melancholy but compelling and well done
No Koch
Very well done although it's a biy low paced and somber, still I like this podcast and they usually cover everything very well. I also like listening to shows from outside the US.
Season 4 host
I Couldn’t tell if he was trying to put me to sleep or hypnotize me. I couldn’t listen to him past ep 2
His Voice
Why does his voice have to make me feel like someone is talking to me slowly for my comprehension, while I’m laying in the hospital in a coma. The podcast is okay, not as good as some true crime, but better than others.
Pretty good overall but each season varies in quality
I was a very big fan of season one. The story of escaping a Scientology-like sex cult was interesting and kept my attention. One thing to not though, the reporters/narratives change with each season. The second season though, dealing with a forgotten plane bombing, never reaches season one’s level on interest. It goes on a bit too long and never really presents any information you couldn’t find in a Wikipedia article. Third season was better, dealing with a serial killer that targeted gay men in Toronto as well as other murders and the general history of gay Toronto. It did go on a bit longer than it needed to though. As for season four, it’s a great story dealing with a missing, possibly dead senior citizen and branching into the killer(s). The big issue is the reporter, Zander Sherman, when he is talking to someone he has a very normal voice. Yet when he is narrating he puts on a strange/dreamy/creepy/ASMR-like whisper. It will cause you to daydream and stop listening or just turn the podcast off.
Investigative journalism at its best
I love this podcast! It's amazing. Love the details and storytelling.
An easy listen.
This [edited to add: Season one] was an easy listen from a presentation standpoint (minus some jarring grammar, e.g. "Where her and others were brought"-- *she* and others. Remember that the sentence needs to make sense when you remove the other party/parties.), but was definitely skewed in favor of Sarah, who doesn't claim any responsibility for her involvement in the group. She knew the things she did were wrong way before she came out. Where's the line where a victim becomes a perpetrator? Because it seems quite clear from information that was conveniently left out of this podcast that she crossed that line somewhere along the way. Edited to add: This review is about season 1. I wasn't interested in the other topics to continue beyond one.
Narration is HUGE in podcasts
Narration is HUGE in podcasts and in Season 4 or is so infuriating. His voice is painfully slow, too quiet and sounds like he’s trying to narrate while someone is sleeping in the room next to him. I utilize podcasts while commuting an hour one way; his narration voice was not sufficient for me. Pulled me to sleep despite a good story
Speak normally!
The podcast is interesting but it’s hard to listen to the guy’s voice - he sounds like he’s trying to whisper to make it more suspenseful- but it just sounds like he’s out of breath or staining Also - all these people knew of Joan’s struggles and not one did anything- way to go Canada!
Try 1.5x
This is an alright podcast. The story drags out a little but otherwise it’s intriguing. I too have some issue with the narrator’s painfully slow pace, but once I ran the episodes at 1.5x speed, the pace is normal. It makes the interviewees a bit fast, but I picked my poison 🤷🏼‍♀️
Great podcast, don’t believe the haters
I enjoyed learning about Joan and the other characters. Zander has a soothing voice and manner. Excellent production overall.
LOVED season 1 & 3!
Season 1 was easily the best! Season 4 had a great story to tell but unfortunately I had to work so hard to get over the narrators voice. For whatever reason he chose to tone down his voice so much that it was almost comical. You can hear him talking normal in his interviews so I’m not sure why he chose to do that.
Season 1-3 (5*), season 4 (1/2*)
The stories are touching and unbelievable, still shocked they are real. Giving ***** to season 1-3, narration, story.... kept me interested every second. The season 4 --- such a sad story and for years I wanted to know what had happened to this case, but the narrator killed it for me. I struggled listening to it. It was so disappointing finding out that during interviews his voice was fine. For God's sake why would you use whispering, hypnotic almost degrading voice. I hope you can re-record this narration so future listeners don't have to be driven crazy and miss very important story.
Love-highly recommend it
Absolutely well done, so glad I found this podcast!!!
Season 2 - Waste of Time
This is a classic example of journalists pretending to be intrepid investigators, determined to uncover the truth behind a fifty year-old case. An entire season devoted to speculation based on interviews with surviving family members, specious and precipitate conclusions, and highly inadequate analysis and investigation. The initial investigation fifty years ago was Cro-Magnon by today's standard. The case is closed for a reason. Wanting it to be otherwise won't change that. Let it go.
