Aurelius Anderson is the perfect example of overcoming adversity. While preparing to deploy with the U.S. Army, Marcus suffered a severe spinal injury that left him paralyzed. After dying on the operating table twice, the surgeons saved his life, but told him he'd never walk again. Having no other option, Marcus started doing some brutally honest soul searching, looking for the lesson to be learned from his injury. Once he started seeing his Adversity as a gift instead of a curse, something miraculous began to happen... TODAY, Marcus Aurelius Anderson is a Bestselling Author, TEDx & International Keynote Speaker, Mindset Coach to Leaders, CEO’s and High Performing Entrepreneurs and host of the #1 New and Noteworthy “EPIC ACHIEVER Podcast.” Marcus now speaks, inspires, and teaches others to use their Adversity as a catalyst to actualize their personal definition of success in every area of life and business. His message teaches us how we can use our own Adversity to make us into better leaders, entrepreneurs and human beings to create a better world. On this episode, you will learn: How do become an epic achiever Why you need to stop making excuses and start taking action How the right mindset leads to success How rock bottom creates the best opportunity
June 24, 2019
Samantha Skelly Used to STARVE herself. She associated food with weight game and she suffered from body dysmorphia. She was a childhood actress, stunt double and dancer, the pressure for her to “look” a certain way” reaked havoc on her confidence and her health. Today, Samantha is a is a 7-figure entrepreneur, sought after international speaker, best-selling author, and wellness coaching expert who founded both Hungry for Happiness, and PAUSE Breathwork. Samantha is also the popular creator and host of the Hungry for Happiness podcast, and her best-selling Hay House book, Hungry For Happiness is sold everywhere. Join in today and learn EXACTLY HOW Samantha Skelly leveled up and created everything from nothing. Join the Hungry For Happiness Academy and become certified today! In this episode, you will learn: How to overcome body dysmorphia What lifestyle and diets may work for you How to improve your body image Breaking the cycle of bad diets
June 20, 2019
Mary Shores was a VERY YOUNG single mom when she had to face the unimaginable. Her daughters birth defects would prove to be fatal.After the loss of her daughter, and almost no support system to turn to,  she had some tough choices to make. She found within herself the strength to rebuild by founding an industry-changing business. She now inspires others with lessons of resiliency and empowerment nationwide. Today, she is a successful entrepreneur with a multi-million-dollar, heart-centered business and a best-selling Hay House book titled  “Conscious Communications” I go DEEP with Mary today and uncover EXACTLY how she leveled up and created EVERYTHING from Nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How to harness the power of your words How to change your actions and your life How success is built with one small choice at a time
June 17, 2019
Hollan Hamid's journey of health began 12 years ago when she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and the doctor warned me that I had a 60% chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes.To top it off, she had struggled with endometriosis and kidney stones having  had surgery twice to try to correct it. Seeing that she was just shy of her 30th birthday, she felt she was too young to be dealing with her health issues and  decided to take her health and life into her own hands. Today, she is a vegan and a raw food cook book author who has totally turned her health around and strives to inform others of the healing properties of food and choices. On this episode I dive deep with Hollan asking why she feels a vegan diet is the answer for her, the differences between the benefits of that vs. Plant Based and more… Join in today and learn exactly how Hollan Hamid leveled up and created everything from nothing. In this episode, you will learn: Why everyone has their own healthy How you're able to explore to find out what works for yu Why it's never to late to start the journey Why your diet is so important
June 13, 2019
Liz Germain built a huge online brand as Super Sister Fitness…. BUT, what happens when the other “Sister” finds a different path and calling? Liz shifted, went into a search of how she could best use her gifts to thrive and serve others and her new mission was born… TODAY, Liz Germain is a leading expert in video and YouTube marketing generating over 50+ million organic views and tens of thousands of leads for online businesses using YouTube. She helps people set up video automation systems that help increase passive income and 10x their impact online with YouTube SEO. Join in today and learn exactly how Liz Germain Leveled up and created everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How the demise of something can create new growth How you're able to make a bigger impact through youtube Why video marketing is a MUST for everyone How you can shift your entire business and attain success again
