Best podcast!
My fav podcast yet! I couldn’t stop listening—in my car, at work, during my run, etc. etc.
Enjoyed the story of this podcast, but it dragged out way too long. I tended to get bored listening to all those phone interviews that seemed to get longer as the episodes went on. Great story, but could have been shorter and more to the point.
A story that needs to be told
I think that they’ve done well at explaining such a complex story where there are so many people involved, and memories that I’m sure have faded over the years. I do agree with some of the content slowing a little bit, but they still do a good job at holding my attention. One thing I would like to respond to is that they do not victim-blame the student. There are very many instances where her side is handled delicately, explaining how she was young, taken advantage of by someone she should have been able to trust, how she was manipulated, and how she was prayed upon. I feel that is a very important thing to respond to as it is a very heavy accusation. Perhaps you hear what you listen for, and everyone responds differently. Overall this has been very interesting and worth the listen.
Tragic story, excellent reporting
This story is unbelievably tragic! Terrible, terrible situation, police protecting a sports celebrity. Vulnerable women/girls groomed and abused by controlling sociopath. What was so interesting to me was that the podcast and the outcome were unfolding in real time- this podcast reopened the case and had new details coming in as it was being produced week to week. That accounts for some of the repetition. Perhaps could have been shortened an episode or two but new aspects kept unfolding! Kudos to the reporter for doing such due diligence, as this case deserved. Well worth listening to.
While listening to this my heart breaks for Lynn. “Everything will be all right, my husband just made me a lovely drink.” ....so you can pass out and he can HAVE SEX WITH A 16Y/O STUDENT WHILE YOUR CHILDREN ARE IN THE NEXT ROOM. NOOO SO MESSED UP UGH
Fine, but major audio issues
This is an amazing story and an well-organized podcast, but i just can’t get over the major audio leveling issues to listen to the whole thing. This podcast constantly flips from phone interviews to in-person interviews with the journalist, and are always WAY too loud and difficult to understand, with no help from the host as to what they’re saying. Constantly turning the volume up and down. A complete waste, might as well not have them if no one can understand what they’re saying and there’s no clarification thereafter.
Good Story
ryan wegman
Good story and very interesting, way too much information though in the middle episodes, could have cut out a lot to keep interest.
Troubling story, psychologically interesting.
Could wrap it up more succinctly. After episode 7-9, it started to drag out. Wrap it up! Otherwise we tend to do Google search to find out results bs wait for additional episodes.
Thank you for bringing awareness!
Melanie Melinda
This podcast did a fantastic job of bringing awareness to a very tragic situation! I enjoyed how thoroughly he told the story as well as interviewing individuals that had been part of the victims life. I hope they are able to bring justice into this tragedy! My biggest hope is that they find the body for the families closure! Unfortunately, I did feel that this podcast was extremely biased, and I believe innocent until proven guilty. Do I think the husband did it, 100%! But any doubts I had would have been completely eradicated due to this podcast. Aside from that, I could listen to more of his well researched stories!
Beware the victim-blaming
This is a well-produced podcast that details a fascinating and tragic case, and yet I cannot in good conscience recommend it. One central detail in this case is the sexual relationship between the victim’s husband, a high school teacher, and his 16 year old pupil. This was a very vulnerable young girl from an abusive home who was, per the podcast, being explicitly groomed by an adult she trusted. But despite telling us all this, The Teacher’s Pet seems insistent on painting this victim of child sexual abuse as a seductress, home-wrecker, and villain. Frankly, it’s inappropriate and irresponsible reporting. I’m a man who, fortunately, has never experienced sexual abuse at work or at school, but nonetheless, I was really disturbed hearing this. PLEASE stay clear of this podcast if you have experienced sexual harassment or abuse; I imagine it would be extremely upsetting.
Great story. Could have easily been done with half of the episodes.
Tragic real life events... podcast way too long
This is a VERY tragic story. So incredibly sad and my respects go out to the family of Lynn. As a podcast, sooooooo longgggggg. Very repetitive. Points & facts are repetitive. Drawn out for sure. I’ve skipped over certain points I’ve heard multiple times throughout the podcast.
(As many others have reviewed) REDUNDANT
Great story and an interesting case! However, I am mind-blown the narrator himself didn’t snooze off recordings this series. The amount of things repeated over and over again in every episode is astounding. Really hope their next series will be condensed.
This story touched my heart
What an amazing job you are doing of bringing the injustice of the past to light and giving these deserving people some closure. On their behalf I also thank you.
