August 7, 2019
My book Never Settle is out and I chat about a few things from it. Plus, what I learned while visiting Clemson last weekend and what team you should not sleep on
July 30, 2019
Country Singer/Songwriter Justin Moore chats about why his new album is the most authentic album he's put out and why it speaks to who he is.
July 25, 2019
Who is the real DB U? College football is almost here and Travis and I chat about which schools produce the most talent at each position.
July 15, 2019
What up y'all. This week me and my boy Ryan McGee chat about the power of sports after a tragedy. Plus, I need to get a motorized suitcase
July 8, 2019
What up y'all. This week I chat with my boy Ryan McGee and explain how I inured my foot at the liquor store. And we also talk how dangerous Saran Wrap can be.
July 1, 2019
What up y'all. This week i chat about signing a liquor waiver and what i like on my hot dog. Plus, professional eater Megabyte Ronnie joins the show
June 24, 2019
What up y'all? This week I chat with Gerald McCoy about how going vegan helped save his career. Plus, I went crowd surfing in New Orleans and Travis found his favorite beer
June 18, 2019
What up y'all. This week I chat about my trip all over the south that included noodling, crawfish boil and beer. Plus, a friendly PSA from Travis
June 13, 2019
What up y'all? This week thanks to a crazy schedule you are going to get a taste of Marty & McGee as we chat about famous people doing normal stuff and Hillbilly Headlines
June 4, 2019
What up y'all? This week I talk to Nancy Lieberman about playing at Rucker Park and getting a call from Ice Cube. Plus, we get into her lifelong friendship with Muhammad Ali
May 27, 2019
What up y'all. This week I chat with Brent Musburger about drinking with Harry Carey, gambling and his famous Hail Flutie call. Plus, what QB would be the best drinker
May 20, 2019
What up y'all? This week I chat with country star Lee Roy Parnell about expecting to make it in Nashville and hanging out with Willie & Merle. Plus, story time with Travis
May 13, 2019
What up y'all? This week I chat with Greg Oden about the ups and downs during his NBA career and what his post NBA career goal is. And, the Hillbilly Hotline is back.
May 7, 2019
What up y'all? This week I talk about my weekend at the Kentucky Derby and the historical outcome after the race. Plus, I defend the Shipping Container on the Le Batard Show
April 29, 2019
What up y'all? This week I chat with my boy Chase Rice about his rise in Nashville, playing football at UNC & being on Survivor. Plus, roller skating, mint juleps & more
April 22, 2019
What up y'all? This week Travis, Michael Collins and myself chat about being at The Masters. Plus, we talk food and a NFL QB does the best Tiger impression.
April 8, 2019
What up y'all? This week i chat with Patrick Dempsey aka Dr. McDreamy about his new film Hurley, his racing career & a little Grey's Anatomy. Plus, a PSA on sun screen.
April 1, 2019
What up y'all? We all know how funny Les Miles is, but in this interview you will see a different side of him. Plus, we have an announcement coming
March 25, 2019
What up y'all, this week I talk about my NCAA Tournament Marathon and you'll hear my interviews with Ja Morant & John Calipari. Plus, I head to Tobacco Road
March 18, 2019
What up y'all, I've been all over the country so we don't have a guest this week. Instead I talk about Zion, Red Panda, bad food decisions and more. Check it out
March 4, 2019
What up y'all...this week I'm joined by hall of fame wrestling announcer Jim Ross as we talk about partying with Ric Flair, the XFL and other crazy stories.
February 26, 2019
Y'all better buckle up for this one. First we talk to my guy Mudflap who went on the Price is Right with a mullet and won. Then Pat McAfee on Natty Light, WVU & wrestling
February 18, 2019
What up y'all. Today i talk about the greatness that is the mullet. Plus, I chat with Nate Boyer about how he became a Green Beret and then walked on at Texas for Mack Brown.
