I just found this podcast and I’ve probably listened to 15 episodes at this point but this episode with Matt Lillard made me fall in love.
monica you gotta go, girl
pros: - great guests - dax is likable cons: - dax, stop interrupting your guests to talk about your stepdads or past addictions! - no more monica! she doesn’t contribute anything to the podcast but an annoying whiney voice.
Dax rules
Dax is brilliant and amazing in every way. Monica’s vocal fry is beyond annoying.
Refreshingly real
I admit I thought it was going to be another lame actor podcast taking about stuff I could care less about. But my mom wanted to hear Dr Phil’s podcast, and Dax’s podcast came up in the search. I decided to honor that tiny slice of rebellious nature in my psyche and just played this one instead of actually find Dr Phil’s podcast. Dax is refreshingly real and down to earth. I look forward to listening to whomever he is interviewing because the conversation is so interesting.
Great guests I wish they had a chance to talk
For how many incredible guests he has on I wish he would let them get a word in without interrupting with a tangential thought or highjacking the rest of their sentences. Sometimes I wonder why he even has guests on the show. Sorry Dax I love you but PLEASE let the guests talk.
Complete surprise, love this guy.
There hasn’t been much Dax had done that stood out to me in his acting career but after listening to this, I think I’ve been missing out. Dax is an emotionally intelligent dude with a dash of immaturity that really helps his humor and likability. I am now a Dax fan because of this podcast, he needs his own show, give him the tonight show, please. And Dax if you’re reading this, that’s the good paint buddy.
I had to give it up
Updating my review because I realized the podcasts are piling up in my "Downloaded Episodes" queue. I can't handle either Monica's laugh or Dax's anymore. Both are pretty grating. The "Fact check from my soulmate, Monica Padman" thing gives me the heebie jeebies every time, considering he's married. I get that they're trying to make Monica famous, but I'm just not feeling it anymore. I wish them the best with the podcast, as I know it'll thrive without me. Original review: I veer between making sure I listen to every minute of the interview portion of each episode, and skimming through it to get past Dax and company naval-gazing, overthinking and boosting Dax's ego. For example: The whole portion where Wendi McLendon-Covey spins off into telling us how wonderful Dax is could have been edited out so I could hear more about her career. "You know you're the whole package ... you're good-looking..." really? "The Good Place" Week needed much, much more talk about "The Good Place. I don't care about Kristen and Monica's relationship. I wanted to know about how Kristen landed on the show, and how she's built Eleanor Shellstrop. Conversely, I enjoyed the episode with Ted Danson because Dax actually took us through Ted's career! Make it about the interviewer, and less about Dax and belching and farting, and I'd tune in more.
Great, but Dax drives me nuts.
I love this show and its production. Dax and Monica ask phenomenal Q’s, and the insight into Dax and his family’s life is great. They have GREAT guests I wouldn’t have thought about. However... I know Dax likes to hear himself talk and tell his stories, but he constantly cuts his guests off and it drives me crazy a. Specifically in the episode with Joy Bryant. Granted I’ve only listened to a handful of the first episodes, so I’m hoping he gets better.
I’m subscribed but listen to maybe1/10 episodes just because I can’t always deal with Dax. He can make any subject about him - and he does. I think he’s often funny and charming, but I can’t get past the ego/insecurity. Also, the products they advertise are the cheesiest products ever for the most part. When the interviews are great, they’re great.
Love this podcast.
Fantastic, insightful, thoughtful
Dax and Monica do a fantastic job here, and the conversations are so interesting. They switch from heavy to light topics in an instant, and they also have some fantastic guest. Keep up the good work!
Monica is the best!
Jorge Mesa
Podcast is awesome. Don’t listen to the person disparaging Monica, she is wonderful and her and Dax are the dream podcast team.
Truly My Favorite Podcast
Reading some of the bad reviews made me want to write one of my own. I think you guys have done something so wonderful and honest. I love hearing the stories and opinions of everyone you guys interview. The way you open people up to be vulnerable (in the best way) is amazing to hear and something this world needs more of! While the people writing the bad reviews point out some of the flaws (since we are all human and do have flaws!!!!!!), they miss the point entirely. Thank you for all that you’ve been doing!
I love these people!!