Justice for Lyn
ula dee
This podcast can be a little hard to listen to at times, but not because of the length of episodes and repetition of facts. It’s difficult to listen to because an entire community failed Lyn Dawson & her girls. I hope that justice is finally served. For those of you boohooing about the fact Hedley repeats facts and the episodes are drawn out, if you are actually following this case it would make absolute sense. Hedley has to repeat facts because there is a huge level of incompetency involved with some of these authorities and these facts must absolutely be repeated, else they could have been swept away like Lyn was for 36 years. Praying for peace for Lyn’s girls, friends, and family.
Lazy cops and Boys club
Sounds like to me that because Chris was a local celebrity/sports star that no one would go any further to look into it. Also I think it was a boys club situation. Boys club mentality where the boys protect boys.
So many words!!!
The storyline is intriguing however they talk way too much! Episodes could be cut way down. I almost stopped listening several times but was committed.
This has been an excellent podcast! It’s addictive and well worth listening to! I’m so glad that my sister, who lives in Australia, recommended it. I think the investigative journalist here did a fantastic job & I’m so glad this podcast was able to help bring Lynette Dawson’s case back to light. She deserves justice. I will be waiting for updates when the court proceedings begin.
About 3 Episodes too long
This could be an out of this world story but every episode says the same thing over and over with maybe 1 or 2 new small facts sprinkled in. I’ve skipped full episodes and didn’t miss anything. The general story is great and very interesting but the way it’s laid out makes it feel very slow.
Great but Could be half as long
Really glad this podcast got made as it shines the light on new information and injustices. Good storytelling, interviews and investigation. The only issue I have is how much material is repeated from episode to episode to episode. Still really worth listening to though.
Excellent from Top to Bottom
Love the story & narrative... just excellent from top to bottom!
I really gave this the ‘ol college try, but I couldn’t make it halfway through. It was too repetitive and drawn out. Someone should be a champion and re-edit this down to 6-8 episodes! I heard the trial starts this month: I hope that justice is served for Lyn!
Hey listen ❤️
cool little cat
I know most people don’t have a long patience span so all these episodes must have been long think about the person who made them u think they wanted this to take a lot of episodes probably not but I love this it was awesome to just sit and listen on the way home, in the library it was just thrilling
You could edit half of your material out and it would be perfect.
Not very good
The narration and background music is poorly suited to such a story. This is not Dr. Phil’s best hour.
Fair to take down but has it been all fair ?
The fact that Chris Dawson was running free for all these years for having at least seducing high school girls. Can we say that he has enjoyed certain privilege above the law? So why are we being “fair” to him now when this whole thing has never been fair to begin with. If the justice system and court are to be trusted, he would not have been free for so long. Even if he did not murder Lynn, he has certainly been guilty of inappropriate sexual conducts toward high school girls. He is a criminal no matter what but why is he entitled for “presumption of innocence” now?
So interesting, but maybe a little redundant
Clayer Bayer
Loved the entire idea of reopening this case! Sometimes it could be a little redundant but it made sense with the different interviews
Drawn Out
Celery is the greatest thing
This podcast is interesting but it’s incredibly redundant. They could have shortened the season by 3 episodes easily.
Can u say repetitive? Can u say repetitive?
I think this podcast has enormous potential, but the story is too drawn out. This podcast should contain 7 episodes - not 14 episodes. The episodes keep repeating and explaining the facts from the previous episodes. The redundancy is frustrating. Let me repeat that. The redundancy is frustrating.
See something? Say something.
This story is heartbreaking, but SO important for us to learn from. My takeaways from this excellently produced podcast is that we all need to look out for each other and, more importantly, speak up if we see any signs of abuse. I am so thankful to this podcast for making a difference in the outcome of Lyn Dawson’s story. Even if we don’t want to invade others’ privacy, we all need to do better—if you see something, say something—someone’s life could be at stake. My most sincere thank you to the makers of this podcast!
Would have been a solid 5 if it wasn’t so repetitive.
So repetitive I had to keep checking if I was actually relistening to the same episode over again. Could have easily been a 5 star if it was half the episodes.
Too long
Mama T72
I agree with the other reviews that this podcast was way to long. There was too much about Chris and the school girls. I didn’t need to know about all of that and all effect it has had on all the victims, that is another matter and had nothing to do with Lyn’s disappearance. I hope they figure out what he did to her.
Way. Too. Repetitive.
Great work bringing this story into public view and finally affecting an arrest after so long. But holy cow...this podcast could have and should have been at least half as long as it was. I felt like I listened to a few episodes before learning even one new fact. I know...part of Dawson's sentence should be having to listen to this podcast on repeat. Seems fair.
