Chris Likes Dogs
I personally love this podcast because it makes everything in the world that is happening currently today so much easier to understand.
reveiwing nickname 2
Never will I miss an episode!!!
Nxt Gen Cowboy
I absolutely love this podcast! Such a unique, interesting and insightful take on big news stories of the day! Every weekday I look forward to this snapshot of the news of the day!
Worth listening everyday
Mr and Mrs Podcast
This is at the top of my podcast list everyday. Always good content and something to learn.
I wish all news was presented like this!
My favorite podcast for current issues. Keep up the great reporting!
Quality subscriber content
It truly is all killer. There is always something interesting to hear.
They always cover the best topics and ones that are a little bit outside of the mainstream always covered on every other podcast (daily, etc)
Show #369... Reviving death
The most powerful show I’ve heard in a long, long time. Keep up the good work Vox!
Great way to get my news, such a well done and smart show!
Lowrider puppies rule
I felt compelled for some reason to write a review and rate the show. Thanks for the show and the info!!
Almost always on point
Vox does a pretty darn good job answering very current issues in depth. When you hear a news story - example: responding to Iran shooting down a US drone - they answer the obvious question you’re already thinking but the headlines aren’t addressing: what’s the history of responses to this? Are drones new? Have we shot down a drone of theirs? Every episode is about something that occurred in the past day or two.
Enjoying the cast so far
I’ve only listened to a couple of episodes, but so far it seems like another great, liberal news source. Now if I could find an actual conservative show that doesn’t melt my brain . . .
Very biased
Good luck in finding a non biased episode. It is the “administration” that is causing the border problems. Maybe it is the government, but they forgot that the federal government is 3 parts. Shameless Trump is the devil news reporting. Should not be treated as a news source
Enjoy your Episodes. Why the “haunting” music in the first couple minutes of the show?
Awesome podcast
I love Vox’s “explainer” articles, and this podcast makes them into audio form! The episodes are well-researched, and the production value is excellent.
Great podcast
Zach Ehmann
I’m amazed that Sean and team are able to put out content that’s both high quality and current EVERY weekday. From breaking news to the broader policy questions brought up by ongoing events, the show does a great job of breaking down the issues in packed bite-sized pieces.
Sean, you’re hilarious
“Why are men so threatened by women who kick balls?” Aaaaaahahahaha!!!! Times are changing.
Another great format to learn from Vox
[PS. Include Ezra often for brief insights - he’s a real asset] Thanks, Sean (and Crew). Retired from my DC commute, I listen early the following morning (before The Daily, The Big Idea and Up First are even available). A great time of day, with my morning coffee, to gain Vox-worthy insights with Sean’s energy, depth and context. [and the playfully-handled ads remind me of the Pod Save America crew]. I’m in a different mental ‘place’ when I listen to the excellent, in-depth (still delightful) analysis from other Vox pods like The Weeds and The Ezra Klein Show. Today’s dive into the VA black face issue was the first I’ve heard that provided a full historical context - of minstrel shows with black-face ‘end men’ in the North - but with the unique history of VA. Well done! Bravo, Sean and thanks.
Note on Renegade general
tic talk
“Imagine if one of those migrant detention centers was bought.” One is—homestead is a privately run detention center run by the firm Caliburn. Just gonna gloss over that? 🧐
Always learning from this- mind opening
Bethany Siegenthaler
I always feel like I’ve learned a piece of humanity from this podcast. It’s the best thing I’ve added to my mental check list of things to keep up with in 2019. Great variety- always thought provoking. Thank you!!
Review on 40 Acres...
stef morgan
Not a very ‘sympathetic’ / critical take on this issue. Disappointing coverage from an ordinarily solid program.
Pod Diddy
I don’t know the name of the Podcast awards but this is a def winner. 5 episodes/ week. Excellent production— are you trying to become the hardest working man in Podcasts? Everyone is smarter for having listened.
Vox is garbage
Box is liberal propaganda that doesn’t actually spend any time on actual research. They are the info-wars of leftism and should keep making podcasts so that Democrats hear it and immediately become alt-right.
Haven’t missed a day since I first subscribed
Keep the episodes coming! also that rate and review jingle in the episode was hilarious
Fantastic daily podcast!
Engaging, interesting, both funny and serious at times. A great quality podcast for keeping up on the most important stories in the news!
You should listen to this. Also, they made a jingle to ask people to rate and review. They make jingles for the news, too! They rock.
Good but biased
I like it because it presents current events in a more casual, easy to understand fashion. The only thing that I do not like about it is that it is almost always biased (in favor of the democratic party) which isn’t much of a shock I guess. Overall it’s pretty enjoyable but sometimes can be frustrating because of the unfair representation.
When they see us
I’m a fan of your podcast. I hope that you’re working on breaking down the reality of the Netflix mini series “When they see us”.
Useful for MUN delegates
This podcast offers an overview for topics that may have multiple impacts on various branches and fields, such as the Military, the Economy and the Sociology. Therefore, I deeply recommend it
Progressive, hell yes
I have to laugh at the listeners who complain about the pods “liberal bias”. Obviously these poor uninformed souls were pretty clueless about Vox’s viewpoint. Like to take issue with the whole liberal/progressive nomenclature. I live in Idaho, reddest of red states. It was here I learned that “liberal” was such a loaded word that it had been rebranded as progressive. Fair enough. In keeping with this logic the time has come to label conservatives as what they truly are, REGRESSIVES! As in let’s go backwards, all the way to the Neolithic era. Oh yeah, your pod is great, keep bringing the magic
Favorite show!
My daily must listen show to help understand a topic. Very in depth explanation and unbiased views.
Clair is AMAZING!!
