Excelente, well researched and well produced. Great!
Dimitry L
Very well produced and investigated. I listen to a lot of podcast, this is one of the best I’ve heard this year.
Absolutely Riveting
From the first few minutes of the very first episode, I was hooked on this story. It moved at an excellent pace, and the narrator, Laura Beil, provided careful analysis and definition of medical and legal terms as they related to the saga. I am aghast that this actually happened in our health care system, and that it could certainly happen again. It has made me thankful that thus far, I’ve had doctors and surgeons who have performed their job with excellence. This podcast has taught me that as consumers of health care, we cannot let our guard down. It is incumbent upon us to do our due diligence and thoroughly vet the doctors who care for us. It would seem that many hospital systems cannot be trusted, even in this day and age.
A Must
I definitely recommend and a must listen.
Dr Death
The fastes runner sonic
Not interested I mean I know people are interested in nurses and.. podcasts but I don’t understand this podcast I mean Chris seems like a loyal man and jerry not to loyal but dr death is a little weird I mean I know people like this podcast but I am not interested into this stuff...
incredibly well done
this story is a horrific one, but I believe this podcast was handled in a way that showed the utmost respect for the victims.
Nurse anonymous
This is my first podcast and I couldn't stop listening! Wow is all I have to say. As a nurse myself I am just shocked. So sorry for everyone who has been affected by this monster. I understand people's fears of reporting someone, as I reported a co worker and my employer replied that they could be sued for taking action against a fellow employee if the situation turned out to be nothing. I've been discouraged from ever bringing forward issues but this story has opened my eyes. This story would make a great movie.
This is disgusting! As a healthcare employee, I am disgusted by this man. So sad it took so long for the medical board to look into this. Great podcast!
Elementary School Teacher
Sugar aka Gma
Incredible, yet sad story for the victims and their families. Glad to know this “doctor” wasn’t given the chance to walk away.
As a survivor of two failed fusion surgeries by a narcissist spine surgeon, this was truly captivating, but so frustrating that the system kept failing. I wish there was more focus on the court proceedings and less ads, especially the updates, which have nothing to do with an update to this podcast! I still gave 5 stars for the story itself, but the ad content was too frequent and long throughout this podcast. I did further research to get more info regarding the court proceedings.
Horrifying and terrifying and completely impossible to stop listening.
I’m a neuro nurse so I work with neurosurgeons daily which made the inner workings of the medical community within this horrifying story EXTRA messed up. Incredible story.
This is an unbelievable story of extreme medical malpractice. Very well told.
Dr Death is Riveting!
A true monster with access to surgery
Jaw dropping
I can’t count how many times my jaw hit the deck during this podcast. This man was a lunatic and it breaks my heart that they system failed so many people. This never should have happened. Too many balls were dropped. Dr. Duntsch should not be set free. His manipulative ways will get him back into surgery somehow. My condolences and thoughts go the family, patients and friends of those effected by his damaging ways.
Riveting, until the end
Really enjoyed this podcast, aside from episode 6 onward. The style changes, e.g. there’s an unnecessary tangent about how it’s unfair that pain and suffering judgments are limited to “only” $250k in Texas, along with some other ramblings. Some episodes have ads in the middle, rather than beginning or end. Without these shortcomings, it’d be a 5-star podcast.
True crime fan heaven
So well done! Riveting! Def recommend!
This podcast blew me away. He was narcissistic, diabolical, and I know hell has a chair titled with his name. They presented this podcast very well.
Great story
Great story. The narrator just wasn’t enjoyable. I wish they could’ve included audio from the trials and real recordings
The bar
This podcast unfortunately sets an impossibly high bar for all other true crime podcasts. It is simply the best!
Long Road Trip Made Quicker
This podcast was my first. Outstanding content, very well written and voiced incredibly well. I highly recommend! An unbelievably sad story. I feel such compassion for this hack’s patients.
What in the actual...?
The reactions I had listening to this podcast included yelling out loud in public, grunting in disgust, and pounding my fist on a table in disbelief. What a nightmarish situation for the victims. This is a new lesson: Research your doctors and make sure they’re not murderous frauds. This needs attention so much attention.
Great story that needed to be told
Loved it. The details of the story and the way and voice telling of it was amazing.
Too many ads
Queen H8
The podcast is done really well, and I understand the need of announcing sponsors and making money, but the number of ads in this podcast is excessive. It feels like every 5 minutes they’re taking a break for ads and it’s too much. I listen to podcasts while at work and I’m not going to waste time fiddling to skip ads when I shouldn’t have to. It’s disappointing because they do such a good job of telling the story here and it kept me interested.
Podcast was so well done !!! Every episode left me wanting to listen to more! The voice of the podcast helps with the mysterious aspect of the story. I love that the voices of the doctors and people are the actual voices of those involved in the story
Great reporting. Difficult story to comprehend due to the damage this man did to others. The production value of Wondry’s podcasts are excellent, the narration, the sound work are really top notch.
Dr Death
Marlys' girl
Excellent reporting! Great, if horrifying, story!
Shocking. Entertaining.
Christopher Wood (Audio Abrasion)
Really entertaining. Shocking. But, entertaining. My first (minor) criticism is that some of the information is leading the audience a bit. My wife and I have been in health care for a collective 39 years; she in the OR as a Scrub Tech. Not all of the medical information is exactly accurate and/or is intentionally vague for effect. Occam’s Razor principle is also not discussed accurately. An entire episode is dedicated to this principle. Again, overall very entertaining.