June 10, 2019
Sarah Pendrick is the Founder and Creator of one of the original women supporting women movements, The GirlTalk Network. Her mission is to empower women of all ages while serving as a resource for young women. Sarah is a self love advocate, community influencer, life coach, writer, empowerment speaker and Philanthropist. With a bachelors in Psychology and a Master's in Family Therapy, Sarah developed a famous women's event that benefits a custom empowerment program for young women. She travels all over the United States to speak to women and provides them with support, education and empowerment. Through the GirlTalk Network, Sarah not only features and connects powerful women with a purpose but she teaches women to live authentic and celebrates them through her events and programs by giving them a platform and a space to thrive and use their voice. Sarah Pendrick may look like the perfect barbie but her life and focus on womans empowerment was born from a youth of bullying, betrayal, molestation and even a rape. So much trauma. Sarah today is anything BUT a victim. She believes life happened for not to her and her pain as become her purpose!  Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Sarah Pendrix LEVELED UP and created everything from nothing becoming the founder of GIRL TALK NETWORK and true change maker in the women's empowerment space! Apply for one of the ten exclusive spots with me and Sarh Pendrix at our VIP weekend at www.Nataliejillapply.com In this episode, you will learn: How to stop being the victim Why owning your trauma is important How you can find your purpose in your pain
June 6, 2019
Tony Whatley became known as “The Side Hustle Millionaire” after his book with the same title became a #1 best-seller on Amazon. But, this book title isn’t just fiction; it is based on his actual story. You see, Tony once led a successful corporate career for over 25 years, but that is less interesting than the side-businesses that he created, which generated millions in profit. AS A SIDE HUSTLE!!B Today, Tony helps OTHERS with THEIR start ups and teaches exactly how to create Everything from Nothing! In this episode, you will learn: What's the right mindset about money How do you create a millionaires income on the side Why you need to start now instead of later What you should consider rich
June 3, 2019
As founder + CEO of The Balanced Life, Robin Long provides workouts and resources for busy women who struggle to find time to exercise, who desperately want to love their bodies again, and are looking for an exercise plan that will work for the long-haul. Robin is also passionate about helping women transform their relationship with exercise and healthy living by choosing "grace over guilt" and finding a balance that feels like FREEDOM. Robin Long is a mother of 4 and the creator of the very popular pilates community “The Balance Life” What you don’t know about Robin, is that her business started from NOTHING when she was barely making ends meet and was struggling to pay rent. But Robin had a VISION. She wanted to bring Pilates to MORE people and she wanted to create a stress free present life that she could truly enjoy with her husband and now four children. Join in today and learn exactly how Robin Long LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING. In this episode, you will learn: How to truly motivate yourself to get fit How to balance your business, family, and life Why you need to take care of your mind as well as your body How to create your perfect lifestyle
May 30, 2019
Pauline's career as a personal trainer caught the attention of the producers for the Nordic version of “Biggest Loser.” She was the trainer, diet coach, and the leader for the Swedish team, leading her team and country to victory in the Biggest Loser show.  Pauline is as fit as they come. She is a walking billboard for fitness today. BUT That is not where she started. Born in Sweden with a challenging self image around control, she battled anorexia and then the other extreme of unhealthy weight gain. Her pain and book worm obsession over physique  became her PURPOSE. Today, Pauline is the creator of Fighter Diet that took the wellness industry by storm. Join in TODAY and learn exactly how Pauline Nordin leveled up and created everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: Why you evolution is important to your purpose When you focus on your mindset first the rest will follow Why you have to have discipline in all areas of your life
May 27, 2019
