Great for a Binge
Amazing podcast. Entertaining deep dive into the world of MLM with a dose of humor. Host has interesting and warm personal history with the topic that really brings it to life. Will not disappoint.
Excellent and exciting
I found this incredibly exciting and very interesting. The host uses personal accounts mixed with investigation to give you the inside look at MLMs. Especially since Betsy Devos holds a public office now this is a mandatory listen. If you are looking for your next podcast binge- this is is. Nice work!
Fair and balanced
Awesome listen and thought it was very balanced and fair showing the good, bad and the ugly! Definitely recommend for anyone considering joining an Mlm company!!!
Podder has a huge chip on her shoulder. First few episodes were great. She added history and stories and was very informative. She started spiraling with bitterness in the final episodes. Had to cut out.
Awesome listen
Great podcast! I love all the background information and I like that you are calling companies out by name and including actual recordings of what people say. This industry needs to be exposed for what it is - predatory!!!! Good work! Highly recommend giving this series a listen. I binged it in about a day
Fantastic investigative report
I binged this whole podcast in a matter of days, I found it truly fascinating. I would love to see a part two of this topic, even though a lot was covered.
Very biased...
Nnick Satin
I wanted to listen to get the facts about MLM companies but everything seemed too biased and from my in depth research it seems that not all MLMs are created equal (many are horrible and prey on people though). They did not talk about this and this is unfair and does certain companies a disservice, along with its listeners! It makes me angry when people in power provide wrong information to sway listeners... that is not okay and pretty sneaky. Not a fan... DO NOT TRUST EVERYTHING THEY ARE SAYING.
Wanted to like it more.
There are things about this show I really like, and it makes me want to like it more as a whole. I found it persuasive and informative on the whole. In the first few episodes especially I felt like it gave me an insight into the sociologe of MLMs that was insightful and personal. I loved that. But this miniseries also has some tendencies I find irksome. Foremost among them is the tendency to glibly editorialize about everything from the Old Testament to the macroeconomics.This is especially unfortunate as it means many of the people I want to share this with, those I think would benefit most from hearing what it has to say, will be suspicious of what it has to say because it takes pot shots at other things they hold dear. It also seems to lack rigor in places. Even though there is pleanty of material here for a harsh indightment of MLMs, they seem to get carried away and resort to questionable arguments and rhetoic. (For instance, it seemed like a real cheap shot to argue that something wasn't free because you needed a computer to do it. In that sense, I suppose this podcast isn't free either...)
I love this show
I love this show. You guys are awesome, the only thing i dont like is that we dont get to hear the whole interviews you did with people. Is there a way you can put them on line so we can listen so them? I know you cant put a 7 hour interview or a 2 hour interview in a show, but it would show some transparency that we dont get from main stream media very often.
I live outside of Grand Rapids, MI. If you want to know it is a shrine to all thing Devos and Van Andel families. The ones who started Quickstar/Amway....it is funny since the world headquarters are right here, most people hate Amway! This podcast is amazing! I am totally in the anti- MLM train!
Love it! Mitten Pride!
I’ve dealt with and been in my fair share of MLM’s so I thought this would be a fun laugh. The first episode set it up really good. Then in the second episode I heard her say Owosso and was hooked! I grew up about an hour east of there in another small town and she perfectly describes your middle America small town stage. The story flows nicely, she definitely did her research and it’s a great expose on something that continually sweeps the nation under the guise of financial freedom for moms just trying to make something for their families.
I read about The Dream on the antiMLM subreddit. A lot of MLM content online is a repeat of the same information, so I was expecting that but gave it a shot anyway. This is so, so much more than that, incredibly insightful and definitely worth the listen.
Solid reporting until the last episode
This was a really good listen. It was fascinating hearing about the history of MLM’s and the cozy relationship they continue to have with major players in the political system. They also highlighted how MLM’s are designed for people at the bottom to fail while those at the top get richer. I also truly felt for all the victims highlighted that put all their money and faith into this rigged system that was designed for them to fail. My one complaint is that the interview with the MLM rep at the end was not handled professionally in my honest opinion. True reporting gives the listener objective facts and then allows the listener to come to their own conclusions. I wanted to hear how the MLM executive was going to explain his side but the reporters were so preoccupied with getting him to a “gotcha” moment that they kept interrupting and didn’t even let him finish full thoughts. I would’ve preferred that they point out any inaccuracies or misrepresentations of the truth after he’d made his statement because it was really hard to follow the conversation. Other than that, this podcast was truly entertaining and deserves a listen.
Went downhill
I loved the first 6-8 episodes but then it got super biased and political and the last two episodes were terrible. The final interview was really sad - they didn’t even hear what he had to say and it could’ve been so much better.