Good podcast except...
bad EQ
Holy crap the bell on the dogs collar is intolerable!!! The incessant jingling is driving me absolutely insane. There must be a way to adjust the audio lever to make this more bearable. Good podcast otherwise
All Seasons = good
Season 1: is a spooky story about the NXIVM sex cult; totally bingeable, had me on edge of my seat Season 2: is a dreary tale of a bomb that killed many people on a Canada Pacific flight in the ‘60s. There’s a video documentary and longform article about the crash on CBC’s website; both are more interstesting than the podcast. Season 3: a sad, respectful examination of murders in Toronto’s Gay Village. Unfortunately it’s a few episodes too long and it meanders a bit. Season 4: weird, sad story of unsolved disappearances and human cruelty in Huntsville, Ontario; the whispering narrator didn’t bother me but I see how it can be off-putting This is a very well-made podcast, even though some seasons are stronger than others
Almost gave five stars
I would have given this podcast five stars if it weren’t for the narration in season 4. I find myself rewinding over and over because Zander’s almost hypnotic narration causes me to daydream instead of pay attention, even though I am interested in the case. Zander aside, this has been an excellent podcast with great narrators in seasons 1-3.
Incredible story and very well told!
This is an amazing podcast. The story gets you from the very start and is one that needs telling—the cries for justice need to be heard. Highly recommended!
The Cat Lady Whisperer
This girl 77
I started this podcast at Season 4 - Big Mistake. Zander is a terrible narrator. His loud whisper I found to be annoying. What bothered me more is when he would switch between the interviews he recorded to his narration - his voice was different. The long pauses (possibly for drama) did not help the whispering narration. The cat lady case itself was interesting and definitely scratched a true crime itch. Just wish it was narrated better.
Binge listened
I binged all the seasons. This podcast is extremely interesting and well written.
Very interesting until the disappointing final episode. Heading into spring, the host has two promising sites to search for human remains. One is made off-limits at the direction of police, but the remaining site is never mentioned again. Didn’t fit his narrative? The discarding of this obvious path of investigation made me doubt the host’s intentions as much as those of the police officer he was questioning. Very dissatisfying.
Cat Lady season’s narration is unlistenable
Loved seasons 1, 2, and 3, but I can’t even listen to the story in 4 because Xander’s narration is so god-awful. I don’t feel bad saying it because it’s not his natural voice - when he’s speaking in the interview clips, he doesn’t sound like that. So it’s clearly a choice - an off-putting, melodramatic, bizarre choice. Why the producers didn’t step in and tell him to knock it off I will never understand. Hopefully S5 will get back to the quality of previous seasons.
Cat lady
podcaster 123
I loved all of the other seasons of Uncover, but I cannot listen to this one. I am so interested in the story, but the weird slow whispering is the strangest thing about it. I have no idea how this was allowed to happen. What a bummer because I really enjoyed the series.
creepy narrator
whyyyyyyy why why would you hire this person to use THAT voice to narrate a show?!? It’s like he’s, well, ironically for a true crime podcast, it sounds like he’s about to murder me. Get a different gig, bro, this is not your forte.
Story is so interesting, but can’t stand the podcaster’s voice. Couldn’t listen past first episode....
Worth a binge
I didn’t catch the whispering 😒. But I loved season one. Season 4 made me sad. But all well put together.
ram marie
I am very interested in hearing the cat lady story however the story teller is putting me to sleep..
Cat Lady Podcast hard listen
The narrator is horrible. It sounds like he’s in pain as he’s reading. He’s almost whispering most of the time. I kept thinking, “Wake up, dude!” It’s ok to actually speak normally. The story itself is worthy of telling but by a better narrator, please.
Uncover: Cat Lady
Story is good but the narrator’s whisper voice is creepy and annoying. Couldn’t listen past episode 1.
Started to listed to this podcast but the journalists voice is so dull, slow and boring. Worst story teller. Hard to continue on.
Season 4 The Cat Lady
I was really interested in this story, but the narrator makes it near impossible to listen to. He seems to be whispering and stretches his speech in a way that just makes it boring! It nearly killed me to sleep. When there is a recording with him talking to other people, he doesn’t sound like this. So I’m sure it’s for some kind of effect. But it doesn’t work!!
Peaked at Season 3
Gabi D
What happened to the narrator from season 3? I’m too creeped out to listen to season 4...
Narrator voice
Meg Zehner
The narrator voice is too much. I really want to listen to the story all the way through but his voice is awful.