Today on Leveling Up I sit-down with my friend JJ Virgin! If you don't know who she is, you must have been living under a rock. If you know anytime about fitness, nutrition, health & wellness, she is the go to person. She is a 4 time New York Times Best Selling Author and so much more.  JJ Virgin is one of the nation's foremost fitness and nutrition experts, an accomplished public speaker and media personality. Her 25 years in the health and fitness industry, the past 10 in holistic nutrition and functional medicine, have earned JJ recognition as the go-to weight loss expert who can unlock the door to lifelong weight management through her sensible, no-fail approach to nutrition and fitness. In this episode, you will learn: Why we have to remain humble through all the successes Why dieting shouldn't be a hobby Why health is the #1 thing so you can show up What are the steps you need to take to balance life  
May 23, 2019
Dropping out of school at 14 in Switzerland, Andres lived a life on the streets flooded with gangs, alcohol and fighting. By 20, he had collected several near-death experiences and decide to leave and start over on the beaches of Phuket. He quickly became homeless living on the beaches with one bag and two towels. Embarrassed to ask his parents for help, he asked friends for money to get back on his feet, but none could help; except one. A FRIEND, that friend, sent  a book instead of money. It was THIS  book that start Andres incredible journey… At 30, Andres made his first million in real estate; going on to reach his first billion in Thailand by 35. Join in TODAY and learn exactly how ANDRES PIRA leveled up and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING! In this episode, you will learn:  How you're able to cope with rock bottom Why its not just a book but consistent action that can change your life The fact that our reality is created from inside of ourself
May 20, 2019
Sandra Joseph is a history-making Broadway star, a #1 international bestselling author, and a keynote speaker. Her legendary run as Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera spanned ten years and more than 1,300 performances, and earned her the record as the longest-running leading lady in the longest-running Broadway show of all time. She has been seen on numerous national broadcasts, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, The Today Show, Dateline, The Early Show, The View, and Oprah: Where Are They Now? Sandra is on a mission to empower other people’s voices. Her one-of-a-kind musical keynote programs inspire audiences to become world-class performers and unmask what matters most in their lives and careers. Sandra is a member of The Transformational Leadership Council, a group of 100 top thought leaders. Some of the luminaries that endorse her work are Jack Canfield, Mark Nepo, Martha Beck, Marci Shimoff, and SARK. Sandra is the author of Unmasking What Matters: 10 Life Lessons from 10 Years on Broadway. She is also the coauthor, with five-time New York Times best-selling author Caroline Myss, of Your Creative Soul: Expressing Your Authentic Voice. Sandra is married to her costar from The Phantom of the Opera, actor Ron Bohmer. They currently reside in Southern California. How does a young woman with crippling stage fright become a record-breaking Broadway star? Sandra Joseph spent nearly a decade playing Christine in “The Phantom of the Opera.” Now, she is on a mission to empower other people’s voices through her work as a keynote speaker and author of the new book, "Unmasking What Matters." Welcome, Sandra. Join in today and learn exactly how Sandra Joseph LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING On this episode, you will learn: How sometimes our gifts are meant to push us out of our comfort zone Why you should embrace your voice Why our past fears don't control us
May 16, 2019
As a  former felon and drug addict, Doug Bopst history is a distant memory. He chose to use his time locked up to beat his demons and reinvent himself. Working out and learning how to eat right from his cell mate, he transformed while in prison. He is now on a mission to help others integrate the lessons he learned. He’s been featured nationally in media outlets such as the Today Show, Men's Health, Goalcast, Cheddar, Dr Drew, Thrive Global, One37pm, Brobible and others. Now,  author of “Faith Family Fitness,” “From Felony to Fitness to Free” and "The Heart of Recovery." He has helped hundreds of people improve their health and wellness. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Doug Bopst LEVELED UP and created everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: Why your rock bottom isn't the end How you can use your weaknesses to empower yourself and others Why fitness can create opportunity How you can put your heart into everything
May 13, 2019
You guys know me as a top fitness influencer turned high performance coach. What you may not know is my mindset work, my business side, and my journey of how I got to where I am today. So, today on leveling up I wanted to switch it up a little bit so you can get to know me a little more on a deeper level. Especially with my new book Aging in Reverse coming out soon. I've invited my friend Justin Schenck; the host of the Growth Now Movement to interview me on the 3 questions that I get asked all of the time!  So, join us and get to know me and how I began to Level Up my life! On this episode, you will learn: How to create everything from nothing Why Natalie decided to start a podcast What is the secret to aging in reverse
