Amazingly Candid
I am so taken by the degree to which each individual shares their journey. Several I have listened to twice - and I’ve certainly shared many. Really honest, open and generous, honestly. The world is indeed flat - despite what we think. All just human.
Super Soul all of them!
World Peace? Oprah for president! Please?!
Very bias and once sided
ErikL in PHX
I really enjoy learning from others but all I see is hard core liberals on this podcast, is there no one else that is amazing to share their story? Don’t we want to hear from all amazing people?
Groundbreaking, Powerful & Inspiring
Inspiration Powerful Ground breaking Insightful perspective Engaging Motivating This podcast gives me all of this and more !!
Billy Bob Thornton
I saw the TV broadcast of BBT’s Master Class. I also just listened to the podcast. He is one of my favorite actors. I became a fan after seeing “One False Move”. Loved his eroticism in Monsters Ball. Hearing about the personal side gave me a profound respect for the actor. It’s refreshing to know that he lives a fairly simple life amid the Hollywood machine. I’m looking forward to seeing his current and future works. Thanks MC.
The few programs were great. Most of the guests have always a lot to teach. Their examples are inspiring. Their example of struggle and success are tools for anyone. Need more of those.
No podcasts since May 2019?
No podcasts since May 2019.
What an amazing perspective..
Ive heard her name all of these never really knew women behind the name. I sat and listened attentively and heard and felt everything she said with such grace and assertion. The credit she gave her humble parents. The credit she gave to the struggles that made her strong. The credit she gave to her family for allowing her to assert her decision making...which helped her grow into the leader she is today. . She is a true force. Love the part where is open to listen to any opinion brought forth but only if one has done their homework. Like the Abe Lincoln quote on being thought of as a fool...Thank you for sharing.
Leadership class!
I feel as though I’m sitting right beside each leader as they describe their unique family circumstances in their formative years, personal struggles, and triumphs to make it to where they are now. There is much wisdom to be gained from their wide range of experiences & it never seems easy for any of them. It’s one thing to read about these legends, and a whole other thing to feel their authenticity in their impassioned voices. I love this podcast!!
Amazed, I always believed in God or source what ever you decided. The part I have learned after listening to all these wonderful, beautiful humans. Is that we are all the same so much heart so much Love . We all want to make an impact a positive one. I work at a place that I am able to wear my earphones. Therefore, I have been able to listen to a lot of humans on master class. We all have a story and most of us it is a horrible, painful one. I was kidnapped and raped at the age of 13. Listening to the stories gives me confirmation that forgiveness is power. It is our super power as humans that source has guven us. I am a healer and I am so happy, at times im just ok. One thing is for sure that I am grateful, thankful for my life. We are all the same hold on to Gods hand and listen to that though that is God within you........ In Jesus name.....Oprah Thank You for Master Class you are so beautiful ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Love to hear the backstories
Music Download Master
I really enjoy this podcast. I enjoy hearing the backstories behind the people you see reaching very high levels of success. Most came from very humble beginnings. Most came from homes headed by single moms, or raised by grandparents. I enjoy hearing how these experiences shaped the person. It should give us all hope that we can accomplish the things we work toward....and we can raise children to do the same. People complain that it's like an interview with the interview questions cut out and that's true. It's like sitting by a fireside hearing a chat by a person ruminating over their life. I think it's great. Oprah's 2 episodes about her own life are my VERY FAVORITE episodes. I've listened to them a few times and am completely inspired by her life's accomplishments. If you don't enjoy hearing people's stories, this podcast won't be for you. If you're looking for some teaching moments, this won't be for you either. But if you think there's value in every person's journey and you enjoy hearing childhood stories, stories of heartbreak and pain, hearing how people overcome drug addictions - sometimes multiple times - if you enjoy listening to all the events that combined to make the person you see projected on the screen or through music, this is a great podcast for that.
long time coming review
Thank you Dr. M. I find your podcast extremely helpful. Your voice is so soothing and your professional insights are both practical and profound. I enjoy the format, and the the brief podcasts. I find the timeframe the perfect nugget to digest during my busy day. Also, I enjoy hearing others letters... we are so much more alike than we think and you reading their letters helps me feel like part of a community, both struggling and working to heal, together.
