This is a great podcast for those who love true crime. It’s amazing to see how this case was solved. There are so many twists and turns. Truly intriguing.
Follow this with Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad,
B&S Fan Forever
The Murder Squad continues the Bear Brook case with those involved, and moves on to other cold cases, asking for the listener’s assistance in getting those cases moving. Highly recommend it.
Great podcast on a cold case
I would highly recommend this podcast for any true crime fans. Its fascinating to hear how this case was solved.
Excellent podcast
Great podcast. Couldn’t get out of my car. Wish there were more updates.
Great story!
I binge listened to this in one weekend!
Fabulous. CSI for the real world
This podcast was beautifully done and explains how a case helped shape DNA evidence forever. Worth every second!
So much filler
Recaps and dead air and recaps - you could cram the entire series into 90 minutes of material. Boring as hell.
Thought provoking
I loved this podcast. I’ve been avoiding doing one of those DNA tests exactly for the reasons that were addressed here. Fascinating and horrifying.
If you like quality investigative crime storytelling, this is the podcast for you... I was hooked and binge listened to the whole thing on a flight! Fascinating true story, this is one of the best true crime/investigative podcasts I’ve found.
Great story telling!
I felt so invested in this story and loved being able to hear about the latest update. Hoping they are able to identify the last little one soon.
I like the podcast but HATE all the music that plays so loud and while people are talking. It can be toned down a little.
Well done!
Detailed exploration of a compelling cold case. Great storytelling! And great outcomes. More of this please.
Must listen.
This is very well done. Captivating and heartbreaking
The ultimate podcast
I wish I could go back to the day I first started this and re listen to it. It’s the podcast I judge all other murder/mystery podcasts to. It captivated me. It broke my heart and gave me hope over and over. The people it this chilling story became so important to me. It was told in a respectful way that honored the souls that were lost too soon.
Such great investigating in this story. Great story teller! Also great interviews.
So good
The pace, the narrator, and the story are all outstanding !!
Almost perfection.
Tragic story, incredibly well told.
Truly excellent
Beckett5 75
This podcast is riveting - I binged it. This has perfect pace and is so interesting. I was sad to finish it!
Mind Blown!
I personally am a huge fan of true crime, my husband not so much....we took a road trip and started listening to Bear Brook and we were both blown away; the story was incredible but how far science has come was unbelievable. I recommend this to anyone and everyone interested in true crime, an amazing story, justice, or science.
straight up asking for cash
I know a lot of people now make a living making podcasts but honestly this is the first time I’ve ever heard someone straight up asking to “give $20”... I mean the show is very well produced and you can tell there’s been a lot of time and work put in but asking for money like that? Not even giving people a choice of how much to give? Shameless. Makes me think there should be rules and regulations put in place on how podcasts make money and how many ads/hour can be inserted.
GREAT, largely due to Jason Moon
Super interesting story but much of the credit goes to the host. Excellent, excellent reporting and storytelling.
Unica Sola
I’ve listened to all the top-rated professional true-crime podcasts, and this one is in my top 5. Exceptionally good, and not the least bit sensationalized. Does a good job of explaining the DNA evidence too.
One of the best!
I NEVER write reviews but felt compelled to write this one because this podcast is worth writing about!!! I love the simplicity and well thought out flow of this series. I never lost interest and found myself immersed in the story as well fascinated with the insanity of it all. I couldn’t stop listening!!! Thank you for making this and keep them coming! ✌🏼❤️
Listen to This
I was brought to tears. Great podcast incredibly well done. Only con is I think it has ruined me on other true crime podcasts. This was truly phenomenal.
One of the best true crime podcasts I have ever listened. Loved the detailed yet simple explanation of Genetic Genealogy. Excellent work by the host!
Why does it skip from episode 8 to 13!!?? I was getting so into it and then it just skipped.
Such a fascinating story!
Love it!
Best of the best
Reported with diligence, written with compassion, structured like a novel with twinned narrative strands—Bear Brook sets the standard, in my opinion.
Compelling, well told, and humanizing
I looked forward to listening to this podcast every time I got in the car. It’s a true crime story, but I felt it wasn’t as gruesome as other true crime podcasts, as it was about the stories about the investigations, people, and connections surrounding the crime rather than just the crime. Highly recommend
Really good podcast
Very interesting story and great story telling. This podcast is well researched, the pacing and story structure flows really well, the narrator is well spoken and overall the entire product is done really well. I always recommend it to friends whether or not they’re into the true crime genre.
Put simply- one of the best podcasts, if not THE best, I’ve ever heard.
Best true crime podcast
Just found this podcast, listen to all episodes over a day. Absolutely fascinating case. So well presented, I hate fluff, monotone or swearing, it gets in the way of the story. The explanations of scientific information was thorough, but not boring. The little details the podcaster had about the subjects made the story even more compelling. Bravo! I hope we will have another true crime story soon.
Loved this!
I really enjoyed this podcast. Well done and informative!
Binged in 2 days
Loved how the story was told and the science behind it is fascinating!
Great story
I loved the science piece, so informative!. Thank you!.
A must listen
thingsthatmakeugo hmm
How this podcast never made it a little higher in the rankings last fall is beyond me. Jason did such an amazing job reporting on this story!
This is such a crazy story. A must listen
So well done
Great story, great storytelling, and fascinating details from the world of science and genealogy.
Beautiful journalism.
Derpina B
Well told, factual, just brilliant.
Left wanting more!
Most fascinating and informative crime show yet
There are more than a few fascinating crime podcasts out there. But only Bear Brook actually opens your eyes to a fascinating world of crime solving as well. My favorite one yet.
Slow but steady
Took me a little bit longer than expected to finish.. It was a little bit too obvious it was scripted fiction. Quite honestly I’m surprised that the author hasn’t been hit with a suit for unlawful reproduction of copyrighted material. But then who knows what the future holds.
Jessica lgm mm
Well researched, produced and captivating. Binging now
Poignant and necessary!
Highly Recommended
Well researched. Intelligent and sensitive reporting. Spare production. Takes a really deep dive into how genetic geneology is being used to solve crimes - and the associated impact on privacy.
Fascinating, clean
This story had me hooked from the beginning. It has lots of confusing twists and turns. I really appreciate that it is presented professionally and without all the foul language that many podcasts include. Thanks!!
Good storytelling
It was slow to start and I almost gave up as the first episode didn’t really get me but it was a great ride going back and forth in time to reveal all victims identities and methods of dna investigation. It’s amazing that this killer could have very well left more victims. I hope they are found
Worth it
Really good.
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