Dr Death
I wish this was a never-ending series. So good!
Could have been me
Excellent podcast about one of the most disturbing cases of our medical system failing its patients. I actually had spinal fusion in Dec 2012... in Dallas. I feel so blessed to have chosen the surgeon I did, because my outcome was very different from those whose stories are told here. I started seriously considering the surgery in early 2012 and had talked to many doctors over the years, but when it came to making the decision of choosing who was going to actually open my spine (and abdomen) some just didn't seem to have the best bedside manner. I live in the area where this doctor was practicing and I can only thank my lucky stars that I never encountered him. The fact that so many hospitals and institutions failed to report or revoke his rights to operate at their facilities, given the information they had, is absolutely sickening. Thank you for the great reporting and prayers to those who survived and are still figuring out how to put their lives back together.
Great podcast
Great podcast! Didn’t want to end. Makes u stop, think & want to make sure you are getting the best info from ur healthcare providers
Tamesha Taylor
The background and history of Dr. Deaths surgical complications was plotted in a way that was gripping. I was intrigued by the systematic failure perfectly explained in the podcast and just couldn’t stop listening. The use of voice recordings from prior patients and Doctors really highlighted the true events. I hope we can get a look at what his upbringing was like in the future because I’m sure we’d all like to understand the motive behind his madness.
Great podcast. Riveting.
I thoroughly devoured and enjoyed this podcast, but I’m unsubscribing because it’s enough already with the trailers! I keep thinking there are more episodes, but they turn out to be trailers. I can find my own crime podcasts, this is the age of the internet. 🙄
So well done
I listened to every word and discussed with my son in medical school. Yikes!
Dr Death
My daughter insisted I listen. This is both fascinating and scary. Just hope to stay both healthy and lucky!
Great public information
I’m an RN in the operating room and I can attest to the code of silence and the fear of reporting a doctor...at the same time nurses are patient advocates and I’m very concerned that no one working with him took the time to speak up during the surgeries It is a great lesson for me and I hope for all surgical staff Thank you for this
I just completed the Dr. Death podcast (2018). This is a relatively short (10 episode) non-fictional true crime story. This is made by Wondery, the same folks that made Dirty John (and other similar podcasts from this genre). As usual with Wondery this is professionally made and decently told. I was entertained enough. The sheer volume of victims is intriguing for sure. My only beef is that with so many more interesting stories out there that they could have told, why this one, that has so many cliches in it? If you love true crime though, and aren’t too picky, then maybe check it out? I give it 5.9 stars out of 10
Thank you
The reporting on this story was exceptional. I will definitely look more closely at any doctor who has custody of my case or that of any loved one.
Got obsessed
Jacob Stein from GA
Binged this in like a day or two! So good!
Couldn’t get into it
I tried to like this. Really I did. I just couldn’t get into it. It follows the Wondery formula, which when you listen to enough of those, becomes monotonous.
Great storytelling but insane story!
This was my very first podcast and I feel into it obsessively! I could not believe what I was hearing. I worked as Residency Coordinator for years and I find it incredibly difficult to believe he cleared medical school. That alone brings medical education into review for this particular student. He was clearly a psychopath all along! Too bad no one stopped him sooner! Listen and get hooked to the Dr. Death podcasts!
Physician Heal Thyself
mental abuse!
The Psychiatrist was clearly a sociopath. This gives you a tiny glimpse of psychological abuse and just how damning it can be. This Physician needs to be sanctioned disciplined and his license revoked.... for damaging the lives of so many.
So interesting and difficult to atop listening!
So interesting! If you’re a RN like myself, you’ll really be sucked into this Podcast! It specifies in neurosurgery, which I’ve worked for 5 years, and I can’t believe what this neurosurgeon did for years! The narrative is great as well and the plot will keep you from being able to put your phone down!
Beyond hooked
I am new to podcasts and have been obsessed with true crime for as long as I can remember. This one is AMAZING!! Love the storytelling, the details, all of it. It also touches on my fear of botched surgeries. I listen in the car and I can only imagine what other drives are thinking as they see me physically cringing in the car at some of the details I’m hearing. Great job!!
This is so disturbing What is he trying to prove? Is his discipline in neurosurgery? Malpractice How can he keep getting away with this? Maybe he knows someone in the front office
Shocked and disturbed
This is so disturbing on so many different levels. I hope this maniac never has the opportunity to see the light of day and to experience freedom of any sort. The executives of these hospitals that turned their heads and allowed this to continue should have to pay the people he operated on out of their own pockets.
Wow, powerful yet scary story and very hard to believe that this can happen in today’s modern society. Very, very, well done. She covered all aspects of the case that was extremely well researched and horrifically honest. My heart goes out to everyone involved.
So disturbing
Hylle Educated
Extremely well presented. Effectively made my skin crawl, but also got me thinking about the relative impunity of physicians.
Great Podcast - Chilling
5 Stars to the Dr. Death Podcast. It’s hard to believe that this can happen in America and it’s chilling that it not only happened but it’s still probably happening with other doctors if even to a lesser degree. I had just listened to another 5 Star awesome podcast titled “Cold” about Josh Powell who murdered his wife and before he was placed in jail for her murder he violently murdered his two young sons with an ax before killing himself and burning down the house he was renting.
Good so far👍
I just started this and so far it is super intriguing 👍👍👍
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