Awesome Podcast!
Awesome podcast! Very insightful and inspiring to hear everyone’s journey.
Condoleezza Rice
This podcast I shared because Her story revealed that she is very humane.
The perfect podcast
Thank you Oprah! So inspiring, so fascinating, funny, all of it. It’s literally the exact thing I needed in my life.
Next Masterclass?
Missing the next Master Class podcast!! I so look forward to each Thursday for the next episode. I learn so much from all of these stories Oprah and absolutely love them!! Is the season finished?
No such thing as normal
Dr. Stephen Brule
This podcast gives us all some perspective that everyone’s life is more than meets the eye. Hearing their authentic stories the long way brings famous, accomplished, and seemingly extraordinary people down to earth a bit. What a fantastic feeling to be able to relate to another person, period. Love it.
Very inspiring when I found myself discouraged and compromising this shifted my perspective.Love you Oprah
Goldie Hawn and billy bob thorton
my hairdo
Both were super good. I was shocked to hear such sensitivity come from billy bob. He’s very smart and very grounded. Goldie hawn is just as I remember her from laugh in such a happy spirit
Interesting, but where are the Masters?
I really enjoy hearing just about anyone’s story, but this podcast is mainly about actors who were born into or fell into the entertainment industry. I’d love to hear from someone about the process of mastering an art-form or training for a great accomplishment. We know that many people ‘get lucky’ but where’s the master class element? These are just anecdotes from famous people.
Quality material
I love how the podcasts are put together, edited so it sounds like one long story and not a Q&A. Well-curated content of inspiring individuals!
I love these inspirational talks!
It is the best part of my day to treat myself when I do my morning walks, to listen to these extraordinary people talk about their lives. Without exception, they inspire me to continue to do my best to do the most with what I have been given. Thanks Oprah!
The most amazing and encouraging for me
The Oprah’s masterclass definitely genius,and very relatable!!
So close
I love the people that are on this podcast but I feel like Oprah missed an opportunity to use her connection skills to talk to people because you can tell they’re not together having a conversation. In the first 2 episodes she talks about how that’s her gift and why she stopped doing newscasting. Still a good listen though.
such useful guidance
I love this podcast. so much truth is presented. it even helps to ground me when i feel i have gone astray of the path laid for me. thank you Oprah for helping me and so many others.
Goldie Hawn
Goldie Hawn’s episode is by far the best interview on this podcast. I was a fan before but after hearing her story, I have more respect for actors and actresses. (Not that any needed my respect, ha!) I had the pleasure of cooking and serving for Goldie and Kurt in Los Alamos, CA at the 1880 Union Hotel. They were so kind and appreciative of the staff’s hard work. And a positive note for the engineers of this podcast: the edits throughout this interview were great! Previous interviews, it was obvious of the “cuts and pastes” of the stories. Great MasterClass! Cheers!
Life’s Experiences How NOT to Have to Reinvent the Wheel
OPRAH thank you for putting your heart mind and soul into these great Podcasts! And they’re FREE! You ask such soul stirring questions, like Gary Zukav said, you ask the questions most of us want to ask and really hear the answers, almost like having ears on our hearts. When you search out your guests, and they say YES to their BIG ‘Y’ those of us who are open to hear the truth, can find that we can LEARN from their lessons. We can choose not to go down a path because we just heard with our hearts the lesson(s) from your guest. Thank you OPRAH. It is SO true that every encounter in our lives gives us the opportunity to grow us! With great Appreciation, Respect, Admiration and love, Sande
Great listen!
One of my favorite podcasts! I learn something from every episode Dash highly recommend!
Great - needs broader/better guests
Love the style and most of the stories but wish there was a change in guests. People that are masters in other areas (political, scientific, philosophical, etc.) instead of just random celebrities Oprah must like.
anam yourstruely<3
Every day while I am at my desk job and I just need someone to tell me hey! You gotta earn the bread let’s go! I listen to master class to motivate myself. Thank you Oprah for inspiring people like me everyday.
Dangerous Minds
Can’t get enough. Between Jane Fonda, Benet Brown, OPRAH, AND Eckhart Tolle, “ there are no victims in this classroom”. Awe inspiring but an easiness to the explanations as to why we are responsible for our own experience.
