Survivors AKA humans
I'd like to start off by saying that everyone is entitled to their opinion and there is a "review" section on these things for a reason. With that being said, you obviously chose to listen to this podcast for a reason, and I am doubting that that reason was to bash the stories of survivors and discount them as something worthy of speaking about. It takes a lot of courage for people to come forward and share their life struggles and one person's struggles is not the same as another's. They are discussing things that HAPPENED TO THEM. Step away from the titles of the episodes and listen to the deep-down message of each one before you jump to your review. The survivors who came forward and shared their stories on this podcast are likely to check the reviews to see how people reacted ot what they had to say. Imagine if you built up the courage to share and then checked the reviews to find complete strangers (who CHOSE to listen to a podcast about people sharing events that they survived) completely tearing them down and disregarding their tragedies. What gives you the power or right to disregard another human's hardship? Now not only do these survivors have to survive whatever it is that occured in their lives, they also have to survive your inconsiderate, rude comments-- which attaches a whole new layer to their grief. Do us all a favor and think before you rush to the review section and tear other humans down.
The stories are interesting but I lose interest in all the back and forth discussions between the hosts. Their thoughts seem a bit disorganized and more like I’m listening to two people gossiping over coffee and I move on.
Rusty Shacklef0rd
This is painful to try and listen to. I am trying to accept the up-speak but it is ROUGH on this one.
I miss you guys!
Please record more!
Military and universities - failed
Louie 34
Excellent interviews from a lot of brave women. Provided me with additional awareness in this huge problem. The military and universities need to change to help their own. Very disappointing to hear how they have failed helping their students and troops.
Where did you go?
I’d love to hear more episodes. You guys haven’t been on in a couple of weeks.
Awesome show!
Ur doing great things ladies. These stories are amazing and I give props to every single one of them for going thru these horrifying things and being able to not only overcome it but also able to come out of it in a positive way. And then to b activists for other people is just amazing!!!
Topic suggestion
Can you tell the story of Galina Messmer? Or, Galina Loseva, as she was formerly called during her previous marriage? It is a story of tragedy yet hope & of breaking out of the cycle of abuse so many find themselves in She has written a book, as well, and I grew up with her & knew her family. Please, and thanks
How can I tell my story on here?
Thin skinned doctors...
Mildre's Marie
... storming the site to 1 star. To one physician reviewer, treatment of pain is a right, doctor. Opiates can cause and most often do slow the bowels down, but you don’t just DC opiates when a patient is in agony. The ignorance about narcotics remains among doctors and nurses. But chalk one up for another self-righteous doctor passing judgment. Those who are in agony need to be treated and her words were not claiming she herself was drug seeking, but stating staff might be thinking that. Good podcast on July effect. I worked with residents for years in labor and delivery, and was impressed by the number of quality individuals in these groups of residents. These residents were mostly becoming G.P.’s and not in it for the money as those who are more specialized sometimes are. To sum it up, I’m not coming down on either side of the debate on July effect. It does however reinforce the FACT that every patient in a hospital needs advocates. And I would recommend giving this podcast a listen.
Different hosts
The podcast is informative and interesting, until the hosts speak. I’m having a flashback to valley girls in the 80’s.
I like the podcast, but the hosts are absolutely awful.
Lockey Maisonneuve
Just wow. That was incredible. I would have never thought that a person could rebound from all she went through. She is beautiful!
Not constructive
I thought that the hosts did an injustice to their story and points they were trying to make by using vulgar and derogatory language directed towards those with whom they disagree. They have a lot of passion, but come off as immature and unintelligent. I bet eve that they are mature and intelligent, but need to work on how they express their views to really highlight what they bring to the table.
hosts are obnoxious
I thought it was an interesting concept. But the hosts aren't great at getting the best out of the stories or asking pertinent questions. I listened to a handful and unsubscribed.
The hosts are horrible
What a great idea for a podcast I thought.....but I can’t listen any more because the hosts are horrible. I didn’t even mind the shallow content of surviving a Christmas with a ticked off mom but I’m unsubscribing due to the annoying hosts. Too much irritating and senseless chatter about themselves.
Great job ladies!
