Good but frustrating
The podcast itself is so interesting but the ads on this are by far the worst I’ve ever dealt with in a podcast. The advertisements for one podcast are so long and so frequent that I’ve practically listened to it alongside this podcast. It’s always the same ad that lasts like 7 minutes. Ends up eating like 20 minutes of the podcast.
Needs more depth
And prepare for lengthy (3+ minute) interruptions hawking another podcast.
No more “introducing...” episodes
My feed is filled with ads for I heart radio podcasts. Every other day I hear 15 episodes of the same thing.
Foster parent
As a new foster parent myself wanting to adopt this podcast really struck a cord with me. It made me so sad because of political correctness and many other things no one really got involved. It also made me realize that we do need a nation data base to hold abuse accountable across state lines. This is definitely worth a listen.
I have to say being a African American woman who raised four children of my own single, I wonder if they had been in any other race would the scenarios been different! We hear all the time how race does not play a part in things in this country, however it does! It plays in out in jobs, colleges, and now we see with even the adoption of Afro-American children! We see everyday how college scams, mass shootings, and even the commander in chief are all handle and treated different because of race! Yes I do believe these women had issues, although if they had been any other race would this have gone on as long, or happen at all!!!
Interesting story, but executed poorly. Constantly repeats the same facts, too kind about the abusive parents, and got incredibly boring.
Identified way too much with the abusers.
Identified way too much with the abuser(s). They weren’t abusive because they were isolated, the isolation was part of the abuse. They are not “antiheroes”. The children were victims of horrible abuse, it doesn’t matter if there were moments where they found happiness that was captured on video. A child was beaten so badly her entire torso was bruised. They fled from state to state while the parent who sounds classically like an abuser stroked her ego with awful self serving Facebook posts. The series falls into the same problem the news coverage did: unwillingness to accept that nice white ladies can be the villains of this story.
Too many commercials
Way too many commercials in this podcast. Detail is good but why did we need to know that one of the narrators had an Iowan accent? I felt like each episode could have been longer or combined. Really drug out the story.
Thanks to your team for such a thorough investigation & provocative presentation. Although heartbreaking, I was intrigued by the many twists & turns in the story. How ever dreadful the details, this tragedy needed to be heard.
She didn’t love those kids
That’s not love, that’s control. I listened to this whole podcast and you both identified entirely too much with a pair of abusers. Whether through neglect, violence and outright murder. The moms were Antiheroes? You’ve got to be kidding. The only ONLY victims in this case were the children in their care. Victims of a racist system and victimized in death by having their voices erased by the sorry people too caught up in pretty Facebook pictures to even think for a minute they were wrong about the adults in question. Y’all are gross.
This is such a heartbreaking podcast however it was so well written and kept you wanting to hear the next one.
What a sad story about the exploitation of children. The story of the Hart children is sad from the beginning and told through this podcast in a very sincere way. I almost don't even want to bring up the two women who both are complicit in the mistreatment of the Hart kids. I did feel some of the stories were told with a little too much personal touch from the hosts but mostly well done.
Wow. Absolutely heartbreaking. I had heard about this case in the news but never really gave it a second look. This story left me absolutely gutted. My only criticism would be that it was a bit light on putting the blame on Jen and Sarah for the murders of their adoptive children. However, overall I enjoyed the way the story (albeit hard to enjoy) was told and I’m appreciative that these children were given a voice of which they were forcibly denied.
Good but hard podcast
This show does a good job and providing as much detail as possible into the lives of the Hart family. It is hard to listen to what this precious children endured and even harder to swallow that societies complicity resulted in their death. There were many people who tried to help but enough was not done to save their sweet lives. We will never fully know what led Sarah and Jen to drive that van off the cliff but we do know that those children endured years of horrific suffering at the hands of these two adults and they had nowhere to turn for help. People need to become more involved and states need to be more aligned so they can recognize patterns. Their story provides a lot of opportunity for thought and reflection on addressing child abuse and encourages listeners to be more proactive when they see something that is not quite right. It could save a life.
