Gossip, no facts
Listener FL
I began listening to this podcast having no idea what actually happened to Lauren, and I finished it… Having no idea what actually happened to Lauren. We hear lots of teenagers pointing fingers, making statements we have only their word on – again we’re talking teenagers here - but no New evidence whatsoever. Some “investigation”. The host should leave this stuff to the professionals, as she clearly has nothing pertinent to add.
No evidence of a crime
I feel terrible for Lauren’s family, but I don’t think there is anything here to indicate that this was anything but an accident. Lots of drunk young people in a dangerous situation. People’s stories are not going to add up because everyone was wasted. Memories and perceptions are tainted by alcohol. The “inconsistencies” that are highlighted are so minor and do nothing other than to prove that a group of young people were acting like young people. I understand the family’s desire to assign a meaning to the death and have someone to blame. But sometimes bad things just happen and no one is at fault.
Sad story but no evidence
No facts have been brought up. Yes I do believe something happened to Lauren but there has been no facts discussed on the podcast. It sounds like a lot of high school drama. It’s just so and so said this and so and so thought this. I do feel for this family but unfortunately they only have the body. They make it seem like it’s the detective is in the wrong and pointing fingers wont bring this case to a close.
Get on with it
First of all, I can’t stand how slowly she’s talks! Makes the podcast drag on even longer than it already is! I agree the detectives did a horrible job but this podcast is purely one sided. She doesn't even give her thoughts on what she thinks happened. Very unorganized as well.
I keep listening and waiting for someone to give some actual proof that this was not an accident. It seems to be a lot of speculation on the part of the host. It’s so over the top that she sees things one way and by God that’s how it is. I actually agreed with every word the judge said about her “investigation”. And she comes back with an attitude like, can you believe this guy? Honestly, I’d like to know what happened to Lauren but you’re not going to get it from this podcast. The police investigation was abysmal. But non stop speculation is not going to bring you those answers, sadly. I gave 2 stars because the case is interesting . If you like a lot of speculation and little evidence this one is for you.
Love this PC
The cops in this case are complete idiots and should both lose their jobs. Disgraceful to say the least.
Addicted and binging
I heard this podcast mentioned in another podcast and decided I’d give it a try and I’m binging and can’t stop! I can’t wait to see where this goes. Very good!
They got away with Murder!!!
Rtrbama baby
You did such an awesome job researching this case! You truly showed so many things that the Law not only missed but didn’t have qualifications to do a death investigation! And the Judge needs to be Off the bench!!! If he can’t see that the detective... if u wanna call him that...completely DIDNT KNOW WHAT THE HELL HE WAS DOING.. then he is just as bad as him!!! I hope the FBI will intervene on this case!!! Those kids up on that hill ARE Guilty!!!
Sheriff and his posse
Outstanding podcast! It was especially interesting to me because I live within a couple of hours from the crime. I’ve said this many times - that sheriff needs to be run clean out of town and should never be in any capacity of law enforcement again. As for Jeremy Taylor, he couldn’t have tried to be any worse as an investigator. His lack of interest and ability should follow him for the rest of his life. And as for the 4 kids and invoking the 5th...they can’t hide forever. Little brats have gotten away with too much already. One more thing...the judge. Shame on him. He was very unprofessional. He shouldn’t be on the bench with the attitude he has. Terrible judge.
What a sad, sad, sad story! Hopefully those officers and whoever was involved in Lauren’s death, pay for what this family has been through!
Jeremy Taylor...
Celebrity mix up
I can’t believe this guy still has a job. He doesn’t “know anything and wasn’t anywhere.” I’m so heartbroken for Sherri Smith. Hopefully Lauren will eventually get some kind of justice, despite Jeremy Taylor’s lack of competence.
Getting less interested by the episode
I think this podcast started off strong and was really interesting. As time as gone on it seems as if I we are hearing the same things over and over. The way the story is presented and that she seems to be certain there was foul play I keep thinking there is going to be some key piece of evidence revealed that never comes, it’s just interviews and depositions that have poor audio quality and are hard to follow because there’s no commentary and they’re broken up over multiple episodes that don’t release close to each other. I think there ARE compelling things that could be focused on (the triangle mark on her chest, the currents, the friend that was never brought up) but instead every episode is how terribly this was investigated and how bad the sherif is. I think there is a good chance this wasn’t purely an accident but the story isn’t being told in a great way and comes across as extremely one sided.
Excellent Podcast!
You must start at episode 1 to understand the entire investigation. Shiela lays out the facts in a clear way. Her interviews with people involved in this case and investigation are great. Keep up the excellent work!
The worst true crime podcast I’ve listened to
Kristina Munda
If you’re wanting a fact base, well researched, and compelling discussion of a case, then this is not for you. This PI is just reaching for anything besides what is fact in this case. Overly dramatic and poorly told. There is no flow and the story is extremely choppy. Not to mention, the audio is AWFUL! I’ve listened to countless true crime podcasts and I just cannot say enough how bad this one is. Irresponsibly done.