Loving it
Samantha the MPH student
I’m loving the podcast, I actually was messaged regarding an MLM party while listening *insert eyeroll* I think an interesting extra episode/second season could be diving into how dangerous health MLM’s are. Selling purses or makeup doesn’t hurt the consumer but selling “weight loss” products that don’t work or selling the idea of losing weight via “detoxes” is very dangerous and not fair to the consumer. Women deserve better, and we’re the ones who are targeted in these MLMs about health. Not to mention these products go bad and then can’t be sold by the distributer who is then out that money. I’m looking at you Herbalife, Isagenix, and Arbonne.
Kind of boring
I heard good things about this and I’m not a MLM lover or supporter at all, but I found it pretty boring and poorly organized. The progression from one ep and one story to the next was highly disjointed and lacking. We heard snippets of personal stories but then they went away and we never heard from them again. Many, many huge MLMs never even mentioned. Could have been so much better!
Completely inaccurate
This is an extremely inaccurate representation of a lot of MLMs. The majorly biased reporting doesn’t allow her to provide accurate information. This is basically just her snarky and negative opinion of something that she probably just had an unsuccessful experience with.
So so interesting
Liz Feeley
I’m glad someone has taken the time to demystify this strange business phenomenon that seems to have taken over social media. I feel much more educated on MLMs and what actually goes on behind the curtain.
Love it!
I’m loving this podcast! The first episode wasn’t by favorite but I’m about halfway through the season and the rest have been riveting!
Final interview blew it
Michael L.G.
Really interesting, I was hooked and binged it, but the final episode soured me on it. They were so unprofessional with what could have been a fascinating interview. Emotion and opinion took over and it devolved into a yelling match where the interviewee could do nothing but become defensive and any meaningful exchange was out of the question. I couldn’t finish. Really disappointed in where it ended up.
Interesting and informative
Marey two
I liked your podcast a lot. It made me think of you when I see cars that have MLM stickers on cars. One note: chapter 5: Brownie gave away a BROACH, even though it looks like BROOCH.
Must listen to prior engaging in a MLM
Helena soaper
Everyone that would like to pursue their “dream” of fast money should seriously listen to this. This is when they get full disclosure of all the pros and cons, and if they still opt to go the direct sales route, they at least were made fully aware of all that entails in this “business model”.
Love it
So much I didn’t know about MLM history
The hosts do a wonderful job of taking listeners through the history of MLMs, and I learned a ton. I especially liked episode 7 talking with the federal prosecutor about the same at FTC case. And episode 8 where the producer goes to the convention and gets her heart broken over the inhumanity. Great job by the entire team!
Netflix needs to make this a documentary!
So so good! As someone who came from multiple MLM’s this podcast is so painfully true! So glad someone looked into this and did research into this scam! I’ve lost thousands of dollars and I get sick to my stomach every time I think about it.
The dream
Absolutely fantastic inside look at the preying manipulation of the mlm industry.
Too opinionated
Kristy 1227
Incredible how biased and political it turned. And her opinions were so strong and her annoying laugh made it impossible to focus on the actual reporting or on the story. I’m anti MLM, and was really interested in hearing more facts and reporting so I could be more educated, but that was definitely not this podcast. It may have actually hurt Jane’s reporting career because most people are looking for in biased reporting and facts instead of opinions.
I devoured this
So great, episode 8 is the most powerful.
5 big stars
Thank you for calling attention to the scammers
Needs to work on editing or better interviewing skills
So distracted by the “mmhmm” and “uh huh” comments while she interviews people. We don’t need to hear you saying mmhmm after each point that the interviewee makes! Either don’t do it or edit it out. Very irritating.
Very informative
This podcast completely confirmed my bias against MLMs. These companies are predatory and manipulative. There's several reviews complaining that there's a left-wing and anti-religious bent. Well, that's because many MLMs use religion against their downline. "Oh you're not making any money? Must not have enough faith! Loser." Not to mention that certain MLMs (ahem scamway) have hijacked right wing politics. If you're conservative and you find that offensive, do something about it.
Storytelling was great..... journalism not so great
This podcast was at its best when the hosts focused on the personal stories of people involved in MLMs. The best storytelling leaves room for nuance, and I think they captured that in the first several episodes. The interviewers, through their interviews, clearly depicted a lot of the traps that people fall into when they get into MLMs, and I learned a lot. The last two episodes were a train wreck. The interview with the DSA chair was so biased that I actually ended up feeling bad for the guy. She was so focused on debunking his claims that she missed some really good opportunities to dig into the policy implications of different legislative proposals (for example, what would happen if MLMs created a preferred buyer class of sellers? Would this help the people who are struggling or make things worse?) There were SO many opportunities to make this interview educational and it was pretty disappointing to hear her fail to do that. I kept wondering how the last two episodes would have been different if someone like Terry Gross or Ezra Klein were doing the interview instead.