Too many commercials
Good podcast, but way too many commercials.
Kid Gloves for child murderers
Absolutely appalling how these two child murderers are treated with kid gloves. If you are looking for a true crime podcast who will recount the ridiculousness of a child killer’s embellished Facebook posts, this is the pod for you. What a complete disgrace.
I work for “CPS” and I appreciate that this is not shame, blame, or point fingers at social workers, and more focused on how the system could be improved unlike most crime podcasts that blame authorities for “not doing their jobs”.
Reminder of the falsity social media is...
Madame Keri
The story is heartbreaking enough with just the facts. Abuse and murder of beautiful, innocent children. But the one mom’s Facebook posts are the true insight into the “show” that she was putting, making it even more unimaginable. Horrific story and awesome podcast.
Just discovered
Jessica lgm mm
Recently found and hooked. Well researched and addicting.
citizen 2
Had been following the events of this family and needed some answers to what happened. Since I live so close to where they did it really affected my concerns. This podcast was wonderfully done, great job on giving us some not necessary closure but uncovering some bigger important issues. Well done.
A very sad, but amazingly told True Crime Podcast
This story is completely heartbreaking. I kept crying during every episode. You guys did a wonderful job presenting this tragic story. It was impressive how many different people you guys got to interview that knew this couple and these poor children. I will be haunted by this story forever.
Such a sad but interesting story
Although the subject matter is soooo so sad, this podcast is very informative while also easy to listen to.
Give us the facts
Just give us the facts. What are the details of the abuse? Y’all mention abuse allegations from before they moved to Oregon but never really go into it. You never tell us the details of the abuse, which apparently included racist undertones/overtones. But worst of all I was appalled with the MULTIPLE times I heard either the hosts or those interviewed DEFENDING the two women that murdered these children! Speculating on the mental health of these two women instead of labeling them the narcissistic sociopaths abusing their adoptive children is perhaps the most disgusting thing I’ve ever listened to.
Familiar story, well presented and on a personal level
My friend and I listened to this podcast (without even knowing each other were) and we both commented on how well this podcast was presented. The story is such an intense case, and made me think twice about paying more attention to my interactions and how this is something that is an issue in the adoption laws. These ladies brought light to those issues and helped us understand about this tragedy. Also an interesting way to see how social media can be so harming and physiologically damaging.
Very well done
I absolutely did not know the events that surrounded this tragic accident. Now I do. Very well done. Thank you so much for your investigations.
Great reporting!
Well Done
Well done girls!
Thought provoking
I enjoyed this podcast It is very upsetting because of the actual event but I’m glad someone told the story of these children I’m so sorry they suffered Maybe this story can save other kids in the same situation
Could have been better
This was a very kind telling of a terrible and tragic story. It left me angry and confused about why this was made. I have no sympathy for Jenn. Was I supposed to?
Most racist podcast I’ve ever heard. They love to say white women, white privileged. They got away with it not because they were manipulative and crazy, but because they were white. Ignorance. Interesting story. But the obsession of their races distorted the real issues.
Horrible quality
alysha t
I really wanted to hear this story on my hour long rush hour drive home, but the quality of the sound is so horrible I couldn’t even make it two blocks.
unanswered questions
Good story, but left a lot of unanswered questions- Where are the parents/siblings off these women? Did they own the home they lived in Washington? How were they able to afford expenses with 6 kids and 1 working adult? What was found in their home after they died? Did it appear that they Left hastily or was their vehicle packed for a road trip? Any legal or financial or even medical issues that might have precipitated this? Also, how’d the remove the vehicle from the beach?
Just bad
Could have been consolidated into 2 episodes.
Needs to be redone
Needs better more in-depth investigative reporting. Lazy editing. Needs to be redone by some one else. Voice tones too high. Story doesn’t flow well. Lauren had good tone and experience. It was all over the place... should never put your personal experience into it. I was resentful that you created anxiety by doing that. 101 writing is to use less words.
My God....