Still irritated
Dax and Monica are amazing and I want to be their best friend! I love how open and honest Dax is and it’s through that vulnerability that guests feel comfortable also opening up. Even if I have no clue who the guest is- I never skip and episode cause I always find something insightful from every episode. Monica- I swear we are the same person and you crack me up!! The fact check is my favorite part of the show cause I get to hear you put Dax in his place and it’s hilarious. You guys are such a delight and this is one of my favorite podcasts!
I love you both 💗
Y’all (aka Dax and Monica) have the most amazing personalities. You have done an amazing job with this podcast and have make my drives so enjoyable. 💙 THANK YOU 💕
love Dax hate Monica
fan in MKE
can we say bye to Monica? Some of my fav episodes are the ones she doesn’t talk in
I really enjoy listening to these episodes but
Monica’s laugh. I’m sorry I didn’t want to bash but she sound like a sheep. Is this a fake laugh? Anyway good mix of guests, I especially love when Kristen joins, so fun and realistic. I look forward to seeing who will be next.
More Dax
Love Dax! He really gets to know the guest on the show which I love because you see them in a new light. The only thing is Monica, I can’t handle her laugh. I’ve been listening less and less because I cringe every time she talks/laughs. 😬
Loved every single interview
C Casey
PLEASE leave Monica for the fact check, not the interviews!!! Dax has gotten so much better at allowing guests to talk- there’s usually a perfect give and take and he listens much more fully. But now Monica pipes in frequently and it changes the dynamic. 2 people interviewing a guest does NOT work, there’s a reason you don’t see/hear that in good interview shows/podcasts/documentaries. Please don’t ruin what was my favorite podcast. Last year I wrote: I cannot explain why I love this so much- it is the only interview podcast I've truly enjoyed. It has nothing to do with Dax the actor, or Kristin Bell. It's the interviews-and the factchecking later is great, I look forward to that each time. I agree with one reviewer that sometimes Dax appears to be thinking of what he wants to say next and thus misses a follow-up question opportunity. However, that doesn't change how addicting it can be to listen. A year later- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave Monica for the fact check.
My favorite podcast
I can’t get enough! Dax is intelligent and interesting and Monica is a great foil for him when she chooses to speak up. This gives us an opportunity to hear a different point of view or to have Dax further explain his position. The wide array of guests have also been very attractive, and as Dax has said, I’ve changed my mind about some of the celebrities after listening to them.
Intimate, thoughtful and entertaining
Dax is so emotionally intelligent, reflective and refreshingly unafraid to talk about ANYTHING. It’s kind of crazy listening to all his guests and realizing that there are so many things we all deal with that we just don’t talk about on social media, at casual gatherings etc. Love hearing everyone’s stories and learning from their growth. Love how Monica balances him out and keeps him in check. Love the unabashed expressions of love and admiration. Thank you! PLEASE PLEASE interview John Mulaney and Tiffany Haddish if you can! Other requests: Jenny Slate, Retta, John Krasinski, Mindy Kaling, Aziz Ansari
I gave up.
LA times fan
I love some of the guests but I found the host and sidekick format obnoxious. Too much pointless chatter between them and about them. I deleted it.
Mostly love. Great entertainment.
Dax is great with the long form interview. It’s refreshing to hear a celebrity exhibit a level of intellect and self awareness that is not generally the norm. I’ve been pleasantly surprised, and can say while I’ve always enjoyed Dax as an actor, I enjoy hearing this side of him more. The only reason I knocked off one star - stop referencing Howard Stern’s interviews. I get it, I’m a big fan too, but I want to hear Daxs’ thoughts from his own interviews, not his thoughts from Howard’s interviews.
Monica is a no no
Get rid of Monica is my first suggestion (I know this will never happen but one can only hope). She doesn’t add anything insightful to the conversation, at all. She basically repeats a point Dax has already said. Secondly, I will admit Dax is a smart guy, but I’ve noticed he will make statements as if they’re fact, when they’re completely off base. I’ve noticed this when he brings up certain religions, when he clearly hasn’t been schooled about them. (His “facts” may or may not have been unverified in the fact checking portion of the show, but I wouldn’t know because I won’t listen to Monica’s voice)
What they do they do well
Kaiser Soso
But they have anti-bald commercials. You'd think they'd know not to shame people.