Sunny squirrel
Great! I appreciated their diverse research about something that is still very much CURRENT, destructive and tragic in our society. It’s a little slow in the beginning but push through for some real good insight and interviews later!
Grateful for brilliant reporting!
I am so grateful to you journalists who take on this onerous subject. I am so disappointed with our elected officials and the FTC.
This is soooo good!!!
Sassy Spoon Goddess
I’ve come to hate MLMs but I didn’t know all the background and why it runs so deep. This was a great insight and I binge listened on a road trip home!
Binge-Worthy Honest Reporting
Alyse Christine
I barely ever write reviews, but this is the kind of honest reporting I want to hear more of! Thank you so much for those who’ve brought this story together.
Spot on...
Virgil Kane Is My Name
Having had a fascination in the "human potential movement" and these "buinsess coaches" who sell and upsell their programs, many of which are based on the unproven & baseless "Law" of Attraction, this podcast strikes at the heart of this new kind of MLM. Sure, some have made it with the six and seven figure incomes many coaches trot out as their succesfful clients ..but .the vast majority of the unsuspecting never learn the necessary skills to set-up, run and be successful. The "right mindset" are regurgitated "sales funnels" are empty promises. With an 80-90% small business failure rate, many of these top-name coaches join forces with other "coaches" in so-called joint-ventures to market each other's programs. I have met countless people who have gone deeply into debt after their "initial investment" and the staff of these coaches work hard to "enroll" these people to extend themselves to the point of charging their credit cards, and often encouraging their "potential clients" to even take out other credit cards or ask for loans from friends and family. I have seen people become obsessed with trying one coach after another, one program after another in the hope of finding the golden egg, and that's why there is so much cross-marketing of these coaches. The "coaching industry" is where Amyway, Mary Kay, and other direct sales companies left off.
I've been binge-listening to The Dream podcast this week and I highly recommend it! The host, Jane Marie, goes through the history of pyramid schemes (turned MLMs), her personal experiences with them, their legality, and even going sorta-undercover by having one of her staff members join one. If you support MLMs, this is for you. If you've been burnt by an MLM, this is for you. If you are just really passionate about why MLMs are NOT OKAY (like me), this is for you!!
So amazing!
Everyone should listen to this!
Interesting, but too long and too much political bias
Very informative. Sometimes repetitive At times. Could of been shortened in my opinion. Many times where the current political bias shows through when it doesn’t need to (“Reaganomics was a complete disaster ..... if you ask my parents”).
great until it wasn't
entertaining listen until the host's Christophobia and left wing politics got front and center.
Puff Piece
While it is slightly informative, it is way more of a puff piece. They literally could cut half of each episode out. The lady laughing most of it, not providing information became rather frustrating after episode 3.
Too Bad it got so political
Really great quality on a really interesting topic but right around episode 4 and 5 it got super unnecessarily political and anti-religion. It contributed nothing to the story line and was just a big eye roll and sigh for listeners. Bummer.
Brought back my MLM trauma....
I am really enjoying this podcast, great content. Several laugh out loud moments. Thank you. Seriously brought me back to how traumatized I felt when I realized how these companies really make their money...I too have been a seller on several MLM platforms...Don LaPree, Avon, Amway and as of late Scentsy, thank you for exposing these tactics. They ALL follow the same exact formula!!!!!! So embarrassing....I bought it all hook line and sinker.... live and learn. ☹️ I have sworn off ALL MLMs since 2014.
I loved the first 6-8 episodes, then it seemed to go very anti Christian and anti Republican. I would have liked you to stick to the MLM issue.
So well done!!!
Excellent podcast. Not only informative but so well done that i couldn't stop listening. Thank you
Amazing dive into how MLMs got started and the consequences still playing out.
Great Resource About MLMS
Thanks for taking on this topic with not only passion but compassion for the many people who it exploits. I learned a lot from the hard work they did investigating.
A must listen
At first, it was interesting to me to learn about MLM companies and their history. I almost joined one in the past and even a few weeks ago I was looking into another one. After a few episodes my interest morphed into thankfulness-if that’s a word-to horror. These people sound like former cult members. I can’t believe how wrapped up our government is in these and it didn’t start with Trump. I love this podcast, you guys did a great job!
Informative but biased
Ballpark FR4NKS
If you can get past the host’s very obvious bias against MLMs or anything religious, the podcasts is filled with useful information. We’ve had multiple personal experiences that back the facts the podcast found
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