May 9, 2019
After an amazing twenty year career with Oprah Winfrey Sheri Salatas action packed days as Executive Producer of The Oprah Winfrey show were chronicled in the acclaimed docuseries Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes. Sheri also served as Co-President of Harpo Studios and OWN. But now in her 50’s, Sheri was ready to fully live a present life! She is now the cofounder of thepillarlife.com and co host of the podcast The Sheri + Nancy Show. She is also the author of a powerful book “The Beautiful No” Join in TODAY and here EXACTLY HOW Sheri Salata LEVELED UP and created everything from nothing In this episode, we talk about: How you can live a more evolved life What it was like to make a huge transition in life Why NO is so beautiful   
May 6, 2019
Zhena Muzyka is known as an award-winning, purpose-driven social entrepreneur, teacher, author, executive coach, public speaker, and former publisher. But what you may not know about her is she is PASSIONATE about SERVING others and being an activist for women's rights in developing companies. She is also the enrolling visionary behind Fair Trade teas being in the big box stores! As an immigrant of a family of gypsies, she has been on a mission to SERVE since she was a little girl. When at 25 she became a single mom to a son with a birth defect, she surrendered to prayer for what she was called to do. Seeing a tea party in that moment shifted her entire future… Join in today and learn exactly how Zhena Muzyka LEVELED UP and continues to create everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: Why you should stand up for what you feel is right A different definition of success Why love is all that matters
May 2, 2019
Jennifer Gilbert was violently attacked in the worst imaginable ways  when she was just 22 years old Her PAIN turned into PURPOSE as she decided to live her life surrounded by joy and celebration instead of fear and a place of victim and blame. What started as a passion and healing quest turned into transformative, self-sustaining company. But Jennifer did not stop there. Jennifer revolutionized the event planning world working with clients such as Google, Oprah Winfrey, the YMCA, the American Red Cross and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This pioneering approach earned Jennifer Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year®” award and the opportunity to participate in MIT’s three year “Birthing of Giants” fellowship program. She delivered a TEDx Talk on the “Entrepreneurial Spirit,” is a founding member of the Forbes Impact Summit, presented the keynote at BizBash and was EVEN a a fixture on a season of the Real Housewives of New York City as the event planner of choice. Jennifer Gilbert today is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Save the Date®, a New York City based hospitality and special events company celebrating 25 years in business with over $35 million in annual revenue. Interviewing her was a gift. I did not want to stop learning from her! Jennifer is not just a SURVIVOR she is a TRUE THRIVER. In this episode, you will learn: How to start thriving in your life How to revolutionize your expertise Why adversity is a gift Why you should surround yourself with joy and celebration
April 29, 2019
Originally a highschool dropout raised by a single mom who held three jobs, Allyson's environment was NOT set up to win. BUT What Allyson Byrd did have working for her? She BELIEVED. She BELIEVED she “could accomplish anything” and her mother believed she could too. Her journey is nothing short of fascinating. Today Allyson known as the “Profit Accelerator™,” is the first and only small business owner to create an international production house for thought leaders to be executive produced in publication, online platform expansion, and offline sales strategies. Celebrated as one of the world's most trusted leadership advisors and sales experts for entrepreneurs and small business owners, Allyson and her team of masterful facilitators have coached over 3000 entrepreneurial leaders to create over USD $105M in NEW revenue in the past 8-years. Allyson's work behind the scenes gives her clients the spotlight they deserve. She has just the right mix of education, motivation and – most importantly – vision, to help take businesses to the next new level through her distinctive method of accelerated profit strategies. Join in TODAY and learn exactly how ALLYSON BYRD Levels up and creates everything from nothing. In this episode, you will learn: Where to turn to for inspiration Why you need to have fun on the journey How to create your own spotlight Why vision is the most important thing to have
April 25, 2019