It took me two days to get through this podcast. I can’t describe how unnerving and depressing it all is. I could never imagine subjecting children to this kind of abuse let alone making the decision they made to end it all...
Lazy reporting
90% of their sources are social media. This family deserves a lot more in terms of investigation and storytelling
a must
jen stoddard
how a person can hide behind the internet and systemic failures in society to protect marginalized children
Great, but...
I enjoyed listening to this podcast. The story is both shocking and sad. The only issue I have with this series is the way that Jen and Sarah are made to look like people who were both loving/caring but struggling with their own issues. I find this hard believe. Truly loving individuals do not go on to abuse and murder the ones that they care about.
How do you try to cover this story...
while ignoring the societal and systemic failures that led to the deaths of these children? Y’all really spent all of this time ignoring the kids to tell me about the women who murdered them? Wow. This is just...really bad and lacking in critical thought and cultural analysis and context. Just...wow.
So well done. Heartbreaking and fascinating
Couldn’t stop listening.
Boring Podcast for Such an Incredible Story
By episode 8, I still have no idea how the children were abused: no food? beatings with a belt? Okay, but where are the details. The narration starts on a critical issue, but fails to explain. This is one of the worst directed crime podcasts I've ever DL'd. Take a lesson from "Casefiles."
Very biased
If can give this podcast zero stars i would. It is heavily opinionated and biased. It is very disgusting how they are trying to force this victim narrative on us. The only victims were the kids. The women are only seen as victims because of their privilege.
Hartly Unusual
Great podcast, very informative , extremely thorough, love the format and the Hosts
Biased, overly-sympathetic, amateur reporting
“Jen Hart LOVED her kids” one reporter said. Nope, she could not have. Anyone that’s been in an abusive relationship can tell you that this woman was not capable of real love and you can’t make a judgement based on some photos and stupid, faked Facebook posts. “They were Monsters” is more accurate. At least you reported that part right. The truth is that these two women should never been allowed to adopt one child, never mind 6. The fear of offending gays, gay privilege, and the public being afraid of criticizing or questioning the motives of homosexuals, are some of the reasons these poor children died. Unfortunately, I’m afraid gay domestic violence goes widely unreported and this will emerge soon as a huge problem. This will happen again and again until people in the child welfare system pay better attention to who they are “farming out” children to. Another issue is folks using adopted kids as a means of income. There are just so many layers to this story. It could definitely been told better than these two liberals told it. “He hates Trump” SERIOUSLY? What does THAT have to do with anything in this story?!
Sad but excellent podcast.
I’m not neck deep in hateful politics, so I wasn’t looking for an agenda to be in a podcast about 6 innocent children lost. They done a good job allowing the actual people involved to tell the story and open us up to how and why these things can happen right under our noses and go unnoticed. RIH precious angels.
Sad and interesting story to start but...
It became long in the tooth after the first few episodes and the political agenda behind the two hosts bleeds through and ruined it for me. White guilt and bad white people who don’t accept mixed families is the message.
Interesting and tragic story, but really could have done without the political/leftist propaganda
Very interesting
Great podcast although so sad. Mind blowing incident. I feel so bad for these kids
Awful....just awful
Presented in a way that you felt no empathy for the primary Characters, as they were never fleshed out. And no real insight to the victims either. I was left feeling that a large and important segment was missing from this podcast. It’s a toss up “awful “ or just “really bad”. Don’t bother listening to decide.
Well researched and empathetic
This is a very well done podcast and well investigated. A lot of reviews mention their frustration with the podcasters decision to have sympathy for the moms in this case. As a post-Adoption counselor, it’s my job to make sure this doesn’t happen to children in my case load and to do that... you have to have empathy for adoptive parents. I don’t know when the abuse began in the Hart family, or what the moms were experiencing, but the stressors of raising children with trauma history (and yes even babies adopted in infancy have trauma) are real and unfortunately, when untreated, can lead to these horrors. This is a very honest and empathetic podcast and clearly lays out the break down of the current system.
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