Great podcast!
Great podcast! Thank you for for giving a voice to the victims and their families and friend.
Glad I found this show.
I happen to hear about this show on another podcast. Glad I gave it a try. Like they have someone related to the case on each show.
I don’t know what’s wrong with some of these people who’ve written reviews. Your podcast is great. It’s super interesting and you always make me smile. ...from the banter, not the murders! FYI though, your listeners are not just millennials. Some of us old people like your pod cast too 😘!
Love you guys
All 3 are very entertaining and witty, love the show even though I’ve got a feeling Billy’s a serial killer. Sorry it’s the owl conment and Disney thing. Jk.
I am trying to struggle through the first episodes of this podcast in hopes that it will eventually improve. I like the concept of first degree insights from the people close to the murders but the chattering on by the hosts about themselves and their ideals is hard to cope with. I am not giving up. Maybe I can eventually improve my opinion of this podcast if I continue to listen.
Quit. With. The Pauses.
Content and take by the hosts? Solid B. How Jac reads the ad copy? D-. Every ad ends with the last 3 words being over accentuated. Quit. Selling. The point.
The first degree has quickly become one of my favorite true crime podcasts! The hosts’ research is always in depth and I love that they find people who are connected to each of the stories that they share. Jac, Alexis and billy also have great chemistry which makes the podcast even better
Did not like comparing being a sex worker to being an Alaskan fisherman or firefighter. It is not immoral to be the latter. Bad comparison.
i tired
i tried to give this a chance because i absolutely love billy, but i just can’t with the girls. their deep breaths into the mic drive me nuts, and it sounds like they haven’t pre read anything. their banter is funny, but i can’t get past the sound.
They’ve come a long way since their first episode! Amazing cases and detailed info. The perspectives of the first degrees always blow me away. Their chemistry blends so well together too. Amazing pod!
Great Stories
I’ve been a fan of Jacs since getting my first train wreck bracelet. I’ll never stop listening, even though the stories are read like it’s their first time reading any of the stories. (Staggered, like the kid in class who always volunteered but straight up couldn’t tell when the sentence would end). They’ve got great chemistry though, my personal fav true crime podcast.
Binge Worthy
Love this podcast! Found it, now binging while I work! I’ll be sad when I’m all caught up and only get it once a week!
Great trio
All 3 of you really make this podcast so wonderful. It’s a great mix of personalities. Love how you each tell the stories and add your own thoughts/explanations to it! Alexis. You talk and breathe just fine!
This pod could be really cool but OMG those 2 girl hosts are THE WORST!!!! They can barely read! Pregnant pauses galore...mispronounced words!!! Ditch them!
4 out 5 ain’t bad
The only reason this isn’t a 5 is due to a weird ad placement in one of the episodes. Just struck me as odd... anyhoo one of my favorite True Crime podcasts.
Cringeworthy, not
I realized I was cringing as I listened to Alexa speak. So many pauses at inappropriate times. Does she even practice reading this crap before she attempts to tell it to the audience. I can’t take it anymore. I’m out.
I’m a Griffyndor....
Great podcast! Loved Billy Jensen before this but adding Jac and Alexis just gave him an upgrade. When I found The First Degree, I binged it. Now I’m kinda sad that I can only listen to one a week.
Love This!!!
The concept of the first degree of separation is unique and intriguing, what a great perspective. The stories are compelling, and all together gruesome sometimes, so how can this be fun to listen to? The hosts...awesome chemistry and casual banter. It’s like hanging out with your friends and shooting the 💩.
Love the concept and have enjoyed most episodes but why does Alexis reaaaaad sooooo slooooooow. Some of her sentences don’t even make sense because of the way they're broken up into fragments. Other than that it’s been pretty enjoyable to listen to.
Great Concept, bad execution
Love the concept of this show to feature people connected to the true crime stories featured. But frankly, I wish it was just Billy Jensen and they’d ditch the other two hosts who are grating. Jensen at least takes the cases seriously and interjects interesting insights. The other two are more interested in being the center of attention. The initial sound problems have cleared up, now if they could just mute Jensen’s cohost this would be a great show.
Sound engineering could be a lot better. It sounds like the girls are way too close to the mics. Also it sounds like they haven’t practiced reading so some of their parts are painful to listen to.
Love it now!
It took me awhile to get on board (yes, the microphone issues during the first few episodes were real) lol...but I look forward to this podcast every week now. The research on each case is great and the in depth conversations with those involved provides such a unique perspective. I highly recommend!
Weekly waiting
Remember back in the day when you couldn’t wait for your favorite TV show to come on? Unable to believe that you could wait a whole week to see if Ross & Rachel got back together. This is how I feel about The First Degree podcast. I wait with great anticipation each week to learn about what story will be told and how the connection to it will help us all know that we are just a moment away from being personally effected by true crime.
True Crime at its FINEST!
Because only you can prevent serial killers. Jac, Alexis, and Billy crush the true crime game.
Keep your favorite podcast close....
Started from the beginning and LUV them. The audio was a struggle in the beginning and now it’s bomb - so stick with them!!