Desperately needs an editor
Interesting story, but very hard to follow the story. Poor sound, meandering interviews. Frustrating
You better binge!!
I love this podcast and living in Hendersonville TN makes this story hit home as my wife knows literally everyone involved. One wish? I wish there wasn’t as long as breaks as there are in this series. If you keep up with the case you’ll come to understand why but if your like me with no patience it’s hard lol. Love it tho!!!! Good luck Sheila!!!!
Honest, real, raw
While this isn’t the most well put together podcast in terms of audio quality and clarity of narrative, it is a compelling listen. Listen to this if you want to hear a real-time investigation take place. Kudos to Sheila and everyone involved for all they’re doing to get justice for Lauren Agee.
Valiant effort!
This is great, and I applaud you all. If this was my daughter, I’d do the same. Five stars!
I LOVE this podcast
BUT I can’t stand the quality of the audio and the background noises either just don’t play it or clean it up it sounds like it’s been recorded from inside somebody’s pocket it’s literally like nails on a chalkboard
Well done podcast! The answers the head investigator was giving.. I just shake my head. This case should be reopened! Well done Shelia ❤️❤️ Shelia has a lot going on with this case please allow her the time she needs to do her job. Thank you Shelia for everything ❤️
Fascinating Case But Needs a Good Editor
Rolling potatoe
Could have been more tightly produced and edited for greater impact, though Wysocki does a good job with narration.
Poorly Produced
This podcast is so terribly produced. It goes off on so many different tangents before you even learn the premise of the story. Character names are mentioned without explaining immediately who they are. There is no coherent storyline. I’d rather just read a overview of what happened and any potential criminality instead of listening to this series, which says a lot coming from a true crime podcast junkie.
Self aggrandizing, exploitive, and no answers.
Fooled listener.
Self aggrandizing, exploitive, and no answers.
New episodes???
I have binge listened to the entire season and I am anxiously awaiting for a new episode. Is this the end? It is March 12, 2019 and we have been left without a warning with unanswered questions & theories. Please update us!
Great podcast!
This is a great podcast. Many times I sit in my vehicle in a WTH face. Seriously how does this sherrif still have a job ands the other idiots in that County. Your podcast had brought to light the lack of initiative by the county service on so many judicial levels. Thank you for providing a voice for Lauren and her family and friends
Autopsy Episode
I have been following this case closely and this podcast has so much great information. But listening to the recent autopsy episode I was irritated. There is an awful noise throughout the entire episode that wasn’t explained. A brief heads up is always helpful when a recording has extraneous noise.
Nancy Grace gets her own podcast
Without a shred of evidence that a crime was committed, Wysocki is off on a witch hunt. The people who were with Lauren on the night of her death are clearly terrible individuals, but that’s about the only thing established throughout the entirety of the podcast. Here’s a tip: establish the slightest shred of a motive (or even a simple background) before smearing someone via his ex-girlfriend. I spent those two early episodes trying to figure out why we were even hearing about some guy’s personal history. If Wysocki’s primary goal was to get eyeballs on the case, then she has probably succeeded. If it was to impartially outline the details of an unsolved murder... well, that went out the window about 3 minutes into Episode 1.
More episodes
Are we going to have more episodes on Lauren?
Great podcast and investigation work
I have been listening to every episode, some more than once, to really dive into this case. Excellent points made by Shelias teams. It is devastating to come to the realization of how mediocre and inattentive the investigation was carried out through law enforcement. I Pray that all the hard work going into this investigation finally brings the truth out. Good job TEAM!
Cindy l. Word crazy
Hoping Sheila can find justice for Lauren’s family. I love this unfolding style of investigative reporting.
I love hearing this investigation, people I know knew her and I think it’s such a tragedy such a bright young girl lost her life and these people are clearly hiding something. I hope this brings out the truth and brings her family closure
Hook line and sinker
Wow what a story, great host, great detective work and great journalism. This needs to make your true crime list or your missing out.
Praying for this family.
master p bader
As a Father who also works in Law Enforcement, this case truly hurts my heart. The system has completely failed her and the sheriffs office and detectives on this case need to be dealt with along with the kids involved. One of the people involved will eventually say something. I can’t even imagine what the mother and father are going through. I hope they keep pushing and never give up. No wonder the sheriffs office thinks the family doesn’t like them because not only did they not do anything. They allowed all possible Evidence to be taken or washed away. Prayers for this family that they can finally get justice.
Great podcast sad story
Shelia has a compelling voice, clear and concise. I can feel she has a real passion and desire to get to the truth about what happened to Lauren. I’m still unsure of the truth. I’m at 50/50. Maybe more information will come to light I’m on latest episode Q&A. What I find extremely annoying is the big announcement at beginning of EVERY episode “this episode contains graphic ....” not one episode mentions any sexual assault. I know an investigation wasn’t done. But why the sensationalism. And why won’t you give your theory ???
Poorly produced and edited
The story itself is interesting, but if you listen to a lot of crime podcasts like I do, you will not be able to listen to this one all the way through. It’s poorly produced and edited which makes it very hard to follow the storyline, especially in the beginning when she’s laying out the facts.