Like nails on a chalkboard
I really wanted to hear the story, after all of the media hype. I’m always blown away at people who can actually fall for the “cult trap”. Anyway, it was an interesting story but my misophonia was on overdrive with Sarah’s vocal fry and the constant use of the idiotic name “Nippy”. For that reason alone I couldn’t get through the entire podcast. Not to mention that she just sounded like an impressionable moron who is complaining because she didn’t see the obvious red flags. Sheesh. Why are people so dumb?!!
(Season 4) The narrator’s whisper is unbearable
Loved the story, but the narrator’s voice is super creepy and whispery. Hard to pay attention and stopped listening after 3 episodes. I just read a longer review for the story.
Interesting/sad story
I like the podcast but why is the narrator “whispering?”
Bomb on Board
I just finished listening to Bomb on Board. Ian and Johanna were amazing story tellers and their compassion for the families and the story was evident. I got goose bumps on top of goose bumps at then end, with the necklace. Thank you for telling this story.
The Cat Lady
Season 4 is a fantastic listen & Zander does a great job I have no problems with his narration
Season 4
Zander Sherman speaks too low. He is hard to hear, and hard to listen to. This seems to be a voice he affects for the narrative, as his regular speaking voice is much easier to listen to. It’s like he’s podcasting in a library, or telling a secret/gossiping; he sounds like he’s trying not to be overheard. All the previous seasons were really good, especially the first - they were 5-star seasons. And Season 4 is definitely interesting subject matter, just hard to listen to.
The narrator’s fake slow speaking voice ruins this podcast!!!
I like the story, I like the podcast in general. However like all other podcasts the narration is the most important piece aside from the story being told. This narrator purposely speaks extra slow,... for what? Is he trying to add more drama effects and epically failing at it? It sounds very unnatural and annoying! This ruins the podcast for me. Just narrate in your normal speaking voice and this podcast can get 5 stars.
Out of order
The reason I gave this 4 stars is because they’re all out of order. They play out of order I have to physically search out the next episode to play in correct chronological order or else it’ll play some random episode. Out of all the podcasts I’ve listen to so far this is the first I’ve had that issue with. Boo. Please fix.
Season one was Amazing, S4 ruined it
Season one was one of the best investigative podcasts I’ve listened to. Then I feel each season went down a little bit more each time. Season 4 was where I gave up. The hosts voice is unbearable and I couldn’t make it through the first episode.
Unbearable Voice
I love Cbc podcasts and was really exciting to begin Season 4 but I couldn’t get through listening to 1st episode...... Unfortunately , the narrator’s voice kills it for me ...its an unbearable creepy whisper. I thought it was me at first but im definitely not the only one...
I cannot say more about season one. It is SOOOO GOOD! He does a great job of giving you facts as well as a story along with various points of view. I devoured season 1!
So much vocal fry
I like this podcast but the host’s voice in season 4 has so much vocal fry it distracts me from the story. I got through two episodes and stopped listening because it felt like he was whispering in my ear the whole time. The story is also a little slow to develop and doesn’t quite peak my interest like the first two seasons did. Still a very well done podcast though!
Fourth season a bummer
The first three seasons were well written and produced, but the fourth went nowhere and was exceedingly repetitive.
Well done AND puts me to sleep (S4)
I just can’t seem to stay awake listening to S4 (but that’s awesome because I always am looking for podcasts and apps ASMR to sleep and this works better than any of those!)! Have really liked all seasons so far especially S1. Great job! :)
Interesting story but voice puts me to sleep 😴
Your nickname 😁
I’ve looked through the reviews wondering if it was just me..... looks like the way Zander speaks is a huge issue. I love the story and it’s very intriguing. I listen to podcast while I’m at work but won’t be able to listen to this one ☹️. I just got through Ep 1 and I officially need caffeine and take a walk to wake up. It’s a shame though.... would like to know what happened.
I hate to jump on the train, but....
Sorry Zander! Your narrating is just a little too slow for me. It makes it harder to focus and follow along. Great story though!
Loved this. Voice not an issue. It is clear. Concise and easy to understand. A real sin in speaking for podcasts is speaking too fast. I believe her name is Susan Simpson,. a lawyer, I think... who works on the Undisclosed podcast is an example. she speaks so fast it is at times very difficult to understand. The podcast is of good quality but her delivery has prevented me from listening. I have suggested that she slow down. How hard can that be? Last time I checked it was Not happening evidently . So kudos to this podcast!
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