Every episode is amazing
Dax and Monica ask great questions. Evan guests I haven’t heard of I love the conversation and how Dax can ask questions to make every person relatable. Love this show!!!!
This podcast is insightful and wonderful. I love Monica she is an awesome voice of reason to Dax’s devils advocate.
Was listening to Oprah’s Super Soul but needed something a bit more funny to listen to on my long drive into work. This show is it! Guests on the show really open up because Dax is so honest about his life. I love the relationship between Monica and Dax, in this time of The Me Too movement it’s nice that these two aren’t afraid to be a little inappropriate with each other, in a funny way. Listen, you’ll love it❤️
Dax gets it
Growing up in a home with a single mom there are so many times I am nodding along with Dax. When he described how he felt when Kristin asked him to get her a glass of water I had to stop in my tracks because he explained exactly how I have felt my entire life. It was like I was being understood for the first time in my life!!!
Please stop the vocal fry Monica!!
Ending a sentence in a low croaky voice (a vocal fry) is so irritating and I seriously have to turn off this podcast when Monica starts up with this. It’s very typical of the “millennial voice” and i so wish it would stop! It feels like Dax is trying to imitate the Owen Wilson nasal, kind of muddy speech as well. In his defense it might just be the way he talks, but it’s not all the time. Otherwise I’m finding the conversations to be fairly entertaining, though he likes to talk a lot...
Revisited Review
TBH I want to like this podcast but have to agree with a prior reviewer: Dax is kind-of a chauvinist. Saying creepy things to the cohost about wanting to f$&k her grandmother and how she could keep her breasts perky by wearing a bra at night? How is this not a #metoomoment? Revision: Kept listening and this transgression seemed to be somewhat isolated. He’s a smart, reflective guy and this is worth a listen.
I don’t get it. Charmless (for me)
mrffy listens
I listened to more than five episodes because I was trying to understand the appeal but I just don’t find the hosts charming or captivating. Even the interview with the most appealing man on radio ( IRA glass, of course) failed to be interesting to me. Dax is clearly smart and interested in many things, but for some reason his conversations didn’t capture my imagination.
Kelly C,
I enjoy most interviews, I DO NOT ENJOY Monica’s laugh... sounds like she is trying to laugh like Dax... it’s annoying... love her input at the end though. Luckily Kristen likes her and is trusting. I do not enjoy the strong position against religion at all. It’s a turn off... makes me want to turn off the podcast.
I love it but..
I really love this podcast and what it’s about. I know dax listens to his reviews and criticism. However, I’ve noticed that Dax is doing most the talking and not allowing the guests to finish their stories. He made a mention how he’d work on this in the beginning, but I’m just noticing he’s slipping! Again, I really love Dax’s point of view, but I’d appreciate getting to hear more from the guests! Great job you guys! Please keep it up.
Stay to the end!
I love Dax, he’s such a smart and thoughtful interviewer. He’s interested in what makes people tick, like I am. Very funny too, which should go without saying. Paired with Monica, the delightful and also hilarious, this is the best entertainment duo in podcast world today. The sweet treat after the interview is the fact-check segment. They have perfect charisma & are so funny together & I love it so much.
Love this podcast except...
Just finished the David Walton podcast and enjoyed it EXCEPT...Monica's goat laugh was back! Hurts my ears so much....Please take the microphone away from her!
Can’t get enough!!
My favorite podcast! I especially love when there are two episodes a week! I literately wake up and see a Thursday episode and I’m giddy😊 Y’all are both such a joy to listen to. Also Lordes of Discipline is based on The Citadel😊
Dax is a joy
Some of these recent reviews trying to rag on Dax are just stupid and seem to be driven by some misguided agenda. It’s like a lot of people that don’t understand or like his type of humor (the funny kind) decided to write some crappy reviews. He’s honest, thoughtful, and hilarious. These interviews are pure gold. Genuine conversations that are so much fun to listen to. A lot of the struggles he talks about are inspiring as well.
What you'd expect from a dude bro named Dax
Tried listening but my eyes almost fell out from rolling them so much. His ego is out of control. He keeps referring to women as "females" in a creepy way. He makes too many references to women as if they exist as sexual conquests for men. I know many podcasts are driven by ego, but this one is too transparent about it.