True Crime/First Degree fan
Was recommended this podcast by another podcast, 22 Hours: An American Nightmare and haven’t turned back. I listen to at least one or two episodes everyday to and from work. I thoroughly enjoy all the different cases and stories shared. I’ve noticed that there are so many cases/stories involving males as the suspect/accused/convicted. I know these are first degree accounts, but would there be a way to report on crimes/stories conducted by females? I would be curious to hear different accounts/stories/cases about female suspects/accused/convicted and how/if they may differ in their stories/crimes. Thank you.
christina doren
So good, so addicting. I feel a complete binge coming on...
Love the varied insights and opinions from the crew.
Love this idea/podcast
This podcast is an incredibly interesting way to do true crime and is way different than anything anyone else has done so far. The hosts are perfect together. Alexis does fantastic research, Billy has the real life experience and Jac ties everything together. She represents the listener really well. I’ve loved getting to know them a little through their podcast. Everyone should check it out for sure. Turn down the lights and turn up your anxiety, everyone
Alexis Linkletter must NEVER be stopped
Interesting mix of people
This is a pretty fun podcast. I found it from listening to The Murder Squad, which I found from My Favorite Murder. Thanks for show!
Love.. but the timing!
I love the genre, content, and idea behind this podcast. I also respect the thoughtful intent within the research and delivery from the hosts. I only wish, the timing.. or maybe editing was smoother. The girls often times repeat words when giving their own description of 'what happened'. The content being read doesn't flow as well as other podcasts I've listened to within the true crime community and love. I regularly tune in in hopes that the podcast will continue to get better and better as time goes on... again, love and respect the hosts and the idea of this one. Just think there is room to grow. Erinn
Love, Love, LOVE
It’s like I’m hanging out with friends. Wish I could give you more stars ⭐️
My favorite
I stumbled upon this podcast by accident & l’m so glad I did. I love the cast & what day it is. I’ve never noticed Alexis’ breathing but from listening that’s a main topic. You all could breathe heavily in the mic & I’d still listen. #leavealexisalone
Can’t get enough
Absolutely addictive!!!
A must-listen
One of my fav true crime podcasts to listen to! The stories are always great and I love the banter of Jac, Alexis, and Billy.
I love this show!
I have been listening to this show since the first episode and it has quickly become my favorite! I listen every week and I love the stories and the way that the show is shaped and the chemistry between Jac and Alexis and Billy. It just makes me want to be friends with them all! Also I never hear a problem with Alexis breathing or whatever so I think people are just hating now #AlexisLinkletterCANNOTbestopped
Owls forever
This is my favorite true crime podcast. I love the way the stories are told and love the fun banter in between! Need to buy merch ASAP!
Thought provoking and lighthearted
Love this show! I appreciate the informative aspect they bring with the true crime stories. Obviously it’s a depressing and dark subject matter but the bff bond Jac and Alexis have coupled with the banter back and forth with Billy is the perfect recipe for appropriate lightheartedness. The chemistry these three have along with their experience in the true crime and podcast realm is spot on!
My Favorite
This is my favorite podcast! I found it right at the beginning so I’d guess you’d say I’m an Owl! Still so confused why I’m into this kind of stuff, but Jack, Alexis, and Billy really make this podcast so interesting and entertaining! My favorite day to drive to work is Wednesday’s! Keep it up!! Love you guys
They have a unwound angle and do cases I haven’t heard a million times.
I look forward to Wednesday’s every week for a new episode. These three do a great job of reporting true crime stories from the perspectives of people who saw things happen first hand. They are always respectful toward victims and families and always interesting to listen to. Whoever said Alexis Linkletter should be stopped is wrong!
I love it so much
Ladygang lover
I don’t think they’ll ever see this... but if you do, I love this podcast so much and I honest to God believe that this is the BEST crime podcast out there. I love how they discuss the smaller cases that not a lot of people are aware of. They are just as important and I think that they’re doing an amazing job and I believe Jac Vanec is one of the most gorgeous people out there k thx bye❤️
Love the case by case format
So, I have a short attention span unless something is very very wild. Therefor, I really appreciate that this podcast is a different case every episode. It makes it new and exciting every week. Billy, Alexis, and Jac are easy to listen to and add in their own opinions on things so it’s like sitting on my couch chilling with them vs just having the facts read through. Highly recommend!
This podcast is everything.
Emma Jane C
I love this podcast so much! It is always so interesting and engaging. The hosts have one of the best dynamics I have ever heard. Plus the merch is 🔥...And so comfortable! I talk about this podcast so much that people think Jac, Alexis, and Billy are my real life friends. Plus, I think it’s really cool that the hosts all interact with the fans on social media. P.S. Alexis’ breathing is normal. Let the woman live. Literally.
I’ve been listening from the beginning and I love this podcast. My boyfriend is even hooked, though he won’t admit it. Thanks guys for the true crime fix each Wednesday!
TN Wife
This podcast has quickly shot to the top of my crime pods! Love the way that Billy, Jac, & Alexis weave the stories & the first person accounts always remind you that evil is out there, & we don’t have to look far to find it.
By Far The BEST
I love this podcast! The three hosts have the best flow and relationship. Their friendships are heard through the speakers. And Alexis’s loud mouth noises make the show 1000% better.
This was my very first true crime podcast. I absolutely love the combination that Billy, Alexis and Jack bring.
Love this true crime pod
I love the various stories and how connections are different. Best trio too
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