October 25, 2018
Halloween Is Here to Slay | Ep. 8
The new sequel is out—and breaking box office records. Forty years later, what new ideas drive us to revisit Haddonfield?
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48 min
October 22, 2018
Haddonfield Has a Posse | Ep. 7
Who wears a mask and just won't die? The fans who've kept the franchise alive for 40 years.
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36 min
October 18, 2018
The Joy of Fear | Ep. 6
Every creature has a fear reflex. But only humans choose to freak ourselves out on purpose at scary movies. What's going on in our brains—and how did John Carpenter take advantage of our need to scream?
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36 min
October 17, 2018
Michael vs. Freddy vs. Jason | Bonus
The ultimate debate is here. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers. Which iconic slasher villain slays the competition?
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19 min
October 15, 2018
'Halloween' Resurrection: Sequels and Copycats | Ep. 5
When 'Halloween' becomes a huge hit, copycat slasher flicks hope to score a quick buck—and make Siskel and Ebert furious. Meanwhile, Michael Myers trudges on through nine sequels of mixed quality. Keep pace as we run through every film.
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49 min
October 11, 2018
Jamie Lee Curtis: Final Girl and Hollywood Survivor | Ep. 4
Jamie Lee Curtis was born to scream. As a baby, her mom got stabbed in Psycho. As an awkward teen, she said "Yes!" to the role that made her a second generation scream queen -- and "Hell no!" to the final girl fixation on Laurie Strode's virginity.
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45 min
October 8, 2018
Michael Myers: Psychopath, Serial Killer ... and Victim? | Ep. 3
A psychological profile of Michael Myers and the real-life murderers who inspired him. The boogeyman is real. But Dr. Loomis screwed up his treatment.
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36 min
October 4, 2018
John Carpenter Calls Action | Ep. 2
How did four friends make a slasher classic? By accident. Join Carpenter and Co. on their stumbling path to the 'Halloween' set, where these goofy kids inadvertently became horror legends. Credits: Halloween Unmasked is a co-production of The Ringer and Neon Hum Media, it was written and hosted by Amy Nicholson Our Producers are Jonathan Hirsch, Zach Mack and Greta Weber Production assistance from Kaya McMullen and Karan Nevatia Additional support and a special thanks to Bill Simmons, Sean Fennessey, and Juliet Litman
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41 min
October 1, 2018
Horror in the Suburbs | Ep. 1
Meet young John Carpenter. Popular but strange, this intensely creative kid grows up surrounded by horrors that will inspire him to make 'Halloween'—and change film history.
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32 min
September 18, 2018
Introducing 'Halloween Unmasked'
‘Halloween Unmasked’ is an eight-part podcast series from The Ringer celebrating the remarkable and terrifying phenomenon of America’s most revolutionary horror film, 'Halloween.' Hosted by film critic Amy Nicholson, the show dives deep into the ‘Halloween’ franchise, unpacking John Carpenter's accidental classic, Jamie Lee Curtis's legacy as the ultimate scream queen, and psychoanalyzing the film's iconic masked killer, Michael Myers.
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2 min
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