I may not consider myself beginner at astrology but seriously clair explains everything is fun and amazing way!!! I already follow her on instagram buy i just started listening to her podcast, SHE IS A FOUNTAIN OF KNOWLEDGE! And i wanted to say that she approach astrology in a different way that make her standout from the rest of her peers! Plus, she have a unique sense of humour that i am deeply fond of!!!
Propaganda Explained
Sen. Harry Reid
DNC talking points
Incredibly informative while remaining engaging and accessible
An excellent deep-dive into current events in the vein of NYT’s The Daily. The host occasionally throws partisan shade by way of snide comments (it is produced by Vox) but it’s ultimately a balanced perspective on big topics.
A daily dosis of knowledge
I love the way such different topics are addressed without going on one and a half hour like other podcasts.
Quality journalism! Great audio! Nice effects!
I’ve listened daily since it’s release. AMAZING PODCAST. Produced with fun sound effects which is my favorite part. Any news junkie is going to like this show especially if you’re familiar with Vox.
Fantastic show
love cali
I am kind of a news junkie so this is a great show to listen to to get a new look at the news today. Love to listen on my way to work
Love hearing about underreported things
I’ve been listening to this podcast since pretty close to day one and have nothing but positive things to say. They’re just long enough for me to hear the whole thing on my commute home. I really enjoy hearing about the big news stories of the week but I also love to hear about things that I would have never heard about had it not been for “Today, Explained.”
It’s a must
You should download and listen daily.
Shout out to Nutmeg & Dylan’s cat
I love this podcast. I don’t *always* like short pods—sometimes longer discussions allow more nuance, but a mix is great & this is the perfect addition to the news. Particularly loved the cat commentary this week. Cats all over the world want to have their voices heard! Listening in the kitchen & my cat perked his ears. Thank you!
Shawn does an amazing job at being unbiased. He makes it fun and informative at the same time. Any of the substitutes I’ve heard are very leftist leaning and frustrating to listen to.
It explains, today
An Anthropos
It's good. It explains today's news.
Whiplash from tone-deaf midroll ads
The journalism is solid, but you absolutely CAN NOT go from a heavy piece about retrograde abortion bills straight into a light & conversational ad, with no transitional element. It does a disservice to your advertisers as much as your listeners - When my brain is still steeping in news-dread, it is not going to be receptive to chit chat about your new toothbrush. If magazines are required to distinguish their ads from their journalism but printing the word "advertisement" at the top of each ad, podcasts should do the same. Even if it is not the required thing to do (yet), it is the decent thing.
A great podcast
It is an excellent podcast. I encourage everyone to download and listen regularly. Shawn is doing A GREAT job. Thank you.
Cool show other than the toothbrush ads
Nobody wants your quip
About the left leaning bias
This is a great podcast! It’s well produced and it provides a deeper look at hot topics in the news. A lot of folks here are complaining about the “subliminal” left-leaning bias. I don’t think Vox tries to hide the fact that it’s a leftist organization nor does it pretend like objectivity really exists in journalism. The bias doesn’t sneak up on you like the boogie man, it’s pretty open about the perspective it’s coming from. So if you’re not coming from that perspective, or you’re not interested in opening up your mind to another perspective, this isn’t the podcast for you. For those of you who want more balanced reporting check out the Ezra Klein show. He is the founder of Vox (a self proclaimed progressive) who often brings on moderate-to-right journalists and political experts to open up a dialogue between the two parties. It’s very interesting and isn’t political pundits screaming at each other for an hour. It also doesn’t suffer from the straw-man antagonism common on fox and even sometimes CNN. Give it a shot!
A lot of questions asked. Few answers given.
smittyWarbenGenkermanJensen :-
I don’t have much to say (the show certainly is well produced) but the poor I would like to make is that the show very often doesn’t offer a lot of answers. It offers some extra data (which is nice) but does not offer conclusions about how that data refuted existing narratives. In short this show leaves me asking: cool, how has the narrative changed or been refuted?
a nice, daily podcast
Mr. Clever
This is great. They take on stories everybody is talking about and give new info/perspective so you can come up with your own conclusions. Some you'll be into and some you won't, depending on the topic, but there is enough good stuff here that this show is worth subscribing to.
Opioid Epidemic Episode
I generally enjoy this podcast but I take issue with their recent opioid epidemic episode. I appreciate the coverage of the opioid epidemic as it brings attention to an issue that needs significantly more attention from the nation and lawmakers, however, I was shocked and frankly a bit dumbfounded by the suggestion that suboxone serves as a miracle cure for opiate addicts. To not even mention that suboxone and methadone are wildly abused by drug users is... irresponsible at least. I understand, how the gentlemen in the story (only 1 story from an actual drug user??) used suboxone as a crutch, but not mentioning the legal high most users get from the drug is confusing and poor reporting. Maintenance drugs are a band-aid approach to keep users from dying from street drugs and suffering withdrawal symptoms. While maintenance drugs keep the overdose deaths down (good) it provides no long term solution to opioid dependency. The solution is to take users hooked on heroin/opiates and make them lifelong dependents on abusable big pharma drugs? Bleak. A thorough investigation into this issue would discuss the cons of this POV as well.
Ugh... content is useful, delivery annoying
mel 8703
I really wanted to love this podcast. I really loved that they did deeper dives into the daily headlines and I have been a pretty loyal listener for about a year. Recently though I found the smirky comments from the host annoying to the point that I am unsubscribing. The episode that pushed me to unsubscribe was the one on free tuition which I don’t necessarily disagree with, but his whiny comment about ‘ all the people who don’t support free education are just jealous because they didn’t get free education’ is a huge assumption/stereotype. I would have expected more from them but sadly this wasn’t the first example of glaring stereotypes. I’ll be on the hunt for a new news analysis podcast.
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