February 5, 2019
What up y'all this week i chat with Von Miller about his foundation, Peyton Manning & Tebow. Plus, we talk food etiquette and bringing Taco Bell to a party
January 28, 2019
Y'all are going to like what Brandt Snedeker has to say, including how he streams football games while on the course. Plus, my boy McGee joins me to talk Smokey & the Bandit
January 21, 2019
What up y'all, this might be the best interview yet as Hines Ward talks about Antonio Brown, concussions, the HOF & his triathlon. Plus, i need everyone's help
January 14, 2019
What up y'all? This week I'm joined by SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey and we talk about CFP expansion and paying players. Plus, Greg talks about his first day in office
December 17, 2018
What up y'all, this week i chat with Ryan Leaf about struggles with addiction and depression and why going to prison was the best thing to happen to him
December 10, 2018
What up y'all, I had my boy Tucker Beathard join me this week as we talked about his music career, having a brother in the NFL to go along with a famous dad & grandpa
November 27, 2018
What up y'all, check out my interview with Jerry Stackhouse about his playing & coaching career. Plus, I talk to some people who helped make The Game on Saturday crazy.
November 12, 2018
What up y'all...we called in a big dog this week. Joining me is NASCAR Driver Chase Elliott. We talk about growing up in the sport and following in his dad's footsteps
November 7, 2018
What up y'all, I've got a good one for you as I talk to my guy Bob Huggins. We chat about life in West Virginia and what it means to coach there. Plus, drinking in the CFL
October 30, 2018
What up y'all, I got a good one this week as I talk with Chipper Jones about hunting, flash bangs and how he broke his hand. Plus, I talk can beer with my boy Travis
October 22, 2018
What up y'all, I went out to Seattle and talked with KD & Breanna Stewart and you're going to see them like you've never seen them. Plus, tweet me pics of your J's
October 15, 2018
Y'all thought my career path was crazy, just wait till you hear about my guy Jason Fitz and how he got to ESPN. Plus I love can beer and want to see who else does too
October 8, 2018
What up y'all. I'm under the weather but we've got a good one for you. My guy Adrian Peterson talks about why he runs the way he does and how he almost quit playing football.
October 2, 2018
What up y'all, this week i got to chat with one of the greatest to roam the sidelines, Steve Spurrier. It's a good one. Plus I talk about my trip to State College
September 24, 2018
Y'all are going to love this week's podcast as my buddy Kip Moore joined me to talk about doing whatever it took to make it. Plus, don't sleep on my boy Joe Burrow
September 18, 2018
What's up y'all, you're going to like my conversation with Chad Johnson, aka Ochocinco talking about life and football. Plus, be careful with little kids going to the restroom
September 10, 2018
Marty sits down with Houston Texan's QB Deshaun Watson to talk about tearing his ACL and his road to recovery. Plus, a fractured shoulder on the Hillbilly Hotline.
September 3, 2018
After chatting with Jake Peavy about losing 20 million dollars, Marty gets an update on the Hillbilly Hotline from Justin about his drunken night with Jack Daniels
August 27, 2018
Marty chats with Auburn QB Jarrett Stidham about having to watch the national title game at home, why he chose Auburn and proposing to his girlfriend. Plus, hillbilly hotline
August 20, 2018
Marty & McGee talk with Barry Odom, Kirby Smart & Dan Mullen about tackling trees, hold my beer stories and biscuits or cornbread. Plus, the guys are sick
August 13, 2018
Marty along with his co-host Ryan McGee chat with Nick Saban & Gus Malzahn about what it's like being a head coach in the SEC. Plus, we talk colbeer
August 6, 2018
Marty chats with Kenny Mayne about how his tryout with the Seahawks, almost having his ankle amputated and creating his foundation, runfreely.org. Plus we remember Tom Higgins
July 30, 2018
Marty talks with former OSU star RB Maurice Clarett about how he went from national champion to in prison and how he's changed his life since then. Plus, Hillbillyisms
July 23, 2018
Marty talks with Ronnie Dunn from Brooks & Dunn about why they broke up, the impact of their songs and the state of country music. Plus, Marty had a minor issue on a jet ski
July 16, 2018
Marty talks with former NHL star Mike Fisher about his love for hockey and the outdoors and what it's like being married to Carrie Underwood. Plus, making Nick Saban laugh
July 9, 2018
Marty chats with WVU QB and Heisman hopeful Will Grier about staying at WVU for another year, learning from what happened at UF and his family. Plus, how long should jorts be?
July 2, 2018
Marty chats with Scott Van Pelt about fatherhood, his career and how a golfer named Tiger Woods helped him get to where he is. Plus, one story on refusing to ever give up.
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