Life lessons in discussion
Buffy Kay
I love this podcast. I especially loved Jane Fonda’s story. lessons learned and it reminds us that we all are the same. Fear and insecurity can come to all.
Tyler Perry
I liked You always, but hearing your childhood story, put you in my Hero Status. I Love how You explain Forgiveness! Simone
BK loves the class
Smokey Robinson, Whoopi Goldberg, Lenny Kravitz, Maya Angelou... The life stories ring true and find a home in my heart. Thanks Oprah! Dreams can come true!
I love what you’re doing ❤️👏🏽
Tyler Perry
Mel Perrin
The way he’s able to keep my attention throughout ..and ingrain within me a vision that I can now see myself becoming , despite all hurtles, the person I am yet meant to be. I am more than in this present moment it’s up to me to follow my dream.💫
Tyler Perry
I appreciate and respect Tyler so much. It takes strength to share his life events with some extremely terrible things that happened to him. This was raw and perfect, as horrible as it was, he didn't cut that part out. He fought and grew from all of that. I'm so overjoyed that he never gave up. Even when he was knocked down and turned away, he always found another way. Love it!
Master Class Pod Casts
I was introduced to Pod Casts with Oprah’s Master Class and other programs. They are fantastic and have changed how I drive around, and on the freeways. It used to be talk radio and news! The latter, is depressing, of late. Diane Sawyers Master Class talk was absolutely riveting. I highly recommend them. I just wish ordinary folk would be used for some of the talks. Some of us may not be millionaires or higher, but we’ve had successfull, fulfilling and interesting lives.
Love it
I love listening to all these wonderful and inspiring stories...thank you!
Love these
Love listening to these to and from work !
Prefer interaction
Was surprised to see there was hardly interaction Between host and guest. That was a complete surprise. Actually don’t necessarily like it.
New favorite!
Love Masterclass. It’s my favorite podcast. I always take something away from the stories. Great format. Sometimes, I wish there was more in each!
I like most of the guests
I like Oprah. I like the idea behind this series. But some of the guests make me gag. James Taylor sounds like a complete gasbag. Why did she pick him? There are so many more interesting, less self-congratulating successful people? That's my main issue with it. Some C- guests on what should be an A roster. Highlight episodes for me: Shaq, Alicia Keys, and Jane Fonda.
Love this podcast.
This is the most uplifting podcast full of beautiful stories of special people who don't talk about their celebrity but talk about what made them who they are. Oprah's story made me sob in my car. Maya Angelou, Smokey Robinson..... Love love love these stories.
This podcast has brought so many nuggets of wisdom to my life. The words spoken are inspired and inspiring. I am better for listening to these great souls. I am empowered to be my greater self.
Thank you Oprah
Just listened to my first Master Class podcast -Oprah Winfrey Part 2. It was timely, divine a heaven sent message for me. Oprah shared her story of guidance-knowing next steps to take in life then she started singing the song “I surrender all” I burst into tears in my car!!! Totally unexpected. Thank you for sharing your life and your journey with us!! You’re such a blessing to this 🌍
The Ads ruined a splendid podcast
I absolutely loved the 2018 season. But I was shocked in 2019 when the speaker was actually interrupted in the middle of their story so that an Advertisement could be played. Not only does that ruin an intense moment but I think that is very disrespectful of the listeners. I cannot tolerate that so I am unsubscribing. What a way to ruin a powerful and uplifting message.
Thank you
Precious Oprah- Thank you for everything. You are one of the greatest lights of my life. I weep for that 6 year old child-my heart reaches out to her, holds her tight, loves her fervently, keeps her safe. What a gift and miracle you are 🙏🏼Gd did good when he created you. Thank you for showing us all how it’s done. We are all reaping the fruits of your harvest. Much love always ❤️
You either get it or .....
I will premise this with, she (Oprah) has a gift, that we all have. Some of us are able to listen and some of us are deaf to the guiding wisdom that lies within us. Her story fascinates and moves me personally. What a gift to hear Oprah’s story.
love this series ; use 2 watch this on tv
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