Liana Werner-Gray is a sought-after speaker and advocate for natural healing using a healthy diet and lifestyle. After healing herself of many negative health conditions including a pre-cancerous tumor, digestive issues and disorderly eating through embracing a natural lifestyle, Werner-Gray began lecturing and teaching about The Earth Diet internationally. Through her company and book, The Earth Diet: Your Complete Guide to Living Using Earth's Natural Ingredients, Liana has helped thousands of people improve, and in some cases entirely heal, conditions such as cancer, diabetes, addictions, depression, acne, heart disease, obesity, and more. Liana Werner-Gray was a self proclaimed JUNK FOOD JUNKIE until a precancerous tumor WOKE HER UP! Her pain has become her PASSION and teaching how to eat to avoid cancer has become her calling. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Liana Werner Gray LEVELS UP and creates everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How diet effects health What diet works best for you Why we can either feed or starve a disease
April 22, 2019
Michelle Norris survived the unimaginable. The TRAGIC loss of her young daughter right before her 23rd birthday. To add injury to the pain, it was Mother's Day weekend. Michelle knows all to well what it’s like to level up after an overwhelming loss. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, and blame, she used tragedy as a catalyst for her to “put up or shut up”, and follow through with her vision of leaving the economic status quo behind, and becoming a self- made entrepreneur. All this, at the pit of the housing market crash of 2008. Her belief, that she used to discuss frequently with here daughter? “ you can always find beauty among the ashes.” Michelle turned her pain into purpose and soon became one of Paleo’s most outspoken evangelists, then co-founded and is now CEO of Paleo f(x)TM, the largest Paleo event in the world. She’s a passionate speaker, motivator and guiding light to those seeking deliverance from a broken healthcare system and disabled economic system. Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Michelle has LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING. In this episode, you will learn: Why tragedy creates opportunity How you can use nutrition to fight disease How the economy doesn't dictate success Following your passion shows you your purpose
April 18, 2019
Andy Dane Carter has said MANY times that “Its not how much money you MAKE its how much money you KEEP” Andy is passionate about people and real estate. He am committed to helping people thrive in their businesses and investment power so they can be in alignment with their SUCCESS mindset. His UNLOCK NOW program is a platform to support your MINDSET with knowledge that gains leverage in your true potential for investing in your legacy. Andy is a STAND for a financially free life. AND he should know the importance of this! From overweight, depressed and struggling, to real estate investor and GENIUS Andy Carter's colorful life and events have changed the course for so many. Join in today and learn exactly how Andy Dane Carter LEVELS UP and creates EVERYTHING from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How building a legacy is more important than building wealth How you're able to overcome obstacles to create a life you love Why overdelivering is the key to success How you can unlock your full potential
April 15, 2019
Forbes magazine calls Steve Sims the MODERN DAY WIZARD OF OZ and after chatting with him for this episode, I feel they NAILED it with that name! You see, Steve grew up in London and came from very humble beginnings. Growing up in the 80’s , when entrepreneurship was frowned upon, he was a bricklayer by trade just like his dad and just like his grandfather. This is all he knew, and was taught to be. When it hit him one day that THIS was going to be his whole life, he decided to SHIFT and create everything from nothing. Today, Steve is the CEO of BLUEFISH.com. Author of Bluefishing and he is a MASTER at creating MAGICAL experiences for clients, Join in TODAY and learn EXACTLY HOW Steve Sims LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING FROM NOTHING In this episode, you will learn: How to create lasting partnerships How to drive value through relationships Why connections are the most valuable thing in your life Why people pay for experience more than anything
April 11, 2019
Once an overweight, unmotivated Realtor, Susan Hyatt described herself as a couch potato. You would not know it now because today she is a Master Certified Life and Business Coach who specializes in helping women get more of whatever they want—whether it’s more money, more media recognition, more pleasure, more passion, or more time to pursue meaningful goals. She is now the author of TWO books, Create Your Own Luck and BARE. Her work has been featured in places like O: The Oprah Magazine, Woman’s World, Cosmopolitan,and The Huffington Post. She’s the creator of The BARE Process, a trademarked system for upgrading your mental and physical health, building more energy and confidence, and creating the life that you want. Join in TODAY and learn exactly how Susan Hyatt LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING FROM NOTHING. In this episode, you will learn: How to get more of whatever you want How you're able to tap into more luck Why baring it all helps upgrade your mental and physical health How to create more confidence