The stories you showcase are incredible! I love the variety! You have emotional, psychological and physical stories of survival! You rock!
Valley girls
These topics are so important, but it’s killed by these hosts who aren’t listening to the hosts, make their own conclusions and sound like valley girls.
I’m not surprised by the negative responses
As a survivor myself— I’m well aware that there is a stigma involved with speaking about your experiences. Society asks a lot of those who have been marginalized the most. Don’t speak too casually about it, don’t shame men, don’t shame white people, don’t make people uncomfortable by being vocal about your trauma, etc etc. It comes as no shock to me that people have negative things to say about this podcast. That’s ok— to some people who have actually experienced some of the things talked about on the podcast; these types of conversations normalize our right to heal, to be heard, and to feel safe. Well done.
Lost listener
As of today I will no longer listen to this podcast due to the July effect episode.
Love It!!!
nickname the second
These stories are inspiring and I just love to hear about people who persevere. GO HUMANS!!
Disturbingly one sided story telling
Wow. I typically can look past the mediocre hosting for the interesting stories on this podcast. As a physician I take offense to the implication throughout the latest episode, “The July Effect”, that this young woman’s bowel obstruction was “caused by” doctors who were “willing to let some things slide” so they could go on vacation. Though the new physicians who start on July 1st each year are certainly green, there is never more oversight and double checking of their work than when they first begin. I wonder how much of this patients views were skewed by the fact that she appeared “drug seeking” - her words- and the fact that her narcotic drips were limited APPROPRIATELY as narcotics may worsen obstructions. I am disgusted and you certainly lost a subscriber today.
Absolutely nonsense
A cheek spreading good time!
Podcast will blow your hair back and spread your cheeks just like Barbara Bush used to do!
Love this podcast!
I’m so grateful for this podcast. I discovered it last year at such a vulnerable time in my healing journey and it’s really helped me to hear other survivors stories. I love everything about this show.
You ARE a Survivor, Tara!
Listening to this podcast while walking The Peninsula I am shocked at the victim attacking that Tara endured! You are amazing and I salute you as a role model for survival! (BTW, you may have groomed my girls!)
Hosts are annoying
For the most part, the stories are really interesting but the hosts are hard to listen to. I find myself fast forwarding when they speak so I don’t have to deal with it.
Love it
I think this is a great podcast I like listening to it while I’m doing something or while I’m just lying in my bed.
good content, bad hosting
The hosts feel unnatural.
Touchy subjects that need to be addressed
Sexual abuse or rape is one of most touchy subjects that have been buried over the carpet much to the detriment of athletes.
The Tonsillectomy Complication of Podcasts
The hosts slowly get on your nerves, and while the first episode is riveting because it’s actually about someone surviving an attempted rape/assault, quality-wise it all goes down hill from there. We get a story about a gay couple who’s spent a Christmas stranded in a house with in-laws. Did anything life threatening happen? NO, they simply gripe about how uncomfortable it is. The clincher for me was the episode about the tonsillectomy complication... Told by someone who had a miserable and superficial person as a Mother... Overall the podcast is a complete letdown. It seems more and more like they’re just interviewing friends and family. How about you interview someone who HAS survived something, maybe something that is relevant to our times like the case of immigration? My parents crossed the border illegally we’ve experienced family separation, they grew up poor, didn’t have a pair of functional shoes until they were in their teens. How about you use this platform as already privileged people to give a voice to the voiceless. Your initial premise was good but you slacked and got lazy.
Great podcast!!
I really love this podcast, I love the guests and stories, being open and honest about tragic times in ones lives is not only brave but truly helps others to see that they aren’t alone and can still have success in their lives.. I see some comments about the hosts, and yes they sound in their 20s, 30s but other then their tone of voice I don’t see anything wrong with what they say!???? Obviously they are trying their best to connect with other survivors that may not have had the courage to come out yet, so u here them trying to get on someone’s level but isn’t that normal for a host with this type of topic?? I think the hosts are great! Love this podcast and can’t wait for season 2!