No free speech in Australia. Thank god I live in U.S.
This podcast is a work of genius. It is without question one of the most important true crime podcasts ever made. It has become Australia’s Serial; as it shines a spotlight on deep problems in the criminal justice system. Teacher’s Pet also reveals the appalling privilege — essentially immunity from police prosecution until the public demand that a PROPER investigation take place — enjoyed by one of the two subjects at the center of this podcast because he was a well-off, well-connected, and well-liked semi-celebrity rugby player and “pillar of the community.” Of course he also happens to be an abuser of underaged girls (at least one and apparently there are more) and now an accused murderer. Now Chris Dawson’s lawyer, in a classic defense attorney move of desperation, is trying to make the podcast and the public the guilty parties in Lynn Dawson’s tragic case while ignoring Lynn. These class acts lash out at the public for its interest in this case and concern for Lynn Dawson. It’s all about poor Chris! How he has suffered...not being jailed for decades...The defense attorney wants everyone to focus on the evil podcast — not his *totally innocent* “good family man” (barf) client!! Quick where is a glove for Dawson to try on?! Also, since the public is evil, the defense is demanding a trial with a judge not a jury of Mr. Dawson’s peers. Poor sad oppressed Chris Dawson — a man who enjoyed public worship and left an ocean of devastated family members, multiple fractured marriages, and *allegedly* molested minors in his wake — but remember HE is the real victim! This podcast called attention to a travesty — the vanishing and very likely murder of loving mother and (sadly given how disgusting her husband was as a “husband”) devoted wife Lynn Dawson in 1982. The travesty is in Chris’s disgusting claims that she abandoned her children and never once tried to contact them again despite her complete devotion to her children. It is also in the total lack of police interest in/investigation of her abrupt and totally out-of-character disappearance and the ridiculous, nearly cartoonish claims and blatant lies issued by Chris Dawson. Just one red flag — he claimed to have called “all” of her friend’s searching for Lynn — he never contacted any of them. A family lost a beloved sister and daughter, and two little girls lost a mother, and the police pretended nothing was amiss while the person who was and is the only viable suspect moved the teenager he had been sexually abusing into his wife’s side of the bed within DAYS. DAYS. He pretended that he cared about his “missing” wife while his behavior indicated the complete opposite. Good family man? Decide for yourself. Nobody, including respected Aussie journalist Hedley Thomas who produced Teacher’s Pet, expected the podcast to explode and to become a massive phenomenon. Listen to it unless you are Australian and can’t access the podcast because free speech (and access to information produced by respected journalists) doesn’t seem to exist down under — especially when it involves police and a former prosecutor whose *allegedly* shoddy practices and shady alliances have been exposed. Oh and of course the defendant happens to enjoy an insane level of privilege. And talk about privilege — Chris Dawson’s family has recently paid his million dollar bail because he simply can’t abide jail! Boohoo. The pillows must be too hard — after all Dawson is very attached to his pillow since he took his pillow with him when he tried to run off with teenager Joanne all those years ago. Imagine if Dawson were in any way an ordinary defendant? Would his every demand be met with such deep bows and deference? . Note that for all of the disgusting kid glove treatment of the wretched Chris Dawson now that he was also given a free pass in 1982 while the “dingo took my baby” mother ( who was exonerated years later) was hounded mercilessly by the Australian press AND THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM. This podcast is an absolutely outstanding investigation into the travesty surrounding the “disappearance” of Lynn Dawson. Maybe she will given a voice — after decades of being silenced.
Bob Ruff host of Truth & Justice podcast discussed his favorite podcast to listen to and the The Teachers Pet was on the top of his list. I decided to give this podcast a try and found myself hooked immediately. I couldn’t stop listening and burned through each episode in 5 days. I’m really shocked listening to the update today. I didn’t get a chance to convince my friends, family, colleagues to download and listen to this podcast. I don’t know what to say!!! It is nonsense to think a podcast has anything to do with a human receiving a fair trial. I’m really sorry you are having to hide your hard work! I’m not going anywhere. I’m subscribed and will wait for as long as it takes to receive updates. Rebecca Miller
Very well done podcast
Best podcast I’ve heard in awhile. I can’t believe this case has remained “unsolved”.... seems like quite enough information to solve it and convict those involved as well as those who covered it up. I don’t understand how there can be any negative feedback! Truly well done!
Too repetitive
This is by far the longest podcast I’ve ever listened to and it is the same thing over and over and over. It is soooooo repetitive... doesn’t make any progress until the end.