April 8, 2019
Zion Kim came from very humble beginnings. He was poor as a child, bullied as a teen and faced depression for YEARS. After several near death experiences including falling asleep at the wheel while driving, and then and almost drinking himself to death over a broken heart he was LOST. Interestingly,  GAMING was a passion to him and became a lesson in leadership! It is incredible that even after being kicked out of business school his freshman year of college, TODAY, Zion Kim is the brilliant visionary CEO of 1MT and the co-creator of the R.O.I. Method and the founder of the mega successful Project Nuclear that has taken the solo entrepreneur world by STORM! If you don't know who Zion is YES you WILL. Join in today and learn EXACTLY HOW Zion Kim leveled up and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING. In this episode, you will learn: That there is a difference between who you are and how you're perceived How to execute on your vision without direction Why you should do what you love...no matter what Why persistence and relationship building is the greatest tool
April 4, 2019
Stacy Tuschl is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, philanthropist and the creator of She’s Building Her Empire where she helps women entrepreneurs and business owners unapologetically be themselves and create a legacy they can be proud of. Through her modern end-to-end process, she helps purpose-driven women entrepreneurs break through their challenges, operate at their highest potential and create self-sustaining businesses- without sacrificing their family. Because starting, launching and scaling your business doesn’t have to be stress-inducing or so difficult that you end up hating the process. Stacy Tuschl started her first business at the age of 18 in her parents' backyard and turned that company into a 7 figure business she still runs today. How did she do it? How did she stay focussed on the vision and not the set backs? Listen in today and learn EXACTLY HOW Stacy Tuschl LEVELED up and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING. In this episode, you will learn: How you're able to being creating your legacy Why being unapologetically yourself is so powerful How a strong work ethic is important to learn How do you figure out your "thing"
April 1, 2019
Growing up in a poverty all around in the middle of  violence and chaos Maja did not have the fairy tale childhood or family life. With a mom in and out of prison and a dad out of the picture, Maja used to count down the days until she would be old enough to leave. She describes feeling like she was in the wrong family and that her “real family” was going to come find her one day.   Fortunately, Maja had an uncle, just 10 years older than her that became her biggest fan. That uncle was her guide and supporter telling her consistently that “she can be ANYTHING she wants to be in life” She believed that uncle and just KNEW she would make something incredible of her life. Fast forward to today and Maja is a serial entrepreneur, real estate broker, business coach and television personality.  EVERYTHING Maja touches turns to gold. Maja is the total example of how to level up and create everything from nothing. In this episode, you will learn: The power of self confidence Why having a strong cheerleading section helps How you can block out the negativity to create the life you want Why your past does NOT dictate your future
March 28, 2019
Jennifer Shultz was just 47 years old when she started feeling chest and back pains. Her daughter, insisted taking her to the ER. Jennifer was in denial that anything was actually “wrong” with her and was SURE that the ER would send her right back home. She was wrong. You see, the EKG that the ER ran for her? Well, it had some some life changing information. Jennifer, who was in GREAT SHAPE, did not drink, nor smoke, had just had a heart attack! A heart attack at 47. WHY was the next question? Well you see, Jennifer had been in a toxic relationship for 5 years and she THOUGHT she could handle it! She was wrong. The SILENT Stress she was experiencing almost killed her. Join in today on Leveling up and learn EXACTLY HOW Jennifer's journey happened FOR her not TO her and how she has now rebuilt and created EVERYTHING from Nothing. In this episode, you will learn: Why stress is the silent killer How to handle toxic relationships Why there's more to health than physical 
March 25, 2019