Meaningful, Resonant, Beautiful
This is my current favorite podcast. As I make my way through the season, I haven't found a single episode that feels repetitive. Each one is unique, addressing a different survivor's story and examining the issues, science, and treatment around it. While it features many survivors of sexual violence, it also has a variety of survival stories, everything from near-drowning to plane crash, Traumatic Brain Injury to grief at losing a loved one to suicide. Wagatwe and Jenna do an incredible job hosting. They listen empathetically to each survivor, and I always look forward to their dialogue at the end of the episodes where they discuss what's been covered and offer personal feedback. Listening feels like you're a part of a conversation with close friends. This is an especially important show right now, since survivors are coming forward more and more. I can imagine that many episodes of I, Survivor have given survivors the courage to speak about what they've been through. If you are not a survivor, it is still crucial to listen to this show to grow in empathy and learn how to respectfully engage with survivors who want to share their stories. Some episodes can be triggering depending on what kind of trauma you've experienced, but Jenna and Wagatwe always give a trigger warning at the start of the episode. I cannot recommend this show highly enough!
Great guests, bad hosts
5 stars for guests and topics, 1 star for hosts, so a 3 star average. As others have stated, the hosts are just really hokey, and they say “like” every sentence.
Needs new hosts
Tammy Brumm
The subject of this podcast is great, empowering for other survivors. But I have a heard time with the hosts. It feels to me that they don’t take the topics seriously & often seem to be reading a script or just sound over practiced. I think the show would benefit from more mature host, or even just host. The guests are amazing. I commend them for sharing their stories.
Get rid of the hosts
I unsubscribed because of the hosts. Guests are great. Hosts make everything about themselves and the contrast between how mature and eloquent the guests are and how childlike and annoying the hosts are is remarkable. Others might like the hosts but not me.
Struggling through the episodes
Really liked the first couple of episodes so continuing to listen, but finding myself fast forwarding through the hosts talking. Jenna is fine, but Wagatwe is annoying AF. She sounds like a valley girl that tries to make a joke out of everything. This would be so much better if they replaced her!
Wondery blocks freedom of speech
It is 2019 and wondery decides to drop podcasts people enjoy because people can’t be grown up!!!!!!! If you don’t like it don’t listen. I’m deleting all wondery pods. Ridiculous!!!!!!
Based on the other reviews who call the hosts juvenile in light of the harsh, very real topics, I will not be downloading.
Don’t really care for the hosts
$$ not well spent
The hosts are making it hard to get through the podcast. I do not think this is a podcast that should be full of jokes and humor. I think they would be better suited for a different type of podcast.
Love It!!!
I just started this podcast and can’t stop listening. If you like MFM and I Survived, you’ll probably enjoy this podcast. It’s nice to hear the stories from the survivors and the hosts delve deeper into different topics that pertain tot he story, like therapy techniques and self defense.
Love the stories!
Well put together podcast. Great stories and intriguing guests! I have laughed and I have cried. I’m a fan!
too immature
JS Wondering
This podcast is great, but the two woman hosts seem to be immatute, Too much bantering between each other while giggling childish opinions on the topic. It's a shame.
Great show
I got sad reading the comments about the hosts voices. I think those comments are picky and mean, and I have never been annoyed by them. I love these stories so much! Truly inspiring, my favorite was Not Today, Dogs :)
Fantastic guests- unbearable hosts
Valley girl talk and the way they minimize and try to relate to stories of survivors of really intense traumas with their own lives drove me insane... Even though the stories of the guests are gold, I first found myself constantly trying to skip every time the two spoke, until I finally quit trying and stopped listening. Would happily come back and support if the hosts changed.
Not What I Subscribed For
I’m so disappointed...these episodes are supposed to be about survival stories. I just listened to someone being stuck in a house during a snowstorm....what? Ugh, super annoyed and won’t listen to anymore.
Great show!
I love this show! I want more episodes‼️
Determined to make change
Not what I initially expected but very informative.
What am I listening to?
I thought I was listening to I, Surviving. I just sat through two episodes of zero survival. Stay on topic!
Tonsillectomy? Really?
So I tried, thought a couple where good if you can stand the hosts but this one about a tonsillectomy made me very annoyed. I kept waiting for the turn in the story. But that was it. It was a tonsillectomy complication.
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