Great story & Content but....
Not produced well. Repetitive, and a bit scattered. Sad and intriguing story.
No non bias investigation?
Podcast is well put together and nice to listen to... but the whole thing is just repeated same few ideas, and the investigator never talks to anyone that doesnt think the husband is guilty. Investigator never tries to bring an evidence that isnt hearsay. Total opposite of real investigation, where you work to rule out a person. Whole thing seems like a huge manipulation. Oh, and the handwriting analyzer was a total idiot.
Don’t Binge Listen to This!
I started listening to this podcast in the “Binge Listen” section on the Browse page. This podcast is very interesting and I can feel the injustice this case had. However, there should not have been as many episodes as there are. After about 5 episodes it began to become VERY repetitive. And I felt I couldn’t skip anything because there was enough new information for me to miss something if I skipped it. Overall, a very well done podcast. And incredibly interesting with a satisfying ending. I would just suggest spreading out the episodes.
Very repetitive and unprofessional
This guy definitely is biased af. No proof what so ever that this guy killed his wife. He says stuff like he lies about certain thing when the guy didn’t lie he just didn’t tell everything. If you are having an affair you aren’t going to go on record with it or put it into writing. I am glad that the misconduct is being investigated at the schools. Also make a time line of events and quit jumping around. This podcast was very badly put together.
Good but...
I'm glad I listened, but it could have been condensed a lot. As other reviews gave said, it was very repetitive. I'm happy that the podcast brought action to the case.
So repetitive
I want to love this. The story is intriguing and I think bringing new interest to a cold case is important...however, the repetition is maddening. I’m on episode 3 and so far, it could have been condensed to 1 episode. I’m not sure I can listen to the entire thing with it being so drawn out.
The story is fascinating at first telling but it DRAGS on...I cannot finish
The story is amazing and hard to imagine happening in today’s world and it quickly drew me in. A few episodes in, I was angry at the nearly equal blame seeming to be placed on Joann— the underage teenager who was groomed, raped and abused by someone who was in a relationship of trust (him being her teacher). I don’t know if the laws were/are different in the US than in Australia but Joann would be considered a victim and deserves our empathy as well— despite her later actions which are awful. She was being controlled. She is a victim— along with Lyn and Lyn’s two daughters. I feel such sadness for those two girls-/ who are now grown woman. Anyways, I just can’t listen anymore...because to listen is to support this kind of treatment of her. I pray for healing for ALL the victims of Chris Dawson. Because they have definitely suffered for decades. Oh, and SO much repetition by the narrator of this podcast. Just ridiculous. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard him say the same several sentences in multiple episodes of the first 9 episodes. Ugh!! But I absolutely applaud him for bringing the injustice of Lyn’s disappearance to light.
Too repetitive
It’s an intriguing story but the host repeats the same thing on every episode. If they would have trimmed the fat and just put all the information in fewer episodes this would have been so much better. I couldn’t even listen to the last two episodes because I was so annoyed with it.
Listen to this podcast if you can’t get enough of the word combo ‘soft soil’
This is a great story that is repeated over and over again every episode. I think it’s so important to share these stories the recent arrest can be directly attributed to Headley Thomas’s investigation, but I if I have to hear the words soft soil again, I will chuck my phone off a cliff.
Hedley is a hero to this family
No matter how repetitive people think this podcast was this case was dead until Hedley Thomas put so much work into helping bring this case back to life. law enforcement should have worked as hard as he did and maybe it wouldn’t have ended up as a cold case. I hope her family can get some peace after all this is over. Great work.
Thank you!
An amazing description of how abusers and predators work and choose their victims. Also, thank you for exposing the tactics of those who perpetrate domestic violence. So many parallels to other cases and stories.
Very interesting story
The story is very interesting. Especially if you grew up in this era. I very much hope that there will be updated Podcasts on the trial and hopefully conviction. My heart went out to the family. The podcast is a little bit repetitive as other reviews mention. However, if you’re listening while cleaning the house and driving your car etc. the repeating of conversations and testimony is actually helpful to remind you what is happening in the story. I think there would’ve been a better arc of the storyline if it had been storyboarded out and created like a film or novel. Since the podcast was happening as things were happening in real life - it’s not like a film. I actually liked that. You feel as things are developing you’re going along with the story in real life. But because of that, the storyline can get a little muddled. I recommend it as a good listen. And will likely listen to others like this in the future. It was impressive that the podcast had so much effect on the community. that it actually affected The development and forward momentum of this case.
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