Scott Oldford has been an entrepreneur since he was 7 years old! He started selling eggs out of his parents garage. By the age of 9, he  learned how to program computers and by the time he was 13, he had a team across the world. By 16, he was discovered by “the media” and won a bunch of awards. Business came naturally to him DESPITE being really poor in school. He was overweight,  not liked by his peers and he enjoyed the “virtual” world more than the “real” world Between the ages of 16-21, he started a LOT of different businesses and was mentored by some EPIC entrepreneurs… but, as what happens with a LOT of early success, Scotts EGO crushed him. He ended up losing everything. At the age of 21, he was nearly $1,000,000 in debt and suffering from depression. Like all “hero” stories, he had a moment of reckoning and decided “this was enough”. This is when his next business was born. He started teaching everything I had discovered in entrepreneurship so far in this program. It was a HIT. He sold millions upon millions of dollars from this program. He went from having NO following online to being followed by hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs. By 2017, he was completely out of debt and generating more than enough money to live my dream life, but something was still missing. I realized that what got me out of debt, wasn’t going to fulfill me in the long-run. So I went nomadic… 3 weeks later, I met the love of my life and now wife and fellow entrepreneur, Libby Crow. During this time, he had a LOT of free time and space to think. I completely reinvented himself both personally and professionally. He started developing systems, frameworks and methods based on everything he had learned about entrepreneurship. TODAY, Scott Oldford is the mentor and investor in many of the top online experts and influencers who have built multi-million dollar businesses. He's been featured on TIME, Entrepreneur, Inc, Business Insider, CBS, NBC and influences hundreds of thousands of Entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses past the multiple million dollar stage. In this episode, you will learn: How your ego can be your greatest teacher How to teach what you've learned to grow an empire Why dabbling in different things can be invaluable Why having the right mentors can create success
March 21, 2019
Todd Durkin works with a high-profile clientele and elite professional athletes including NFL MVPs, Super Bowl Champions, Olympic and X-Game Gold Medalists, and many other champion athletes. He is a 2X Personal Trainer of the Year and named as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness for the past four years. And, he is a life coach to some of the most successful CEOs and leaders in the world. But, most of all, Todd is a friend who has PERSONALLY impacted my life! I have read Todd’s books, trained with him,  listened to his weekly messages, and reach out to him as often as I can to get my energy and mind right. I wanted to know how Todd got to work with the elite as he does, how he stays positive and energetic ALL of the time and what makes him tick! Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Todd Durkin LEVELS UP and creates everything from nothing! In this episode, you will learn: How to work with the elite The mindset needed to consistently stay positive Why getting your mind right is the first thing How to stay focused on your goals Want to learn the quick version of the process Nicole followed to transform her body and her life? Join our FREE challenge HERE: www.TheQuickBodyreset.com Follow the COMPLETE Program that Nicole did at www.Thefullbodyreset.com
March 18, 2019
Terri Murphy will be 51 this August. She is bubbly, glowing, has a contagious energy about her and is extremely fit. By looking at her you would assume that she is genetically blessed! However, when I met Terri Murphy a few years ago, she was was overweight, depressed, low on energy and in her own words, hated herself. She had “tried everything” , yo yo dieted constantly and continually would lose faith in getting and staying healthy. As I talk with her today, she is a totally different person than the Terri I met a few years ago. She is healthy, strong, glowing, full of passion and purpose. You would never know by looking at her that the “different Terri” ever existed. Terri took a FIRST step, she DECIDED that enough was enough and that she was ready to make a change. TODAY, with the excess weight gone, a new found confidence and a love of life, Terri shares exactly how she LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from Nothing. In this episode, you will learn: Why yo-yo dieting is the worst Why your ah ha moment might not be so decisive  How you can have a ton of energy and be fit at ANY age How to take control of your health Want to learn the quick version of the process Terri followed to transform her body and her life? Join our FREE challenge HERE: www.TheQuickBodyreset.com Follow the COMPLETE Program that Terri did at www.Thefullbodyreset.com
March 14, 2019