Great pod
I sincerely hope you see this review before you see some of the bozo’s reviews for me. I guess they don’t understand podcasts are conversational. So if Dax interjects or adds his personal story or experience....that’s exactly what you do in a conversation. He has interesting guests and has a unique perspective. Give it a shot, you’ll like it.
More Dax less Monica.
I love this podcast especially the earlier episodes when you barely heard Monica. Now she thinks it’s her podcast and is constantly throwing her 2 cents in. Dax is the armchair expert. Not her. I would love more ethnic guests to actually educate Dax as well. Also more people outside his circle. Also, can we get more facts in the fact check and it’s so uncomfortable listening to him obsess and fame over ‘miniature mouse’ 🤮
Garlin interview
You’re entire convo afterwards was based on something he didn’t say. He has fallen in love head over heels - unrequited- more than once. He said - no one has ever felt that way about him. Duh! Love ya
Insightful, Thought Provoking and completely Approachable
Dax has found his calling. His unabashed honesty about his struggles and triumphs creates an comfortable environment for his guests to open up about their lives. Leading to thought provoking conversations, interesting insights and relatable learning lessons.
David Walton
I have to say this. Every single episode it seems like Monica is always telling Dax not to make snap judgements or his opinions aren’t fair because their too generalized etc. but in this episode when David tells the story of showering with faculty (which I agree is appalling) Monica makes the comment “in a catholic school, I’m not surprised!” How is that okay for her to make a snap judgement and that gross generalization. What a hypocrite!
Relational anthropology
I appreciate the stories each episode carrries. The hosts do a terrific job sustaining a humanistic conversation with substance, curiousity, comedic truth, and individuality. It feels very present and I find I have a greater appreciation for relationships and individual people, due to this show.
I love listening to this podcast. I always learn so much about the guests and Dax and Monica. I love that Dax is open about his past addictions and is able to talk and joke about them now. One thing I don’t like is how much Dax flirts and is inappropriate with Monica, especially because he has such a great wife and should respect that. Otherwise, love the podcast!!
Ignore the bad reviews. People get offended to easily.
After reading a few reviews I decided to give my 2 cents. I have read a lot about how Dax sexualizes his female guests and co host. It’s not that he does it to a point to where he makes them uncomfortable. HE JUST GIVES THEM COMPLIMENTS. Is chivalry even a thing anymore? He is an interviewer, it is his job to literally push and prod out of comfort zones. This is nowhere to be compared to a #metoo moment. That phrase gets grossed around like it isn’t a serious thing. Dax Shepard is not apart of that. He understands fluidity in relationships, love, and humans. I also read he disrespects Kristen about how he talks about his cohost to much too.. DID NO ONE LISTEN TO KRISTENS EPISODE? She does literally the same thing. Monica is just a sexy beast to them. Let it go. This podcast is absolutely Amazing and I love to get insight on people I dream of meeting. Thank you for entertaining me on my commute everyday.
LOVE EVERYTHING except Monica’s fake laugh
Amazing podcast. Insightful, inspiring, funny, honest, relatable. I love both Dax and Monica. But she’s not fooling anyone with that fake ehehehehehe laugh. You’ll notice she NEVER laughs like that with Dax because she’s actually genuinely laughing.
(1) Used to be okay but lately, Dax, you talk too much about yourself throughout. (2) I get it- you’re a big horny guy who likes to talk about sexual and raunchy stuff and you want to be free in your verbal expression of such things. But if it sounds like it’s making your female co-host uncomfortable, maybe lay off. I can hear the exhaustion in Monica’s voice and am so familiar with her trying to be cool and stand up for herself against you calling her a sexy mouse or wanting to have sex with her grandma, etc etc. But the worst part is, you just won’t drop it. TL;DR: Dax Shepard wants to be as raunchy and free talking as Howard Stern but even Stern knows the interview isn’t about himself, it’s about the guest.
The sexiest, most delightful pair.
Listening to Dax, Monica, and their guests feels like sitting down with good friends. They are so fun while getting me thinking about life. Dax gets sexier with age. Monica, those guys like your personality but they also think you’re hot!! I’m so glad I found you. Can’t wait to see you LIVE in Minneapolis 🍒.
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