Greatest podcast!!!
This is the best podcast ever!!!! I hope they get justice for Lauren!!
I was so happy to find this podcast just by chance. I loved Shelia’s interview on Criminal. I also remember your interview on Dateline. I think Shelia is the best person to tell victims stories. She has the heart of a protective mom and wants the truth. The perfect PI.
Well done!
Loved this podcast, can’t wait for more episodes!
Justice for Lauren!
Mandy willems
I look forward to this podcast every week! Sheila does such an amazing job and my heart breaks for Lauren’s family and loved ones. The only thing I would say is I wish it was a longer podcast every week ...
Favorite Podcast
Tell me about it
This is the my favorite podcast on Apple. Sheila does an excellent job designing the podcast by providing all of the information (bias-free) & allowing you to act as a PI. Tragic but v interesting case. Can’t wait for 2019 episodes!
Incredibly one-sided waste of time
The story is interesting, but at this point it seems there is no evidence of anything so the host is just playing deposition recordings to fill episodes so that she can keep making money off of her Patreon page. Investigators should be open to any possibilities, but the host makes it very clear that she thinks this was a murder, even pausing after some recordings to say "DID YOU HEAR THAT TONE OF VOICE HE'S LYING I JUST KNOW IT DON'T YOU KNOW IT TOO?". Just seems super amateur and immature. I surely hope there's evidence coming soon, otherwise you've ruined some of the witnesses lives. But hey, at least you're making money.
Lauren Agee
Love this podcast! I was hooked immediatly!
Compelling but room to grow with editing
This podcast is pretty addictive, which I don’t say very often. The case itself is extremely compelling and lends itself to true crime storytelling. My only feedback is that the editing doesn’t drive home the key points, and it’s easy to get lost with who is speaking or what we should be paying attention to during long uncut interview sessions, especially as many of the voices sound similar. Sometimes Sheila chimes in with a comment that something is “interesting” but she doesn’t expand on what is going on in her mind or why she wanted to point it out. As a listener i was interested to know what connections were being made in Sheila’s mind at these pivotal points. I think it would have been easier to follow if the audio segments had been interspersed with supportive commentary from Sheila to help us stay on track with who is speaking and what we are learning and how it relates to the overall timeline and predominant theories. I also was extremely surprised that sheila didn’t lead with the stronger evidence from the autopsy or the dummy being tossed over the cliff. I’m curious why she chose to omit it. For example, the triangular postmortem imprint on Lauren’s chest is hugely important, but I only learned about it on reddit. Why didn’t we dig further into the currents and how they undermine the campers story? Overall, I think Sheila is selling her investigation short by leaving out some of the very thorough work she did in this investigation, and by allowing the interview recordings to speak for themselves but not really letting us in on the meat of the investigation, which is her personal thought process as she stacks up the clues in favor or against each possible scenario.
Missing point
Love IGram
Anyone else find it odd that Jeremy Taylor was out of town on the weekend that Lauren died when he was supposed to be on call? And if rumors are true that he took “selfies on the cliff” isn’t that a common theme in murder cases? That the murderer takes pictures as “proud” of their accomplishment..? And it still hasn’t been mentioned who Chris stout called “5 times” as he was leaving the campsite. Sounds like all bases aren’t being covered and details forgotten about. Not impressed with the inconclusive nature of the podcast.
I feel that Sheila has overdramatized this whole investigation for ratings. This podcast seems to twist evidence and the words from depositions and interviews. The lawyer doing the sheriff’s deposition clearly has a lot of animosity toward the sheriff. Not professional. She was also asking irrelevant questions in the deposition and questions that the sheriff has no way to answer. An investigation can’t be hypothetical it has to go off hard facts. Lauren’s group of friends were clearly bad friends but the autopsy speaks for itself. Sheila also claimed that Hannah’s story kept changing. I did not have a issue following her story. The initial investigation and lack of a sexual assault test was concerning but the autopsy and injury to her body proves that it was a accident. The detective clearly was incompetent but I still don’t believe the outcome would be different. The most compelling evidence from the 20/20 episode was the triangle marking. That has not been mentioned in detail again. There will never be a conviction based on the current evidence they have unless someone on the cliff comes forward.
Episode 16!
searles girls
The Sheriff’s deposition is maddening! How can this person be employed in law enforcement?
Excellent Podcast!
Sheila- well done! It’s so interesting to listen to your investigation, hear your interviews, and get your take on the witnesses’ accounts of the last weekend of Lauren’s life. I love that you are a P.I. and not just a podcaster who wants to get publicity— the story you tell is truly fact-seeking! Thank you and good luck with this entire investigation.
No evidence of crime
The podcast is produced well enough but I am not seeing any evidence that an actual crime was committed here, so it does feel a bit strange that the host appears so certain that one did.
Tragic story, great podcast
Such a sad situation that this death wasn’t properly investigated. The podcast is extremely well done and I can’t wait for the investigators to bring the truth to light.
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