Standing 5 feet tall and 177 lbs, Nicole was depressed, overweight, unhealthy and had lost her confidence and purpose. While viewing a picture of herself on vacation she had a defining moment. She didn’t recognize the person she had become. Nicole DECIDED she had ENOUGH and it was time to change. She Declared it, Cleared her past beliefs around weight, visualized who she wanted to step into and COMMITTED to the change. Today, Nicole is a new person. Dropping FIVE sizes and over 40 lbs, she is now confident, she knows she matters, she is owning her power and had a whole new outlook about her life and her future. Join in TODAY and learn EXACTLY how Nicole LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING In this episode, you will learn: Why declaring your intention is extremely important How you can visualize yourself to be the person you want to be Why taking control of your health is invaluable How to stay committed during your weight loss journey Want to learn the quick version of the process Nicole followed to transform her body and her life? Join our FREE challenge HERE: www.TheQuickBodyreset.com Follow the COMPLETE Program that Nicole did at www.Thefullbodyreset.com
March 11, 2019
I first learned of Isabel Price and Beyond diet years ago when the company and her face seemed to be EVERYWHERE on the internet! Isabel D. Price is the co-founder and creator of the wildly successful internet-based nutrition program Beyond Diet which is in its 10th  year having sold over 2 million programs to people all over the world. I met Isabel in person about a year ago and got to know the authentic human behind the brand. As Isabels small group coach in a leadership program she was in, I  had a front row seat to witnessing a new passion emerge in her. She DECIDED to to take on a NEW movement- A faith based project called “the New Life Promise” Isabel’s new program, The New Life Promise, combines her love for nutrition and her faith, to begin to change the conversation around weight loss and health from one of guilt and shame, to one of love, compassion and surrender. Join in today and learn how Isabel TRULY levels up time and time again and creates EVERYTHING from Nothing! In this episode, you will learn: The art of creating a wildly successful program Why leaning into your faith gives you new purpose Why weight loss is about self-love How you're able to begin to love the body you're in
March 7, 2019
For years, Jenna Ballard Phillips did not believe she was worthy of fairytale love, career success or financial abundance. Why would she have believed that? Although she had celebrity clients like Ben Stiller, Katy Perry and others, her low self esteem was blocking everything that mattered. Things had to get really BAD many times in her life before her true light started to shine. A rape, a head injury, brain damage, a coma, a life threatening disease diagnosis, and more… Things happen FOR us, as Jenna states, and those “events” lead her to the committed action of shifting her mindset! She changed her thoughts, and ultimately her elevated self esteem and dreams started to become a reality. TODAY, Jenna is on a mission to motivate and inspire as many people as possible to become leaders and make this world a better place. Jenna is clear that her purpose is to empower others to break through their limiting beliefs and create an unforgettable life. In 2016, she co-founded Ascension Leadership Academy with her husband and together they have coached hundreds of people into their greatness. She is also the founder of Unicorn University - an online membership community where women never spend another day being beige, broke, or behaved. Join in today, and learn how Jenna LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING FROM NOTHING! In this episode, you will learn: How you can become a leader How to let yourself shine Why things happen for us not to us
March 4, 2019
Ricky Carruth is not like any other ultra successful entrepreneur I have interviewed. There is a HUGE Calm Focus, sense of neutrality and faith about him that is evident throughout our conversation. Growing  up in a hard working family filled with manual labor, Ricky was roofing with his father from about age 12 until he was 20 years old. When he got his real estate license in 2002, by age 23 he was a self-made millionaire, that is, until the market crashed. Ricky found himself bankrupt at the age 25 and forced back into roofing houses and worked at an oil rig for a year. Unlike SO MANY in real estate, This never derailed Ricky.  He figured out HOW he lost everything, decided to read over one-hundred books,  studied the market, And then In 2008 , when the market was REALLY crashing, he got back into real estate with a new game plan to always value relationships over transactions. THIS  actually WORKED in the WORST POSSIBLE real estate time. In 2014 Ricky became the #1 RE/MAX agent in the state of Alabama Twice. He now helps agents to reduce the failure rate in the industry. Join in today and learn first hand how Ricky LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from NOTHING. In this episode, you will learn: Why you don't have to follow the market How staying calm during hardship is key How to notice unnoticeable opportunity
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